Meaning of FOR in English

I. preposition


a constitution provides for sth (= it says something must be done )

Singapore's constitution provides for an elected president as head of state.

a cure for a disease

There is no known cure for this disease.

a flight is bound for London/New York etc (= it is going there )

Johnson boarded a flight bound for Caracas.

a keen eye for (= is good at noticing )

She has a keen eye for talent.

a lawyer acts for/defends/represents sb

a group of lawyers who represent the airline

a major centre for/of sth

The region has been named as a major centre of international terrorism.

a matter for debate/negotiation/discussion (= something to be debated/negotiated etc )

How to solve the housing crisis is a matter for debate.

a matter for speculation/conjecture (= something people discuss and wonder about )

His future had become a matter for speculation.

a motive for murder (= a reason to kill someone )

Police believe the motive for the murders was robbery.

a national centre for/of sth

The gardens are a national centre for botanical research.

a need for cooperation

There is a need for closer cooperation between the departments.

a passionate concern for sth

She developed a passionate concern for human rights.

a petition calling for sth/demanding sth

A petition calling for an inquiry was signed by 15,118 people.

a resolution calling for sth

We support the EU resolution calling for a ban on the use of these fishing nets.

a search for clues

She opened every drawer in her desperate search for clues.

a sharp eye for detail (= the ability to notice and deal with details )

a source of inspiration for/to sb

Our success was a source of inspiration for many countries in Africa.

a strong desire for sth/to do sth

People have a strong desire for personal independence.

a subject of/for debate (= a subject people discuss and disagree about )

The reason for the increased risk of cancer is still a subject of debate.

a subject of/for discussion

TV is a favourite subject for discussion.

a thirst for knowledge (= a desire to learn more )

She arrived at college with a thirst for knowledge.

a witness for the prosecution/defence

Witnesses for the prosecution have not sounded convincing.

a world centre for/of sth

The Asian Pacific Rim is a major world centre of commerce, industry, and economic activity.

accept/take responsibility for sth

To his credit, he took responsibility for his actions.

act for/on behalf of a client

The lawyer will write confirming that he agrees to act for his client.

agent for/of change

Technological advances are the chief agents of change.

all for (= I strongly support it )

If people want more freedom of choice, then I’m all for it .

an appeal/request for aid

International aid agencies launched an appeal for emergency aid.

an eye for detail (= skill at noticing all the small features )

He's a brilliant photographer with a fantastic eye for detail.

an international centre for/of sth

Zurich is an international centre of finance.

appeal for help (= publicly ask for help )

The police are appealing for help to track down the killer.

appealed for calm (= asked that the public stay calm )

Hindu leaders appealed for calm after a temple was burnt to the ground.

appear for sb/on behalf of sb (= to be the legal representative for someone )

Sir Nicholas Gammon QC appeared on behalf of the defendant.

applied for...patent

He applied for a patent for a new method of removing paint.

apply for a course

The following year she applied for a nursing course.

apply for a grant

We could apply for a grant and start a serious research programme.

apply for a job

I’ve applied for a job at the university.

apply for a licence

A doctor who moves to another state must apply for a license to practice medicine there.

apply for a passport

You can apply for an Italian passport if your parents are Italian.

apply for a permit

Farmers must apply for permits to use the new chemicals.

apply for a position

I decided to apply for the position of head teacher.

apply for a post

I am writing to apply for the post of secretary.

apply for a visa

I applied for a visa to visit China.

apply for entry

The number of people applying for entry into the country is increasing every year.

apply for membership (= officially ask to be a member )

To apply for membership, simply return the attached form.

apply for permission (= ask for official written permission )

The company has applied for permission to drill for oil.

apply for university

I applied for university without any real idea of what I wanted to do.

apply for...permission

We need to apply for planning permission to build a garage.

apply for/seek/be granted asylum

He has been granted asylum in France.

ask for a discount

I asked for a discount because the vase was slightly damaged.

ask for advice

If in doubt, always ask for advice.

ask for advice/ask sb’s advice

If you are in any doubt, ask for advice.

ask for an explanation

When he asked for an explanation, no one could give him an answer.

ask for assistance (= help or support )

You can call this number to ask for assistance.

ask for details

Please ask for details of the full range of tickets available.

ask for details

I went into the bank to ask for details about their student account.

ask for directions (= instructions how to get from one place to another )

At the station he asked for directions to the museum.

ask for help

Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

ask for information

I wrote asking for information about language classes.

ask for mercy

The only thing I can do now is ask for mercy.

ask for permission

The two men entered without bothering to ask for permission.

ask (for) permission ( also request permission formal )

Tommy asked for permission to go to the bathroom.

Captain Miller requested permission to land.

ask for sb’s hand in marriage old-fashioned (= ask someone to marry you, or ask their parents for permission to marry )

He asked my father for my hand in marriage.

ask for sb’s opinion

Dad always liked being asked for his opinion.

ask for sb’s support

Labour councillors asked for our support for the proposal.

ask for/appeal for aid

The Chinese authorities have asked for aid to help the earthquake victims.

ask for/appeal for aid

The Chinese authorities have asked for aid to help the earthquake victims.

ask for/apply for a loan

He asked his father for a loan.

ask for/apply for a loan

He asked his father for a loan.

ask for/demand an explanation

When I asked for an explanation, the people at the office said they didn't know.

Furious parents are demanding an explanation from the school.

ask for/request assistance

Police are at the scene and have requested assistance.

ask (sb) for a divorce

She asked her husband for a divorce after he had been unfaithful.

ask (sb) for directions

Let's stop and ask someone for directions.

ask (sb) for help

He asked for help with the cleaning.

ask sb (for) their opinion ( also ask for sb’s opinion )

We asked people for their opinions about the Olympics.

Nobody asked my opinion.

It’s a good idea to ask people for their opinions and suggestions.

ask/beg/pray etc for (sb’s) forgiveness

He never admitted his guilt or asked for forgiveness.

assume responsibility for

Whoever they appoint will assume responsibility for all financial matters.

at a loss for words (= unable to think what to say )

He seemed, for once, at a loss for words .

bad for you

Too much salt can be bad for you .

baying for...blood (= demanding that he be punished )

Reporters began baying for the president’s blood .

be a cause for concern

Rising global temperatures are a cause for serious concern.

be a great one for doing sth

She’s a great one for telling stories about her schooldays.

be a matter for debate (= be something that people should discuss )

The future of the police force is a matter for public debate.

be a matter for sb (to decide) (= be something that a particular person should decide )

This is a matter for the judge.

be a matter for speculation (= be unknown )

The precise nature of the deal is a matter for speculation.

be a recipe for disaster (= be a situation that is very likely to end badly )

If you get married too young, it’s a recipe for disaster.

be asking for trouble (= be silly or dangerous )

It 's asking for trouble to wear high-heeled shoes on a long walk.

be called/invited for (an) interview

Applicants who are called for interview may be asked to have a medical exam.

be eligible for a grant (= be allowed to receive a grant )

This booklet explains who is eligible to receive a grant.

be fighting for your life (= be so ill or injured that you might die )

One badly burned man was fighting for his life in hospital.

be full of praise for sb (= praise them a lot )

Captain Jones was full of praise for his men.

be good for sb especially AmE

Ten o'clock is good for me.

be good/bad for morale

Well-deserved praise is always good for morale.

be good/bad for the environment

Plastic bags are bad for the environment.

be good/bad for your health

Eating plenty of vegetables is good for your health.

be grounds/cause/reason for optimism

The lower crime figures are certainly grounds for optimism.

be heading for a nervous breakdown (= be likely to suffer one soon )

She should slow down a bit - I think she's heading for a nervous breakdown.

be in fear of/for your life (= be afraid that you may be killed )

Celia was in fear of her life when she saw the truck coming toward her.

be in for a shock (= be likely to have a shock )

Anyone who thinks that bringing up children is easy is in for a shock.

be in for a surprise (= be going to have a surprise )

Compare our prices. You’ll be in for a pleasant surprise.

be jumping for joy (= be very pleased about something )

She tried to stay calm, but she was secretly jumping for joy.

be (just) what/who you are looking for

‘Salubrious’! That’s just the word I was looking for.

be late for class

David was late for class again.

be liable to/for prosecution formal (= may be prosecuted )

Businesses which do not meet the standards required are liable for prosecution.

be (little/no) room for optimism (= have a possibility that things might get better )

There is little room for optimism in the current financial situation.

be mad for it (= want to do something very much )

be nominated for an award ( also be up for an award informal ) (= to be chosen as one of the people, films etc that could receive an award )

Four films have been nominated for the award.

The book is up for an award.

be scarred for life (= get a permanent scar )

A little girl has been scarred for life in a tragic playground accident.

be scheduled for June/Monday etc

The elections are scheduled for mid-June.

be scheduled for release/publication/completion etc

Her first album is scheduled for release in September.

be sent for trial ( also be committed for trial British English )

Smith's lawyer battled to stop him being sent for trial in Britain.

be singled out for praise (= be the one person who is praised )

His work was singled out for praise by the examiners.

be spoiling for a fight (= be very eager to fight with someone )

The kids went round in gangs, all spoiling for a fight.

be strapped for cash ( also be short of cash ) (= not have enough money )

Many airlines are strapped for cash at the moment.

be too bright/modern etc for sb’s taste

The building was too modern for my taste.

be too old for sth

He was too old for military service.

be value for money British English (= used when saying that something is worth the amount of money you pay for it )

The holiday was excellent value for money.

be well/badly off for sth

The school’s fairly well off for books these days.

bear responsibility for sth (= be responsible for something bad )

Developed countries must bear much of the responsibility for environmental problems.

become the basis of/for sth

Some of these ideas became the basis for the Parents’ Educational Union.

be/feel happy for sb

What a wonderful opportunity! I’m so happy for you.

begged for help

She ran to the nearest house and begged for help.

begging for...mercy

We could hear the prisoners begging for mercy .

beg/plead for mercy (= ask in a desperate way for someone's mercy )

She continued the punishment, although they begged for mercy.

brace yourself (for sth)

The pilot told passengers and crew to brace themselves for a rough landing.

branded...for life

Stealing that money has branded Jim for life – no one will trust him again.

break for lunch (= stop doing something in order to eat lunch )

Why don't we break for lunch about 1 o'clock?

buy sth for $10/£200 etc

Dan bought the car for $2,000.

bye for now (= used to say that you will see or speak to someone again soon )

call for a ban

French farmers have called for a ban on imports.

call for a ban

French farmers have called for a ban on imports.

call for a boycott

In 1980 he called for a boycott of the Olympic Games.

call for a ceasefire (= for an end to a war )

The United Nations called for an immediate ceasefire.

call for a change

Scientists are calling for a change in the law.

call for a halt to sth (= publicly ask for something to stop )

The government has called for a halt to the violence.

call for a return to sth

The Prime Minister called for a return to traditional Labour values.

call for action

The European Parliament have called for action on age discrimination.

call for an end to sth

Demonstrators have called for an end to the fighting.

call for an inquiry/investigation

Relatives have called for an inquiry into the causes of the plane crash.

call for reform

The Church has called for reform of the law.

call for sb's resignation (= publicly ask for it )

After the defeat, there were calls for the coach's resignation.

call for sb’s resignation

Opposition parties called for the President’s resignation.

call for the abolition of sth

Human Rights groups have called for the abolition of the death penalty.

call for/demand an end to sth (= publicly ask for something to happen or be done )

The union is calling for an end to discrimination.

call in/round for a chat

Are you free later if I call in for a chat?

called for reinforcements

The police called for reinforcements .

called for...boycott

He called for a boycott of the elections.

cause/grounds for complaint (= a good reason to complain )

I do not think that he has any cause for complaint.

change for the better

a definite change for the better

charge sb £10/$50 etc (for sth)

The restaurant charged us £40 for the wine.

claim responsibility (for sth) (= say that you are responsible for something bad )

No group has yet claimed responsibility for the bombings.

come for/to dinner

Mark is coming over for dinner.

come for/to lunch (= come to someone's house for lunch )

Can you come to lunch tomorrow?

come under criticism/come in for criticism (= be criticized )

The deal came under fierce criticism from other American airlines.

come up for review (= be reviewed after a particular period of time has ended )

His contract is coming up for review.

comes up for renewal

Mark’s contract comes up for renewal at the end of this year.

commissioner for oaths

couldn’t move for (= there were a lot of toys )

At Christmas, you couldn’t move for toys in this house .

count for nothing

His overseas results count for nothing .

decorated for bravery

soldiers decorated for bravery

demand/call for action (= ask forcefully )

Voters are demanding tougher action on gun crime.

deny responsibility for sth

The company denied responsibility for the oil spillage.

Department For Innovation, Universities, and Skills, the

dependent on...for

Jan’s mother was dependent on her for physical care.

detained...for questioning

Two suspects have been detained by the police for questioning .

developed a taste for (= started to like )

It was in college that he developed a taste for rugby football.

difficult (for sb) to understand/find/obtain etc

That’s rather difficult for me to explain.

He’s finding it difficult to get a job.

diving for cover (= to protect themselves behind something )

The soldiers were diving for cover .

do a lot for sth (= have a good effect on something )

The new leisure centre has done a lot for the town’s image.

do nothing for sb (= used to say that particular clothes, colours etc do not suit someone )

I liked the dress but it did nothing for me.

do nothing for sth (= not have a good effect on something )

Being apart for so long did nothing for our relationship.

do sth for a living (= to work at something as your job )

'What does he do for a living?' 'I think he's a taxi driver.'

do wonders for sth (= have a very good effect on something )

A new haircut can do wonders for your self-confidence.

doing...nicely for himself

Ed’s doing very nicely for himself out in Japan.

dress for dinner (= wear formal clothes for our evening meal )

We usually dress for dinner .

drill for oil

Plans to drill for oil off the New South Wales coast have recently been revived.

drill for oil/water/gas etc

BP has been licensed to drill for oil in the area.

ease the way for

The agreement will ease the way for other countries to join the EU.

eligible for parole

She will become eligible for parole in 19 months.

eliminate the need for sth ( also obviate the need for sth formal ) (= make something unnecessary )

The new drug treatment eliminates the need for surgery.

enrol on a course/put your name down for a course British English (= to arrange to officially join a course )

How about enrolling on a sailing course?

establish the criteria for sth

Management establishes the criteria for each project.

explain the reasons for sth

Explain the reasons for your choice.

exports account for sth (= form a particular part of a total )

Exports currently account for 37% of sales.

factors are responsible for sth

These underlying factors were responsible for his death.

fear for sb’s safety (= be afraid that they will not be safe )

They fear for the safety of relatives they have left behind.

fear for sb’s safety/life

a terrifying ordeal in which she feared for her life

feel for a pulse (= try to find and check someone's pulse )

I felt for a pulse, but I couldn't find one.

feel pity (for sb)

No one can look at these photographs and not feel pity.

feel sorry for yourself (= feel unhappy and pity yourself )

It’s no good feeling sorry for yourself. It’s all your own fault.

fight for a cause (= take action to achieve an aim )

Young people often want to fight for a cause.

fight for compensation (= try hard to get it )

Alan, who hurt his back and hasn't worked since, is still fighting for compensation.

fight for equality

Women fought for equality throughout the twentieth century.

fight/gasp for air (= try to breathe with difficulty )

He clutched his throat as he fought for air.

fighting (= trying to stay alive )

Stockley is fighting for his life , with serious head injuries.

fight/struggle for survival

Many construction companies are fighting for survival.

file for divorce ( also petition for divorce formal ) (= start the legal divorce process )

The next day I saw a lawyer and filed for a divorce.

filed for divorce

The Morrisons have filed for divorce .

find out for yourself

I thought it best to let you find out for yourself .

first/second/next etc in line for

He must be first in line for the editor’s job.

fondness for

a fondness for expensive clothes

for all eternity

a little animal preserved for all eternity as a fossil

For all...faults (= in spite of its faults )

For all its faults we love this city.

For all...faults (= in spite of his faults )

For all his faults he was a good father.

for an instant

She caught his eye for an instant .

for as long

I’ll never forget this for as long as I live .

for business/research etc purposes

About one in five of all trips are made for business purposes.

for every...pocketbook

The aim was to provide a car for every age and pocketbook .

For external use only (= written on medicines which must be put on your skin and not swallowed )

for fear of reprisal

They didn’t tell the police for fear of reprisal .

for human consumption/habitation (= to be eaten/lived in by people )

This meat is not fit for human consumption.

For illustrative purposes

For illustrative purposes , only a simple example is given here.

for inclusion in

photos chosen for inclusion in the magazine

for legal/political/medical etc reasons

The boy cannot be named for legal reasons.

for miles around

Catherine was the most beautiful girl for miles around .

for no apparent reason (= for no obvious reason )

He tried to kill me for no apparent reason.

for no apparent reason

He left suddenly, for no apparent reason .

for obvious reasons

This arrangement must be kept secret, for obvious reasons.

For one thing...For another

He couldn’t bring himself to say what he thought. For one thing , she seldom stopped to listen. For another , he doubted that he could make himself clear.

For one thing...For another

He couldn’t bring himself to say what he thought. For one thing , she seldom stopped to listen. For another , he doubted that he could make himself clear.

for peaceful purposes

A Foreign Ministry spokesman stressed that the nuclear programme is for peaceful purposes.

for personal reasons

The company’s chief executive has resigned for personal reasons.

for personal reasons

He resigned for personal reasons.

for political/military/educational/medicinal etc purposes

This technology could be used for military purposes.

for purely political reasons

a decision made for purely political reasons

for reasons best known to sb (= used when you do not understand someone’s behaviour )

For reasons best known to herself, she decided to sell the house.

for safety reasons ( also for safety’s sake ) (= in order to make something safe )

For safety reasons visitors won’t be able to go down the tunnels.

for security reasons

The road will be closed for security reasons.

for security reasons

He can’t be identified for security reasons.

for sentimental reasons (= because you like someone or something very much )

I wanted to keep the picture for sentimental reasons.

for sentimental reasons

He wasn’t the sort of person who kept things for sentimental reasons .

for services rendered (= for something you have done )

a bill of $3200 for services rendered

for so long

I haven’t seen her for so long that I’ve forgotten what she looks like.

For some inexplicable reason,

For some inexplicable reason, he felt depressed.

for some reason (or other) ( also for some unknown reason ) (= for a reason that you do not know )

For some reason she felt like crying.

For some unknown reason, the curtains were always drawn.

For some strange reason

For some strange reason , I slept like a baby despite the noise.

For some unaccountable reason

For some unaccountable reason , he arrived a day early.

For some unknown reason

For some unknown reason , Mark quit his job and moved to Greece.

for submission to

Plans were drawn up for submission to the housing council.

for the chop (= likely to be closed )

This factory might now be for the chop .

for the chop (= lose my job )

I might be for the chop .

for the evening

Her parents had gone out for the evening.

for the umpteenth time

‘This is crazy,’ she told herself for the umpteenth time .

for various reasons

He decided to leave school for various reasons .

for your own benefit

He used the money for his own benefit, instead of using it to help other people.

for your own safety

He had been kept in custody for his own safety.

for (your) personal use

He bought a computer for his personal use.

forgive me for asking/saying etc sth ( also forgive my asking/saying etc )

Forgive me for saying so , but that’s nonsense.

Forgive my phoning you so late.

for/in the foreseeable future (= as far into the future as you can possibly know )

The population is expected to keep growing for the foreseeable future.

For...obscure reason

For some obscure reason , the group is very popular.

for...own good

Take the medicine – it’s for your own good !

for...own sake (= because it will be good for him )

I hope he’s told the truth for his own sake .

gain/win/achieve notoriety (for sth)

The local church has gained notoriety for being different.

gasp for air/breath

Brendan climbed slowly, gasping for breath.

gasp/fight for breath (= have difficulty breathing )

He was lying on the floor gasping for breath.

generic term/name (for sth)

Fine Arts is a generic term for subjects such as painting, music, and sculpture.

get a good price for

Did you get a good price for it?

get sth for $20/£100/50p etc

You can get a decent PC for about £500 now.

get sth for Christmas

I got a new watch for Christmas.

get sth for your birthday

What did you get for your birthday?

get £100/$200 etc for sth

You should get a couple of hundred pounds for your old car.

get £2,000/$4,000 etc for doing sth

He gets £4 an hour for stacking shelves.

get/develop a taste for sth ( also acquire a taste for sth formal ) (= to start to like something )

At university she developed a taste for performing.

give sb sth for Christmas

What can I give Dad for Christmas?

give sth to sb for their birthday

I never know what to give him for his birthday.

go for a curry (= go to a restaurant to eat a curry )

How about going for a curry on Saturday night?

go for a drink (= go to a pub or bar )

Why don’t we go for a drink after work?

go for a drive

Let’s go for a drive along the coast.

go for a medical/dental etc check

She advised me to go for a medical check.

go for a paddle

If it’s not too cold, we can go for a paddle .

go for a pee/have a pee BrE, take a pee American English not polite

Have I got time to go for a pee before we leave?

go for a ride

He went for a ride in a private plane piloted by a friend.

go for a row

Why don’t we go for a row ?

go for a spin

Let’s go for a spin in the country.

go for a test

I’m going for an eye test next week.

go for a walk

Let’s go for a walk on the beach.

go for a walk/swim etc

Let’s go for a walk.

go for an interview ( also attend an interview formal )

I went for an interview at a software company yesterday.

go for an option (= choose an option )

Which option do you think they'll go for?

go for it spoken (= used to encourage someone to try to achieve something )

If you really want the job, go for it!

go for/have/take a piss

I need to have a piss.

go for...swim

Let’s go for a swim .

go on/go for a picnic

If it's fine, we'll go for a picnic.

go (out) for a meal

How about going out for a meal tonight?

go out for/to dinner (= go and eat in a restaurant )

Would you like to go out for dinner on Saturday?

go out for/to lunch (= have lunch at a restaurant )

I don't often go out to lunch, as it's expensive.

goes for a...jog

Mike goes for a two-mile jog every morning.


She usually goes for a run before breakfast.

going for a ramble

I quite like the idea of going for a ramble one weekend.

good deed for the day (= something good you try to do for someone else every day )

Well, that’s my good deed for the day .

good for one month/a year etc

Your passport is good for another three years.

good for some time/a hundred miles etc

This old truck is good for another 100,000 miles.

got busted for drugs

Davis got busted for drugs .

got more than...bargained for

The thief got more than he bargained for , as Mr Cox tripped him up with his walking stick.

go/turn to sb for advice

People often go to him for advice about their problems.

grounds for an appeal (= reasons for making an appeal )

You need to have reasonable grounds for your appeal.

grounds for divorce (= acceptable reasons for divorce, according to the law )

Violence and neglect are grounds for divorce.

grounds for divorce

Mental cruelty can be grounds for divorce .

grounds for suspicion (= reasons for suspicion )

Police can stop and search you if they have good grounds for suspicion.

had a weak spot for

I’ve always had a weak spot for chocolate.

has a flair for

Jo has a flair for languages.

has a genius for

That woman has a genius for organization.

have a conviction for sth

You must declare whether you have any convictions.

have a head for heights (= not be afraid of heights )

have a high regard for sb/sth

I had the highest regard for him.

have a hunt around for sth British English informal (= look for something )

I’ll have a hunt around for it in my desk.

have a name (for sth)

They have a name for good quality food.

have a passion for sth

She had a passion for music.

have a surprise for sb (= be planning to give someone a surprise )

I think Jenny might have a surprise for you.

have a taste for sth (= like something )

She certainly has a taste for adventure.

have a...weakness for

I have a real weakness for fashionable clothes.

have contempt for sb/sth ( also feel contempt for sb/sth )

He had a deep contempt for authority.

have every sympathy for sb (= feel very sorry for someone - often used when you have had a similar experience yourself )

I have every sympathy for people who find it hard to give up smoking.

have no regard for sth

Some motorists have no regard for other road users.

have nothing but admiration for sb (= have a lot of admiration for someone )

I have nothing but admiration for his work.

have nothing but praise for sb/sth (= praise them a lot, especially when they have had to deal with a difficult situation )

Passengers had nothing but praise for the pilot.

(have) one for the road (= have one last alcoholic drink before you leave a place )

have respect for sb

I have a lot of respect for my boss.

have respect for sb/sth

These kids have no respect for authority.

have responsibility for (doing) sth

The Council has responsibility for maintaining the streetlights.

have sb for/to dinner

We're having a few friends round to dinner.

have some news (for sb)

I could tell by his face that he had some news.

have sth for breakfast

What do you usually have for breakfast?

have sth for dinner

I thought we might have pasta for dinner tonight.

have sth for lunch

I usually have sandwiches for lunch.

have/feel sympathy for sb

It’s hard not to feel sympathy for the losing team.

head for/make for the exit (= go to the exit )

Disappointed fans began heading for the exits.

head for/make for the exit (= go to the exit )

Disappointed fans began heading for the exits.

heading for a fall (= is likely to fail soon )

Rumours are that the company is heading for a fall .

hold sb responsible (for sth)

If anything goes wrong, I will hold you personally responsible .

holds the record for

The programme still holds the record for the longest running TV series.

hope for a miracle

I knew I would probably never walk again, but I couldn’t help hoping for a miracle.

hope for the best (= hope that a situation will end well when there is a risk of things going wrong )

Liam decided to ignore the warning and just hope for the best .

How are you off for (= do you have enough? )

How are you off for sports equipment?

hung on for dear life

She grasped the side of the boat and hung on for dear life .

in for a service

I’m getting the bus home – my car’s in for a service .

indulge your passion for sth (= do something that you enjoy doing very much )

The money enabled him to indulge his passion for horses.

in...for the long haul (= going to stay involved until the end )

I’m in this for the long haul .

insatiable appetite/desire/demand etc (for sth)

his insatiable appetite for power

our insatiable thirst for knowledge

insurance pays for sth

His insurance paid for the damage to the car.

insure sth for £1,000/$2,000 etc

You should insure the painting for at least £100,000.

invite...for a drink

Why don’t you invite her for a drink at the club one evening?

is best known for (= people are most likely to be familiar with )

Hepburn is best known for her roles in classic films such as ‘My Fair Lady’.

it is not uncommon for sb to do sth

It is not uncommon for students to have bank loans.

it’s all right for some

‘I get eight weeks’ holiday a year.‘ ’Well, it’s all right for some .'

(it’s) time for bed

She sat and sewed until it was time for bed.

jail sb for two months/six years/life etc

They ought to jail her killer for life.

jockeying for position

photographers jockeying for position at the bar

know for a fact (= used to say that something is definitely true )

I know for a fact that she is older than me.

know for sure

I think he’s still living in Chicago, but I don’t know for sure .

last (for) an hour

The meeting lasted almost two hours.

last (sb) for/until/to etc

The batteries should last for 20 hours playing time.

We only had $50 to last us the rest of the month.

lay down/establish ground rules for sth

Our book lays down the ground rules for building a patio successfully.

lay/set a trap (for sb)

Mr Smith has walked straight into a trap laid by the Tories.

leave sb for dead (= leave someone to die )

The men beat him and ran away, leaving him for dead.

leave sb for dead

The girl had been attacked and left for dead.

leave...for now

I want to think about it. Can I leave it for now ?

let sth go for £20/$200 etc

I couldn’t let it go for less than £300.

lives for the day when

She lives for the day when she can have a house of her own.

look for an excuse

I began to look for excuses to avoid seeing him.

look for employment ( also seek employment formal )

My son had to leave the farm and seek employment elsewhere.

look for information ( also seek information formal )

Journalists going to the building to seek information were denied entry.

look for inspiration ( also seek inspiration formal )

I sought inspiration in medieval carvings.

look for work ( also seek work formal )

Young people come to town looking for work.

look for/hunt for clues

Investigators descended on the crime scene hunting for clues.

look for/hunt for clues

Investigators descended on the crime scene hunting for clues.

look for/search for a bargain

She began looking for bargains at car boot sales.

look for/search for a bargain

She began looking for bargains at car boot sales.

look for/search for evidence

The investigation will look for evidence of financial mismanagement.

look for/search for evidence

The investigation will look for evidence of financial mismanagement.

look out for yourself/number one (= think only of the advantages you can get for yourself )

look to sb for approval

They all admired Gordon and looked to him for approval.

lose respect for sb (= no longer respect them )

She had lost all respect for him.

lust for power

Hitler’s lust for power

made a dart for

The prisoner made a dart for the door.

made provisions for

He made provisions for his wife and his children in his will.

make a dash for it (= run very quickly to escape or to reach a place )

He turned and made a dash for it but the police officer caught him.

make a dash for sth

The rain had almost stopped so we decided to make a dash for home.

make (an) allowance/make allowances (for sth)

The budget makes allowances for extra staff when needed.

make a/sb’s pitch (for sth) (= try to persuade people to do something )

He made his strongest pitch yet for standardized testing in schools.

make excuses for sb/sth (= give reasons which try to explain why someone has made a mistake or behaved badly )

His mother was always making excuses for her son's behaviour.

make it necessary (for sb) to do sth

Falling profits made it necessary to restructure the business.

make life easy for ourselves

Why don’t we make life easy for ourselves and finish it tomorrow?

make life/things difficult for sb (= cause problems for someone )

She’s doing everything she can to make life difficult for him.

make reparation (to sb) for sth

Offenders must make reparation for their crimes through community service.

mature for...age

Laura is very mature for her age .

meant it for the best (= wanted to be helpful, although my actions had the wrong effect )

I wasn’t criticizing you, I really meant it for the best .

meet up for a chat

Sometimes we go to the cinema or just meet up for a chat.

milking...for all it’s worth (= getting as much from it as possible )

He seems to be milking the incident for all it’s worth .

more than make up for

The good days more than make up for the bad ones.

never for one moment (= used to emphasize that you never thought something )

She had never for one moment imagined that it could happen to her.

no justification for

There is no justification for holding her in jail.

no room for complacency

Despite yesterday’s win, there is clearly no room for complacency if the team want to stay top of the league.

Not for the first time

Not for the first time she wondered how he coped with so many children.

not for the squeamish

His new novel is not for the squeamish .

open for business

After the security alert, most of the firms affected were open for business on Monday morning.

panting for breath

He was panting for breath .

passed over for promotion (= someone else has been given a higher job instead of me )

This is the second time I’ve been passed over for promotion .

pause (for) a moment

He paused for a moment, seemingly overcome by emotion.

pause for breath

She talked solidly for five minutes, hardly pausing for breath.

pause for breath

She had to pause for breath after every two or three steps.

pause for effect (= in order to make people eager to hear what you are going to say )

'Now I know what to do,' Brown said, pausing for effect.

pause for thought

'Of course,' she replied, without pausing for thought.

pay money (for sth)

Has he paid the money he owes you?

paying dearly for

Ordinary people are paying dearly for the mistakes of this administration.

permit/promise/guarantee etc safe passage (to/for sb)

The government offered safe passage to militants taking up their offer of peace talks.

petitioning for divorce

More and more couples are petitioning for divorce .

phone for a cab British English (= call a cab )

There's no need to give me a lift. I'll phone for a cab.

phone for/call a taxi (= telephone for a taxi to come )

Can you phone for a taxi and I'll get our coats.

pitch for business/contracts/custom etc

Booksellers are keen to pitch for school business.

plan ahead/plan for the future

Now that you’re pregnant you’ll have to plan ahead.

plan for the future ( also make plans for the future ) (= think carefully about the future and decide what you are going to do )

As soon as she knew she was pregnant, she started to plan for the future.

play for a team

He wants to play for a better team.

playing for high stakes

We’re playing for high stakes here.

pose for the camera (= sit or stand in a position in order to be photographed )

Can you pose for the camera?

pray for a miracle

We prayed for a miracle, but her burns were so severe that she did not survive.

prepare yourself for a race/fight etc

The Chicago Bears are busy preparing themselves for the big game.

prepared for the worst (= expected something very bad )

There was no news and we were prepared for the worst .

preserve/record/keep etc sth for posterity

a priceless work of art that must be kept for posterity

proper name for

The proper name for Matthew’s condition is hyperkinetic syndrome.

provide a basis for sth

The poem provided the basis for an interesting class discussion.

provide a context for sth

The study provides a context for future research.

provide inspiration for sth

The Malvern Hills have provided inspiration for many artists.

provide/offer/create a safe haven (for sb)

The prime minister wanted to create a safe haven for the refugees.

puffing for breath

He caught up with Gary, puffing for breath .

put sth up for auction (= try to sell something at an auction )

This week 14 of his paintings were put up for auction.

put yourself/your neck on the line (for sb) (= risk something bad happening to you )

I’ve already put myself on the line for you once, and I’m not going to do it again.

put/get in a plug (for sth)

During the show she managed to put in a plug for her new book.

put...up for adoption

She decided to put the baby up for adoption .

qualify for aid ( also be eligible for aid ) (= have the right to be given aid )

The project is eligible for aid from the British Tourist Board.

raise money/funds for charity

A huge amount is raised for charity by the festival.

ran (= ran in order to avoid being killed )

Jane struggled free and ran for her life .

ready for anything

I felt strong, fit, and ready for anything .

recipe for disaster

She said that five small boys on skis was a recipe for disaster , not a holiday.

report for duty (= arrive and be ready to start work )

You must report for duty at 8:30 tomorrow morning.

report for duty (= arrive and be ready for work )

All soldiers were required to report for duty on Friday.

respect for the individual

The policies are based on respect for the individual.

room for doubt/debate/argument etc

The evidence was clear, and there was little room for doubt.

room for improvement (= the possibility that something could be done better )

There's room for improvement in the way the tickets are sold.

room for manoeuvre BrE, room for maneuver American English (= the possibility of changing what you do or decide )

Teachers feel they have little room for manoeuvre when the curriculum is so demanding.

room/scope for disagreement (= the possibility that people will disagree about something )

There is room for disagreement about how much independence to give children.

run for election ( also stand for election British English ) (= try to become elected )

If you plan to stand for election to the committee, you must be nominated by three members.

Run for it (= run as quickly as possible in order to escape )

Hurry! Run for it !

run for office

an attempt to encourage more women to run for office

run for shelter

The residents were running for shelter from the bombing.

sb’s fight/struggle/battle for survival

Their lives had been one long struggle for survival.

sb’s hopes/fears/plans for the future

What are your hopes for the future?

scream/cry for mercy

He screamed for mercy, shouting 'don't shoot!'.

search for words (= try to think of words to use )

She hesitated, searching for words.

search for...roots

Alex Haley’s story about his search for his roots became a bestseller.

search (sth) for clues

Detectives are still searching the house for clues.

see for miles

You can see for miles from here.

see for yourself (= find out if it is true )

These chocolates are gorgeous. Try some and see for yourself .

seek/ask for clarification

I asked for clarification on the legal position.

seek/look for a solution

The company is still seeking a solution to its financial problems.

seek/search for/look for a cure

$3 billion a year is spent searching for a cure for cancer.

seek/search for/look for a cure

$3 billion a year is spent searching for a cure for cancer.

sell at/for £100/$50/30p etc (= be offered for sale at £100/$50/30p etc )

Smoke alarms sell for as little as five pounds.

sell sth for £100/$50/30p etc

Toni’s selling her car for £700.

send for the doctor

Get back into bed. I’ll send for the doctor .

send (off) for details (= write asking for information )

Why don't you send for details of the course?

sent for help

I’ve sent for help .

serve as a basis for sth

The document will serve as a basis for negotiations.

settle for second best

I’m not going to settle for second best .

shout for help

I opened my mouth to shout for help.

show regard for sth

He showed great regard for the Mosaic Law and Jewish customs.

single sb out for criticism (= to criticize one person, organization etc specifically )

The goalkeeper was singled out for criticism.

sold for scrap

The equipment was sold for scrap .

(sound/strike/toll) the death knell for/of sth

The loss of Georgia would sound the death knell of Republican hopes.

stalling for time

He was just stalling for time .

stand as a candidate for sth (= compete for a position in an election )

Lee stated that he did not intend to stand as a candidate in the presidential elections.

stand for parliament (= try to be elected )

Ms Jackson stood for Parliament as a Labour candidate.

stay for a year/ten minutes/a week etc

Isabel stayed for a year in Paris to study.

stay to dinner/stay for lunch etc

Why don’t you stay for supper?

stress the need for sth

She stressed the need for more effective policing.

stress/emphasize/underline the need for sth (= say how important it is )

He stressed the need for better training courses.

stuck for words (= did not know what to say )

For once Anthony was stuck for words .

study for an exam ( also revise for an exam British English )

She has to study for her exams.

study for an exam/diploma etc

I’ve only got three weeks left to study for my exams.

study for an examination ( also revise for an examination British English )

I have been studying all week for the examination.

stumped for words/an answer/a reply

Travis seemed absolutely stumped for words.

submit sth for approval (= give a plan, piece of writing etc to someone in authority for them to consider or approve )

The final design will be submitted for approval next month.

sue for damages (= in order to get money )

The railway may sue for damages because of loss of revenue.

sue (sb) for libel/defamation/negligence/slander etc

Miss James could not afford to sue for libel.

She was suing doctors for negligence over the loss of her child.

sued for divorce (= in order to end a marriage )

He is being sued for divorce by his wife.

sued for slander

He is being sued for slander .

sued...for libel

Holt sued the newspaper for libel .

take a turn for the worse/better

Two days after the operation, Dad took a turn for the worse.

Take no thought for the morrow (= do not worry about the future )

Take no thought for the morrow .

take responsibility for (doing) sth

Who do you trust to take responsibility for our country's defence?

take sb for a ride

Hugh took me for a ride in his new car.

take sb (out) for a meal

He took Anna out for a meal and then to the theatre.

take sb/a dog for a walk

Could you take the dog for a walk?

take sb’s word for it/take it from sb (= accept that what someone says is true )

That’s the truth – take it from me .

take...for a spin

Do you want to take my car for a spin ?

take/go for/have a wander

I had a bit of a wander round the shops.

taken a turn for the better (= started to improve )

The president’s fortunes seem, at last, to have taken a turn for the better .

taken in for questioning

All five teenagers were arrested and taken in for questioning .

take/stand for/put up with crap (= to allow someone to treat you badly )

I’m not going to take any more of this crap!

test positive/negative (for sth)

Athletes who test positive for steroids are immediately banned.

thank sb for an invitation

I'll have to write a letter thanking Martha for the invitation to her wedding.

thank you for your kind invitation/offer (= said when thanking someone very politely for their invitation or offer )

the demand for energy

The demand for energy in developing countries will continue to grow.

the perfect/ideal gift for sb

This book is the perfect gift for anybody who’s interested in birds.

the police appeal for sth

Police are appealing for witnesses to the attack.

the search for a cure

Billions of pounds have been spent on the search for a cure.

the struggle for independence

The struggle for independence continued for three decades.

the struggle/fight for equality

the people who led the struggle for equality in the United States

the struggle/fight for freedom

The student movement played an important role in the struggle for political freedom.

There is a crying need for

There is a crying need for doctors.

there is a need for sth

Clearly there is a need for more research.

there is no need for sth

They felt that there was no need for a formal contract.

there’s a surprise in store (for sb) (= something unexpected is going to happen )

There were plenty more surprises in store for him.

there’s no accounting for taste (= used humorously to say that you do not understand why someone likes something )

tie for first/second etc place

Woosnam and Lyle tied for fourth place on 264.

tit for tat

took...for a drive

Taylor took me for a drive through the town.

tout for business/custom British English (= look for customers )

Minicab drivers are not allowed to tout for business.

Transport for London

turn to sb for assistance (= ask them to help )

The elderly sometimes have no one to turn to for assistance.

unaccounted for

Two people are still unaccounted for after the floods.

unavailable for comment (= not able or willing to talk to reporters )

Officials were unavailable for comment .

uncalled for

uncared for

The dogs looked hungry and uncared for.

unfit for human consumption (= not suitable to eat )

The meat was declared unfit for human consumption .

unfit for human habitation (= not good enough to live in )

The house was unfit for human habitation .

unsuitable for children

The book is unsuitable for children .

using...for...own ends

Gerald had been using her for his own ends .

volunteer for redundancy (= offer to take redundancy )

Nearly 40% of the workforce volunteered for redundancy.

vouch for that

‘Where were you on the night of the murder?’ ‘In bed with flu. My wife can vouch for that .’

wait for a bus

We were waiting for the bus for half an hour.

wait for a train

She sat on the railway platform for half an hour, waiting for a train.

wait for an answer

Kate was looking at me, waiting for an answer.

wait for an explanation (= expect an explanation )

She continued to stare at him in silence, waiting for an explanation.

walk a dog/take a dog for a walk

She loves walking her dogs on the beach.

went for a stroll

They went for a stroll in the park.

What do you take me for? (= what sort of person do you think I am? )

Of course I won’t tell anyone! What do you take me for?

won’t be for want of trying

Well, if he doesn’t get the job it won’t be for want of trying !

work for a company

How long have you been working for your present company?

work for a firm

Chris has been working for this firm for nearly 20 years.

work/be sold for a pittance

The crop was sold for a pittance.

working for peanuts

I’m tired of working for peanuts .

young for her age

Val is incredibly young for her age .

zest for life

She had a great zest for life .


(a) lust for life

Quinn's lust for life is contagious.

In view of her lust for life, her appetite simply for living?

(be prepared to) go to the stake for/over sth

(for) as long as

Caldwell says she will continue lecturing as long as people want to listen.

Hongkongers will not complain as long as the Li family shares continue to benefit from it.

None of this is likely to change the dynamics of stadium-bidding, as long as the sports-league cartels distort the market.

Take it back to your hotel; keep it as long as you need.

The company believes it is at least twice as long as any private sector award so far.

The image which had been so preserved for, well for as long as anyone could remember, was suddenly shattered.

This took as long as running the neural network, just over two hours.

You have to let them do it their way as long as they are going in the right direction.

(get) a bigger/better etc bang for your buck

(get) ten out of ten (for sth)

Gave it ten out of ten.

(it'll) be curtains for sb/sth

And will it be curtains for Coombs in Swindon?

But does it have to be Curtains for you and me?

(just) for once

But for once his famous ability to blend laughter and pain is overcome by the weight of his subject.

But Holmes, for once , was wrong.

In fact for once the human mussel-gatherers have come to the assistance of their natural competitors.

Mrs Saulitis's cheerfulness was lost for once .

Why not, for once , why not?

You can't fault Ayckbourn's production but, for once , his comic vessel has problems carrying such emotionally heavy cargo.

(just) for the hell of it

A lot of rich kids are turning to crime just for the hell of it.

We used to go out every Saturday night and get drunk, just for the hell of it.

For the hell of it l do an extra set of bun-twisters on my back, a perennial crowd-pleaser.

For this interview, talking just for the hell of it, he was immeasurably more relaxed.

He decided to walk down to the promontory by way of the market, just for the hell of it.

He didn't really strike her as a particularly nosy person, just wanting to know things for the hell of it.

I steal things I can't eat, just for the hell of it.

Slanging matches with Craddock just for the hell of it.

Why do so many people breed just for the hell of it?

William Mulholland came to Los Angeles more or less for the hell of it.

(match sb) stride for stride

(one) for luck

You get three kisses for your birthday, and one for luck .

An extra teaspoonful for luck could well be disaster.

By now the only part of Mr. Rainsford's brewery left standing was the taproom kept for luck like an old horseshoe.

Certainly there may be the odd chart or graph thrown in for luck but the basic requirement is for high quality text.

I gave him one for luck on the back of his neck.

Is he the kind of man to lend you the rings for luck for a short time?

Now he gave it one last violent shake for luck .

One for luck , and farewell.

... for one

For one thing, the data is by definition stored off-site.

Q.. What is the penalty for those who marry only to obtain a green card for one of the spouses?

Some people feel their home is too big for one or two, but do not wish to move.

The first shot at 16kA achieved currents up to 60,000 amps for one tenth of a second.

The middle icon is used not just for one option but four.

They have to register with our party for one night, as painful as that may be to some.

Well, for one reason, your garden is such a good source of food.

Yet another claim for one damaged was submitted by the A.A. gunners.

I could/would go for sth

I could really go for a taco right now.

But at first I would go for a holiday.

You always told me that if I worked hard, one day, I would go for Secondary.

I couldn't wish for a nicer/better etc ...

I wouldn't miss it for the world

I'd hate (for) sb/sth to do sth

I'd hate all that food to spoil.

I'd hate for my child to grow up in such a violent city.

I'd hate anyone to think that I did well out of dealing with the problem page.

I'd hate some one to come along and see me.

I'll have sb's guts for garters

I'll say this/that (much) for sb

And he's got guts, I 'll say that for him.

He was a demon wonder at finding food, I 'll say that for Vern.

I 'll say that for Lorne.

I'll say this/that much for sb/sth

I'll say this much for him, he was consistent until the end.

I've got news for you

I, for one, ...

I/you can't/couldn't ask for a better sth

I/you might as well be hanged for a sheep as (for) a lamb

It works for me

a feeling for sth

And yet he had a feeling for her.

Blues singers do well in Ireland, as Celts have a feeling for Negro music.

Fat Vince has a feeling for me also, I reckon.

Firstly, look at a few maps of zodiacs already published to get a feeling for them.

Individuals should enjoy themselves, but also keep a feeling for the collectivity.

Rather we get a feeling for the differences in the island societies through encounters with restaurant owners.

Singer's religion is also a feeling for the power of the community to censure and reject.

You have a feeling for these people.

a genius for (doing) sth

He has a genius for conducting but he doesn't enjoy doing it.

I recall one private who had a genius for drawing....

Joan was discovered to have a genius for turning an ancient block of stone into a home.

Jobs had a genius for building group identity.

Mat had a genius for sensitivity.

Mr Havel, who has a genius for pinpointing the absurd, smiled gently and sipped at some mineral water.

The Clinton staff developed a genius for tapping into the emotions and aspirations of a winning number of voters.

Woosnam has a genius for golf that Teravainen lacks, or at least has not yet developed.

a glutton for punishment

Being a glutton for punishment, a few days later we rounded it off by doing the Danube Knee bend towards Budapest.

Steve Jobs is obviously a glutton for punishment.

Talk about a glutton for punishment.

a good word for sb/sth

He put in a good word for him at meetings of the Jockey Club.

No, beaming would be a better word for it.

Poky would have been a good word for it, or dingy.

Yes, maybe that was a good word for St Andrews.

a happy/good hunting ground (for sth)

I pass up a roadside rest area, a happy hunting ground for new cars and ready cash.

In the early years of this century, many a collector found Madeira a happy hunting ground.

Scandinavia was a happy hunting ground for him and he did the same for Nicolai Gedda.

a lot/something/not much etc to be said for (doing) sth

a penny for your thoughts/a penny for them

a poor/rotten etc excuse for sth

But Tories have continued to attack, saying the scheme is a poor excuse for real pedestrianisation.

a sight for sore eyes

A visit to the Westonbirt Arboretum with its 13,000 trees and shrubs is always a sight for sore eyes.

That'd be a sight for sore eyes with that one.

a thirst for knowledge/education/information etc

a turn-up for the book(s)

a weakness for sth

Lisa has a weakness for handsome young men.

He knew he could get away with asking her to do this - she had a bit of a weakness for him.

Intellectuals have a weakness for the prurient, I read somewhere.

Mondell had a weakness for flattery and a less than athletic mind, and Roosevelt was a master at exploiting both.

We are walking time bombs, but I have a weakness for small-town libraries.

We thought he had a weakness for us and our Empire.

a/sb's penchant for sth

accept responsibility/blame for sth

All you can do in such cases is accept responsibility for the emotions you feel when you are around such people.

Governors need to inform themselves thoroughly about the current state of the school building before they accept responsibility for it.

If people are to accept responsibility for outcomes, they will insist upon being substantively included in the decision process.

May we learn to accept responsibility for our own actions and inactions and for our mistakes as well as for our success.

One central committee member, Ognjen Krstulovic, resigned because he could not accept responsibility for the implementation of the policy.

People in a position of influence could accept responsibility for implementing the results.

These must be obtained personally and we can not accept responsibility for them.

You have to accept responsibility for the fruits of your actions, in the scientific field as elsewhere.

acquire a taste for sth

Americans have recently acquired a taste for gourmet coffee.

However, acquiring a taste for less salt may take time in order to become used to a low-salt taste.

I rarely drink in the week, and I've never acquired a taste for wine.

It was too fizzy and too gassy to drink and I acquired a taste for real ale.

Perhaps you could acquire a taste for decaffeinated coffee or one of the many herb or fruit teas.

They feared that their troops might acquire a taste for such butchery and become no better than those they fought against.

Tod sins singly ... He has acquired a taste for alcohol and tobacco.

act for sb/act on sb's behalf

afraid for sb/sth

Louise said Harry made her afraid for her personal safety around the house.

an apology for sth

A taxi brought us to a boarding house she knew, and we're shown into an apology for a bedroom.

Dear Maggie, I feel I owe you an apology for abandoning your esteemed Victorian values.

Proponents of such a view owe us an apology for three avoidable Tory victories.

Rawls's work is an apology for the weak, atomistic and relativistic culture which we see all around us.

Then he gave a little nod, an apology for interrupting, and leaned the bike against the back porch.

Thornton included an apology for Blake's designs.

Yet again, it is an apology for failure.

You owe him an apology for misjudging him and suspecting his motives at every turn.

an eye for an eye

The government's eye-for-an-eye justice could lead to further human rights abuses.

The Old Testament ideal of an eye for an eye speaks to that need.

an eye for/on/to the main chance

are you for real?

as for sb/sth

As for racism, much progress has been made, but there is still much to do.

As for you, young man, you're grounded.

ask for the moon

ask/beg sb's pardon (for sth)

I am ashamed of it myself, and for this reason I stoop to beg your pardon .

I ask you to pardon me.

In 1182, he asked formally for pardon , prostrating himself before Barbarossa.

badly off for sth

bang/beat the drum for sb/sth

be (in) for the high jump

And it's all about: Who is for the high jump in Rome?

He'd be for the high jump, as usual.

be (strictly) for the birds

The Easter Fete was for the birds , Timothy Gedge said.

be a byword for sth

For Americans, Benedict Arnold is a byword for treason.

Britain was a byword for strikes.

be a foil to/for sb/sth

be a prime candidate/target (for sth)

And if you understood that, you are a prime target for the party's newest election weapon.

In addition, any enemy hit by a net is a prime target for a club attack as explained below.

It was clear the police were looking for reporters, that they were prime targets.

Joseph was a prime candidate for deportation.

The law and order section is a prime target for every kind of scam.

The school meals service is a prime target in the government's plans for bringing in outside contractors.

Vinyl and aluminum siding are prime candidates to take flight in a high wind.

We would have thought this was a prime candidate for disclosure.

be a recipe for sth

I think the new regulations are a recipe for economic disaster.

A plentiful supply of anything is a recipe for disaster.

Here are recipes for some of the updated versions of macaroni and cheese.

Its ads, coupled with diet industry ads and media images that promote slenderness, are a recipe for bulimia.

Learning from experience is a recipe for continuous improvement.

Nationalist plans for independence are a recipe for weakness and isolation.

Sound accounting advice will make your business; lack of good accounting advice is a recipe for financial disaster.

The latter is a recipe for chaos, anarchy and mutual extinction.

Three managers and three chairmen in 18 months is a recipe for football disaster.

be a stickler for detail/rules/accuracy etc

With his personal guests who were important to him or his state, Kim was a stickler for detail.

be a struggle (for sb)

Reading is a struggle for Tim.

A new form of organization is struggling to life.

But Seb was struggling up from the table.

He's good enough; fit and fast enough, but financially is struggling to survive.

His lungs were struggling for more oxygen.

Polly could see that Jack was struggling with something inside himself but she did not know what it could be.

Silently, desperately, it is struggling against a new and all-powerful adversary, the civilization of the capitalist West.

That was a devastating blow from which the constituency is struggling to recover.

The fact is, he was struggling .

be a sucker for sb/sth

Anyway, the scientists found that the mice were suckers for poisoned tuna.

But he was a sucker for that gleam in her eye.

He ordered catalogues from Philadelphia and was a sucker for any newly imported plants.

I enjoy movies but am a sucker for sad endings.

It all stunned Jack, who was a sucker for slick talk, and he bought me drinks for an hour.

She was a sucker for his charm.

The hunter is a sucker for the hunted.

be all the better for sth

And it was all the better for being hosted by real-deal Alice Cooper rather than fat phoney Phill Jupitus.

And the piece was all the better for it.

My grandmother therefore moulded my life, and I believe I am all the better for it.

Spa towns, though, are all the better for looking somewhat passé and Eaux-Bonnes is more passé than most.

The game at Twickenham today will be all the better for the inclusion of the National Anthem.

Well, a statement like that is all the better for proof, but go on, anyway.

be an advertisement for sth

Ben is a walking advertisement for the benefits of regular exercise.

This is an advertisement for handguns.

be an open invitation for/to sb

Leaving the car unlocked is just an open invitation to thieves.

The Carter team feared that the remark and the attitude it conveyed would be an open invitation to execute Kim.

be answerable to sb (for sth)

After all, constitutionally, ministers are answerable to Parliament for the conduct of their Departments.

Being sole traders, they are answerable to no one else within the business.

But the Home Secretary has a wider view, and he is answerable to Parliament and public opinion.

He accepted that emperorship was responsible and that he was answerable to a higher power.

He is answerable to Parliament, and to Parliament alone.

Local inspectors of schools will be answerable to the Inspectorate, which will also have a new role as Education Ombudsman.

Rulers and ruled alike are answerable to him.

be asking for it

Anyone who invites a complete stranger into their house is asking for it.

It would only mean he might let her down again, and that would be asking for it.

Perhaps she ought not to have spoken so bluntly, even though he was asking for it.

be asking for trouble

Anyone who buys second-hand car tires is just asking for trouble.

Walking around downtown late at night is just asking for trouble.

You'd better check the oil in your car. Otherwise you're just asking for trouble.

You need to have a good knowledge of the industry before you buy stocks, or you're asking for trouble.

Certainly don't put them one in front of the other, as this is asking for trouble.

If you leave your wallet unattended on the beach while frolicking in the waves, you are asking for trouble.

It was asking for trouble especially if you wore glasses like him.

Kitty was totally preoccupied with the threatened invasion, and to tell her this would be asking for trouble.

One cautious council member thought the parish would be asking for trouble by starting a sister-parish relationship in a war zone.

Producing a play without an interval these days is asking for trouble.

That would simply be asking for trouble!

be crying out for sth

The city's in trouble and is crying out for help.

Employers in all fields of endeavour were crying out for them, offering generous salaries along with an array of enticing perks.

Farms and industry are crying out for labour.

Neither parents nor politicians are crying out for radical reform of the system.

Not that any industry was crying out for buffalo products at the time.

Small businesses are crying out for workers, and poor foreigners plug a gap.

The country is crying out for leadership and all Mr Smith has to offer is a talking-shop for academics and political has-beens.

The S is crying out for them.

The system is crying out for a particular simple change.

be cut out for sth

Sam is still a life guard - he's just not cut out for a nine-to-five job.

And her work would be cut out for her.

be done for

If we get caught we're done for.

All his surviving work was done for religious houses in the south-west.

Also in the intertidal zones, animals find that much of their work is done for them.

Anything that is done for shock value has no future because it's done for the moment.

If this is done for all five possibilities, the result is a series of points as shown in Figure 4-I.

It seemed to her that if she thought about pulling out even for a minute, she would be done for.

Sometimes this means taking a very definite stand on certain issues, but it has to be done for both your sakes.

What can be done for it?

be dying for sth/to do sth

He was dying for a cigarette.

He was dying for a long time, then there was a year of mourning, now we have a new emperor.

My experience in workshops is that people are dying for more honest forms of communication.

She was dying for him to leave so she could get on with business.

The ill are dying for want of medicines.

To know what they might be dying for.

be for the best

Even though I lost my job, I knew it was for the best . It gave me the chance to start again.

After all, it may be for the best .

Anything that spurs creativity behind the bar must be for the best .

He can smell nothing, which is for the best .

I decided to decide that it was for the best .

It may well be for the best .

Maybe it is for the best .

No one has been so heartless as to suggest we skip the picnic, but it is for the best .

Still, perhaps it was for the best .

be gagging for it

be gagging to do sth/be gagging for sth

be gasping (for sth)

But even when Brown was gasping in the ninth, Leyland stuck with him, and Brown finished the job.

But suppose you have a cold and are gasping for breath?

But with an hour gone and Ulster 25-24 ahead, Saracens were gasping for air in this Heineken Cup match.

I will be gasping for breath 24 hours a day.

Ken Harvey was gasping for air.

She was gasping for air, then her throat seized closed and she fainted.

She was gasping , but she knew she could beat it if she ran.

The fruit in the 1985 Geyserville was gasping its last when we found it.

be going on (for) 5 o'clock/60/25 etc

be good for a laugh

Let's go watch Brent play volleyball. That'll be good for a laugh.

Might be good for a laugh.

She almost knew her performance was good for a laugh, sometimes a kiss.

be good for the soul

Confession is good for the soul , particularly when it comes from journalists, who have a notoriously difficult time admitting error.

Heat lightning was breaking outside and there was a breeze from the ocean that was good for the soul .

Perhaps some teachers and others believe that, nevertheless, such practice is good for the soul !

What happened Saturday night was good for the soul .

Which was good for the soul , but bad for knees and dignity.

be good/bad news for sb

House prices are very low, which is good news for first-time buyers.

Although the licensing agreement is good news for Apple, some wonder whether it is too little, too late.

As Ohio goes, so goes the nation, and that may be good news for President Clinton.

Gordon Brown also promised Labour would be good news for big employers ... like the nearby Rover plant in Cowley.

Growing demand for such equipment is good news for the helicopter's distributors McAlpine based at Kidlington in Oxfordshire.

Paperwork for files has been reduced and the threshold for compliance raised; both changes are good news for filers.

The latest financial results are good news for a company that has struggled for years.

This is good news for the hotelier who is prepared.

This theft can only be bad news for the preservation movement.

be gulping for air

I am gulping for air, and sobbing.

be gunning for sb

As long as we're number 1, everybody will be gunning for us.

Being No. 1, we knew a lot of teams are gunning for us.

Why should he be gunning for me?

be gunning for sth

Another officer is already gunning for his job.

Being No. 1, we knew a lot of teams are gunning for us.

Why should he be gunning for me?

be hot for sth

Marvin here was hot for reciprocal visits.

be hot on/for sb

But they were hot on the trail of a loathsome whine as the party in another mess pined for better days.

It was hot on the top and cold in the middle.

Marvin here was hot for reciprocal visits.

Once again Biddy / Beth flees, but both the Toddler and McGarr are hot on her trail.

The flies buzz and the sun is hot on my spine.

Young Laura is hot on the heels of her brothers.

be in for it

The hills are very dry; if we get any more hot winds we could be in for it.

Oh no, Carla groaned, now she was in for it.

Whatever you picked, you were in for it.

be in for sth

She's in for a surprise if she thinks we're going to help her pay for it.

But Rhee and Yun were in for a surprise.

Chuck Levy, meanwhile, was in for 40 offensive plays and made the most of them.

Did he have any idea what he was in for?

He was in for pneumonia, he told me.

If the meticulous and demanding rescue work succeeds, birdwatchers using the hide will be in for a treat.

On the other hand if you've important business or vital meetings to attend you will be in for a tough time.

Whatever you picked, you were in for it.

You guys are in for a long, losing haul down there.

be in line for sth/be in line to do sth

be in no mood for sth/to do sth

But Branson was in no mood for reconciliation.

But he talks as if he knows perfectly well that the country is in no mood for his reprise of Reaganism.

Frye was in no mood for Socratic dialogue, and he irritably resumed his oration.

However, Mr Yeltsin, rejuvenated by victory, is in no mood for compromise.

I am looking thoughtful, but she is in no mood for meaningful gazes across the room.

She was in no mood for visitors.

The nation at large, however, was in no mood for any such thing.

be in the market for sth

If you're in the market for a mobile home, this is a good time to buy.

Essandoh's agent contacted Wycombe after reading on Teletext that they were in the market for a stopgap striker.

If you are in the market for a change of car, count your pennies and go shopping.

Many US-owned maquilas claim to be in the market for locally produced materials and components, backward linkages.

Mr Goto was in the market for an important work of art as part of his company's centenary celebrations.

Those are potential customers, for they are in the market for services.

be in/out of the frame (for sth)

be intended for sb/sth

The movie is intended for adults.

Fakhru told him that the milk was intended for the Faklarn Famine Fund.

Her prow, a cast-iron projection weighing 1, 500 pounds, was intended for use as a ram.

In some areas, she says, food is being shared among twice the number of people it was intended for.

Self-reliance was the lesson, but it was intended for those too young to understand it.

Some past and current government officials say the program was intended for defensive purposes only.

The possibility raised there is intended for the Cartesians to deal with.

This award is intended for those people whose work involves freight documentation in any of the four sectors.

Whether they were intended for public display is in doubt.

be itching to do sth/be itching for sth

Chris is itching to get back to work.

Despite her success, however, it just wasn't much fun anymore. Liz was itching to try something different.

She's just itching to tell you about her new boyfriend.

Clearly the President's enemies are itching to believe unsubstantiated stories that could hurt him.

I was itching to get on to San Francisco.

If they already have some practical knowledge they will be itching to get on to the floor!

Liz was itching to try something different.

Shildon said he would probably change his mind in a day or two and be itching to talk.

Some people were having holiday romances: they radiated an air of barefaced sin and were itching to talk about it.

Some system developers and their software programmers assume that consumers are itching to be converted from passive to interactive television watchers.

They were itching to shoot somebody.

be known for sth

Bully fans are known for being somewhat obsessive.

Many will never be known for many lived and died without a proper name.

Miller is known for her whimsical paintings and sculpture, both emanating from her unique take on the Southwest desert.

Mr Heseltine is known for his hard work and mental and physical stamina.

Paul is known for his discovery of interleukin-4, a primary chemical regulator of the immune system.

The first lady had specifically asked to speak at Glide, which is known for its social activism, church officials said.

The inhabitants are known for being bourgeois, inward- looking, and conservative.

The Pillow, in Massachusetts, was known for its family feeling and sometimes scrappy eclecticism.

be looking for sb/sth

All three of them are looking for work in large towns.

He seemed to be looking for something.

He soon saw what he was looking for: the manufacturer's name, Allison.

Mathie was looking for work after he decided to pull the plug on the 20-year-old classic emporium.

The network is looking for something extra.

The police might be looking for him in Rome now.

They are looking for a product, just as surely as a shopper at the local mall is.

be looking for trouble

The kid with the knife was looking for trouble.

Hindsight tells me that I was looking for trouble, but-at the time I knew nothing about it.

They were looking for trouble and they found us instead.

be lost for words

For once in her life, she was lost for words, and uncertain of her argumentative ground.

He was lost for words at the time, and had to apologise and thank the donors later in private.

be mad about/for/on sb/sth

Everyone was mad about youth nowadays.

Floyd was mad for her, but his father refused to let him borrow the car.

I was mad about her being killed, mad at whoever killed her.

Maybe he was mad for a while, then not mad.

She insisted she only wanted a memento, but I think she was mad about the parking surcharge.

Somehow the word got round that I was mad about maritime art.

Well, of course, she must take it up ... his wife was mad on it.

be made (for life)

Accusations of ballot-box stuffing at the neighborhood-run election were made about the meeting which nominated the new slate.

Both the subcommittee and Mr Gingrich agree that no public comment should be made about this matter while it is still pending.

That base, Dobson contends, is made up of conservative Christians who are anti-abortion.

The chief librarian is responsible for an operation that is made up of the Main Library and 26 neighborhood branches.

The neck is made from maple, which was a surprise, because I was expecting mahogany.

The temporary replacement car will be made available only when full details of the loss or damage are notified to General Accident.

Various adjustments are made to allow for special circumstances affecting local costs of providing particular services.

be made for each other

Sam and Ellie are made for each other. I just can't think of either of them with anyone else.

Television and the Muppets were made for each other.

When they met in Paris last fall, they fell immediately in love and knew they were made for each other.

A year ago, these same pundits were saying that private investors and the internet were made for each other.

And everyone uses the E-word: Enya and ethereal were made for each other.

People and snakes, it would seem, were made for each other.

When they met in Paris last fall, they knew they were made for each other.

You and Debbie were made for each other.

be meant for sb

From the moment that they were introduced it was plain that they were meant for one another.

His friend got bitten by a snake that was meant for Ray.

Innocent's building at the Vatican was fortified with towers and an encircling wall and was meant for longer residence.

Like illusionistic painting in general, this technique of mosaic was meant for the distant view.

Nina got up and smiled a smile that was meant for no-one.

The only fan in Motherhouse is in the parlour and is meant for visitors.

Then this ad is meant for you.

Wisteria branches, for example, eventually grow to tree-size width and are meant for the sturdiest pergolas and arbors.

be meant for sb/sth

I think this fork is meant for barbecuing.

From the moment that they were introduced it was plain that they were meant for one another.

His friend got bitten by a snake that was meant for Ray.

Innocent's building at the Vatican was fortified with towers and an encircling wall and was meant for longer residence.

Like illusionistic painting in general, this technique of mosaic was meant for the distant view.

Nina got up and smiled a smile that was meant for no-one.

The only fan in Motherhouse is in the parlour and is meant for visitors.

Then this ad is meant for you.

Wisteria branches, for example, eventually grow to tree-size width and are meant for the sturdiest pergolas and arbors.

be no place for sb

But there appears to be no place for women in this hobby.

Clarisa was living in a hotel, she said, and it was no place for a child.

In the psychoanalytic model there is no place for basic positive motives.

There is no place for domination or exploitation of creation rescues in the plan of creation.

There was no place for skill.

This was no place for me to linger.

Uncle Gabriel was made rabbi, so there was no place for Father.

be no substitute for sth

There is no substitute for educated workers with good work habits.

An answering service or beeper number is no substitute for a trained network engineer.

But there is no substitute for a visit, and a request to see evidence of previous exam results.

Checking the takings late at night is no substitute for a proper budgetary control system.

In many situations, however, there is no substitute for the use of chemicals as the application of heat is impracticable.

In other words, money is no substitute for management.

It was a new experience, and there is no substitute for experience.

There is no substitute for a committed board with a vision of the future.

be none the worse for sth

be on for sth

Criss-crossing these steps in dusty Andean towns, Symmes learns that a search is on for Che's remains.

Increasingly the search is on for dissenters.

It is on for this weekend for sure.

Lighting is by a 20W Triton and a 20W Gro-lux and these are on for ten hours a day.

Pressure is on for builders everywhere to build at low cost and to be energy-efficient.

That way, a member who was on for 47 seconds was being charged for two minutes.

be on the lookout for sb/sth

But Henry was not feeling like defending anyone today, rather he was on the lookout for attack.

From February to July he was on the lookout for blossoms.

I told Thompson to alert all the guards on duty to be on the lookout for a small brown rodent.

Naturally, he was on the lookout for more exciting activity.

Please be on the lookout for talent in your classes and give serious consideration to auditioning yourself.

Police are also asking people to be on the lookout for bogus officials following several incidents in the area.

Still, they will be on the lookout for opportunities to let members know about their achievements whenever appropriate.

When we find that, we should be on the lookout for some ever-changing enemy, some arms-race rival.

be out for sth/be out to do sth

be out for the count

Richard was out for the count .

be par for the course

If you want to be a politician, a little criticism is par for the course.

It rained all week, but I guess that's par for the course in Ireland.

It seems in some of those countries that political torture and assassination are par for the course.

Alesis reverb units are par for the course in home studios; and their 3630 should enjoy the same popularity.

In my trade this is thought to be par for the course.

So were my years of flying in and out of countries where political torture and assassination were par for the course.

Such service companies want your agency's business and lavish lunches and gifts are par for the course.

This was par for the course, they seemed to be saying.

be pressed for time/cash etc

be pressed for time/money etc

be pushed for time/money etc

be remembered for/as sth

Graf will be remembered as one of the best women's tennis players.

James Dickey is best remembered for his 1972 novel "Deliverance."

Above all, Marianella will be remembered as a very brave and very determined woman.

Clinton is in good company, but I think he wants to be remembered for more than that.

Copenhagen is remembered for its mermaid.

Firstly, a widowed grandmother may be remembered as moving into the family home.

I want to be remembered for my skill as a stills photographer.

Servetus is remembered for his description of the lesser, pulmonary, circulation of the blood.

Some of these will be remembered for years to come, not only in Halling but where ever the cement barges called.

Will he be remembered as a statesman in his final days, or just another bought-and-paid-for hunk of political meat?

be riding for a fall

He seems to be riding for a fall, almost recklessly risk-taking.

be ripe for sth

If ever a songwriting team were ripe for revival, it's Bacharach and David.

Again frustrated, the two were ripe for the monetary stability Clive Davis could offer.

Gore is ripe for the plucking.

In other words, expect whispers that he is ripe for voluntary retirement in an autumn reshuffle.

The job search took him seven years, and by that time he was ripe for retirement.

The time is ripe for an attempt to weaken his position.

The time was ripe for major change.

Whatever precautions a father takes, when the daughter is ripe for it, puberty will set in.

Within six months, they in turn would be ripe for constructive torment by Lexandro's peers.

be sb's for the asking

It can be had for the asking .

Liverpool was taking a beating, and rumours were free for the asking on every street corner and in every food queue.

The men we pass on the street look me over, as if I too might be available for the asking .

These data are there for the asking , and they can provide a shortcut to long hours of interviews and observations.

Tomatoes are free for the asking , sacks of tomatoes are thrust on you after church.

be short for sth

Her name is Alex, short for Alexandra.

Already as a consequence of the war, half the children up to five years are short for their age due to malnutrition.

Chuck is short for Charlie, and Charlie is the old code name for a down-home white bigot.

For now the nomads are surviving, but time most be short for them.

He was short for his age and had little, sharp, ugly eyes.

It is short for a par 5 but you soon realise why.

be slated to do sth/be slated for sth

be spoiling for a fight/argument

Be that as it may, Cooper was spoiling for a fight, as this unpublished letter shows.

be spoilt/spoiled for choice

As the Empire player you are spoiled for choice.

Often, we seem to be spoiled for choice and hampered, even paralysed, by our fear of the unknown.

be spoken for

But all of the money is spoken for.

Contest ends when all tickets are spoken for.&.

Most of your capital is spoken for, and the creditors are closing in.

Though they were spoken for my benefit, I could not be assumed to share the same norms.

When the words were spoken for the third time, however, the divorce was irrevocable.

be spoken for

But all of the money is spoken for.

Contest ends when all tickets are spoken for.&.

Most of your capital is spoken for, and the creditors are closing in.

Though they were spoken for my benefit, I could not be assumed to share the same norms.

When the words were spoken for the third time, however, the divorce was irrevocable.

be stuck for sth

Most of what they accused him of was true, and Wyden was stuck for an answer.

Antony for once was stuck for words.

I was stuck for an answer.

be thankful/grateful for small mercies/favours

From now on she could be grateful for small mercies and be content to take one step at a time.

She wondered wryly whether to be thankful for small mercies, or to feel insulted.

be the trigger (point) (for sth)

All we had to experience was the trigger and off we went into a state of fear.

And the loss of the ally may be the trigger which will start chain fission.

Could either or both factors be the trigger ?

I had provided the direction in my lecture, and Our discussion was the trigger .

That was the trigger that started the weeping.

The new stand was the trigger for the layout.

Your saying the work is urgent is the trigger , the result is lateness.

be there (for sb)

My parents were always there for me when I was growing up.

And are there any courses there during late June or July?

But is there anyone who will check that this is the case?

He was there when the killers streamed down from the surrounding hills, chanting war cries.

Ilium is a particularly good city for optometrists because the General Forge and Foundry Company is there .

Not, in short, what was there , but what the eye saw there.

The majority of children living in single-parent households are there because of separation or divorce, not illegitimacy.

Why, some might question, is there such an emphasis on something which is so peripheral to the New Testament?

You could be alone in a room with her and forget she was there .

be ticketed for sth

be too much for sb

All the bullying and back-stabbing in the office was simply too much for him.

Climbing the stairs is too much for Maisie who is in her 90s.

The job was too much for any single manager to cope with.

But often this effort of concentration was too much for me.

But three thousand is too much for now.

I suspected that, deep down, the various emotional themes that Hannah played out were too much for Bruno.

It was too much for Quinn.

The memories were too much for her.

This was too much for me.

be too much for sb

But often this effort of concentration was too much for me.

But three thousand is too much for now.

I suspected that, deep down, the various emotional themes that Hannah played out were too much for Bruno.

It was too much for Quinn.

The memories were too much for her.

This was too much for me.

be up for grabs

Before long the entire paper industry is up for grabs .

But the software, particularly the interface, was up for grabs .

Canary Wharf was up for grabs .

Howe said Doug Johns is his fifth starter, but the fourth slot is up for grabs .

I had some memorable test drives after buying a dozen 6R4s when they were up for grabs at the factory.

Regional and runners-up prizes will also be up for grabs .

The lower house of Congress also is up for grabs in the July elections.

This is the process whereby every scrap of green land in a town is up for grabs by development.

be waiting (for sb)

But I must go now, for my babies are waiting in the nest for me.

I will be waiting by the phone.

She believed in the ship, and was waiting for it.

Ted Lame, shirtless in the heat of the summer night, was waiting for them where they crossed Highway 18.

The others are waiting and they may be in danger.

The scouts were waiting between the banks of a frozen creek.

They had reached the door, and the motor was waiting to convey them back to Hampstead.

be well-off for sth

be wired for sth

All the rooms are wired for cable TV.

Deion sneaked up behind the announcer, who was wired for sound, and doused him with ice water.

Of schools with large numbers of poor students, just 31 percent of schools were wired for the Internet.

Satellite customers who are wired for cable sometimes keep the service to get local channels.

Venice is to be wired for sound.

be yours for the taking/asking

be/feel in the mood (for sth)

be/feel ready for sth

Crews had to be ready for hostile fire from the ground.

He seems to be ready for the more burdensome necessities of the job.

I think he will be ready for a place in the 2003 World Cup... perhaps.

It must be child development with this goal: that every child be ready for school when that child comes of age.

Manufacture is now proceeding and the equipment will be ready for installation on Reactor 2 in May 1993.

Novel No. 80 should be ready for publication soon.

Pitching coach Dave Wallace said that Radinsky still has time to be ready for the season opener.

The financial statement will be ready for the A.G.M. The donations from the general public show a decrease on previous years.

be/feel sorry for sb

For a minute, she felt sorry for the girl.

I just feel sorry for the ones who didn't make the team.

A minute earlier he had been feeling sorry for the men who were still out on house-to-house questioning.

He feels sorry for himself, torn between two jealousies.

Nobody felt sorry for my sister.

One feels sorry for the little ones in some circumstances and they nearly become like children - but not quite.

They'd be sorry for me, they'd give me whisky and aspirins and send me to a psychiatrist.

Watching him shuffle off to the press room, I felt sorry for poor Feels.

Yet he made her feel sorry for Miss Lavant, a woman she'd hardly thought about before.

Your problem is that every time a relationship goes bad, you feel sorry for yourself and become more of a loner.

be/get too big for your boots

be/go on the prowl (for sth/sb)

best/well/ideally/perfectly etc suited to/for sth

Boar chops are best suited to grilling or sauteing.

If I were a free agent, those are the places I would go, a place best suited for my needs.

It is not however so well suited to an intensive, detailed study of spoken language.

Nevertheless, it is an early maturing variety well suited to the long ripening period of a northern wine region.

Secondly, the adversary nature of the adjudicative process may not be well suited to this area.

The farmer's wife was well suited to tackling this considerable undertaking.

Use the systems best suited to their talent, both offensively and defensively.

We have large quantities of plutonium already separated and in forms ideally suited for nuclear weapons.

big up (to/for) sb

blow/sod/bugger etc that for a lark

bob/dunk/dip for apples

Children from Much Marcle Primary School will be demonstrating how to bob for apples .

bode well/ill (for sb/sth)

The results of the opinion poll do not bode well for the Democrats.

Even if they are fictional characters, it doesn't bode well for the poor things.

Somehow, it bodes well for the couture.

The evening had, on reflection, never boded well.

Things had connected, falling into a new shape - a shape that bode well for the future.

Those numbers bode well for the Raiders.

Unsurprisingly, refugees often fell into a torpid dependency, which did not bode well for the future.

Word on the street is that Sub Pop refused the new Friends' second album, which may not bode well.

Yet, conservation biologists have begun to wonder if these long-hoped-for changes bode well for the land.

bound for London/Mexico etc

That can often include a sneak preview of productions bound for London's West End.

bully for you/him etc

A: Then bully for you and bully for them, though I suspect you're lying.

but for

There was complete silence but for the occasional sound of distant traffic.

But it was privately, not through the government, and not for advanced field training, but for graduate study.

Attention is needed not only for the here and now but for planning the future.

From here, forecasts are compiled, not just for Central, but for broadcasters all over the World.

Mr Roller said Dresdner's operating profit would have been higher but for increased write-offs in its securities operations.

Not for themselves, but for their male pimps and brothel owners.

She was never a woman to apologize, but for one moment with the pen in her hand she came very close.

The basic cakes need to be moist, tasty and firm, not only for eating but for cutting and shaping.

These patterns are different not only for each movement, but for each person.

can't answer for sb

can't do sth for toffee

cannot for the life of me

carry a torch for sb

Seth has been carrying a torch for Liz ever since high school.

Aaron Hammon is a recovering speed freak; he has carried a torch for the drug methamphetamine since childhood.

Was it possible poor old Harry was still carrying a torch for Pickles?

carry a torch for sb

Aaron Hammon is a recovering speed freak; he has carried a torch for the drug methamphetamine since childhood.

Was it possible poor old Harry was still carrying a torch for Pickles?

carry the can (for sb/sth)

He carried the can with him into the bathroom where he stripped off his clothes and turned on the shower.

In the Army some one has to carry the can.

In the unlikely event of trouble they would understandably not want to carry the can alone.

It wasn't their fault, usually, that the firm was doing badly, but they had to carry the can.

Just her to carry the can, the prerogative of natural leaders of men.

Only I had to carry the can for it.

clear the way for sth

Almond said he may ask President Clinton to declare Rhode Island a disaster area, clearing the way for federal funds.

And now the White Paper clears the way for these to be used by cable stations.

But there is no sign that the disgrace of the last Soviet satrap will clear the way for peace.

Douglas Reyburn clearing the way for the future.

Losses from restructuring will decline from now on, clearing the way for a recovery in earnings.

That cleared the way for the public release of the scores and scheduling of interviews and a final selection.

This would clear the way for the creation of a multiparty system in the Soviet Union.

clear/pave/open/prepare etc the way (for sth)

Earlier legislation paved the way by limiting the use of custody as a penalty for offenders under the age of twenty-one.

He believes the Government has missed the opportunity to pave the way for badly needed investment.

He gave as an example some of the early work in genetics which has paved the way for biotechnological developments.

She would pave the way for a much more slender ideal: the flapper.

Such developments are paving the way to rapprochement between conventional and complementary medicine.

Was he paving the way for another referendum?

When Ken wants to give his girlfriend a kiss he first calls in a construction team to clear the way .

come in for criticism/blame/scrutiny

Thompson came in for sharp criticism from women's groups.

Mr Gonzalez has also come in for criticism from within his own party.

NTOs have come in for criticism for failing to make significant strides in plugging the skills gap.

The Belfry came in for criticism with some newspapers saying it was no place to stage a match of this importance.

The Court of Appeal has struggled to reconcile the two decisions but has come in for criticism.

The patient's colour, face and body features as well as pulse and tongue will also come in for scrutiny.

come up for discussion/examination/review etc

BUndeterred, the group is revising its proposal and plans to contest every license that comes up for review.

come up for election/re-election/selection etc

At each two-yearly election one-third of the Senate comes up for re-election.

It affects us all and its practitioners do not come up for re-election every five years.

come/go along for the ride

I had nothing better to do, so I thought I'd go along for the ride .

But do members just go along for the ride ?

His pride would never let Olajuwon simply go along for the ride .

I was wondering if you fancied coming along for the ride .

I went along for the ride .

Lord knows where they're heading, but you really should go along for the ride .

Or she probably chose me for him and he just went along for the ride .

Other major players in the Las Vegas casino market came along for the ride .

The dancers were flown to Washington, with Talley Beatty going along for the ride .

commute sth for/into sth

content (for sb) to do sth

By and large, the academic community seems content simply to accommodate to the instrumental needs of post-industrial society.

Eighteen months previously I would have been content merely to be alive.

He must therefore demonstrate this rational content without appealing to church doctrine.

I was so content as to be completely unprepared for the obvious eventuality of his return.

Learn the Net is continually updated and tastefully devoid of commercial content .

The city has been content historically to stand on its natural attractions to draw business.

The Kingdom gives content and purpose to the act of commitment.

They also offer parents the best controls over the content available to young children.

cover up for sb

High ranking military men were covering up for the murderers.

And start covering up for them.

By lying and covering up for her husband, the wife provides negative reinforcement for his violence.

Heaven only knows what else you've done that Paige has covered up for.

The persistent tendency to cover up for our lack of effectiveness by using vague language must be strongly resisted.

cry for help

Janie's suicide attempt was obviously a cry for help.

A boy passing by homewards from the pictures heard his cries for help.

I suppose underneath it was a cry for help.

If anyone had been crying for help, the firemen must have responded by now.

Meanwhile, another cry for help.

Opening his mouth to cry for help, he -!

Screams and desperate cries for help filled the streets.

Without adequate built-in safeguards, there will be other Susan Allens who will pull the trigger before they cry for help.

crying need for sth

There is a crying need for an international insolvency convention.

destined for sth

dig a hole for yourself

The mayor dug himself into a hole when he promised 3000 new jobs.

do all right (for yourself/herself etc)

Anyway, I did all right.

He did all right in that Navy movie, whatever it was.

Wow, so you guys must do all right then, him?

do sth for a bet

It was this book that Rincewind had once opened for a bet .

do sth for luck

John always carried a rabbit's foot for luck .

An extra teaspoonful for luck could well be disaster.

By now the only part of Mr. Rainsford's brewery left standing was the taproom kept for luck like an old horseshoe.

Certainly there may be the odd chart or graph thrown in for luck but the basic requirement is for high quality text.

I gave him one for luck on the back of his neck.

Is he the kind of man to lend you the rings for luck for a short time?

Now he gave it one last violent shake for luck .

One for luck , and farewell.

eat sb alive/eat sb for breakfast

excuse me (for living)!

explore (sth) for oil/minerals/gold etc

feel around/on/in etc sth (for sth)

After she had put the phone down, she felt in a daze.

I returned to my book, the hot feeling in my face returned to its rightful place.

One of my reasons for becoming involved in Westland was that I felt in some respects that I owed them something.

She was not feeling in the least cheerful however when the taxi dropped her off at Ven's home.

She would understand; that was how he felt in the stores.

This feeling in turn hardens into lack of interest in work.

Whether you feel in any way responsible depends on your viewpoint.

fend for yourself

Dad always wanted me to be able to fend for myself from a very early age.

The children were left to fend for themselves on the streets.

The mother died before the cubs were old enough to fend for themselves.

Young birds are left to fend for themselves soon after they hatch.

Children are left to fend for themselves and often get in trouble in the process.

Now it must fend for itself, without parental care.

Small amounts of food must be left for the birds until they learn to fend for themselves.

So Snow White must fend for herself when she is abandoned by the hunter in the forest.

The captain radioed for assistance, but the convoy sped away, leaving the Vanzetti to fend for herself.

Thereafter they fend for themselves and she is quickly into preparation for her next litter.

We were left to fend for ourselves.

Young Basque men emigrated because no patrimony could by custom be divided, leaving younger sons to fend for themselves.

fight tooth and nail (for sth)/fight sth tooth and nail

find a home for sth

Enter Arizona Greyhound Rescue, a non-profit group dedicated to finding homes for the retired racers.

Now all that is left to do is find a home for the project.

Some other species are hard to find homes for, even for free.

fish for compliments

fish for compliments

fit for a king

That dinner was fit for a king.

And that one problem was that there was no toilet paper fit for a king in the whole kingdom by the sea.

I know of places suitable, lodgings fit for a king, if only there were room.

It was a meal fit for a king, or even for two helicopter pilots fresh from three days of nonstop flying.

That simple repast was fit for a king.

The table was laid out fit for a king, all gleaming silver and twinkling crystal.

They are gifts fit for a king, and so they are meant to be.

This looks like a meal fit for a king.

fit sb for sth

food for thought

The study on poverty certainly offers food for thought to America's leaders.

And there is plenty of food for thought.

He never got past the words food for thought.

Ian Wright also had food for thought as he made a hasty exit from Arsenal's demoralised dressing room.

It's food for thought, though.

Jeffcoate W.. Obesity is a disease: food for thought.

Several interesting issues present some food for thought, however.

That building provides us with food for thought.

The lack of parcels and buses gave us all some food for thought of late.

for (the) want of sth

He had been imprisoned for want of bail.

He was allowed to creep back into power for want of a credible alternative.

It is not for want of encouragement.

Just horses and ploughs and, for want of a better word, peasants.

Talks were resumed last week and then recessed for want of an agreement.

The appeal of the petitioner in this case must be dismissed for want of jurisdiction.

These tenements are barely fit to live among, never mind to starve in, for want of the extra rent.

What had begun with good will was atrophying for the want of language to nourish it.

for ... purposes

for God's sake

For God's sake, shut up!

for God's sake

for God's/Christ's/goodness'/Heaven's/Pete's sake

for a song

One woman bought a whole armful of clothes for a song .

If they are exclusively narrative they are useless for song writing.

One woman nabbed an armful of career clothes for a song .

Peter Allen accompanies himself on the piano for a song .

Some one had an extra ticket for Song and Dance and wanted to know if I was free, a week ago Thursday.

Sometimes I draw on them for subjects for songs .

We buy Third World commodities for a song .

for a start

I don't think she'll get the job. She's too young, for a start .

For instance, a trip to the seaside is out for a start .

I had no religion for a start , though I had developed respect for the Church through knowing Monsignor.

Lovejoy himself is firmly in the tradition of the likeable rogue - no first name for a start .

Pretty strong inns all along the coach road, for a start .

Ryan Stromsborg, a sophomore from Notre Dame High, is challenging for a starting spot in the infield and outfield.

They were small groups for a start .

You have to understand that, for a start .

You won't like my hair, for a start .

for all I know

I opened the window, and for all I know it's still open.

It cost millions. It could be billions for all I know .

And they probably have cameras on it for all I know .

During the war for all I know ?

He might even be her source, for all I knew .

Snow and ice were deadly for all I knew , never having driven on either.

The real losers will, for all I know , eat dirt.

There were a few people around, polishing and sweeping, and maybe spreading incense for all I knew .

You might be from the newspapers, for all I know .

for all practical purposes

For all practical purposes , the cleanup of the oil spill is complete.

For all practical purposes , the country is bankrupt.

But, for all practical purposes you can say that a wind angle of 60° produces maximum drift.

Computerized free language indexing is, for all practical purposes , the same as natural language indexing.

Indeed for all practical purposes he owned us.

Most of the 54 stories reproduced here, even the previously published ones, were, for all practical purposes , lost.

The edit display screen can only be used, for all practical purposes , for cutting and pasting.

Yet for all practical purposes , Windows was Macintosh.

for all sb cares

"Dave's moving to Boston." "He can move to Timbuktu, for all I care ."

for all sth

for all the world as if/as though/like

for all you are/he is etc worth

for anything

After what happened last time, I wouldn't work for them again for anything .

And I wouldn't have missed your last customers for anything .

Duncan got in the cab and searched for anything that might have been left.

He had been in court before on charges of violence but never for anything like murder.

It was unusual for anything in particular to happen in Mafeking Street.

Ostrum would never want for anything without this job.

Who could ask for anything more?

You are the person that they go to for support, for anything that they need...

for appearances' sake/for the sake of appearances

for better or (for) worse

The reality is that, for better or worse, the world of publishing has changed.

All five, for better or worse, have received recent votes of confidence from their respective general managers or team presidents.

And for better or worse, the new interactivity brings enormous political leverage to ordinary citizens at relatively little cost.

And the consequences could be even more startling, for better or for worse.

Decisions made in any of these places can hit our pocketbooks and our peace of mind, for better or for worse.

He has toted the ball and the expectations, for better or worse.

He was her husband ... for better or worse, he was her husband.

Medical students in prolonged contact with junior doctors learn attitudes by example, for better or for worse.

Today we know for better or for worse that cops, like doctors and priests, are merely human.

for certain

for crying out loud

It's right in front of you, for crying out loud.

A Ford sedan, the very symbol of middle-class moderation, offers electrically heated outside mirrors, for crying out loud.

Forget it, Rory, for crying out loud forget it.

Julian Tavarez is a middle reliever, for crying out loud.

The long lie is over Shake yourself for crying out loud.

When I were a lad, we used that sort of grunt in our toasters, for crying out loud.

for days/weeks etc on end

Big dumps frequently bury lift-control shacks and loading ramps for days on end .

Chained in an upright stance for weeks on end , iron collars about their necks, with no hope of reprieve.

He would go off into the mountains for days on end .

How you hate being shipped off to Long Island for weeks on end during the summer.

Lately she stays in her house for days on end , goes out only to get food.

Sometimes he would not leave his room for days on end .

They'd be talking for days on end .

Untouched, and for days on end , ignored, he was not a child and not a man.

for dear life

Sherman held onto the bar for dear life.

It turns on to its side and as I cling on for dear life I hear a startled cry from Nathan.

The girl shut her eyes and gripped back for dear life.

The playing throughout the evening was truly superb, every instrumentalist bowing and blowing and thumping as though for dear life.

They often looked very strained to Anna, as if they were holding on to their loyalty for dear life.

This wasn't easy either, because she was spooked and was clinging for dear life to the poor kid's hair.

With difficulty, he made his way towards her, Charlotte clinging to him for dear life.

for effect

Dangerfield rolled his eyes for effect as he told the joke.

for ever

for evermore

for example

It's extremely expensive to live in New York. For example , I pay $1250 for a one-bedroom apartment.

for fear (that),

I became more and more of a recluse, avoiding our old haunts for fear of running into him.

Many blacks and other minorities decline, for fear of government intrusion, to respond to written forms.

She refuses to admit that she is the daughter for fear of disgracing her parents.

She saw no reason for fear , and said so repeatedly.

The exercise appears to be little more than an outlet for fear and prejudice.

The occupying forces generally stay within their heavily fortified garrisons for fear of attack.

Their happy marriage, their seeming perfection, was porcelain: they daren't raise their voices for fear of shattering it.

When your whole being was overflowing with loathing and hate there was no room for fear .

for fun

Encourage your child to read all kinds of books for fun .

I only really started the shop for fun , but it's been a huge success.

We just play poker for fun , not for money.

When we started our band we played music in restaurants just for fun .

for future reference

Microfilm copies will be kept for future reference.

Also labels the components on your drawing as per your circuit diagram and retain for future reference.

By using test-kits and keeping a record of the readings obtained you also build-up and invaluable data bank for future reference.

Commodore G. Paul, plans of the drainage under the green had been made for future reference.

I am simply seeking clarification of the regulations for future reference.

If so, please take note of it for future reference.

She lodged this idea in the back of her mind for future reference.

This visit is only to get a look inside, to stake out the room for future reference.

Thumbnails the first ideas or sketches of a designer noted down for future reference.

for general/public/private etc consumption

But these things aren't for public consumption .

Far from it, what they say for public consumption appears to be at odds with what they are saying privately.

Most of its contents was judged too personal-and possibly too politically sensitive-for public consumption .

This Government talks tough for public consumption but has no stomach for action.

Those on the right endorse the first half of the argument but not the second, at least for public consumption .

When the media found out, his private exercise of his personal beliefs became a subject for public consumption .

for good

I'd like to stay in Colorado for good .

The injury may keep him out of football for good .

for good measure

Why don't you try calling them one more time, for good measure .

Add David Robinson for good measure .

And let's add Godel for good measure .

Even old Henry Spalding, who had returned to Lapwai in the spring, added his signature for good measure .

For the rest it's twenty five minutes of speed and skill ... and then two more laps for good measure .

I gave her a good strong look just for good measure .

Network South East has its patriotic red, white, and blue bands with grey thrown in for good measure .

Take your governing body licence along for good measure .

This pudding also includes a little cocoa powder for good measure .

for goodness' sake

For goodness' sake, be quiet!

for heaven's sake

For heaven's sake, don't tell him my age!

Where was the kid's mother, for heaven's sake?

for information only

Printed forms produced by the Law Society Records Office must be used, not the sample forms supplied for information only.

The sample forms supplied for information only should not be used.

This case is for information only.

for instance

Old English was in many ways similar to Modern German. For instance , the nouns, adjectives, and verbs were highly inflected.

for its own sake

Weber says he is interested in writing for its own sake - an uncommon attitude in Hollywood these days.

Are you on the side of progress, or just plain old protest for its own sake ?

But Rothermere and Beaverbrook were not principally interested in the issue for its own sake .

But Victor Amadeus seems to have had little interest in scholarship for its own sake .

I can still aim at goodness for its own sake .

Our mission is three-fold: To undertake basic research to advance knowledge for its own sake .

Remember what Edward Abbey wrote about growth for its own sake .

The content of education must therefore be that which men would wish to know for its own sake .

This is an uneven show, driven by a concept that puts too much value on the different for its own sake .

for keeps

He's given it to me for keeps .

Marriage ought to be for keeps .

I'd threatened to leave many times before but I believed in marriage being for keeps and trying to make it work.

Marriage is for keeps , we say.

They lead with their hearts and they play for keeps .

for laughs

We took the helicopter ride just for laughs .

Williams plays the part for laughs .

A game played for laughs rather than high scores has always been encouraged.

But it wasn't like I'd imagined - except for the long silences when I'd been hoping for laughs .

He considered her good but unremarkable clothes, and wondered what she did for laughs .

In fiction, especially fiction that plays for laughs , the line between character and caricature can be dangerously thin.

Instead, Seinfeld played them for laughs .

Just for laughs I had arranged to meet my husband in a department store.

To Stokes' credit, he had the wonderful sense to play it for laughs .

for long

Have you been working here for long ?

Have you known the Garretts for very long ?

He'll have to stay in hospital, but not for long .

I haven't known them for very long .

I hope his speech doesn't go on for long .

for medicinal purposes

Marijuana was legalized for medicinal purposes.

I would naturally consider sympathetically any invitation to take part in clinical trials requiring ingestion of whisky for medicinal purposes.

Last November, voters in California and Arizona passed initiatives which allow the use of pot for medicinal purposes.

That's what you need - whisky, for medicinal purposes.

The Physic Garden is planted with examples of herbs used in Medieval times for medicinal purposes.

These would have been used for both flavouring and for medicinal purposes.

for my money

For my money , it's one of the most romantic places in Hawaii.

And this for my money is what Peace Corps is all about.

I feel in my pocket for my money and pull it out.

I went to the telegraph office of the railroad for my money order from New York.

Lee's one of the chosen and he's one of the damned, for my money .

for my sins

And because of this he has paid the price for my sins and your sins.

I am Araminta Merchiston, Lady Merchiston's daughter - for my sins !

for my/his part etc

Curtis, for his part , wished he felt as confident as he had tried to sound.

Gates, for his part , says he tries not to stray too far from talking about technology.

I for my part have some difficulty in accepting that.

I, for my part , would take the second of the two roads.

Kennedy, for his part , seemed open to the reasonable accommodation.

Mr McLean, for his part , will offer a guilty plea to the charge of actual bodily harm.

My grandfather, for his part , had found lodgings for the two boys through an advertisement in a church magazine.

Nick, for his part , really wants to live.

for nothing

I don't want to struggle all my life for nothing .

If we don't get the contract all our hard work will have been for nothing .

My dad said he'd fix it for nothing .

We drove all the way down there for nothing .

We got the car for nothing because the woman wanted to get rid of it fast.

After all, it wasn't dubbed the Palace for nothing .

Hell, his great-grandaddy used to work for nothing , for all that matter.

His mind was set on walking down his quarry and had room for nothing else.

Ironically, later auf became a local expression for a long wait, or working for nothing .

Nobody gets anything, for nothing .

Peres is to be blamed for nothing .

What could be more stable than for nothing to change?

You can skate for nothing if you want.

for old times' sake

A slight drizzle appeared, just for old times' sake.

I just thought it might have been kinda fun, you know, for old times' sake.

Or even, for old times' sake, one of the left splinter parties.

Then one day, just for old times' sake, I paid a visit to Winston Street.

This was really just for old times' sake, just for fun.

for one thing

No, of course you can't go. For one thing, you have too much homework to do.

We can't invite everyone - for one thing, it would cost too much.

A higher body count score, for one thing.

He was responsible for Loredana's death, for one thing.

He was tall, for one thing: tall and athletically built, although there was a laziness about his movements.

It would be tolerable but for one thing: She shares the space with eight children.

The ex-steelworkers, for one thing, have not gone away.

Their love of wine leads to raised levels of alcoholism, for one thing, which balances out the supposed benefits.

Well, for one thing she takes her readers and our intellect seriously.

Well, for one thing, women have a different experience in life.

for one thing

A higher body count score, for one thing .

He was responsible for Loredana's death, for one thing .

The ex-steelworkers, for one thing , have not gone away.

Their love of wine leads to raised levels of alcoholism, for one thing , which balances out the supposed benefits.

Well, for one thing she takes her readers and our intellect seriously.

Well, for one thing , women have a different experience in life.

for openers

For openers , why not put a special tax on cigarettes to fund health education?

for pity's sake

for real

He quit smoking? For real ?

for rent

for sale

Sorry, the decorations aren't for sale .

The festival will have food and crafts for sale , games for children, and music.

There are several houses for sale in our street.

There was "for sale " notice in the car's window.

for sb's eyes only

A poem for her eyes only, a poem she liked.

And afterwards, Jay started her own diary, for her eyes only.

I got the duty doctor to give her a blood test, for my eyes only.

Today I would like you to take a small piece of card which you will keep for your eyes only.

Visit the Prescriptives counter for advice from the colour experts - for your eyes only!

for sb's liking

for services rendered

As for the notion of a local tax as a payment for services rendered, it isn't.

But their kids weren't expected to work for their love, it wasn't seen as a return for services rendered.

Cross-boundary flow adjustments to allocations will be replaced by direct billing for services rendered.

He had expected some final pay-off, a terminal settling of accounts for services rendered.

His full emoluments for services rendered to the three companies are paid by S1.

Reagan clung to the belief that he was not paying ransom but merely rewarding an intermediary for services rendered.

for short

He's actually called Jeremy, but everyone who knows him calls him Jem for short .

Hi, my name's Moses -- Mo for short .

His name's Maximilian, but we just call him Max for short .

for show

We don't eat off those plates. They're just for show .

for starters

"What do you want to know about him?" "What's his name, for starters ?"

Add backup and restore, startup and shutdown and software installation to that for starters .

Backyard birders may want to hover about the Birding option for starters .

Cities and states can issue tax-exempt bonds, for starters .

Free agents Andy Benes and Darryl Kile for starters .

These questions are just for starters .

They make a funny mental picture because she is so short and he is so tall, just for starters .

To get the ball rolling, here a few for starters ... 1.

Well, for starters , how about stunning sounds, simplicity of use and silly price?

for sure

Milan are going to win the cup for sure . They're just such a strong team.

No one knows for sure how many people are infected.

She'll come home when she runs out of money, that's for sure .

Yeah, you'll see him. He'll be there for sure .

for that matter

All writers, and for that matter , all texts, have their individual qualities.

And a lot of other trees, too, for that matter .

And I said well I said for that matter we should really uh think about getting generators.

Given ongoing fitness, how long might either remain in county cricket for that matter ?

Nor, for that matter , do the local residents have any notion of this facility.

Nor, for that matter , is life and death.

Or raven-black hair, for that matter .

You know the potential problems with my wave-riding interpretation of Quantum Theoryor for that matter with any other I have yet heard?

for the attention of sb

A sage grouse in full mating display will compete for the attentions of females on the lek.

If in doubt phone the newspaper office and ask where articles for the attention of the news editor should be sent.

Males compete with other males for the attentions of females; females then choose the most suitable males.

Students in the bed race compete with the Blackpool Belle for the attention of photographers at the Cabin in 1979. 3.

The parents moved in couples, greeting one another with false enthusiasm and competing for the attention of the staff.

for the better

Anything they can do to improve children's health is for the better .

Besides, in some ways the change was for the better .

Cloud changed things, all right, and not all for the better .

That may be for the better .

The formal dissolution of the Soviet Union in December 1991 did not automatically change any of that for the better .

The way was set for much-needed change, but would things change for the better ?

This change has not necessarily been one for the better .

What about learning how to change things for the better rather than merely learning to adapt to the way things are now?

for the first time

At present, Akeakamai can understand sentences of up to five words, and can understand commands even when hearing them for the first time.

By hearing them, we recognise them and we also, perhaps for the first time, see them as strange.

It rained for the first time since we arrived in Sian today.

Remember, these twelve artistic masterpieces are now on collectors' plates for the first time.

She leans forward-and, for the first time since the first time-she kisses him.

That day, the skies had clouded and, for the first time, the weather was cooler.

The Federal Communications Commission began to regulate rates for the first time.

for the good of sb/sth

All monies gathered will be used for the good of the elderly in the province.

But what if they were obliged to seek that elusive spring for the good of those they'd orphaned and anguished?

He hopes he can count on your continued support, for the good of the campaign and of our country.

One presumes Waterloo then asked for the best of three for just qualifying for Bath is worth a minimum of £1,500.

Recent scholarship suggests that the tactic of anonymity may have been employed for the best of reasons.

The majority of what they do is not just worthwhile, but essential for the good of mankind.

The marriage must be saved, she said, for the good of the children.

Their inability to work together for the good of the republic would only increase the peoples' cynicism about government.

for the heck of it

Let's go in and take a look around just for the heck of it.

for the long haul

for the love of God

for the love of Mike

for the meantime

The power supply should be back soon - for the meantime we'll have to use candles.

for the moment

"How's your apartment?" "It's fine for the moment , but I'd rather live nearer town."

Assuming for the moment that you did get the job, where would you live?

For the moment the city seems quiet, but the fighting could start again at any time.

For the moment , we will ignore the question of whether the costs are reasonable.

Anything that is done for shock value has no future because it's done for the moment .

But for the moment we shall look only at the last two of these vast subjects.

He could please folk when he wanted to, and for the moment he did.

He himself had other plans, although for the moment he was keeping them fairly close to his chest.

Leave aside, for the moment , the question of whether it was justified in principle.

Organisationally, the investigation was under control and for the moment the focal point was Farnborough.

Special provisions apply to the National Coal Board's operations, which can be ignored for the moment .

You hold on to those for the moment .

for the most part

Ethnic minorities have struggled to retain their cultural identity, and have for the most part succeeded.

For the most part, people seemed pretty friendly.

For the most part, she's a fair person.

The cell chemistry of these insects is, for the most part, poorly understood.

You can get good deals there, for the most part

An engaging blend of poetic characterization and deductive reasoning, it was delivered for the most part in a weary monotone.

But for the most part he was a normal teenager who looked with confidence to the world soon to open to him.

Discussion on the petition in Congress was heated and for the most part illogical.

However, they soon comprised, for the most part, Roma children who were denied access to mainstream education.

It had been a year of hardship and self-doubt, but for the most part the new managers had persevered.

The concepts and practices of applied entomology for the most part date from that Stone Age of science.

Various recommendations were advanced for making changes in the operational plan, but for the most part they got nowhere.

for the present

A reduction in interest rates seems highly unlikely for the present .

It is assumed, for the present , that the meeting will go ahead.

B Population is expected to remain constant and investment should be sufficient to cater for the present population.

But what of immediate realities and possible action for the present back in the workplace?

He had decided to do nothing further for the present and leave it to Berowne to make the first move.

It was best left for the present .

Live for the present and the good things which are going to happen.

This means that 69 percent are not susceptible to medical intervention at least for the present .

for the record

For the record , the official score was France 3, the U.S. 1.

Gore's people remain, for the record , very confident of their ultimate success.

He pay seventy-five cents for the record and he make two hundred dollars off it.

It was a record year, too, for the record stall.

Leicester wobbled, but they hung on for the record equalling win.

The same procedure for verification was followed as for the records of the meetings.

Their names for the record Dave Tilson and Pat Fenlon.

This call has been taped, for the record .

for the sake of argument

Let's say for the sake of argument it was the scullery window.

Let us assume for the sake of argument that Inevitable is correct.

Let us assume for the sake of argument that you are not Joan Crawford.

Let us say for the sake of argument that it is five different partners on the same night.

Suppose, for the sake of argument, man, the true perpetrators of this crime are our enemies.

This already poses problems, but let us say, for the sake of argument, that it is equivalent to place.

for the sake of it

He was just talking for the sake of it.

He once destroyed an entire constellation just for the sake of it.

However, adding photographs just for the sake of it is not a good idea.

I do not believe simply in throwing money at the prison service for the sake of it.

I think it is sad if you just want to be popular for the sake of it.

Know the state of the tide and strength of current; never dive for the sake of it.

Like other young people, they want change if only for the sake of it.

Of course, there's no point in doing something intrinsically dull just for the sake of it.

There is no need to ask questions at this stage just for the sake of it.

for the sake of sb/sth

She reluctantly agreed to go for James' sake .

They tried to keep their marriage together for the sake of the children.

A handful of brokers appeared each day for the sake of keeping it open.

I do not believe simply in throwing money at the prison service for the sake of it.

I suppose if I had to make the choice, I would sacrifice skiing for the sake of the hills.

So, for the sake of the animals themselves, this breed should be brought back slightly from its extremes of exaggeration.

They argue any point-and often take the opposite point just for the sake of doing so.

We have no doubt that there is no congressional power to expose for the sake of exposure.

We pray this for the sake of Your Kingdom.

for the time being

Although the government aims to encourage private enterprise, around one third of the economy will remain under state control, for the time being.

Bob's keeping his car in our garage for the time being.

For the time being, Mrs Gilman's classes will be taken by other teachers.

But for the time being, at least, stick an asterisk next to this season.

But for the time being, one has to be realistic.

Certainly, it rules out an easing for the time being.

The villagers' resistance has led to the plan being postponed for the time being.

This will, hopefully, shift his focus from writing to acting, at least for the time being.

Tom is retired for the time being.

We both know that the burden for the time being is going to be on him and his paintings.

When it asks which formats it should play, let it take over everything for the time being.

for the use of sb

The board room is for the use of company executives only.

Chemistry in Britain thanks Tripos for the use of the illustration on the cover of this Supplement.

Here, too, to qualify for reimbursements for the use of listed property four elements must be substantiated: 1.

I could find no pattern for the use of verse and prose in Los amantes de Teruel.

In any case, I returned to my notes, hereto appended for the use of the reader.

It is now demanding damages for the use of seeds that they swear they never sowed.

We are left with a picture of general support for the use of signing.

We believe that these results have important consequences for the use of d 3C A as a probe for studying DNA-protein interactions.

for two pins I'd ...

for want of a better word/phrase etc

Just horses and ploughs and, for want of a better word, peasants.

Now, hands are, well, handed for want of a better word.

for want of anything better (to do)

for what it's worth

For what it's worth , I think you did a fine job.

My feeling, for what it's worth , is that they should be regarded as wasting assets.

for years/weeks/days etc to come

Alice knew then that my father would haunt her for years to come .

Even a couple of weeks down under will have you waltzing with Matilda for years to come .

He spoke about that afternoon for days to come .

It's the players who will suffer because of this, not just this week but for years to come .

Mr Clark says his department will be collecting poll tax arrears for years to come .

Prices then gave way to concern driving activity will be reduced for days to come .

The responsibility was going to haunt him for years to come .

We will be struggling with these issues for years to come .

for your information

For your information , he really was sick yesterday.

A copy of the formal decision notice is enclosed for your information .

After you ask for your information , we key in the request and kick it back out.

Details of the amounts due to be billed and the properties concerned are set out on the attached sheet for your information .

He further stated his concerns by forwarding a paper to the Action Committee for their information .

Like the summary, comments will not print with the text but can be displayed on the screen for your information .

Of's 180,000 registered subscribers, 100,000 had given permission for their information to be passed on to third parties.

for your own good/safety/benefit etc

He will work for your financial independence and will never take advantage or misuse your money for his own good.

Intelligent Buildings Too smart for their own good?

It looked as if the transports were advancing too fast for their own safety.

Lewin and Nnah were also led away for their own safety.

Of course they kept a sharp lookout in such congested waters for their own safety.

Often one step too many for his own good.

We got too famous for our own good.

You might be just a wee bit too clever for your own good now.

for your pains

All I got for my pains was a grunt that fitted well with his simian features.

But I was laughed at for my pains .

Feminists who recognize this contradiction are pilloried for their pains .

He got a knighthood as well as a fortune for his pains - the first professional sportsman to do so.

Instead, he got mystery for his pains , more and more mystery.

Ryker pushed against the back of a man trying to get through and got an angry glare for his pains .

The farmer took a cigarette for his pains and refused food.

for/in the foreseeable future

Arguments about this change continue to rage, and will probably burn on for the foreseeable future.

It would be unrealistic to not expect to pay higher royalties in the foreseeable future.

Later that same enemy had been bloodily counter attacked and neutralised as a threat for the foreseeable future.

No test of the planned system against even average-intelligence decoys is planned in the foreseeable future.

Now, and for the foreseeable future, the world is awash in plutonium.

She is sure that this will settle them for the foreseeable future.

To push them on decommissioning would be to remove any chance of it happening in the foreseeable future.

for/to all practical purposes

But, for all practical purposes you can say that a wind angle of 60° produces maximum drift.

Computerized free language indexing is, for all practical purposes, the same as natural language indexing.

Indeed for all practical purposes he owned us.

Most of the 54 stories reproduced here, even the previously published ones, were, for all practical purposes, lost.

The edit display screen can only be used, for all practical purposes, for cutting and pasting.

Yet for all practical purposes, Windows was Macintosh.

full/top marks for effort/trying/persistence etc

You had to give Anthony top marks for persistence, she thought to herself.

You had to give the woman full marks for persistence.

getting on for 90/10 o'clock/2,000 etc

give it up for sb

give sb a (good) run for their money

Slosser gave Boyd a run for his money in the 1996 GOP primary.

give sb pause (for thought)

High real estate prices have given potential buyers pause .

But it gave you some pause to think of what else might be crawling around there.

Even seemingly innocuous turnstile-exits with interlocking horizontal bars give my sister pause , however.

It gave him pause , but soon enough he had his own retort.-Yeah, right.

Knowing what Edmund has done to his real father might have given Cornwall pause before proclaiming himself the next one.

The breadth of this holding gives one pause .

Their sparring for position of least-favoured son gave me pause for thought.

Yet the offer seems to have given Burton no pause .

give sb up for dead/lost etc

After much searching, the village people gave Kay up for dead.

Gray had been missing for over a year, and his wife was ready to give him up for dead.

It is as if he gave them up for dead when they left Shiloh.

On the thirteenth day, Kasturbai knelt before a sacred plant and prayed; she had given him up for lost.

give sb what for

go for broke

Jacobsen went for broke on the last nine holes and won the tournament.

In games, I usually go for broke . 12.

So he felt free to go for broke .

So, Major may be going for broke by breaking with precedent.

This is not a show you can skimp on, and thankfully director Damian Cruden goes for broke .

go for the jugular

A harsher critic would have gone for the jugular and claimed that this was a blunt reiteration of those dormant adolescent prejudices.

And not that many women really feel comfortable going for the jugular .

go through fire (and water) (for sb)

I would have gone through fire for Peter Docherty.

go to bat for sb

Rene went to bat for me with the director and I ended up getting the part.

go to the mat (for sb/sth)

gone for a burton

good for sb

Armed with inadequate information he usually fails to see why one moment is better for putting in a tack than any other.

Life in Solano County had been good for him and Annette, he said.

Not much good for anything else.

She lost the first two babies, you know that, and she's always done her best for you.

So Princeton looked good for college until I met their pretentious admissions rep.

The buffalo robes were good for keeping warm in carriages in northern cities.

The more physical the better for me.

This was good for his journalism.

good for sth

Armed with inadequate information he usually fails to see why one moment is better for putting in a tack than any other.

Life in Solano County had been good for him and Annette, he said.

Not much good for anything else.

She lost the first two babies, you know that, and she's always done her best for you.

So Princeton looked good for college until I met their pretentious admissions rep.

The buffalo robes were good for keeping warm in carriages in northern cities.

The more physical the better for me.

This was good for his journalism.

good value (for money)

All are good value at under £4.

And I think I received good values from the church.

Highly recommended and also good value for the region.

Political scribblers were usually better value than politicians, most of them being irreverent and much better informed.

The best values are the credit-card companies, and I like them all.

Vague objectives might include maintaining a market share or keeping up with technology or offering good value to the customer.

grope for sth

hanging/shooting etc is too good for sb

have (got) it in for sb

But then, Riley, why should I have it in for the nuns?

They will have it in for us in a big way.

have a (good) head for figures/facts/business etc

have a (good) nose for sth

He must have a nose for money better than any hound for any fox.

I have a nose for one thing.

have a (good) run for your money

have a lot going for you

With her brains and good looks, she certainly has a lot going for her.

Human travel agents, paper guidebooks and newspaper ads still have a lot going for them.

have a lot of/no time for sb/sth

Quite honestly I don't have a lot of time for any of them.

have a lot to answer for

That sister of yours has an awful lot to answer for.

have a lot to say for yourself

have a soft spot for sb

Although I have a soft spot for him after his super-game Hennessy win, he does not appeal greatly as 7-2 favourite.

I do have a soft spot for Britain's best-selling car, the Ford Fiesta.

The reason why I have a soft spot for this notebook, he wrote.

have an eye/a good eye for sth

Greene has an eye for detail.

Confidence men always have an eye for extra exits.

She says women have an eye for minutiae, they see the curtain hasn't been drawn or the untied shoelace.

They also have an eye for a catchy phrase.

have everything going for you

Barry had everything going for him -- charm, looks, intelligence, but still he was unemployed.

Dan seemed to have everything going for him in college.

She was bright and pretty and had everything going for her.

It seems to have everything going for it.

The events have everything going for them.

have high/great hopes for sb/sth

have no stomach for a fight/task etc

They proved to have no stomach for a fight with only Steve Regeling showing any semblance of spirit.

have no use for sb/sth

My company has no use for workers who are not motivated.

Am I right in assuming that you have no use for it?

For example, the business may be sold to some one else who decides they have no use for the present management.

I have no use for second-hand books and unfashionable clothes and bits of ornament.

have nothing/not much/a lot etc going for sb/sth

have sb to thank for (doing) sth

Do we have Lady Thatcher to thank for the improved state of the nation's teeth?

I have Phil to thank for my first break on the Cutters.

I have you to thank for that.

In fact, I always have remembered - and I have Monty Lee to thank for that.

Perhaps we have Pat Buchanan to thank for at least some of this raising of consciousness.

We have Alan Austin to thank for this character-building little outing - an experience you won't forget in a hurry!

We have Sigmund Freud to thank for a rather curious state of affairs.

have sb/sth in mind (for sth)

But they're not saying if they have Bosnia in mind .

Did she have Mr Gonzalez in mind ?

I have particularly in mind community nurseries and similar support.

I still have it in mind that barbers take Mondays off.

Socrates could not have had in mind the moral compromise peculiar to a nation like our own.

Those seven heads, with their seven mouths and seven tongues, have other things in mind .

What they both must have had in mind was a different future for Ameliaone much more lucrative than her past.

You have to keep in mind the trains here are descending from the Continental Divide and move quickly and quietly.

have sth to show for sth

But if you think about it, they really do have nothing to show for it even with Banks popping Woodson.

It always feels like an admission of failure to come back from the Continent and have nothing to show for it.

So, what have I got to show for my time as a hostage?

The country is beginning to have something to show for all the pain.

They have little to show for their trouble, but they continue.

have your work cut out (for you)

Election monitors will have their work cut out.

So you have your work cut out for you.

The home team has not beaten the Scarlets for some dozen matches and should still have their work cut out to win.

They have their work cut out adapting themselves to it, and it to themselves.

They have their work cut out for them.

We have our work cut out for us.

Whoever takes on the trout farm will have their work cut out.

have/get the hots for sb

I think he's got the hots for you, Elaine.

But my, what a great body - no wonder Luke's got the hots for you.

Well, Big Breakfast's Donna Air seems to have the hots for him.

have/get/give a feel for sth

Any guilt she many have felt for the loss of her son did not affect her longevity.

Did you get a feel for that with those conversations and the two extremes, the shot-gun versus the follow-up?

He was here to get a feel for the place.

I can get a rhythm, get a feel for the offense.

Playing the game itself is lots of fun, once you get a feel for the actual shot settings.

Rather we get a feeling for the differences in the island societies through encounters with restaurant owners.

Walk around the Tor and on the footpaths of the surrounding levels to get a feel for this legend-full land.

Whenever possible I devoured local newspapers, trying to get a feel for the politics and social conditions of each place.

head for heights

The stunt took eighteen months to set up, and was only for those with a strong head for heights.

They were seated by one of the windows, and Paige was glad she had a head for heights.

hold sb for ransom

hold sb responsible/accountable/liable (for sth)

He was held not liable as there was a real and imminent danger and he had done what was reasonably necessary.

I hold the police responsible for my son's death Voice over Police denied any knowledge of who was on the bike.

In the past, juries have usually sided with the industry, holding smokers liable for the damage they inflict on themselves.

Please, however, do not think that I hold you responsible, in any way, for my own uncertainty.

She would have been held personally responsible and would almost certainly have fallen from office.

The jury that held Simpson liable consisted of six men and six women, ranging in age from mid-20s to mid-70s.

Then he told Hepzibah he'd hold her responsible!

You can not learn team performance without being part of a team that holds itself mutually accountable for achieving specific performance goals.

hold/hang on for/like grim death

horses for courses

And Ballymoney college chiefs say it isn't a case of horses for courses.

But it was a question of horses for courses.

It does suggest horses for courses, men with the metal for matchplay golf.

Rather, Mr Bush is choosing horses for courses.

how are you fixed for sth?

Hey Mark, how are you fixed for cash?

how's that for sth?

if it wasn't/weren't for sb/sth

if you know what's good for you

If you know what's good for you, you'll do what I tell you.

You'll just keep your mouth shut about this if you know what's good for you!

if you know what's good for you

in for a penny, in for a pound

in good time (for sth/to do sth)

in large part/for the most part

in mistake for sb/sth

in order for/that

Clearly, in order for things to get done, it is necessary to strike out on a course quickly.

She believes that it was right to leave in order that somebody more deserving could receive her place.

So congratulations are in order for the Giants' effort to maintain the best broadcasting crew in baseball.

The latter tend to offer less favourable terms, in order that they may have a slice of the cake.

Their dead they buried at the summit in order that their souls find the path to heaven more easily.

They expected some one to drop a purse of gold in order for them to move, which is not going to happen.

They should be numbered on all drafts in order that revisions will be easily referred to in the writing process.

What percentage of graduates must pursue employment related to their training in order for companies to justify their investments?

in return (for sth)

Navy officials reduced the punishment in return for his cooperation.

She gave us food and clothing and asked for nothing in return .

Fine, I want X, Y and Z in return .

For that $ 110 million, the taxpayers have gotten little in return in terms of lasting criminal convictions.

Herndon says she does not need a thank-you in return .

In return he performed clerical work for the secretaries themselves.

In return , I described my discovery of Weimar's system for naming streets when I had visited it a few years earlier.

In return , Snyder and his friends would leave the schoolyard and end their fast.

It was remarkable just how little violence there was in return .

The Tryons, in return , have frequently joined him for some fishing at Balmoral.

in store (for sb)

A resumption of dividend payments looks in store this year and the shares at 37p are attractive.

And another highlight, though of quite a different kind, was in store next.

Even so, his grand accommodation suggests that great things are in store for him.

More layoffs may be in store if the federal shutdown drags on.

The cost of buying things in stores was low.

The mayor pointed out that people are used to being watched in banks, at bank machines and in stores .

There are a lot of house numbers in figure form sold in stores and catalogs, but script numbers are hiding somewhere.

Under an organic regime, insecticides can not be used once the crop is in store .

it's all right for sb

But if it's all right for wives to have this status, then it's all right for cohabitees too.

It's all right for you.

it's every man for himself

In journalism it's every man for himself.

it's not for sb to judge

it's/that's easy for you to say

jobs for the boys

It smacks of jobs for the boys.

The hon. Gentleman is always talking about jobs for the boys.

jockey/manoeuvre/jostle for position

As they jockey for position , firms often adopt quite different strategies within the same industry.

He stayed in the shadows as he passed the House of Mirrors with its queue stretching outside, everyone jostling for position .

It's a spectacular sight, as the wildfowl jockey for position to grab the biggest beak or bill full of food.

Pigeons there on the parapet opposite, squabbling, jostling for position .

Satisfaction and horror jostle for position on his face.

Teenage boys, like young bulls in a herd, often jockey for position and want to try out their own strength.

The paper claims this represents a serious challenge to other Risc vendors jostling for position in the software arena.

They're jockeying for position the moment they see the light at the end of the tunnel.

jump for joy

He hadn't been exactly jumping for joy to have her here in the first place, as she knew very well.

Here he is jumping for joy.

If they jump for joy today hold off until they sober up again.

It is, literally, a jump for joy.

No one was jumping for joy because they'd finally got the piece they'd been searching for for years.

keep a watch out for sb/sth

keep an eye open/out (for sb/sth)

Always keeping an eye out in case of thieves.

And we had to keep an eye open for police patrols.

For months, he kept an eye out.

He will keep an eye out, but he can not promise anything.

Male speaker All you got to do is keep an eye open and watch the break lights.

Though he works hard with all the kids, he keeps an eye out for the special ones.

Valueoriented consumers should keep an eye out for the name FabreMontmayou.

knock sb for six

He'd done it again, she realised in amazement - with just a few choice words he'd knocked her for six.

knock/hit sb for six

He'd done it again, she realised in amazement - with just a few choice words he'd knocked her for six .

knock/throw sb for a loop

His next question totally knocked me for a loop . He said, "So what makes you think you're good enough to get into law school?"

His response really threw me for a loop .

Joanna totally threw me for a loop .

lay/provide the foundation(s) for sth

Tests on healthy people may lay the foundation for a vaccine to prevent AIDS.

I think you have to lay the foundation for your success in terms of defense and rebounding.

It laid the foundation for an organisation with greater appeal to the deaf themselves, particularly the young.

These arguments provide the foundation for Simmel's account of the contradictory nature of modern life.

This theory also laid the foundation for the modern revolution in our understanding of the deepest parts of the earth.

To generate fundamental knowledge that can lay the foundation for future advances in high-performance computing and communications.

We could say that she is laying the foundations for dressing herself later on.

What is stressed rather is that the same phenomenon provides the foundation for both historical tendencies.

While incomplete, the steps that were taken laid the foundation for Workplace 2000.

leave the field clear for sb

legislate for sth

let the dust settle/wait for the dust to settle

let yourself in for sth

He was probably right, but I wondered what we were letting ourselves in for.

I took his point and wondered what I had let myself in for.

It is important that people are aware what they are letting themselves in for.

Property: Don't let yourself in for trouble Choosing the right agent is essential if you want to rent your property.

Thistle's early season promise has evaporated, and debutant Julian Broddle must be wondering what he's let himself in for.

We must know what we are letting ourselves in for, theoretically, when we use such measures.

What exactly was I letting myself in for?

What have I let myself in for?

let's hear it for sb

lie in wait (for sb)

But who knows also the beauty which lies in wait hereabouts, which led Williams and Bingley to make the climb?

Everywhere, finally, social revolution lies in wait, showing its colours and sharpening its demands.

He lay in wait for his father and wounded him terribly.

Life had always pulsated; death for ever lay in wait.

One month ago, each new day had lain in wait to ambush Gabriel: he had woken up cringing.

She lay in wait for pain, expecting no rewards from people, and this made her a hopelessly disconcerting friend.

Some real bargains lie in wait amongst the never-ending maze of stalls.

There were pitched battles, so they lay in wait for you.

like looking for a needle in a haystack

liking for sb/sth

She'd tried to hide her liking for him.

look out for number one

We manoeuvre in the world constantly looking out for Number One.

make (for) interesting/fascinating/compelling etc reading

A glance at the provisions of the Convention makes interesting reading .

He also has a collection of Rentokil news letters going back to his early days which made for fascinating reading after dinner.

His observations may make interesting reading .

In the context of the £33 million earmarked for 20 City Technology Colleges, that figure makes interesting reading .

Its Report was published in 1867 and makes fascinating reading .

The guidance, when it appears, should make interesting reading .

The report I commissioned on you makes for interesting reading .

This, unlike the first one, makes interesting reading , and is referred to continually.

make a beeline for sb/sth

I made a beeline for the food as soon as I arrived.

At a party, I immediately make a beeline for whatever kid is there.

Gaming areas were half-empty, but gamblers made a beeline for the slots and tables at halftime.

He made a beeline for the rich cousin.

I'd have thought you would have made a beeline for Brimmer's safe.

If your breakfast budget is two bucks, make a beeline for Saritas's in Grand Central Market.

She makes a beeline for Perry.

The picnickers rushed off the train at Minnehaha station and made a beeline for the pavilion to claim a good table.

make a bolt for it

make a break for sth

As soon as the guard's back was turned, they made a break for the door.

A couple of them made a break for it.

Ever see some one walk into a computer store, grab a floor model and make a break for it?

make a grab for/at sth

He made a grab for the knife.

He made a grab for Isaac, but wasn't quick enough.

She dodged around him and ran into the road as he made a grab for her.

The realization felt as if the world had made a grab at him.

Then Rose made a grab for Evelyn's hair and started banging her head against the floor with both hands.

make a play for sb

Kramer wondered if she was worth making a play for.

Left alone for a few minutes on Vik's birthday, Karen makes a play for Steve.

Surely only the most decadent of aristocrats would make a play for another woman while his wife was in the same room.

make a play for sth

Kramer wondered if she was worth making a play for.

Left alone for a few minutes on Vik's birthday, Karen makes a play for Steve.

Surely only the most decadent of aristocrats would make a play for another woman while his wife was in the same room.

make a run for it

Already soaked, he decided he would make a run for it.

Bothshe has sized them up as well-are strong and quite capable of catch ing her if she makes a run for it.

Debbie saw her uptown train and decided to make a run for it.

If you were Brimmer, how would you plan an escape if you ever had to make a run for it?

Riney decided to make a run for it and escaped, crashing through a glass window in the process.

Then she could jump out and make a run for it.

They're going to make a run for it, she thought.

Through her tears she saw Garry scaling the wall as he made a run for it.

make allowance/allowances (for sb)

Despite all his efficient calculations Donald never seemed to make allowances for this.

Gender-free testing may mean not making allowances for women.

Of course he made allowances for error.

Once we make allowances for this formal difference, we can see that both accounts are making the same point.

Remember my age and make allowance for it.

The Crosby used to make allowances for time-wasting yahoos.

Those who claimed a break-even or loss situation did not make allowance for home produced food.

Where it is necessary for any goods to be sent by post please make allowance for this in your remittance.

make amends (to sb/for sth)

But I must, you are right, make amends for that.

But the best way of making amends is to substitute for old habits new, and better, ones.

Kids should be taught to make amends for their own mistakes.

Nina felt in that moment that somehow she must make amends for all the wrong she had done in her life.

Others include the cathartic process of making amends to the people you have hurt through your addiction.

She felt in the bed for Alice's hand and squeezed it, to make amends .

The impulse to make amends is not a bad one.

They now have only one round-robin group match left to make amends .

make no apology for sth

make out a case (for sth)

Both sides could make out a case that they deserved to win and should have been awarded penalties.

Perhaps she should stay and try and make out a case for herself.

make up for lost time

He's girl crazy! He went to a boys' school and now he's making up for lost time.

The bus driver was speeding to make up for lost time.

After a century or so of political apathy, Hong Kong's young people were making up for lost time.

He was eager to make up for lost time and published prolifically.

Meanwhile Keith and Mae are settling down to married life, making up for lost time.

None the less, we immediately started our other meetings to make up for lost time.

Once I settled into my new life, I did everything I could to make up for lost time.

Time to make up for lost time.

make way (for sth/sb)

As people shuffled backward to make way for the procession, others were pushed against the platform.

Is there any point in opening a book on who our Howard will drop to make way for rodders.

The crowd opens up and makes way for us.

The Glamorgan opener drops down to vice-captain to make way for Yorkshire's Martyn Moxon.

The Invisible Man will have to make way for the Insubstantial Man.

Two: who has to go to make way for him?

margin for error

A birdie is rare indeed at Aldeburgh where there is virtually no margin for error, especially if the wind blows.

Her margin for error shrinks to two or three seconds.

Next week, with or without Young in the lineup, the 49ers know their margin for error will be dramatically reduced.

That meant there was no margin for error.

The margins for error on a smallholding are extremely narrow; only a skilled and diligent husbandman can hope to succeed.

The coaches want to call every play and reduce their margin for error.

They repeat the errors of the past, until finally their margin for error has been all but eroded.

money for old rope

It was money for old rope.

That to Sergeant Joe was money for old rope.

move in/close in for the kill

my heart bleeds (for sb)

"He says he can't come out tonight because he has to look after the kids." "My heart bleeds! That must be the first time he's stayed in with them since they were born!"

My heart bleeds for those poor children.

You can't afford a third car? My heart bleeds!

nerve yourself to do sth/for sth

Finally she nerved herself to go and have a drink.

Ruth clenched her hands inside her cloak, nerving herself to follow him; but it was Fand who didn't move.

no prizes for guessing sth

Enclosed his picture - no prizes for guessing his breed.

There are no prizes for guessing why this should be.

no warrant for (doing) sth

none the worse/better etc (for sth)

Although the animal glowed rosy-pink, it appeared none the worse for its ordeal.

I recovered, my mouth none the worse for it, after all.

Peter's little pet was clearly none the worse for its time in the underworld.

not believe/think/do sth for a/one moment

His hand had not wavered for a moment .

His leader did not believe for one moment the protestations of innocence.

I do not concede for a moment that this is a devolution measure.

I would not suggest for one moment that they existed here.

Neither team will half-step, not even for a moment .

not care for sb/sth

He did not gain many public commissions, because he did not care for architectural competitions.

I did not care for him.

In addition, a reader for whom a happy ending is essential may not care for some of Joan Aiken. 4.

Let us wash our hands of those who do not care for us.

My husband and the minister wives who come to the party do not care for the rice cake.

Now the whole country is run by a myopic bourgeoisie with a mentality that does not care for the people.

Some people do not make good managers, or do not care for management tasks.

The dean's daughter did not care for shell-fish, so they were forced to start dinner with caviare.

not for love or/nor money

I can't get a hold of that book for love nor money.

And you still can't get a good daily woman now to clean, not for love or money.

not for the world

I wouldn't hurt Amy for the world .

Gentlemen, I would not for the world be judge in a cause in which I am one party among three.

I would not for the world keep him from his rest.

Rescripts were often penned for a case, and not for the world at large.

not for want of (doing) sth

I never read any of them although it was not for want of trying.

It is not for want of encouragement.

This is not for want of official concern by education commissions, curriculum projects and national ministries.

This is not for want of talent or know-how.

not give a fig/not care a fig (about/for sth/sb)

not have much to say for yourself

not lack for sth

The resistance movement will not lack for funds.

Contemporary social theory, however, does not lack for attempts at elaboration.

Saro-Wiwa, who espoused nonviolence, did not lack for enemies.

The Bohemian-born composer was one of the first touring pianists and his travels did not lack for drama or even farce.

not long for this world

The old corner drugstore is not long for this world.

not see sb for dust

not see the wood for the trees

not see the wood for the trees

not stand for sth

Even the Tories saw that the country would not stand for the Mad Woman's poll tax and ditched it.

He replaces Berndt Schultz, the Fair's founder, who did not stand for re-election.

However, she did not stand for re-election in 1979.

I will not stand for it.

In Michael's mind it was tantamount to mutiny and he would not stand for anyone disagreeing with him.

Kate would not stand for anything like that, she was too straight.

Never, say the sceptics: the man does not stand for anything.

That left him with one explanation for the rarity of polygamy in sparrows: The senior wives do not stand for it.

not think/believe etc for one minute

not want for sth/want for nothing

not/never be (a great) one for (doing) sth

now for sth

Okay, now for the main point behind this meeting.

now's the time (for sb) to do sth

on (the) alert (for sth/sb)

Above, our full combat air patrol was on the alert .

Bailey said that if even one of the fuel rods leaks, Palo Verde officials would put the plant on alert .

Emergency services were put on alert .

Only once was the congressional retreat beneath the Greenbrier Hotel put on alert and readied for possible occupancy.

Report, page 11 Flu outbreak puts hospitals on alert .

They were to stay on the alert for any soldier unlucky enough to go overboard.

once and for all

Let's settle this matter once and for all.

I had to destroy, once and for all, the vicious circle of poverty and economic stagnation.

I was perilously close to being touched once and for all.

Jackson proved once and for all he was no longer the kid star of the Jackson Five days.

No magic wand exists that can be waved once and for all to end injustice.

Only by exploring these patterns, their causes and effects, is there any possibility of breaking them once and for all.

Seismic tomography showed once and for all that the mantle was indeed in motion.

This was supposed to be her final victory over him, supposed to establish her rule once and for all.

Three blocks south, fancier houses in the 700 block of Commercial Street were shuttered once and for all.

one for the road

And one for the road , the last word in car hi-fi.

one in the eye for sb

It was one in the eye for the old order.

only have eyes for sb

Mark only had eyes for his wife.

only have yourself to thank (for sth)

pardon me for breathing/living

pardon me for interrupting/asking/saying

Pardon me for asking, but where did you buy your shoes?

partiality for sth

pave the way for sth

And this does, of course, pave the way for all manner of hilarious aircraft-undercarriage impressions at parties.

By paving the way for a national free market, absolutism fostered capitalism.

I pave the way for my people with product specialists, financial experts, the regional boys, whatever.

She would pave the way for a much more slender ideal: the flapper.

The Ports Act 1991 has paved the way for this privatisation of the Trust Ports by competitive tender.

Their unique approach paved the way for an extraordinary leap into the deep earth.

They merely pave the way for an increasing proportion of those emissions to come from the burning of imported coal.

pay for itself

Installing solar film on the windows will pay for itself.

At the St Pierre Park it is estimated that the oven system will have paid for itself inside 18 months.

But I think I can say that each machine has paid for itself, one way or another.

Fab 25 needs more strong high-volume chips to pay for itself.

Growth needs to pay for itself.

How long for his addition to pay for itself?

Investment in an agency, branch or subsidiary will be expected to pay for itself by generating extra business.

Life has a way of giving a comic a funny face which ultimately starts to pay for itself.

Walkup's argument: Well-planned development can pay for itself, without the burden of impact fees and similar financing mechanisms.

pay good money for sth

I paid good money for that sofa, so it should last.

And we'd say, we're paying good money for this.

Consumer information is an asset which marketers are prepared to pay good money for.

I paid good money for that, I said, can't I just have a last go on it?

I paid good money for this vehicle and I won't have the likes of you doing what you're doing!

It hardly surprised him that people were not too keen on paying good money for that.

Why pay good money for the same effect?

Women would pay good money for a glimpse of his guardsman's helmet.

pay through the nose (for sth)

Many people end up paying through the nose for their car insurance policies.

But all-seaters don't mean all-safe so why should clubs risk bankruptcy and fans pay through the nose for an ill-conceived scheme?

Catherine, paying through the nose to search for fun and relaxation.

That doesn't mean you have to pay through the nose for the privilege of an overdraft, however.

The message is that the government will cut a deal with any threatened industry willing to pay through the nose.

They run over cross-country courses and pay through the nose for it.

pick up the bill/tab (for sth)

The company's picking up the bill for my trip to Hawaii.

After its shareholder equity turned negative last year, parent Dasa started picking up the bills.

But remember - raid your savings now and Santa won't pick up the bill.

Everything depended on contributors picking up the bill in ten, twenty or thirty years.

I wonder to myself as I pick up the tab for breakfast.

In addition, my company will pick up the tab for all legal and moving expenses.

Often, the book publisher, not the author, picks up the tab.

There is a growing, often unstated, anticipation that the private sector will pick up the bill for public services.

When the check comes, the lobbyists almost always pick up the tab.

play for time

Stop playing for time and give us an answer.

The rebel's current ceasefire doesn't amount to much more than playing for time.

The U.S. strategy over the past weeks has been to play for time.

Edmond Herv is a close friend and he tells me that sometimes you have to play for time to solve a problem.

He decides, literally, to play for time and makes a debut at Nero's banquet that evening.

Henry's only plan at this moment was to play for time.

Mr Kasyanov seems now to be playing for time, hoping to get through January without ferocious clashes with creditors.

The confused evidence suggests they are acting on their own initiative, not on directives from East Berlin to play for time.

The government is playing for time.

The governments, nervous, are playing for time.

Truman played for time by appointing a brains trust of three to advise him.

ply for hire/trade

A two-in-hand waiting opposite, which Lefevre had assumed to be plying for hire, trotted sedately up to the stage door.

prepare the way/ground for sb/sth

A third preliminary task was to prepare the ground for the recruitment of support workers.

Edelstone and other analysts expect this chip will prepare the way for the K6, due out next year.

His staff could prepare the way for this.

In other words, he is preparing the ground for a partition of the province.

It prepared the way for the men who were to prepare the way for the Council.

This helped prepare the ground for Labour's literacy and numeracy hours, which have achieved outstanding success.

With hindsight, one can see how Mr Gorbachev has been preparing the ground for this week's changes.

Yet the volume closes with three sonnets which prepare the way for the intensely symbolic landscapes of Mascarilla y trebol.

put in a (good) word for sb

I'll put in a good word for you with the management.

He put in a good word for him at meetings of the Jockey Club.

Only those who keep a dialogue going will be able to put in a word for persons in need of intercession.

put sb down for £5/£20 etc

queer sb's pitch/queer the pitch for sb

rage for sth

reach for the stars

Jungle Boy and City Girl reach for the stars but it can't last, can it?

The Lord clearly despises the practice of reaching for the stars instead of turning to him.

read sth as/for sth

ready/fit for the knacker's yard

room for manoeuvre/freedom of manoeuvre

run for cover

At the sound of gunfire, people ran for cover.

Signs of trouble on Wall Street sent investors running for cover.

All the fish in the country will have to run for cover after what happened to me this week!

Below, people were running for cover as bits of machinery rained down.

I explained all that to Chatterton, but stressed that we would run for cover at the first sign of trouble.

I managed to land on all fours and started to run for cover.

Panicked marchers and onlookers ran for cover.

Populations of wild game ran for cover, and were subsequently replaced by domesticated livestock.

The Doctor ran for cover, grabbing the poet's sleeve and pulling him to the side.

The neighborhood children will run for cover.

run/go hell for leather

save sth for a rainy day

Put it in a box in your guitar case and save it for a rainy day.

sb can be forgiven for thinking/believing/feeling etc sth

sb can whistle for sth

You belong on your own block, where I can whistle for you.

sb can/could do sth for England

sb is not long for this world

sb may be pardoned for doing sth

sb was never meant for sth/to be sth

sb won't thank you (for doing sth)

sb would give their eye teeth for sth

sb's too good for sb

But dying by my own hand is too good for me.

He was too good for you, Hilda Machin, and that's what you hadn't got the brains to understand.

I was too good for my class.

Much too good for Gary, he thought.

She was too good for him.

The best was not too good for her.

The role he proposed for Ken was too good for him to pass up.

sb/sth is to blame (for sth)

A growing number of industry experts say the industry itself is to blame for its deep-seated perception problems.

And as we demonstrated earlier, in organizations where everyone is to blame , no one is really to blame.

Anything but admit the perpetrator of a crime is to blame .

If, at 57, he looks frailer than ever, a recent major intestinal operation is to blame .

No one is to blame except myself.

So who is to blame -- hunters, wildlife managers, hikers, developers?

The publicans say the brewery shouldn't be penalising them when the recession is to blame .

U.S. officials argue that Hussein is to blame for most of the hardship.

see sth for what it is

send off for sth

But in his next match he was sent off for twice attacking the goalie.

Damiano Tommasi paid for it minutes later when he was sent off for felling Robbie Fowler.

His nose was broken in two places by a player he had sent off for violent play.

Hull were reduced to 12 men on the hour when Mark Jones was sent off for throwing a punch at Gary Tees.

I see Chapman got sent off for Portsmouth.

Newbridge substitute Stuart Griffiths was also sent off for stamping against Pontypridd, just six minutes after coming on.

Some of these will be on the periodical shelves at your library and others you might want to send off for.

Then, Nutt the player appeared to make a retaliatory late tackle, and after being penalised was sent off for dissent.

send out for sth

What do you say we send out for Chinese?

A draft circular was sent out for comment in mid-1980.

At noon he would send out for a sandwich and coffee.

Did he really have all that in the kitchen or had she sent out for it?

Do make sure that every job that gets sent out for setting has a full specification and requirements sheet with it.

Mrs Thatcher agreed to allow the Report to be sent out for consultation, but asked for one alteration.

Privy seals were sent out for forced loans from about 1590.

We will send out for fish and chips.

You are not sent out for company but to annoy each other.

set the stage for sth

But later the deputies set the stage for possible compromise by agreeing to debate a referendum after all.

But that simply set the stage for a final, beautiful flourish from Robins.

Each stage of development effectively sets the stage for the next.

That sets the stage for the matrix arrangement.

The changes that occurred as a result of this rethinking set the stage for Workplace 2000.

The vote set the stage for a government-wide review and partial rollback of affirmative action programs.

Thus, it further sets the stage for later discussion of the other four pillars.

sigh for sth

Emilia sighed for her lost youth.

smooth the way/path for sth

The company said it has assigned more than 2, 000 employees to help smooth the way for competition.

Well, you could break all the moulds by smoothing the way for Mary O'Rourke to come through as your successor.

so much for sb/sth

So much for getting up early every morning.

I can't get it off the pan - so much for it being nonstick.

Thank you so much for coming.

Thank you so much for your encouragement in the past.

That diagnosis is not so much for therapeutic reasons as for administrative and management purposes.

The boys have been lovely and Kenneth has done so much for me.

The method she resorted to was novel, not so much for the times but for her.

Together with the right kind of support we could have fun together and achieve so much for ourselves and our diocese.

We take the railways so much for granted.

so much for sth

So much for 3.75% Profit Share figures and so much for staff motivation.

Thank you so much for coming.

Thank you so much for your encouragement in the past.

That diagnosis is not so much for therapeutic reasons as for administrative and management purposes.

The boys have been lovely and Kenneth has done so much for me.

The method she resorted to was novel, not so much for the times but for her.

Together with the right kind of support we could have fun together and achieve so much for ourselves and our diocese.

We take the railways so much for granted.

spare a thought for sb

We should spare a thought for those less fortunate.

But spare a thought for Helen Williams.

But whereas Errol struck it lucky, spare a thought for Instonian Neil Cooke.

Let us take a moment this Advent to spare a thought for what the poorest of our world are waiting for.

While all these contrivances give us the pleasure of moving water, we must spare a thought for the plants beneath.

Whilst knitting your designs you might spare a thought for Giant Pandas now very much an endangered species.

spare a thought for sb

But spare a thought for Helen Williams.

But whereas Errol struck it lucky, spare a thought for Instonian Neil Cooke.

Let us take a moment this Advent to spare a thought for what the poorest of our world are waiting for.

While all these contrivances give us the pleasure of moving water, we must spare a thought for the plants beneath.

Whilst knitting your designs you might spare a thought for Giant Pandas now very much an endangered species.

speak for itself/themselves

He's a good coach - his success speaks for itself.

Again, we begin by letting the managers speak for themselves.

But the history of the family speaks for itself.

I think the above account speaks for itself.

Kahn believed that his work spoke for itself.

The account mainly speaks for itself.

The arrangement seemed to speak for itself: Alice, the true love.

They simply put it out and let the music speak for itself.

Yet the belief that a videotape somehow speaks for itself persisted.

speak for sb/sth

speak for yourself

"We're not interested in going to the game." "Hey, speak for yourself."

Facts should normally be allowed to speak for themselves: to spell out a conclusion may spell danger.

In this oracular role, though, she does not speak for herself.

Let these facts speak for themselves: By the time Barbie was invented, I was too old for dolls.

Nevertheless, this is an ultimately inspiring study of prisoners speaking for themselves.

That rather speaks for itself. 6.

The alacrity with which northerners enlisted for military service whenever warfare flared up on the Border speaks for itself.

The arrangement seemed to speak for itself: Alice, the true love.

Yet the belief that a videotape somehow speaks for itself persisted.

speak up for sb

You'll have to learn to speak up for yourself.

Did they make fun of him for speaking up for the underdog in school?

Ella Anderson speaks up for tulips.

Erlend, six years younger, needed some one to speak up for him, sometimes.

He was to celebrate the inauguration in Florida speaking up for the black voters who feel disenfranchised.

If those with inside knowledge of the facts didn't speak up for Britain, who the hell would?

My captor found no reply to this, but luckily a Monster Fish Maiden spoke up for him.

She identified with them, spoke up for them, tackled situations others had avoided.

Who actually speaks up for the vulnerable older person?

speak volumes (about/for sth)

But the juxtaposition of the two buildings speaks volumes about the rapid disappearance of regional, vernacular, even weirdo architecture.

His grin spoke volumes to the back row.

Jack's tone spoke volumes, but Polly was trying not to listen.

Often, though, he speaks volumes when he chooses not to speak at all.

Other than the face, hands are the most visible part of one's body and invariably speak volumes about a person.

The 8 successful trips so far speak volumes.

The perpetual grin and I-just-won-the-lottery look on his face spoke volumes: The guy was ecstatic.

Your body language will speak volumes about your happy state. 4 Inhibition decreases.

stake your claim (for sth)

Before we staked our claim to our own windward isle, there was something I wanted to see first.

Families were already staking their claims on the beach; children were digging eagerly as terriers, spraying sand all around them.

Honor had been satisfied; each group had staked its claim to its own territory.

If you want him, stake your claim .

Other fish may have already staked their claim to other hiding places in your aquarium.

Shastri died in 1966, and Indira Gandhi staked her claim .

Those undertaking the drainage were quick to stake their claim to the best bits of land.

stand surety (for sb)

Nobody would stand surety , so bail wasn't granted again.

She was prepared to stand surety for me, but they just wasn't having it.

These are most visible when ducal retainers stood surety for each other.

sth is (well) worth waiting for

Tuesday night's Boston-Chicago game was worth waiting for.

Something worth having is worth waiting for.

sth is not for the faint-hearted

Litigation is not for the faint-hearted - or the half-hearted.

Playing foreign markets is not for the faint-hearted .

Well, starting your own business is not for the faint-hearted .

strapped (for cash)

Could you lend me $10? I'm a little strapped for cash.

If only all those years ago she had not been so strapped by convention.

If she strapped them down to make herself look boyish they just stuck out a foot farther down, and ached.

If they are afraid of rats, an iron cage of rats strapped over the chest or face is used.

Still strapped in the chair in the corner.

The cameras beamed live views of shuttle crew members as they were strapped by colleagues into the cramped cockpit.

The.303 and the shotgun were in a waterproof bag strapped to the side of the pack.

This was deep reading at full tilt, a sprint with lead survival gear strapped to your back.

strike a blow for sb/sth

Little Bill in drag strikes a blow for the downtrodden girls.

Some one ought to strike a blow for women and show this vain man that he was utterly resistible!

They were certainly striking a blow for short people.

sue for peace

They had hoped to force the North to sue for peace.

But Richard was in no mood to sue for peace.

She was compelled to sue for peace and under the terms of the Treaty of Paris was disarmed on the Black Sea.

They are prepared to sue for peace.

surprised/angry/pleased etc isn't the word for it

take a turn for the worse

Stock prices have taken a turn for the worse .

take it for granted (that)

We just took it for granted that the $1000 was part of the normal fee for buying a house.

But I take it for granted .

He seemed to take it for granted that everyone would do what he told them.

He seemed to take it for granted that she was the one to talk to.

It was impossible to take it for granted .

Ludens was right in a way to complain that they were now all taking it for granted .

Now we took it for granted that seawater came swirling up around our feet whenever we left the cabin or cockpit baskets.

She had taken it for granted that they would spend the night in Denver.

Why do we take it for granted that education is a good to which everyone equally is entitled?

take sb for a ride

After the deal was signed, I felt like I'd been taken for a ride .

I'd already given him £50 when I realized he was taking me for a ride .

Well, at least he's not going to take her for a ride , like her first husband.

He wanted to take her for a ride .

I wish I could take them for a ride in my little airplane and show how beautiful the world can look.

Nicola explodes with anger when she discovers stud boss Andrew has been taking her for a ride .

Opo would ease between her legs and take her for rides .

We took it for a ride .

take sb/sth (for example)

Not everyone is doing so well. Take Sheryl, for example - she's still looking for a job.

take sb/sth for granted

But he took nothing for granted and left little to chance.

Clinton can not take women for granted .

For much of its course, the later novel takes all this for granted .

He took it all for granted , and would never have a clue just how blessed he was.

He took it for granted that people would fall in love with Eva.

It does not take victory for granted .

Lesley had issued her fiat with such confidence that she had taken his compliance for granted .

Why do we take it for granted that education is a good to which everyone equally is entitled?

take the rap (for sth)

Bo was left to take the rap for Victor's murder.

And it is these bit players who nearly always take the rap , rather than white-collar drug lords such as Amado Carrillo.

Ed Vulliamy Who should take the rap ?

He has set up his neighbour to take the rap for a very nasty murder.

It is the incentives under which financial users and providers operate that should take the rap and which require attention.

Mike refuses, takes the rap , and Ernie goes free.

People like you usually arrange it so that people like Gleeson take the rap .

What you hope he will do is to remain silent and let Preval make decisions and take the rap for unpopular choices.

that's life/men/politics etc (for you)

the devil makes/finds work for idle hands

the facts speak for themselves

She obviously knows what she's doing - the facts speak for themselves.

Autoseeker speaks to the thief - the facts speak for themselves.

Concerning investigation into the conditions endured by animals in laboratories, the facts speak for themselves.

In such a case the purchaser may plead res ipsa loquitur - the facts speak for themselves.

Mark answered in the traditional matter-of-fact manner, parading all the relevant factors and letting the facts speak for themselves.

the knives are out (for sb)

The service is in ferment at the moment, the knives are out.

the same goes for sb/sth

Although its meat is delicious, there is no special demand for it, and the same goes for its hard-wearing wool.

And the same goes for operations management or marketing.

Children learn to speak by copying what they hear, and Suzuki believes the same goes for music.

Much the same goes for the autobiography, which was completed in 1991.

Raising injection pressures brings particulates down but puts NOx up; the same goes for many other design changes.

Stripes always look good when they are vertical and the same goes for the soft edges of these stripes.

We now know that the same goes for all our particles of inheritance.

You might find the same goes for the bewildering layers of search aids built 1E5.x and Windows 98.

the time is ripe (for sth)

Amato thinks the time is ripe for educational reform.

The time was ripe for change in the company.

As with acupuncture, this is a difficult field for research, but the time is ripe for active scientific investigations.

So the time is ripe for a major overhaul of the sixth form.

the worse for wear

Architectural details there were few and those were the worse for wear.

But I can see he's the worse for wear, the weathering the worker wreaks on himself.

But I digress ... We are all somewhat the worse for wear after a long night in the hotel bar.

Here I was, returning from a presidential mission, and plainly the worse for wear.

It was a long evening, and he arrived home at two in the morning, much the worse for wear.

John McGuire was slightly the worse for wear after his night out with his wife.

They were a bit the worse for wear; the flat was not clean and was damp.

there but for the grace of God (go I)

there is no call for sth

There was no call for him to do that.

Where there is no call for a continued food market, market buildings have proved highly adaptable.

there is no excuse for sth

But precisely because the stakes are so high there is no excuse for ignoring nuances, glossing over contradictions and exaggerating faults.

But there is no excuse for modern hymns to contain gender-based or sexist language.

Do make sure the welts are not floppy. there is no excuse for this, even with a single bed double rib.

I concede that the Newcastle doctors may be ignorant but there is no excuse for you.

In Britain, for example, there is no excuse for not knowing recent trends in the cost of living.

Nowadays, there is no excuse for getting into trouble.

So there is no excuse for ignoring the chance to communicate.

With modern technology there is no excuse for this kind of slapdash remastering.

there is only one thing for it

there isn't much call for sth

There isn't much call for typewriters since computers got easier to use.

there's no need (for sb) to do sth

There's no need to shout - I'm not deaf!

There was no need for me to stay there.

And there's no need for us to move to the city.

But there's no need to join to get out on the water.

I usually read to them a bit, but there's no need for you to.

Police say there's no need for genuine fans to be any more worried now that Swindon's in the big league.

Whatever the cause, there's no need for you to worry.

there's nothing for it but to do sth

there's room for improvement

You did well on the last project, but there's room for improvement.

there's sth for you

think for yourself

'You're going to have to start thinking for yourself,' said David sternly.

I try to encourage my students to think for themselves.

Parents should encourage their children to think for themselves.

The purpose of this question is to force students to think for themselves.

And you learn about the real necessity of acting and thinking for yourself.

Authority can be mistaken and it can cover up ignorance with prestige and prevent people from thinking for themselves.

Characters have stopped thinking for themselves...

He did not seem able to deal with anyone who wished to work from understanding, or able to think for himself.

My aims include encouraging pupils to think for themselves and to choose their own methods of working.

Tanya insists on moving in many circles and, above all, on thinking for herself.

This problem is not discussed in the text; the purpose of this question is to force students to think for themselves.

You have to think for yourself, David told him.

three cheers for sb!

Three cheers for Coach Madison!

to die for

And today he revealed that his wife is now prepared to die for her political convictions.

Are we willing to die for oil?

Cowboys football changed from something you glanced at between nine-ball shots to something to die for.

His wife Alcestis offered to die for him.

People are ready to die for making that change.

There are women who have silver hair to die for, great metallic masses of it.

There is nothing there but death, the chance to die for a land that is not even my own.

They had made some good choices with the kitchen decor, and the hardwood flooring was to die for.

too close for comfort

That car that came around the corner was just a little too close for comfort.

At times, the similarities are too close for comfort, edging towards the derivative.

But our last memory was of a nightingale pair, singing in competition in territories perhaps too close for comfort.

Cross-addictions may be hotly denied because the subject matter may for some be too close for comfort.

In a wave trough I caught a glimpse of a coral head to port: a little too close for comfort.

Lightning dipped and veered in a manner which was far too close for comfort.

Richard, and you quite see why, finds economy airline seats too close for comfort.

The movement brought him too close for comfort.

too close/near for comfort

At times, the similarities are too close for comfort , edging towards the derivative.

But our last memory was of a nightingale pair, singing in competition in territories perhaps too close for comfort .

Cross-addictions may be hotly denied because the subject matter may for some be too close for comfort .

In a wave trough I caught a glimpse of a coral head to port: a little too close for comfort .

Lightning dipped and veered in a manner which was far too close for comfort .

Richard, and you quite see why, finds economy airline seats too close for comfort .

The movement brought him too close for comfort .

too nice/clever etc for your own good

According to her, he was too clever for his own good.

That Tom was too nice for his own good.

They were both too nice for their own good.

You might be just a wee bit too clever for your own good now.

too silly/complicated/ridiculous etc for words

unfit for human habitation

In the 1960s, the flats were declared unfit for human habitation and demolished.

Many of the housing projects are unfit for human habitation .

The court was told that Blake had charged hundreds of dollars in rent for rooms that were unfit for human habitation .

That single room was unfit for human habitation .

The slums built during the Industrial Revolution soon became unfit for human habitation .

They pronounced the attic unfit for human habitation and Jean-Claude inadequate to support me.

up for sth

Even the most personal subjects were up for discussion.

The house is up for sale.

wait for it

All they had to do was sit back and wait for it all to fall apart.

His name was ... wait for it ... Mr Bacon.

However much he wanted the answer to his unasked question, he was going to have to wait for it.

Lynn and I both leaned forward over the pit waiting for it to start working.

The whole world was waiting for it.

They attacked life, they didn't sit quietly around waiting for it to flatten them.

We must, surely, eventually get to recovery, but we have been waiting for it for a long time.

what (...) for?

What's this tool for?

what are we waiting for?

What are we waiting for? Let's go eat.

what are you waiting for?

What are you waiting for? Ask her out on a date.

And with actual tickets for the event up for grabs, what are you waiting for?

So what are you waiting for.

what can I do you for?

Good morning, Mitch! What can I do you for today?

what have you got to say for yourself?

what sb will do for sth

This brings me to what allatostatin will do for us.

what's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander

whet sb's appetite (for sth)

To whet your appetite for a trip to Santa Fe, here is a list of our favorite sights.

After a quick outline of what each type of program lets you do, I list some uses to whet your appetite.

If that's not enough to whet your appetite, we've 100 £4 entrance tickets to give away free!

Martin's potted history of each railway is certainly sufficiently detailed to whet the appetite enough to free buttocks from armchair Dralon.

Most of the notorious grade anomalies have been ironed out and the colour photos should whet people's appetites.

Rhys Williams was very convincing and his books did much to whet my appetite to visit the vast Soviet empire.

To whet your appetite, here are some of the most commonly asked questions about fine vintage wines.

To whet your appetite, try the Wanaka lamb in orange sauce recipe on this page.

Undergraduates will certainly find some interesting material, and researchers will also find enough examples to whet their appetite.

with the best of intentions/for the best of reasons

won't take no for an answer

word for word

He asked me to repeat word for word the instructions he'd just given me.

It appears that someone has copied your essay word for word.

Janice repeated word for word what Harold had told her.

The footnote gave a word for word translation of the quotation.

The newspaper printed his speech more or less word for word.

Benjamin borrowed a quill and a piece of parchment and copied the verse down, word for word.

He knew the inflections and the pauses, knew what she would say, word for word, before she spoke.

I needed to, for Jean-Claude remembered it word for word.

It is good practice to write your proposal word for word as if it were the final draft.

Many researchers are surprised and delighted at their ability to remember conversations almost word for word.

Sartain said she writes out a new speech word for word and then types it herself.

They can repeat each other's arguments word for word.

Tikhon knows the passage by heart and recites it word for word.

would give anything/a lot/your right arm etc for sth

would it be possible (for sb) to do sth?

Would it be possible to get together at 6:30 instead of 5?

would you care for sth?

Would you care for a drink?

How well would he care for them?

would/could kill for sth

But Katrinka is sustained by her search for her long-lost son, and a wardrobe a Vegas showgirl could kill for.

I could kill for him, easily and without thought.

Most retailers would kill for that kind of performance.

Some of the lasses would kill for tab-ends and that.

your good deed for the day


"How long did you live in Spain?" "Oh, for about three years."

For more information, write to the address below.

For someone who is supposed to have very good taste, Jo wears some strange clothes.

a check for a hundred dollars

Alison is looking for a job.

Amelia worked for Exxon until last year.

Are the Gardiners coming for dinner tonight?

Congratulations! I'm really happy for you.

Daniel's been complaining of a stomach ache for a couple of days.

He placed an order for 200 copies.

He writes for the "Washington Post".

How many people voted for Mulhoney?

I'm babysitting for Jo on Friday night.

I've known Kim for a long time.

I get £35 for each shift, plus tips.

I hadn't seen Tim for a while, and I was surprised by how much weight he'd gained.

I have a present for you.

I made an appointment for October 18th.

I only worked there for three months.

I usually leave for work at 7:30.

II. conjunction


He found it increasingly difficult to read, for his eyes were failing.

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