Meaning of FORMAL in English

I. adjective


a formal announcement

A formal announcement will be made in Parliament.

a formal apology

Russia is demanding a formal apology.

a formal appeal

She decided to make a formal appeal through her lawyer.

a formal application (= made officially )

Turkey has made a formal application to join the European Union.

a formal occasion

He wore the suit on formal occasions.

a formal process

A decision will only be taken after a formal consultation process.

a formal proposal

Schools made formal written proposals.

a formal reception

There will be a formal reception in honour of his life and work.

a formal request

The government made a formal request for food aid.

a formal statement (= one you must sign to show that it is true )

You will be asked to make a formal statement.

a formal/informal agreement

a formal/official complaint

The man has lodged a formal complaint against the police.

a formal/official invitation

The president received a formal invitation to visit Nigeria.

an informal/formal interview

Applicants will normally have an informal interview with the manager.

One out of every six candidates reached the formal interview.

an official/formal report

Black graduates still face discrimination from employers, according to an official report.

formal bow

This is done with a formal bow to the king or queen.

formal clothes

It’s best to wear formal clothes for an interview.

formal consultation (= organized in a formal way )

Better methods of formal consultation are needed.

formal education (= from teachers at school or college, rather than learning by yourself )

She had no formal education and was brought up by her grandmother.

formal qualifications (= official qualifications rather than experience )

He has no formal qualifications.

formal training

Vaughan had no formal training in art.

formal wear

Actresses were dressed in everything from formal wear to miniskirts.

formal/informal register

letters written in a formal register


The letter sounded very formal.

formal/official approval

Finance ministers gave their formal approval in July.

official/written/formal notification

We received official notification that Harry was missing.

sb’s personal effects (formal) (= small possessions, clothing etc )

After his suicide, his mother received his personal effects.

stiff and formal

Their goodbyes were stiff and formal .




The timetable for this form of learning needs to be much less formal .

In contrast, expert systems rely heavily on heuristics, or rules of thumb, which are much less formal .

They mean, broadly speaking, that the talk is less formal .

Difficult or not, I none the less believe that we should seek less formal settings.

In the later years, teaching generally becomes less formal .

In other roles -- doing clerical work, handling phones -- her garb is less formal .

Their associations and less formal networks are adjusted to centralisation because that is what they have grown up with.

You might also find a less formal arrangement.


Is the meeting held in the informal comfort of the staff room or is the setting a more formal arrangement?

Freedom of political organization is more formal than real, and corruption is widespread throughout the whole political system.

Some theories are more formal than others.

Their engagement might have been made more formal , might have been expressed with more resolve, she thought.

Things had to be more formal in the nursery school because of the larger numbers involved.

Toward higher-level managers, workers were much more formal in their relations.

Some people like this, others prefer a more formal approach.

It is sung at family celebrations like this one, but also at more formal occasions.



Two years later the moratorium was confirmed, although it has never become a formal agreement .

The meeting concluded without formal agreement .

The formal agreement between the two parties is based purely upon an agreed discount rate.

Barneys says those stores marked the beginning of a beautiful friendship, a joint venture that only awaited a formal agreement .

It was a formal agreement between himself and Richard, signed in their mingled blood on 29 November 1963.

But a formal agreement does not appear to have been regarded as essential.

Sporadic talks on the issue have failed to reach any formal agreement .

Restrictive practices Restrictive practices, in the form of formal agreements between firms, are presumed to operate against the public interest.


He looked cool and infinitely experienced, listening apparently with grave attention to the herald's formal announcement .

The network is to make a formal announcement Thursday morning.

Developers are staying tight-lipped about details of the housing scheme until a formal announcement is made.

The formal announcement is believed to be scheduled for September, with modest volumes to be deliverable around November time.

But they are likely to delay formal announcements until mid-October.


A number of settlements require the formal approval of the court.

It helps if we know where to go for formal approval of decisions, or know who is responsible for what.

The procedure has not gained formal approval by the International Olympic Committee because it does not give conclusive proof of drug use.


Like the new managers, most superiors emphasized that the manager was the one with formal authority and decision-making responsibility.

The lessons of what it meant to be the formal authority were coming home to roost.

Moreover, learning to exercise formal authority and to create a productive, satisfied work force were new challenges.

Although the new managers had focused on the privileges that came with formal authority , the superiors emphasized the duties-the accountability.

For them, the managerial role was mainly one of formal authority and managing the task, not the people.

Because they had formal authority , the managers were to arbitrate any disputes that then arose.

In contrast to the Rational / Bureaucratic model, formal authority relationships are minimized in the Collegial / Consensus model.

With formal authority came decision-making responsibility and accountability.


But her family have now lodged a formal complaint with the Police Complaints Authority which is to investigate.

Preble, meanwhile, stands by her allegations and has filed a formal complaint with the Tucson Police Department.

Erdogan Kizilkaya submitted a formal complaint to the Kayseri State Prosecutor, in which he named those responsible for his torture.

That agency had received no formal complaints about Logan as of Saturday, Kinton said.

Of course, Alladice can occupy his time in custody by lodging any number of formal complaints .

Checking city records, Woodward had discovered that among the formal complaints was one from Martha Mitchell, Watergate resident.

If Sidacai cared to lodge a formal complaint , the jailers would suffer punishment. probably he would not complain.

They further said that they had received no formal complaint from Ahmed Ashraf.


Nothing is known about the brothers' formal education or early apprenticeships.

Of his formal education we know relatively little.

Of respectable working-class background with some pretentions to gentility, without formal education , she nevertheless possessed an instinctive refinement of manner.

In a society that valued upward mobility, formal education became a gateway to economic and social success.

That was the sum total of my formal education for the craft.

Consequently, black youths in many instances are not keen on formal education in any case.

But today students need more formal education to learn the academic skills that increasingly are required on the job.


Eighteenth-century maps of historic towns often show elaborate formal gardens behind the houses, but very few traces of these remain.

Randall Lodge's attractive formal gardens stretched round the east and south-east aspects.

In the mornings she walked in the formal garden .

Steam enthusiasts may ride Britain's longest private railway and Hestercombe House will delight lovers of formal gardens .

There was no formal garden to the house, no garden fence.

To the West of the formal gardens is a paddock planted with a variety of trees and shrubs.

The formal garden was designed by Gertrude Jekyll.

Set in a valley, tucked away from the house and formal gardens , a series of temples and tunnels surround a lake.


The Commission for Racial Equality can carry out a formal investigation and issue a non-discrimination notice.

Ossig concedes that a formal investigation was not done, saying there was not enough evidence to justify it.

The commission has confirmed to Community Care that it is carrying out another formal investigation under section 6 of the Charities Act.

He is being placed under formal investigation for allegedly concealing losses at a Paribas unit in 1991.

The results of this formal investigation are very significant for those employers who insert mobility clauses into employees' contracts of employment.

With that, the formal investigation of charges centering on a college course Gingrich once taught will come to an end.


The four shortlisted groups will now get formal invitations within the next few weeks to participate in the consultation phase.

Two of the Volunteers attended, even though they had not received the customary formal invitations .

Do you know they send out formal invitations , like at your wedding or Bar Mitzvah, to state executions?


The Chancellor is not a man for formal meetings .

The first formal meeting of top nuclear safety regulators is expected to take place in December.

The talks lasted from 13 - 27 January 1947, with ten formal meetings and a lavish exchange of memoranda.

After negotiation about its substance, a revised, agreed version was presented to the departmental team at a formal meeting .

Before the formal meetings , preparatory groups examined in detail the matters before the standing commissions.

It might be an informal chat with some one or it might be a formal meeting with a group of people.

For example, departments which had been recommended to have more formal meetings were unable to proceed with this.

There had been no formal meetings and accounts had not been issued to members.


Hence peace-makings were solemn and formal occasions , committing groups of people to restraint.

It is sung at family celebrations like this one, but also at more formal occasions .

The rules are most useful on formal occasions like weddings, and particularly when they happen only once in a lifetime.


There is no formal procedure , like the pastoral Measure, for declaring unwanted churches redundant and deciding their future.

The formal procedure is seen as a substitute for a more spontaneous flow and nurture of ideas.

But it is bound to stimulate the evolution of formal procedures for overcoming the obstacles met by investigators.

Control is exercised at the centre and it is characterised by informal webs of influence rather than formal procedures .

As soon as he arrived, the formal procedure began.

It is characterised by formal procedures and offers the individual security, stability and predictability.

Rituals and Cults Moving house; preliminary and formal procedures , packing, redecorating etc.

It is very likely to over-react, however, and introduce formal procedures that swing the pendulum too far the other way.


They are at a relative disadvantage because individuals without any formal qualifications are more likely to experience unemployment.

Rather they were with practical home skills and formal qualifications .

Some resent the emphasis increasingly being laid upon formal qualifications in the authorities' recruitment policies.

What impact will the increasing acquisition of formal qualifications by women have on existing, and future, structures?

Students' Union Each student registered on a course leading to a formal qualification is automatically eligible for Students' Union membership.

Inevitably, the great majority of pupils left at the age of fifteen and without any formal qualifications .

It is estimated that over half the legal executives working in solicitors' practices hold no formal qualification in law at all.

An obvious criticism of the Braverman de-skilling thesis comes from the data showing a growing percentage of the workforce with formal qualifications .


Moscow was delighted, seeing formal recognition of its sphere of influence.

During the following twelve months the sultan issued a series of decrees which gave formal recognition to the MiloÜ-Marasli agreement.

Essentially the formal recognition of a union legitimises workers' resistance, and this can immeasurably strengthen their bargaining position.

But any more fundamental change, which would constitute the ultimate formal recognition of their new identity, is to be denied.

Future plans for the Sciences will also involve negotiations with appropriate bodies regarding formal recognition of the new provision.


There was some confusion, however, as to whether any formal requests for aid had been received.

A Justice Department official said there was no record of any formal request by Wynn for a pardon.

The Catholic Media Office said 2,094 made the formal request to be received into the Church at the cathedral services.

A formal request for development proposals for the Ferry Building is being drafted now, Osmundson said.

Following the formal request for a special prosecutor, Attorney General William Barr had up to 30 days to make a preliminary ruling.

A formal Request for Financial Proposals will be delivered this month, with responses due by November 12.


This is simply a more formal statement of the stipulation that, on average, expectations should be realized.

The weekend G-7 meeting will be informal and there are no plans to issue a formal statement , he said.

Yet there has been no formal statement from Ministers.

Schoolchildren are entitled to special equipment, but only if it is expressly provided for in their formal statement of needs.

The charter incorporates a formal statement of three standards: accuracy, punctuality and delivery turnaround.

There can be little doubt about the need for the clear formal statement of the aims of nurse education.

We also want her formal statement .

The head had asked the educational psychologist to come and assess him with a view to producing a formal Statement of Special Educational Needs.


This is what the meeting is notionally about, or as we have already described it, the formal structure .

As to the formal structure of local government, however, it is relatively easy to specify which ranks lowest.

To understand the workings of an organisation we need to impose the structure of human relationships on top of the formal structure.

Today, there is no formal structure to investigate or even debate whether UFOs have skipped through our atmosphere.

And the work eschews the kind of formal structure that would knit the cast into some larger imaginative world.

We have a formal structure , but we all work together.

Figure 21 shows a typical formal structure embodied in an organisation chart.

Beyond these formal structures , the folks at Thayer challenge yet one more notion that often shapes the structures of schooling.


The next step is to consider whether the notional system reflects the characteristics of the formal system model.

Now what about the subset which represents the true propositions of our formal system ?

In essence, formal systems and procedures depend on local knowledge.

The Rational / Bureaucratic model can produce overly restrictive formal systems that stifle initiative and reduce responsiveness to change.

It is therefore vital for services to have a formal system in place for monitoring the standards of care being provided.

Having our list of proofs, we also have a list of all the theorems of the formal system .

Three such mechanisms are evaluated: community policing arrangements, police complaints procedures and formal systems of accountability.

There is no formal system to help him track the material in the room.


We believe that formal training in the use of the laryngeal mask would be beneficial to any physician dealing with such cases.

There are still those who prefer to take their chances in the profession without any formal training .

Formal Training Over half the farms had some one who had taken part in some kind of formal training.

Delegates also called for increased formal training to help achieve higher and more consistent standards.

With little formal training , she has now produced several illustrated books of animal portraits.

You may be an experienced manager seeking to update your knowledge through formal training .

The others with formal training included teachers, nurses, engineers and mariners.

It's the latest episode in a success story for Pete, who has no formal training as a blacksmith.


A formal agreement between the two countries was signed in 1999.

a formal announcement

A formal ceremony was held to celebrate the anniversary of his death.

a formal dance

A lot of people found my father rather formal and aloof, particularly when they first met him.

Fifteen formal complaints have been made about the hospital in the past year.

Her lawyers have made a formal request that she be allowed to stay in the country until her husband's trial.

His parents are very formal .

It's time for formal manners to be used again in the workplace.

men's formal wear

On July 19th a formal declaration of war was made.

Our boss is very formal - he doesn't call anyone by their first name.

Paris has a number of beautiful formal parks.

She wrote a formal letter of application for the job.

The class includes formal lectures as well as field trips.

They filed a formal complaint.

What should I call your mom? "Mrs. Dunlap" seems too formal .

You shouldn't use "Yours faithfully" - it's much too formal for this kind of letter.


A large minority favors formal separation.

San Francisco has had a formal needle exchange throughout the 1990s.

Some theories are more formal than others.

The aim was to have as few restrictive, formal rules as possible - to make this a genuinely open show.

The cognitive capabilities of the adolescent with fully developed formal operations are qualitatively equal to those of the adult.

The need for formal assessment has already been conceded by teachers.

The principal advantage of such a requirement is that it signals, in a formal way, that the procedure is under way.

II. noun


The school is holding a winter formal .


A tangerine-and-lime brocade formal in perfect condition comes to mind.

And the women were in their formals and they all sat down and there was not a laugh in the entire show.

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