Meaning of FREEDOM in English




academic freedom (= the freedom to study what you want )

There is concern for the academic freedom of both staff and students.

freedom fighter

freedom of assembly

Restrictions on freedom of assembly have gradually been relaxed.

freedom of choice

Patients should have more freedom of choice.

freedom of expression (= the right to say what you think without being punished )

Student protestors who demanded greater freedom of expression were rounded up by police.

freedom of movement (= when people can go wherever they want )

The automobile gave people a freedom of movement previously unknown.

freedom of the individual

We live in a society which prizes the freedom of the individual.

the right to freedom of expression

Everyone has the right to freedom of expression.




Academics have no excuse not to provide students with the academic freedoms outlined earlier.

The legislation has raised concerns about academic freedom , parental rights and government authority.

This is entirely in keeping with the theoretical debate over academic freedom which we find in the literature.

Parducci felt her dismissal violated her right to academic freedom .

In other words, you can have one without the other: academic freedom and academic autonomy are distinctive concepts.

Courts have held that academic freedom is based on the First Amendment and is fundamental to our democratic society.

However, historically the highest status universities have resisted community service on ideological grounds; it threatened academic freedom .


The leader announced at the beginning that complete freedom of speech was allowed but speeches must be kept short.

I felt complete and total freedom , complete and total joy.

Although the platform was given a very sophisticated mounting it was not able to have complete rotational freedom .

A nanny provides the most intimate care for a baby and offers parents complete freedom to come and go as they wish.

However, it should not be allowed complete freedom to rule, since it can overwhelm and destroy.

In practice there will not be complete freedom of choice for the individual.

No-one has the complete freedom to do anything in our modern, regimented society.

The Werner Plan placed emphasis on the fixity of exchange rates and complete freedom of capital movements.


But his message was lost on a people enjoying an economic and political freedom that he had never allowed them.

For political freedom will mean little it if is not underpinned by economic freedom as well.

The Friedmans' book is a polemic in favour of total economic freedom .

Found and Fried criticize the doctrine of consideration as an unjustifiable impediment to economic freedom .

Yeltsin signed a decree on Oct. 16 granting extra economic support and freedoms to Kabardino-Balkaria.

Guarantees of economic freedoms included explicit recognition of the right of citizens to engage in private business.

They see it not merely as a means for economic freedom , but also as a means for social mobility.

The West will face some difficult decisions if Mr Gorbachev really does make a dash for economic freedom .


He also announced liberal reforms including greater press freedom and the abolition of laws governing subversion.

This sense of great freedom and energizing excitement will be the first of many primal emotions that you feel.

The changes of angle the belt makes as it goes around the pelvis allow much greater freedom of movement.

In the end he won a great victory for freedom .

The important question was how should our great freedom and flexibility be used?

The experience of united churches bears witness to their greater freedom in mission.

This category has the least security, but the greatest freedom of manoeuvre.

But the justices' great source of freedom and power is the lifetime tenure granted them by the Constitution.


He was an agent, not of the capitalist West, but of the spirit of human freedom .

Yet in the hierarchy of human freedom , there is now a level below that of the slave.

This is perhaps understandable, but it is stretching credulity to expect us to bless it as the highest human freedom .

Theliteral interpretation of the holy book reduced human freedom to a minimum.

It is important, however, to distinguish his use of the conception of human freedom .


But, as will be seen shortly, this individual freedom has limits.

Restriction strikes hard at the sense of individual freedom that is essential to an innovative environment.

It creates a concentration of power in the hands of central state agencies, which jeopardizes individual freedom . 3.

It was a world in which individual freedom in this world's affairs meant little; corporate continuance came before everything else.

Extension of the individual freedom of conscience decisions to business corporations strains the rationale of these cases to the breaking point.

One argument is that excessive government expenditure adversely affects individual freedom and choice.

Democracy recognizes no prescribed path to be followed, because such prescriptiveness would curtail individual freedom .


What new commercial freedoms does the advent of the microchip give us?

But this new freedom is not an invitation to a life of leisure.

But did this new found freedom last and did it cause an improvement in their lot?

Some women report a new sense of freedom when they obtain knowledge about their legal rights.

We have, therefore, changed the design slightly to take advantage of that new freedom .

When fully carried through, self-knowledge can bring new freedoms .

Sir Thomas was a constraining influence, and in his absence his daughters feel a new freedom .


Smokers are furious at what they say is an attack on their personal freedom .

But our society has personal freedom as a goal.

The great individualists so often cited to show the value of personal freedom have owed their successes to earlier social environments.

The peasants' chances of acquiring personal freedom were very much alive, but their chances of acquiring land remained small.

Should stability take precedence over personal freedoms ?

None the less, there were also women who chose against marriage in order to retain personal freedom .

It relies upon terror and oppression, a controlled press and radio, fixed elections, and the suppression of personal freedoms .


But his message was lost on a people enjoying an economic and political freedom that he had never allowed them.

Intellectual liberation leads to political freedom .

For the pluralist the most important political freedom is freedom of association.

Despite the promises of the October manifesto in the spring of 1906, there were still no guarantees of political freedom .

They are already reigning in political freedoms .

They believe it will mean that for the first time in El Salvador's history, there will be genuine political freedom .

Castro shows no signs of allowing any market policies to lead to the creation of opposition political parties or freedom of expression.


They would know the real meaning of religious freedom , something which has never really existed throughout religious history.

This pioneering plea for religious freedom called diversity not a curse but a glory.

His scientific discoveries and his fight for religious and political freedom , form equally important parts of an exceptionally industrious life.

When the United States assured religious freedom around 1776, the founders paid little notice to this seeker.

The Humane Slaughter Association is right to point out the arguments in favour of religious freedom .

There have been instances of religious freedom being outweighed by a powerful public interest, however.

The police were called and required the protesters to go home, in the name of religious freedom .

The principle of religious freedom was established as fundamental from the beginning of this nation.



This may be what some of those egging the freedom fighters on want to happen.

And Mel Gibson does pass muster as a filthy freedom fighter with a talent for decapitation.

A skills shortage exists and the reintegration of former freedom fighters has proved difficult, with many incidents of undisciplined conduct.

But quite the opposite happened, as the freedom fighters turned their confinement to good use.

The hardest worked were the female freedom fighters .

The army and police are no match for well-armed and determined freedom fighters .

Police oppression of the freedom fighters brought my protest against authority almost to the point of obsession.

You've also got various religious freedom fighters .


If the law threatened press freedom , it was for Parliament, not the courts, to change it.

Suppression of press freedom has not happened.

There is to be greater press freedom .

He also announced liberal reforms including greater press freedom and the abolition of laws governing subversion.

Labour politicians have spent most of their working lives promising to protect press freedom .



Britain agreed to allow fifth freedom traffic through specific airports.

You can allow yourself greater freedom of expression and take more risks.

To allow these freedoms and pursue detailed academic planning requires sophisticated and reliable forecasting.

The state does not allow absolute freedom of political participation and opposition.

This is an advantage which allows the teacher full freedom to respond to local circumstances.

Some feel that the school structure is too loose, allowing children too much freedom when choosing learning tasks.

Planet Mars is most unhelpful this week, but do try to allow partners more freedom .

Kay understood that our computers should allow us that freedom , too.


The worker is defined as a free agent since she or he has the freedom to choose his or her employer.

Many of the ideas we have about work, including the freedom to choose any career we want, are fairly new.

A lack of labelling contradicts the principles of freedom of information and freedom to choose .

People are free to choose what they believe, but freedom to choose depends on prior knowledge of the choices.

But we do much worse without the freedom to choose for ourselves.

He insists on very great freedom to choose , even when there is stark and utter contradiction between the rival approaches.

Traditional quilts combine the discipline of pattern with the artistic freedom to choose color and scale.


She enjoyed the freedom , but she dreaded being lonely.

Although she enjoyed her freedom , she missed her son.

Like all other institutions, it can not enjoy absolute freedom .

Now I really am enjoying my freedom .

The comedians were always to enjoy more freedom .

In contrast, self-defeating organizations enjoy no such freedom .

I enjoyed this comparative freedom and spent a lot of time pacing around the cell.

But in the meantime he's enjoying his new-found freedom .


The financial system was given more freedom than before, but that made it an even more ruthless broadcaster of economic frailties.

It gave me relative freedom , you see.

Self-drive An Enterprise self-drive holiday gives you the freedom and flexibility of your own car.

The automobile fascinates us and gives us total freedom of movement.

Why did those ancient replicators give up the cavalier freedom of the primeval soup and take to swarming in huge colonies?

How can you give up yuh freedom ?

Now only two in ten are given that freedom .

We want to see more dual use of school playing fields and halls and will give schools more freedom in their management.


The closed shop: Mr Fowler said the legislation would guarantee people the freedom to decide whether or not to join a union.

Article 19 of the Covenant guarantees the right to freedom of expression in all its forms.


But the decisions of one community should not limit the freedoms of another.

Such creatures always move immediately to limit freedom .

For the Code does not limit their freedom to question suspects provided they do not propose to use their statements in evidence.

In authoritarian media systems, the media might be privately owned but have only limited freedom to criticize government.

Ordinary cable-connected tie-clips are quite inexpensive but they limit freedom of movement.

But, at the same time, the apparatus of the modern State imposed a new order which strictly limited such freedom .

What many merchant-bank objectors most dislike is that a grey market limits their freedom to price an issue as they want.

But the principle of user autonomy was limited with regard to freedom to leave the building during opening hours.


But had the Empress been grateful that her brother's sacrifice had meant her freedom ?

Such relief generally means not freedom but a new criminal trial in state court.

It means simply freedom from coercion by others and it is achieved when a sphere of private autonomy is created.

Their history, their grappling with the meaning of freedom , was here and now.

It meant the freedom to talk freely, discuss matters which could not be voiced within four walls.

In it also are relevant lessons about liberation and the meaning of freedom , as the preschoolers were learning last week.

What exactly the government did mean by freedom was hard to discern in the nineteen legislative Acts which together constituted the emancipation.


In other words private property serves to protect the individual's freedom .

We are thus not persuaded that the Hyde Amendment impinges on the constitutionally protected freedom of choice recognized in Wade.

Labour politicians have spent most of their working lives promising to protect press freedom .

The First Amendment may be invoked against infringement of the protected freedoms by law or by law-making.

Abuses of the investigative process may imperceptibly lead to abridgment of protected freedoms .

Making the right choices, like protecting freedom , demands eternal vigilance.


In addition, they promote fast-track, prefabricated building techniques that further restrict the architect's freedom .

Critics say some of those provisions unfairly restrict freedom of speech.

I put it to Assemblyman Keene that this weakened the bill, and restricted the freedom of action of patients and doctors.

Limited partners have very restricted freedom of financial action.

Are we restricting the freedom of the individual?

Legislation restricting freedom of bequest is found in a number of countries.

In what ways did the Persian Empire restrict the freedom of its subjects?

After all, the confines of a narrow road restrict a person's freedom .


a whiff of danger/adventure/freedom etc

Instead of music we offered honest talk and a whiff of freedom.

comparative comfort/freedom/wealth etc

I enjoyed this comparative freedom and spent a lot of time pacing around the cell.

The comparative freedom that the close presence of grandparents afforded wives contributed significantly to the high standard of farming seen.

in the name of religion/freedom/science etc

He also reminded the court that such auctions were permitted by the United States constitution in the name of freedom of expression.

Lord Salmon clearly felt strongly and spoke in the name of freedom and democracy.

Most gruesome and horrible mutilations - and all, mind you, in the name of religion.

Objections to the creation stories are made up in the name of science.

They banned meat, eggs and alcohol in the name of religion.

They can take the fun out of sports in the name of religion.

They do so all in the name of freedom.

We are seduced by what science can do in the name of freedom and civilisation.

long live democracy/freedom etc

room for manoeuvre/freedom of manoeuvre

taste success/freedom/victory etc

And Long has yet to taste victory in this tournament, unlike his half-back partner Martyn.

Others decided to taste freedom in other fields of social activity: speculation on the black market, opening businesses etc.

They just wanted to taste victory after all that losing.

winds of change/freedom/public opinion etc


As children, they dreamed about the freedoms and riches they would enjoy in the U.S.

Davis celebrated his freedom with a steak and a beer.

In a country where freedom of speech is guaranteed, citizens should expect to hear ideas with which they disagree.

No democracy can exist without freedom of speech and freedom of the press.

One of the protestors was arrested again after only 48 hours of freedom .

People here have the freedom to practise whatever religion they like.

Teachers in the special program have a greater amount of freedom in what they teach.

The constitution guarantees freedom from persecution on grounds of race, sex, or sexuality.

The leaders of the demonstration made speeches demanding greater political freedom .

The negotiations led to freedom for the eight hostages.

There was a huge party at the Berlin Wall as East Germans celebrated their freedom .

This change in the law will give parents more freedom to influence their children's education.


According to liberalism, no principle justifies the limitation of individual freedom .

But freedom to differ is not limited to things that do not matter much.

It is small wonder that he sought quiet and freedom from external pressure to follow his inner vision.

It stands at the pinnacle of notions of individual self-expression and artistic freedom .

Their claim for freedom rests not on innocence, but on being unjustly imprisoned.

There have been instances of religious freedom being outweighed by a powerful public interest, however.

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