Meaning of FREEDOM in English


n. 1 liberty, independence, self-government, self-determination, self-direction, autonomy Democracy is based on the freedom of the individual 2 release, deliverance, liberation, emancipation, manumission Will these people ever get their freedom? 3 exemption, immunity, deliverance, liberation, relief All citizens should enjoy freedom from want 4 range, latitude, scope, play, deregulation, non-interference, discretion, margin, free hand, discretion; facility, ease, licence, permission, right, privilege, authority, authorization, power, carte blanche He must have the freedom to make decisions I have the freedom to do as I wish. 5 free time, leisure, spare time I like a lot of freedom to do things in my own time 6 candour, honesty, openness, frankness, candidness, unrestraint, unconstraint, naturalness Freedom of speech is practised here 7 boldness, overfamiliarity, audacity, audaciousness, forwardness, brazenness, brass, impertinence, impudence, disrespect, arrogance, presumption, presumptuousness, nerve, gall: Where does she get the freedom to talk to you that way?

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