Meaning of FREE in English

adj. 1 at liberty, unfettered, unchained, unshackled, unconfined, untrammelled, unencumbered, unrestrained, unrestricted, unconstrained, uncontrolled, free-born, independent, self-governing, self-governed, self-ruling, autonomous, democratic, sovereign These people want to be free It's a free country. 2 liberated, at large, let go, let off, emancipated, delivered, manumitted, set free, unshackled, unfettered, released, freed, loose, out, Colloq sprung, on the loose After ten years he was free at last 3 unoccupied, unengaged, at liberty, not busy, available, accessible; unused, vacant, empty, spare, extra, uninhabited, untenanted Are you free for dinner tonight? Here is a free room we can use for the meeting 4 cost-free, free of charge, complimentary, gratis, for nothing, without cost (or obligation), unencumbered, Colloq for free, on the house The food was free but we paid for our drinks 5 unattached, unfastened, untied, loose Tie the free end of the rope round your waist 6 unasked for, unsolicited, gratuitous, unbidden, voluntary, spontaneous, unconditioned, unconditional Let me give you some free advice 7 generous, lavish, open, liberal, munificent, unstinting, bountiful, open-handed, unsparing; charitable Fred is quite free with his donations to good causes 8 relaxed, casual, informal, free and easy, easy, natural, unceremonious, Colloq laid-back He is quite free about letting me use his car 9 open, above-board, honest, direct, outspoken, uninhibited, unconstrained, unrestrained, relaxed You can be free in your criticism 10 unhindered, unimpeded, unencumbered, unhampered, unobstructed, allowed, permitted, able, clear, unrestricted, unregulated She's free to do as she pleases The two countries have signed a free-trade agreement. 11 free of. rid of, exempt(ed) from, relieved of, safe from, not liable or subject to, immune from, unaffected by, above, without, untouched by He thinks he is free of her influence

adv. 12 freely, openly, at will, unrestrictedly, loose; loosely Our dog runs free on the farm Let the rope hang free. 13 gratis, at no cost, free of charge, without charge They give new businesses advice free

v. 14 set free, set at liberty, enfranchise, release, let go, liberate, let out, let loose, unloose, unchain, unfetter, uncage; emancipate, disenthrall, manumit; pardon, parole, furlough Bail was paid and we were freed Lincoln freed the slaves. He was freed after six years in prison. 15 disengage, untie, unbind, loose, unfasten, undo, unshackle, unlock, open, release, disentangle, loosen, detach, extricate Free the end of that rope 16 relieve, rid, unburden, disburden, disencumber, unbosom; rescue, redeem Free yourself of any preconceived notions on the subject

Oxford thesaurus English vocab.      Английский словарь Оксфорд тезаурус.