Meaning of FREE in English

adv freely; willingly.

2. free ·adj to frank.

3. free ·adv without charge; as, children admitted free.

4. free ·superl clear of offense or crime; guiltless; innocent.

5. free ·superl characteristic of one acting without restraint; charming; easy.

6. free ·superl unrestrained; immoderate; lavish; licentious;

— used in a bad sense.

7. free ·superl certain or honorable; the opposite of base; as, free service; free socage.

8. free ·adj to remove, as something that confines or bars; to relieve from the constraint of.

9. free ·superl ready; eager; acting without spurring or whipping; spirited; as, a free horse.

10. free ·superl not confined or imprisoned; released from arrest; liberated; at liberty to go.

11. free ·superl not close or parsimonious; liberal; open-handed; lavish; as, free with his money.

12. free ·superl privileged or individual; the opposite of common; as, a free fishery; a free warren.

13. free ·superl liberated, by arriving at a certain age, from the control of parents, guardian, or master.

14. free ·superl unconstrained by timidity or distrust; unreserved; ingenuous; frank; familiar; communicative.

15. free ·superl not gained by importunity or purchase; gratuitous; spontaneous; as, free admission; a free gift.

xvi. free ·superl not subjected to the laws of physical necessity; capable of voluntary activity; endowed with moral liberty;

— said of the will.

xvii. free ·superl invested with a particular freedom or franchise; enjoying certain immunities or privileges; admitted to special rights;

— followed by of.

xviii. free ·superl not united or combined with anything else; separated; dissevered; unattached; at liberty to escape; as, free carbonic acid gas; free cells.

xix. free ·superl exempt; clear; released; liberated; not encumbered or troubled with; as, free from pain; free from a burden;

— followed by from, or, rarely, by of.

xx. free ·superl not arbitrary or despotic; assuring liberty; defending individual rights against encroachment by any person or class; instituted by a free people;

— said of a government, institutions, ·etc.

xxi. free ·superl thrown open, or made accessible, to all; to be enjoyed without limitations; unrestricted; not obstructed, engrossed, or appropriated; open;

— said of a thing to be possessed or enjoyed; as, a free school.

xxii. free ·superl not under an arbitrary or despotic government; subject only to fixed laws regularly and fairly administered, and defended by them from encroachments upon natural or acquired rights; enjoying political liberty.

xxiii. free ·superl exempt from subjection to the will of others; not under restraint, control, or compulsion; able to follow one's own impulses, desires, or inclinations; determining one's own course of action; not dependent; at liberty.

xxiv. free ·adj to make free; to set at liberty; to rid of that which confines, limits, embarrasses, oppresses, ·etc.; to release; to disengage; to clear;

— followed by from, and sometimes by off; as, to free a captive or a slave; to be freed of these inconveniences.

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