Meaning of GOODS in English



a freight/goods train

a freight train carrying hazardous chemicals

brown goods

capital goods

consumer goods

consumer goods/products (= things that people buy for their own use )

Our demand for consumer goods increases all the time.

counterfeit goods/software etc

deliver the goods (= do what they have promised )

the failure of some services to deliver the goods

dry goods

a dry goods store

durable goods

electrical equipment/goods/appliances etc

goods and chattels

handling stolen goods

Bennet was charged with handling stolen goods .

heavy goods vehicle

household goods/products/items etc

washing powder and other household products

household chores

inferior goods/products

The public are being deceived into buying inferior goods.

luxury items/goods (= expensive things )

At Christmas we try to afford a few luxury items.

material goods/possessions/wealth etc

The spiritual life is more important than material possessions.

a society that places high importance on material rewards

shoddy goods/service/workmanship etc

We’re not paying good money for shoddy goods.

sporting goods American English

a sporting goods store

white goods




Instalment Credits are sometimes used where capital goods are involved.

Can the market system provide the capital goods upon which technological advance relies?

This could follow if the capital goods producing industries faced capacity constraints in their attempt to raise output in the short run.

In other words the market system acknowledges dollar voting for both consumer and capital goods .

So will the investment in capital goods and engineering skills needed to modernise outmoded factories.

But who, specifically, will register votes for capital goods ?

Fast productivity growth in the sectors producing means of production ensured a rapid reduction in the real cost of capital goods .

Imports of capital goods rose 50. 7 percent and consumer goods almost doubled in 1995, it said.


Use the glazed cupboards to display attractive china and to provide storage space for attractively packaged dry goods .

Bazaar, which keeps track of spending trends in haute couture and dry goods , notes that luxury is back.

Her father owns the big dry goods store.

Charleston and Fairbank arose to provide food and dry goods to the miners and millworkers.


Families on supplementary benefit, now income support, are likely to borrow to buy items of clothing or durable household goods .

In two to three weeks, Ehrlich said, the Commerce Department plans publish statistics on durable goods orders and construction spending.

Carpets, building products, furniture and other durable goods all began to see downshifting during the fourth quarter.


Deathtraps: Coroner's warning over second hand electrical goods .

Another person I knew started a retail business, selling electrical goods , in a small rented shop.

The effective rate of protection for steel, vehicles and electrical goods , however, went much higher, up to 300 percent.

You can shop for bargains in clothes, cameras and electrical goods in modern malls.

Retail turnover was up 28 percent, and in some branches, such as vehicles and electrical goods , by more than half.

Fireplaces, interior doors and electrical goods have been taken from the new houses at Woodbrook, off the lower Galliagh Road.

Trading Standards officers say the case tragically illustrates the dangers of buying second hand electrical goods .


A document on the free movement of goods between republics was also signed.

Basically this programme involves the removal of all legal barriers to the free movement of goods , services, capital and labour.

This is hardly a characteristic of freer trade in goods .

There would be free movement of goods , labour and capital.

The Treaty of Rome meanwhile guarantees free circulation of goods .

In such a free market, goods and services would be efficiently allocated.

Duty free goods will be available for purchase though the choice may be limited on certain flights.

The rigs were all dry of course, but they carried huge stocks of other duty free goods , mainly tobacco and cigarettes.


Police motorcycles flagged down every suspect heavy goods vehicle.

Those suppliers of heavy materials and goods will easily survive, because they have a monopoly position.

I recently visited a factory that produces heavy engineering goods .

Added to this is the vibration caused by heavy goods vehicles and the annoyance of air traffic suffered by all city dwellers.

The main Manchester-London line runs alongside one side of the garden, and a heavy goods line along the other.

The dock company's estimate of heavy goods vehicle traffic has proved remarkably accurate.

The number of heavy goods vehicles using the roads did not change much over the past 10 years.


Some details of the mechanisms of dispersal of such imported goods can be obtained by a more detailed examination of their distributions.

Price inflation plagued the distribution of imported goods and was aggravated by bottlenecks in ports like Khorramshahr and beyond.

So prices are inflated and will remain so until there is a steady flow of imported goods .

The removal of these barriers would lead to a direct lowering of costs by reducing the price of imported goods and services.

In other words, imported goods and services help maintain consumption levels in the marketable sector.

The increasing use of Sharpness docks for imported goods is undoubtably good news for workers there; helping to secure their jobs.

Yet farmers' voices tend to be drowned out by articulate city-dwellers deprived of subsidies and no longer able to afford imported goods .

An injunction here would, in effect, apply almost entirely to imported goods .


Buying behaviour in industrial goods markets also tends to be conservative.

In an expanding economy, growth tends to concentrate on industrial goods and services.

But in industrial goods markets the role of the buying function may vary from significant to relatively insignificant.

It was expected that, as a first step, tariffs on industrial goods would be reduced by one-third to 30 percent.

No national market for consumer or industrial goods was created and thus industrialization was hindered.

Its immediate economic aim was to work for the reduction and eventual elimination of tariffs on most industrial goods among its members.

The analysis of buying behaviour in industrial goods markets is continued in Chapter Fifteen.


Snowden, unlike Samuel, was willing to agree in late September to a prohibitive tariff on luxury goods .

IIb produces only luxury goods which are consumed solely by the capitalists.

And in this case the workers engaged in the production of luxury goods should now be seen as a social cost.

Most shoppers were splashing out on practical items and steering clear of the luxury goods , he said.

Living outside the money economy, they had no access to the world of manufactured goods , still less to luxury goods.

Therefore it is wrong to collapse arms production into the same category as Marx's luxury goods in Dept.

Product mix improved with the export of more manufactures and the import of fewer luxury consumer goods .

In this respect we have to examine the question of luxury goods and their production.


Replacement markets for many manufactured goods mean that consumers can postpone purchases more easily.

It involved exchanging ore from his new McCamey's Monster mine for manufactured goods .

Speed and reliability were important to dealers in manufactured goods who wanted to catch rising markets abreast with or ahead of their competitors.

Nevertheless imports of manufactured goods increased even faster.

Most hard currency comes from state grants, from exporting raw materials or manufactured goods .

Briefly, they exported manufactured goods and capital, and they imported raw materials.

In particular we shall study the prices of exports of manufactured goods and the price of manufactured output supplied to the domestic market.

A trade deficit in manufactured goods , unthinkable until recent times, has become normal.


Government jobs and the opportunities which association with the government gives allow them the possibility of accumulating material goods .

Psychologists say that work helps us meet our needs for food, shelter, and material goods .

In the purchase of material goods , issues of quantity, quality, price and delivery are crucial in several respects.

Their food, dress and material goods encompassed all the richness and variety society could provide.

The production of material goods is the primary activity of humans, and it must come before all other activities.

All they live for, the only thing they care about, is material goods .

Soon it was not enough to demonstrate your success in life by the acquisition of material goods .

The relative paucity of material goods owned by Corpsmen is, in terms of transcultural perception, a complicating factor.


So do other goods , such as batteries, which are rarely found in state shops.

Unlike for many other consumer goods and services, little attention has been paid to the marketing aspect of this software.

Food products are more resistant to down turn than many other goods .

For what other goods is Mr Smith likely to go to the local village?

For what other goods is Mrs Smith likely to make a trip to a large city centre?

It differs from the other consumer goods in the private market in four ways.

Tomb inscriptions, the coffin, statues, stelae and other grave goods therefore bore the name.

She has to carry up the children, her shopping and any other goods coming into the household.


Government need tax revenue to pay for public goods and to make transfer payments to the poor.

How might the output of public goods be increased if the economy is initially functioning at a point inside of the curve?

In this respect, local public goods represent an intermediate case where exit is indeed possible via migration.

A few public goods are financed essentially on the basis of the benefits principle.

Market failures relevant to sport include health, crime, public goods and equity considerations.

This option leads us into a discussion of public goods and services.

Private sector led regeneration has profoundly increased the inequality of access to both private and public goods in the area.

These public goods can only be produced and consumed economically on a collective basis.


Police searching the plaintiff's premises for stolen goods seized goods which they mistakenly thought to be stolen.

Then there was the possibility of the silver on sale at the Saturday morning market being stolen goods .

Randhawa admitted obtaining by deception, burglary, handling stolen goods and making a threat to kill Miss Nazir.

It means that when we find stolen goods , we can automatically reunite them with their owners.

It seemed that he acted as a receiver of stolen goods ....

Jacqueline MacPherson faced a charge of handling stolen goods .

Rootham, of Tower Green, Middlesbrough, also admitted theft and handling stolen goods .

Nevertheless, the resolution might still have won a majority had it not been for the stolen goods in the outhouse.


My worldly goods , my total possessions.

He loses all his worldly goods because a law suit is not decided in his favor.

But he bought no worldly goods .

Why, of course you must leave all your worldly goods to him.

We generally promise each other all our worldly goods .



Subject matter of contract: consumer goods .

Seventy years of empty store shelves have created great pent-up demand for consumer goods , including electronics.

Small quantities of chemical products and consumer goods are exported to neighbouring Arab countries.

Some local strIkes wrenched considerable concessions for the workers in housing and better distribution of consumer goods .

Because the internal market for consumer goods was too small; 2.

Agricultural and industrial co-operatives are being set up to produce consumer goods for the community and sell the surplus.

Unlike for many other consumer goods and services, little attention has been paid to the marketing aspect of this software.

Western cars, holidays, consumer goods and lifestyles are theoretically within their reach, although in practice quite beyond it.


Second - the day-to-day expenditure such as food, drink, household goods , newspapers, petrol or bus fares.

Best reductions in household goods , bedding, dinner services.

Motoring costs and non-seasonal food rose by 0.9 percent, while household goods gained 0.7 percent.

Well over half the freemen were occupied in providing clothes, food and drink, household goods and buildings.

Families on supplementary benefit, now income support, are likely to borrow to buy items of clothing or durable household goods .

For example, more people now have key household goods and the benefit of home ownership - as the charts show.

Another area which may cause problems is that of insurance of household goods .


The most significant is the small goods vehicle .

Police motorcycles flagged down every suspect heavy goods vehicle .

It carries a plain unlined grey livery because it is a goods vehicle .

Added to this is the vibration caused by heavy goods vehicles and the annoyance of air traffic suffered by all city dwellers.

In addition there were nearly as many buses and goods vehicles and an even larger number of motor cycles.

The restricted licence covers domestic and international goods vehicle operation for own account haulage.

The dock company's estimate of heavy goods vehicle traffic has proved remarkably accurate.



You pay it only if you buy the goods .

A cooperative had also been established where blacks could buy goods more cheaply.

I use it to bank, to invest, to communicate, to learn, and to buy goods and services.

People will rush to buy goods and assets before their prices rise further.

You may prefer to donate money, which will only be used to buy goods for use in the orphanages.

Rather governments have favoured a policy of buying home-produced goods .

Producers depend on us to buy their goods .


Mr. S. returned just in time to see the respondent carrying the goods towards the door.

The Sogdians were the great entrepreneurs of the Silk Road and it was their caravans that carried goods between east and west.

Some are general cargo boats, often carrying goods in containers.

They could carry goods for local co-operatives and state authorities.

The assistant returned to see the respondent carrying the goods towards the main exit and loading them into a van.


Mr Customer Smith did however acquire a dubious reputation for dealing in prize goods .

She washed clothes and dealt in smuggled electronic goods , rabbit-fur hats, sunflower seeds, pearl necklaces and noodles.


Being a dedicated tough cookie, he has delivered the goods in impressive manner.

The only problem was delivering the goods .

Ultimately, they said, it broke down because it simply could not deliver the goods .

But in the final hour he did deliver the goods , taking impromptu questions from the audience.

For years almost all the research on ability grouping and tracking has demonstrated that it does not deliver the goods as promised.

The delights of a secular society seem so appealing; technology appears to deliver the goods .

The ring leaders, using runners to deliver their goods on the streets, sold about 100 phones each month.


Randhawa admitted obtaining by deception, burglary, handling stolen goods and making a threat to kill Miss Nazir.

In such cases no serious scholar was willing to risk his or her reputation by handling or studying stolen goods .

Randhawa handled the goods worth over £5,000 which were stolen.

Jacqueline MacPherson faced a charge of handling stolen goods .

At Teesside Crown Court yesterday, Francis, 36, admitted handling stolen goods .

They swallowed it and said they were charging me with handling stolen goods .

John Henry, 26, of Bexley Heath, will be sentenced later for handling stolen goods .


The technique allows manufacturers to shut down unofficially imported electronic goods .

Thus they were unable to import consumer goods and meet basic needs of the people.

Overvalued currencies kept the price of imported goods low, crowding out locally produced goods.

She'd never really believed he was importing undeclared goods , or in any way breaking the law.

To stem the flow, he advocates strict trade protections, including high tariffs on imported goods .

Companies putting up factories at Subic can import goods for free and pay only a 5 percent tax on gross income.


The rich world keeps the South wedded to commodity production by putting up tariff barriers to manufactured goods .

In that case the plaintiffs and the defendants were two companies who manufactured similar goods .

Like other Southerners, Atlantans felt shortchanged when Northern capitalists transformed cheap Southern raw materials into manufactured goods .

If one doesn't have the immediate outlets, one seldom bothers to manufacture the goods .

The people who manufacture and sell goods and services must want their custom and must understand its value.


He was challenged by the warehouseman but he assured him that he was going to pay for the goods .

The index measuring the prices manufacturers paid for goods rose to 11. 4 from 4. 5 in December.

They made agreements with their foreign customers to be paid in goods instead of money.

How do we pay for the goods and services which we need?

Government need tax revenue to pay for public goods and to make transfer payments to the poor.

You can use these to pay for goods wherever the Visa - or new Visa Delta - logo is displayed.

When he was challenged by the warehouseman, he assured him that he was going to pay for the goods .

I will pay you in whatever goods you request, at the rate of half a deben of silver a day.


Resources used to produce goods and services for the government can not be used to make goods in the private sector.

First, if there is no competitive market of alternative goods , there is minimal initiative to produce goods of high quality.

The whole place seemed designed to produce , not goods for the outside world, but misery for the inmates.

Such economic nationalists favored import-substitution strategies that reduced the need for foreign currency by producing vital goods domestically.

IIb produces only luxury goods which are consumed solely by the capitalists.

Consequently, rulers encouraged people to produce goods for export and devised high tariffs to discourage imports.

The company needs to know what the investment must achieve to produce goods which can be sold profitably.

If only those firms which produce goods wanted by consumers can operate profitably, only those firms will demand resources.


This will be the position provided the goods perished before any had been delivered to the buyer.

Can the market system provide the capital goods upon which technological advance relies?

He saw it as essentially fulfilling the same role as government, providing collective goods .

Administrators must constantly interpret and apply public policies that provide public goods and services to individuals and groups. 4.

The small firms provide goods and services to a large firm, which is in effect a monopoly buyer.

The state then determines how this surplus value will be used to serve its objectives and to provide goods to certain actors.

Normally we expect to see government providing collective goods .

Charleston and Fairbank arose to provide food and dry goods to the miners and millworkers.


Some of this money will be used to purchase financial assets, and some to purchase goods and services.

To put it another way, who is the other party to the contract by which Z purchased the goods ?

It tells us foolish bedtime stories in exchange for our promises to purchase the latest corporate goods and corporate services.

Anyone who after time purchases goods from the defendant therefore runs the risk of having them seized by the sheriff.

Is the recipient likely to be able to purchase the goods ?

Under counter-trade a sale of good is contractually linked to an obligation to purchase goods or resultant output from the same country.


Busy tourist shops sell quality leather goods , carpets and strikingly cheap cotton goods.

More than 100 companies sell restroom advertising space, and many mainstream advertisers are selling their goods where graffiti once prevailed.

The dot.economy turned out to be just a more expensive way of selling old-economy goods at knockdown prices.

The profits of a manufacturing company are achieved by selling the goods it makes at a price in excess of its costs.

But areas close to the cities, where peasants could sell their goods , were far from typical.

Site certificates are for companies wanting to sell goods and services over the World Wide Web.

We hope to sell goods by packaging them attractively.


Notice that, as before, in order to avoid double-counting, only spending on final goods and services is included.

These moves goad households and businesses into spending more on goods and services.

They are not being used for spending , much less for spending on newly produced goods and services.

Money we spend on goods and services gets taxed only once, when we earn it.

Nevertheless, the share of national income going to government spending on goods and services is now falling.

However, since the early 1950s government spending for goods and services has hovered around 20 percent of the national output.

In addition, £60 million was spent locally on goods and services for the site.

Through government spending on goods , society tends to reallocate resources from private to public goods consumption.


He went directly to a sporting goods shop, where he purchased a hunting knife.

He must have picked up the definition at one of the sporting goods conventions, where he was now a celebrity.

The manufacturers say they are hoping the helmets will be available in sporting goods stores and department stores within several months.

C., sporting goods store where Bishop bought a pair of tennis shoes on his credit card.


Randhawa handled the goods worth over £5,000 which were stolen .

Insurance companies started hiring him to find stolen goods and investigate false claims. invites people to anonymously post details of stolen goods .

Sure enough, a guy showed up at Zia on the day of the break-in with a stack of the stolen goods .

She is also alleged to have stolen goods to the value of £330.

Nobody goes down to Zia to confiscate the stolen goods so the owner can redeem them.

Break-in: Thieves broke into a house in Norris Street, Warrington, and stole jewellery and goods worth £2,700.

In such cases no serious scholar was willing to risk his or her reputation by handling or studying stolen goods .


If the seller then supplies goods or services in response to that order, there is a contract on those terms.

They follow and brilliantly exploit technological progress, and supply high-quality goods at low prices.

This part of the enterprise was particularly successful and we are grateful to Len for supplying the goods and our Hon.

If the seller supplies goods or services in response, the supply may be regarded as an acceptance of those terms.

Households supply labour and demand goods; firms supply goods and demand labour.

They keep wanting to supply goods without going through the proper procedures.

Manning said he was told Mr McVeigh had been warned on four occasions not to supply goods to the security forces.


worldly goods/possessions

A great number of emigres arrived daily from the mainland, left homeless and often destitute of all worldly possessions.

But he bought no worldly goods.

He loses all his worldly goods because a law suit is not decided in his favor.

My worldly goods, my total possessions.

Returned that same evening to Brigade Headquarters to collect my rucksack containing all my worldly possessions and, of course, the bagpipes.

They tear our houses down, burn up our worldly possessions, and sometimes even kill us.

We generally promise each other all our worldly goods.

Why, of course you must leave all your worldly goods to him.


The cost of almost all goods and services soared when price controls were removed.

The store sells a wide range of goods .

We import a lot of electrical goods from Japan.


But usually you want the goods , so an exchange of goods is normally considered quite acceptable.

Cost of goods sold represents such items as mat & rials costs, direct factory labor, and factory overhead costs.

The beginning of the year saw the introduction of new legislation governing the manual handling of goods and materials.

This led to the social development of new occupational groups to help in the production and transportation of the agricultural goods .

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