Meaning of HEADING in English



be heading for a nervous breakdown (= be likely to suffer one soon )

She should slow down a bit - I think she's heading for a nervous breakdown.

heading for a fall (= is likely to fail soon )

Rumours are that the company is heading for a fall .




If you're making them yourself use the appropriate heading tape.

This was double spaced and contained the employee's name, pay number and appropriate headings for the fields of information needed.

This groups the estimated costs under appropriate headings with subtotals.

The nature of the redundancy provisions should therefore be examined in order to select the most appropriate standard heading .


Documents can only be identified as relevant by scanning the rather larger numbers of documents listed under the broader heading .


Planning the mailing Once the decision has been taken to go ahead a good mailing should be planned under the following headings .

The main reasons are briefly described under the following headings: physical problems; mental problems; problems due to sensory impairment/loss.

Nevertheless, it is reasonable to pick out the following headings . 1.

To our mind, they can be usefully examined under the following four headings .


Leaving these expenses under the general heading of administration in the schools accounts gives governors and staff a distorted picture of expenditure.

Alternatively, general categories or headings are established and topics listed under these headings.

Detailed criteria are discussed under more general headings . 1.


For convenience we shall compare the systems under four main headings , with indirect taxes considered first in each case.

Listed below are the main topical headings and issues that I could decipher.

Normally, in order to maintain control over the use of subdivisions, each combination of main heading and subdivision must be approved.

If centring is to be used for main headings , then sub-headings may be either centred or blocked.

These perspectives fall under two main headings - the formal and the informal approaches to organisations.

Then summarise the main headings on a small card or cards about the size of a postcard.

These twelve variables have subsequently been reduced to four main headings by later writers.


The main conclusions are developed below under separate headings .

It is recommended that names of intended recipients are shown on a separate heading on the agenda for the meeting concerned.

It will be convenient to deal with these under separate headings .

This involves a number of considerations and these will be dealt with under separate headings .


The use of a subject heading is an aid to this.

Both functions of subject headings lists are fulfilled by Sears'.

Thesauri are likely to contain terms that are more specific than those found in subject headings lists. 2.

Subject approaches may be made through classification numbers, subject headings or keywords.

GeoRef assigns more subject headings for each record, and so has potentially higher recall by subject search.

The relationship display in a thesaurus is often more extensive than that in a subject headings list. 5.

Thesaurus or list of subject headings and its structure.

There are two types of controlled indexing language thesauri and subject headings lists.


An estimated breakdown of this sum under various headings is given in the table for guidance only.

Search through your checkbook for the last twelve months and list your expenditures under the various headings .

The various headings by way of example are these. 1.

Stars compare each centre under various headings .

They are allocated period and subject categories, enabling fast retrieval of information under various combinations of headings .

Assess the interviewee under various headings to obtain a comparable profile score.

The material for a given vehicle was split up for convenience under various grouped headings .



He folded back a page at random and read the chapter heading .


He joined the slow column heading out of the double doors of the Kitchen.

However, the column headings must now be adjusted. 6.

Each time a new worksheet is opened, you usually spend time setting up the row and column headings .

Place the cursor on the line just above the column headings . 7.


A few vehicles had passed, but they were all heading north .

Then the route goes north to follow the road going to the west before heading north back to the car park.

And heading north - the light that Boudin saw.


This can be done even if book titles are currently displayed in the same font as, say, section headings .

That produces a list of section headings , including examples, verbs, things and places and activities / events / processes.

Sample section headings for the mailing list of a heavy goods vehicle manufacturer.

Printing a section heading as a node name of the semantic net also sometimes seemed inappropriate for the printed form.


Soon we were off, heading south on the coastal Sligo Road.

Follow this track over a stile heading south .

He walked on down the road, heading south towards the far end of the valley.

McCready found a truck driver heading south , explained that his car had broken down and hitched a lift six miles south.



Cascarino's decider came with the game heading for a shoot-out.

Spontaneous resistance and sabotage A form of activity which clearly comes under the heading of subtle and covert resistance is industrial sabotage.

He had never been too sure as, technically, she was too old to come under the heading of pretty.

Masons came under the same heading .


These perspectives fall under two main headings - the formal and the informal approaches to organisations.

Representations fall broadly under two headings: first, in response to invitations to comment, and second, representations originated by the Faculty.


The criticisms that users gave can be grouped under four headings .

These new military technologies can be grouped under three main headings .


Aim to hold the heading within 5° if possible. 2.

It is also surprisingly difficult to hold accurate heading during a full airbrake sideslipping approach.

We held our heading and checked our tracking with his instruments before he left.


More detailed guidance was given about what should be included under this heading , and a minimum disclosure requirement proposed.


To simplify his thoughts he had listed them under two headings: first there was that which directly affected Belpan.


Free-floating form and topic subdivisions may be used with headings within a given category.

The structure can be further clarified by using headings and the layout of the document.

In other instances the, client company insist on using their own letter heading at least a brand identification.

If centring is to be used for main headings , then sub-headings may be either centred or blocked.

You can use these headings to generate ideas.


be heading

Barry was heading toward the gate, a trickle of water following him from the coiled tube on his shoulder.

Every basketball power recruited him, but Bibby is heading to the University of Arizona.

He's convinced though they are heading the right way.

He might be heading to the fields.

Musically, he was heading for a standard, slightly throw-away show, when the first special guest appeared.

She bumped into Charlie later on, as she was heading out with her list for the coffee-shop order.

The new team gives every appearance of knowing where it is heading .

We were heading away from the Fraxilly sector, so Famlio could search in that area all they wanted.


And this, too, imposed a pattern by grouping incidents under a single heading .

Free-floating form and topic subdivisions may be used with headings within a given category.

That last heading is of special interest.

The questions themselves can then be fitted in under the topic headings decided upon.

The use of a subject heading is an aid to this.

Under the headings of efficiency and accountability a number of initiatives were introduced which are briefly outlined below.

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