Meaning of HEADING in English


ˈhediŋ, -dēŋ noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English hedding, from gerund of hedden to head

1. archaic : decapitation

2. : the compass direction in which the longitudinal axis of a ship or airplane points

3. : something that forms or serves as a head: as

a. : head 17a(1)

b. : a plain, colored, or patterned band woven at the beginning and end of a fabric


(1) : an edge of a ruffle above the line of gathering

(2) : an edge of a curtain rising above a curtain rod

(3) : footing 8a

4. : material for heads of casks or barrels

5. : drift 6a, 6b

6. : an end of a stone or brick presented outward ; also : heading course

7. South & Midland : pillow , bolster

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