Meaning of HEATING in English



a heating system (= in a building )

We’re waiting for the heating system to be repaired.

central heating

the central heating boiler

underfloor heating




But with central heating , it is now not always possible to provide an ideal plunging environment within the home.

It offers good size accommodation, benefiting from three good bedrooms, two separate reception rooms and partial gas fired central heating .

It had central heating , a rarity in the experience of people like us who depended on open coal fires.

Free private car park. Central heating .

Gas fired boiler for central heating and domestic hot water.

You may prefer central heating , and more controllable ventilation than permanently open flue.

It comes complete with full gas central heating , double glazing, a fully fitted kitchen and integral garage.

Another method of buying plumbing goods is by mail order - from suppliers of central heating equipment, for example.


Solar panels are usually mounted on the roof of a house and used for domestic heating .

The outcry against the taxation of domestic heating is misplaced.


So choose electric storage heating and save time, bother, and expense.


Hemiplegic patients feel the cold, so extra home heating may be required.

In future machines the aim will be to raise the temperature without need for so much extra heating .

Pressure groups demanded reassurances that the poor and elderly would be protected from the extra cost of heating their homes.



Many individual heating appliances have their own built-in thermostats.

Modern heating appliances of all types are generally well-designed, unobtrusive, and as efficient as current technology allows.


Because of their disability they are likely to be confined at home longer than non-disabled people, resulting in higher heating bills .

Grants are made for warm clothing, heating bills , beds and bedding, nourishing foods, convalescent holidays, etc.

They are having a real struggle to pay their heating bills , according to the Child Poverty Action Group.

No wonder your heating bills are so high!

This includes contributions towards arrears - heating bills are high on their hard-to-heat council estate.

Our record trade deficit is around P£40 per month, or about P£480 per year: a heating bill .


For it mistook Darren and Michelle Fryer for a giant heating boiler .

The idea of a complex structure can be applied to equipment manufactured by different suppliers, e.g. central heating boilers .

He tore open the cupboard door and peered at the tiny porthole of glass on the front of the central heating boiler .

A combination boiler combines the functions of a central heating boiler and a multi-point water heater.

Potterton free standing gas central heating boiler .

Well, we'd changed our solid-fuel central heating boiler for an oil-fuelled one ... Bingo!

Now experts are urging householders to check their heating boilers are safe.


A basic slo-cooker is an earthenware pot, with a lid, set in a metal frame that contains a heating element .

Customers include makers of heating elements and bimetallic strips for thermostats.

This has a slimline rectangular body with a 1500 watt heating element , and a simple on/off switch.

Plastic Lunch boxes, food storage containers, etc, may melt if stacked close to the heating elements .

Sliding the on/off plate back to on triggers the heating element and also shuts off the water inlet, preventing drips.

The Grillmobil has two separate heating elements , both with 12-step variable temperature switches and two stainless steel grids that are removable.

The tool's temperature controller is self-regulating and keeps the heating element at a steady 130°C.

Don't use these outlets for appliances containing heating elements , though, in case you overload the adaptor.


Currently run on central heating oil at a rate of one gallon per hour.


Luckily, central heating radiators ran around the room, so I was able to position the cable off the floor.


A timer or programmer to control the heating periods and the choice of water heating, space heating or both.

Fish Houses Space heating for the fish house is available in many forms.

The attitude of the nationalised Boards to the accelerating growth of the postwar space heating load was ambivalent.

Sensible operation need not make this so. Space heating .

Another major energy consumer in many laboratories is space heating .


You can get advice on how to make the most of our heating system .

The heating system is old, somewhat noisy, largely uncontrolled and difficult to re-light.

When you spot a leak on the heating system , first switch off the boiler.

So we've introduced several central heating systems at a reduced cost, designed with the smaller home in mind.

The substantial remains of the cavalry fort include a bath house showing the sophisticated workings of the underfloor heating system .

Replacement of the electrical wiring and heating systems , and refurbishment of the lift, were completed on time.

They'd be on to central heating systems next.

With the fish, the Archdeacon started on Cathedral heating systems he had known with special reference to the antipodes.


A timer or programmer to control the heating periods and the choice of water heating, space heating or both.

Furniture makers already use an estimated 35,000 tonnes of waste wood to fire boilers for space and water heating .

Even better, the day before you come back, the heating and water heating will turn itself on.

The spearhead of their sales drive was cooking and water heating , in which their major competitors were the gas boards.

Of this, 250 or so is taken up with lighting, leaving a little over 3,000 watts for water heating .

Solar water heating Harnessing the natural radiant energy of the sun seems an obvious way to cut down on ever-increasing fuel bills.



It offers good size accommodation, benefiting from three good bedrooms, two separate reception rooms and partial gas fired central heating .

Other features include gas fired central heating .

Situated in Church Road, Litherland, the property benefits from gas fired central heating and partial secondary glazing.

Archway House benefits from sealed unit double glazed windows and Gas fired central heating throughout.

It has full gas fired central heating to radiators and has a lovely west facing secluded garden.

Gas fired central heating is installed as well and you can also enjoy the traditional benefit of an open fire.

The house, which has gas fired central heating and double glazing, is situated in Ormskirk Road, Liverpool 9.

Full gas fired central heating is installed and the system has been fully overhauled within the last twelve months.


Other features include gas fired central heating .

In flats with central heating , rent includes the cost of heating and is about £2.50 per week higher.

Customers include makers of heating elements and bimetallic strips for thermostats.

Overheads were an estimate based on floor space and include heating , lighting, and porterage.

This charge includes accommodation, heating and all meals except weekday lunches.


If installing new central heating , fit an energy-efficient gas-condensing boiler.

In fact, in this present market, the question isn't can you afford to install gas central heating .

In a couple of places we've installed central heating .


Jane would light the fire, turn the heating on, put the horses and donkey out and do the shopping.


Central heating pump Q. Please could you give me any information on running a filter and fountain using a central heating pump?

Results and Discussion Two basic approaches can be followed when using long-term laboratory heating experiments to investigate the generating potential of coals.

The methane gas produced is used for heating and generating power for the farm buildings.

We use it for heating , appliances, lighting, transport, electricity and industrial processes.


the heating and air conditioning system


Even on long journeys early trains had no corridors, lavatories, dining cars or heating .

Extra heating may also be required to offset pain, discomfort or poor circulation.

He fired up the gas logs to supplement the background heating and they sat on the Chesterfield.

In the summer, open windows and in the winter, turn on the heating so it is warm and welcoming.

Noise, lighting and heating should be carefully examined and measurements taken if problems are identified.

Not that home heating fuels were a better option.

She went round to Liese's instead, where there was central heating .

To be comfortable year round, the conservatory will require some form of heating .

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