Meaning of HEATING in English

heat ‧ ing S3 /ˈhiːtɪŋ/ BrE AmE noun [uncountable]

[ Word Family: noun : ↑ heat , ↑ heater , ↑ heating ; verb : ↑ heat , ↑ overheat ; adverb : ↑ heatedly ; adjective : ↑ heated ≠ UNHEATED ]

especially British English a system for making a room or building warm SYN heat American English

⇨ ↑ central heating

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■ verbs

▪ have heating

The house didn't have any heating when we moved in.

▪ have the heating on (=use the heating)

It's getting colder, but we haven't had the heating on yet.

▪ leave the heating on (=continue to use the heating)

I don't like to leave the heating on at night.

▪ put/switch/turn the heating on

Why don't you put the heating on if you're cold?

▪ switch/turn the heating off

We turn the heating off before bed.

▪ turn the heating down/up

Can you turn the heating down a bit?

▪ the heating comes on

The heating comes on at six.

▪ the heating goes off

The heating goes off automatically when the room is warm enough.

■ adjectives

▪ solar heating (=heating powered by the sun)

They've installed solar heating in the new house.

▪ underfloor heating

Underfloor heating is popular in bathrooms.

■ heating + NOUN

▪ a heating system

The gas leak was caused by a faulty heating system.

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