Meaning of HOSPITAL in English




a hospital appointment British English

My hospital appointment lasted half an hour.

a hospital clinic

You can be tested for infection at a special hospital clinic.

a hospital doctor British English (= working in a hospital )

Junior hospital doctors have to work very long hours.

a hospital patient

All hospital patients have to follow a daily routine.

a hospital stay ( also a stay in hospital British English a stay in the hospital American English )

Sally is back at work after a short stay in hospital.

a medical/hospital drama (= about events in a hospital )

He played a doctor in the US medical drama 'ER'.

a patient is admitted (to hospital)

This examination should be done when the patient is admitted to hospital.

a patient is discharged (from hospital) (= allowed to leave it )

The patient was discharged after eight days.

an office/museum/hospital etc complex

a 120-acre office complex near Las Vegas

an office/school/hospital etc building

Our office building is just ten minutes’ walk from where I live.

company/hospital/university etc policy

It is not company policy to offer refunds.

cottage hospital

factory/hospital/school etc closure

the problem of school closures

field hospital

General Hospital

Watford General Hospital

hospital admissions

There are 13,000 hospital admissions annually due to playground accidents.

hospital care

£50.6m is to be spent on hospital care.

hospital treatment

Several people needed hospital treatment for burns.

hospital/library/office etc staff

He had responsibility for training library staff.

isolation hospital/ward British English

Scarlet fever victims had to go to the isolation hospital.

long-stay hospital/ward/bed etc

medical/hospital/health etc records

The hospital could not find my mother’s medical records.

Patients’ hospital records are kept on a database.

mental hospital

rushed to hospital

Dan was rushed to hospital with serious head injuries.

teaching hospital

the hotel/hospital/museum etc entrance

Our taxi pulled up outside the hotel entrance.




Not every clinical condition will be managed efficiently in the district general hospitals which are supposed to take over from us.

The general hospitals were overcrowded and could do little for them in their advanced stages of illness.

I am advised that there were no serious repercussions for any patient at Sunderland general hospital last year.

Fear about the spread of infection accounted for the physical separation of the obstetrical and pediatric divisions in large general hospitals .

He's being treated for a punctured lung at the town's general hospital .

For many patients, acute care came in county or city general hospitals where patients with contagious diseases were sent.

In others, the general hospital psychiatric service will be able to provide aftercare, including where necessary, family therapy.


In order to stimulate competition, large hospitals were encouraged to become self-governing.

This old mansion became a large hospital .

It operates from a large teaching hospital which until recently had no community links.

Recently a patient was being evaluated in a large New York hospital .

A similar number of referrals came, however, from nearby large district general hospitals .

Fear about the spread of infection accounted for the physical separation of the obstetrical and pediatric divisions in large general hospitals .

Then they walked up to the front door of the large hospital .

So, reluctantly, the larger voluntary hospitals followed.


If the relatives could not pick the patient up, he would be lodged in the casualty department of the local hospital .

The woman, whose name is not being released, is recovering from a fractured skull at a local hospital .

The local district general hospital is the only possibility.

He was taken to a local hospital , where doctors recommended that he see orthopedic surgeons here.

Voice over Patients are delighted their local hospital has been saved from the axe.

She checks herself into the psychiatric ward of our local hospital .

At least 31 party-goers were treated at local hospitals for symptoms including nausea and accelerated heart rates.


Families hid their ill relatives in a cell at home or in a mental hospital .

Four days after paramedics recommended Brown be hospitalized, he was transferred to the state mental hospital .

My Mom took a job as a nursing orderly in a mental hospital where sleeping pills and tranquillisers were easily obtainable.

The opening of the hospital has also reinvigorated a wider debate on the need for mental hospitals for the young.

The number of mental hospital beds trebled to over 300,000 in 20 years and has since risen to 340,000.

It runs Chestnut Lodge, a mental hospital in Rockville, and several outpatient clinics.

He found out about her stays in mental hospitals and some of the problems in her early life.

The government officials responsible for the mental hospital say they too want to move children back into the community.


Gilfoyle, 31-year-old auxiliary nurse at a private hospital , has pleaded not guilty to murdering his eight-month pregnant wife, Paula.

If she undergoes surgery, it will take place in a private hospital and will be paid for by Zapatista supporters.

And for one private hospital , the contract could be worth up to 180,000 pounds.

He was the comptroller of a medium-size private hospital .

He was the priest who visited patients at the private hospital on the hill.

Certainly, there is no requirement in private hospitals to revalue their fixed assets every three years.

It had no idea if the private hospitals were in turn charging their patients.


Hospital records were sought for such patients who had died in care outside psychiatric hospitals .

The campus is an inpatient psychiatric hospital specializing in adult care.

A recent survey by the National Schizophrenia Fellowship has shown that 45 psychiatric hospitals will close by the year 2000.

In psychiatric hospitals , the countywide average stay has plummeted from 22 days five years ago to 13 days now.

Recently, six Humberside teenagers ended up in a psychiatric hospital with a form of schizophrenia after taking the drug.

In a psychiatric hospital for children and adolescents?

Our experience indicates that the majority of in-patients in psychiatric hospitals are not particularly suitable, even if their major problem is anxiety.

He remained in the psychiatric hospital for three weeks.


Nursing in public hospitals was also pensionable, while the more prestigious voluntary hospitals were early pension providers.

Can you imagine requiring that all Medicaid and Medicare recipients go to public hospitals ?

The average costs of treating patients at private hospitals are less than those in public hospitals.

Even medical care is available on demand at most public hospitals to indigent people with no money.

The hospital will be a public voluntary teaching hospital and will include a nursing school.

The occasional incidents of newborn babies being stolen from public hospitals understandably causes a furore.

For-profit hospitals turn away patients who have no insurance, sending them to overcrowded public hospitals.

From almost the first day, she and her husband had begun the round of public hospitals and clinics.



X-rays, blood tests, dates of emergency hospital admissions , visits to the general practitioner, medication.

The two groups were compared at hospital admission and at one year after their procedure.

Disease was measured by first hospital admission rates since endometriosis can be diagnosed with accuracy only at laparotomy or laparoscopy.

Counselling and psychotherapy Psychotherapy commences during hospital admission and continues long after discharge.

No room: Bed shortage halts some hospital admissions .

The boy behind pulled Roy's chair away leading to another hospital admission .

However, hospital admissions for asthma attacks, mostly among children, doubled during the 1980s.

She had a history of hospital admissions for similar symptoms in 1976, 1983, and 1989 which resolved spontaneously.


Plain hospital beds with flock mattresses laid on interlaced wire springs were for the junior members of the staff.

The family and I gathered around his hospital bed .

I was surprised how weak and light-headed I felt on nipping out of my hospital bed to recover a dropped book.

Penny lay in another hospital bed suffering the acute, painful stages of the disease.

It is Gunn's memories of his friends lying dying in hospital beds which inspires this verse.

For their trouble, they are given only meals and a hospital bed during their stays.

The gateway to the hospital bed is largely controlled by doctors and therefore their absence or presence is fundamental to this issue.

Jailing the mentally ill when there is no hospital bed available may seem archaic, but it is not rare.


Products offered by service industries include hospital care , dental treatment, holiday arrangements and accountancy services, for example. 5.

She still needed hospital care but certainly seemed to be getting better.

A constant theme in research concerned with the hospital care of older people is the discharge from hospital back to the community.

This suggests that those entering long-stay hospital care present different sorts of needs from those entering public/private nursing home or residential care.

The by-election came only two weeks after the ending of universal free hospital care .

Children's hospital care condemned A report has shown intensive care facilities for critically-ill children are seriously lacking.

This exercise suggested that there were few class differences in community nurse use or acute hospital care .


Let's hope he is able to get in some training at his field hospital so that he at least stays in touch with his fitness.

Or imagine field hospitals suddenly deluged not with crates of morphine but with horses!

She says they've set up a field hospital with the latest equipment.

All was quiet save in the field hospitals in the rear.

Mark, 26, is a former Army medic who was called up to man a field hospital during the Gulf War.

But an emergency medical team from Dagestan gave this reporter a lift to the field hospital located just outside the town.

They bumped past a hut for collecting the dead, then the field hospital that lay ahead of it.

Each field hospital has four operating theatres and around 200 beds.


The hospital staff wouldn't thank him for provoking another.

Instead these injuries resulted from complications that occurred even though doctors and hospital staff had provided quality care.

They appeal for her to contact the hospital staff on a special telephone number so that they can offer her help and support.

Patients were divided from the administration, and divisiveness developed within the ranks of the hospital staff itself.

I always suspect that the proverbial gratitude which patients express to hospital staff is really gratitude for having got out alive!

Some of the hospital staff distributed biscuits and rice, but the charnel-house smell was so strong that few were hungry.

The cash was raised by hospital staff .

It was his mental state which put the wind up the hospital staff .


It is usually as effective as surgery in treating bile duct stones and involves a shorter hospital stay .

During that long hospital stay , it became painfully clear that I had two choices.

The reduction was due to more severe symptoms with longer hospital stay in the supportive care group.

There were no walking wounded, no agonized hospital stays , no maimed pilots to mar the scene.

Although 83 he was still sprightly and his death from pneumonia following a short hospital stay came as a shock.

As children no longer needed long hospital stays , the hospital opened its door to adults.

All prescribed medications, hospital stays , and transportation were offered free of charge.

The Doles met, she explained, at the end of his hospital stay for severe war injuries.


It is the first medical technique of its kind to be practised by a major Belfast teaching hospital .

Edinburgh is well provided with clinical teaching hospitals .

It operates from a large teaching hospital which until recently had no community links.

In Dublin, for example, two teaching hospitals were closed in 1987.

What these men gained in return was the prestige and professional recognition that came from practising at one of the teaching hospitals .

Setting - Clinical investigation unit of teaching hospital recruiting from diabetes clinics of five teaching hospitals and one district general hospital.

For months, the spin doctors relied on the training imparted at such teaching hospitals as the Downing Street Policy Unit.

Setting - Clinical investigation unit of teaching hospital recruiting from diabetes clinics of five teaching hospitals and one district general hospital.


Thomas Cunningham suffered a cut to the scalp which required hospital treatment .

Stanton, 69, suffered minor injuries to his face and head but did not require hospital treatment .

More than 20 officers needed hospital treatment .

One victim was stabbed; others required hospital treatment as a result of the attacks.

It was time for the Essex Ambulance Service to be called into action as a player from each side needed hospital treatment .

That night, scores of people were beaten badly enough to require hospital treatment , including twenty newsmen.

The protester needed hospital treatment and months of physiotherapy after being run down.



She was admitted to hospital on 21 January because of a productive cough and mild dyspnoea which had appeared four days earlier.

But Owens was absent because her father was admitted to the hospital .

He was admitted to hospital earlier this week after showing no signs of recovery.

Casei. i An elderly patient who has been vomiting is admitted to the hospital because of dehydration.

She was admitted to hospital and the baby was induced because the doctors feared both Esther and the baby were in danger.

As a precaution they had both been admitted to hospital , but Sean Walsh had driven up and got Benny discharged.

A 72 year old man with ischaemic heart disease and poor ventricular function was admitted to hospital after collapsing at home.

It is also possible for patients to be admitted directly to general hospitals and never to psychiatric hospital.


If the person dies in hospital the family will need to collect the body from the mortuary.

I watched my son die in the hospital .

He collapsed in a police cell and died later in hospital .

They performed prayer services when her father was dying in a Washington hospital .

Four died in hospital and Emma Hartley, one of the survivors, was trying to come to terms with that.

Read in studio A man has died in hospital , after being released from Police custody.

The Pollard had suffered serious head injuries and later died in Frenchay hospital in Bristol.

Retired postman Mr Wilkins, 73, was already dead and his 83-year-old wife died in hospital two weeks later.


Twenty four hours earlier, Liverpool manager Graeme Souness had been discharged from hospital after a heart bypass.

Two teenagers were discharged from a Boston hospital Saturday.

This approach includes ensuring that patients are not discharged from hospital until adequate community care is available.

The other four, including the boy arrested, had earlier checked out or been discharged from local hospitals .

One of the four police officers injured in the explosion has been discharged from hospital .

No one should be discharged from this hospital against his will.

The first is that when people are discharged from hospital early they should be seen soon in out-patients.

She was discharged from hospital within a week and by that time, could carry out the majority of her normal activities.


As they left the hospital , Evelyn grabbed her hand to cross the road to get to the car park.

Clutching his new bear, he left the hospital for the Garth House, a Beaumont facility for battered and abused children.

He left the hospital and began to walk slowly along the boulevard leading back to the centre of Perugia.

It was the first time I had seen her since she left for the hospital that morning.

They left the hospital in the morning, and they didn't reach the village until the following evening.

People began leaving hospitals in waves, and fewer came to replace them.

She reported that since she had left hospital her parents had been more sympathetic towards her.

They had left the hospital grounds now, and she thought about the two suitcases in the back of the car.


Schäuble was released from hospital on Oct. 31 after two operations to remove a bullet lodged near his spine.

Maya has been released from the hospital but her medical condition is unclear.

He's just been released from hospital .

She was to stay overnight in the hospital and was expected to be released Thursday morning, hospital spokesman Brice Peyre said.

But key central defender Alan McDonald is out after being released from hospital with bruised kidneys.

The friend was injured slightly and was released from the hospital the next day.

She was later released from the hospital and is making good progress recovering at home, a hospital spokeswoman said.


The needle had apparently disappeared into her thigh, so the nuns had rushed her to the hospital .

Just before midnight they called off the fast and rushed Snyder to a hospital .

Fireworks show ends in terror A child is rushed to hospital in an ambulance after the explosion.

Miss Tish was rushed to the hospital with internal injuries.

But the following Sunday - it seemed to be always on Sunday - he experienced violent pains and was rushed into hospital .

And in one case, three teen-age girls were found unconscious in a trunk and rushed to a local hospital .

She is later rushed to hospital with terrible cramps.

Olson and Vargas were rushed to Tucson area hospitals .


Jones received medical attention on the canvas and spent the night in hospital for observation.

The length of time he spends in this hospital is entirely up to us.

BThe five days Ashley spent in the hospital with pneumonia, she says, were the best of her life.

For example, my father had grown very ill and I spent hours in the hospital with him in midtown.

Most of it will be spent providing hospital accommodation for parents who want to stay with their sick children.

Physicians no longer should be limited to time spent at the hospital for learning, he reasoned.

John spent two weeks in hospital and 10 days in the intensive care unit after receiving internal burns.

Anne spent 3 months in hospital and can barely remember this royal visit.


In the struggle one officer smashed his head on a bench and had to be taken to hospital .

I was unconscious and had to be taken to the hospital .

In another accident two people were taken to hospital after a three-car pile-up on the A350, near Chippenham, in Wilts.

Two passengers with minor cuts and a man with a heart condition were taken to hospitals .

An ambulance took her to the hospital .

His grandparents were taken to hospital with fractures and burns after the accident on the A35 near Dorchester, Dorset.

Anderson wound up taking him to the hospital , where Smyth was treated for a sprained ankle and bumps and bruises.


Police said 36 people were arrested, mainly for public order offences, and four casualties were treated in hospital .

The injured were being treated at two Bombay hospitals , police said.

Four hurt: Four men were treated in hospital after a head-on car crash at Musham Bank, Scarborough.

Of infections treated in hospitals , about one-third are nosocomial.

The survivors are being treated in hospital in Yuma, and will be deported when they are able to be moved.

At least seven people sustained minor injuries and were being treated at local hospitals .

King's health Hussein was treated in hospital in Amman on June 11-13 for an irregular heartbeat.

At least 31 party-goers were treated at local hospitals for symptoms including nausea and accelerated heart rates.


Relatives who've visited them in hospital say they are recovering.

Next day before sunup she rose to visit the hospital .

Yet when Ruksana Khan was attacked, the Home Secretary visited her in hospital and everything.

Afterward, he visited the hospital , dropped by the Grill for breakfast, and headed to the office, walking.

They hadn't been to visit Baby in hospital either.

When I visited her in hospital in Calcutta, she looked faded and worn-out.

Many new school volunteers were apprehensive about visiting the hospital , anxieties fed by their fear of the unknown.

Students also visit the hospital in groups.


land sb in trouble/hospital/court etc

Being too aggressive can land you in trouble - and still not get you paid.

But that would land Dolly in trouble.

In fact, it's the very program that landed Microsoft in court.

It doesn't have to land you in trouble.

Might we not show these photographs to the government and land the people in trouble?

The attendant filed criminal charges against the princess, landing her in court two days after she landed at Logan.

There was no harm in that but it landed him in trouble every time.


A man has been admitted to hospital with gunshot wounds.

I was in hospital for eight weeks after the accident.

Lucy works as a nurse at the local hospital .

There is an urgent need to make more hospital beds available for long-term patients.


A diabetic, she spent two days in the hospital last week when stress sent her blood pressure rocketing.

Back to hospital and you must restrain yourself, old boy, nudge wink.

Bria was taken to the hospital on Feb. 15 after spending the day in her father's care.

Emmanuel suffered a miscarriage two weeks later and was taken to the hospital shackled and handcuffed.

He hugged hundreds of babies, shook thousands of hands and cut ribbons at new universities, high-tech factories and a hospital .

Head-injured patients are normally admitted to hospital and kept there until it is certain that they are fully fit to return home.

Riley remained on the island - he was in hospital recovering from injuries.

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