Meaning of IDEAL in English


I. adjective


a perfect/ideal setting

The castle was a perfect setting for the wedding.

compromise your beliefs/convictions/ideals

Anti-war activists were put in prison for refusing to compromise their beliefs.

fall short of a goal/target/ideal

The economy fell short of the Treasury’s target of 2% growth.

good/ideal preparation (= very useful )

The game was good preparation for our match at Torquay next week.

make good/ideal etc pets (= be good/very good as pets )

Do rabbits make good pets?

sb's ideal weight (= what someone should weigh, according to their height and body type )

She weighs about 10lbs more than her ideal weight.

the best/perfect/ideal solution

Locking people in prison is not necessarily the ideal solution.

the ideal/perfect opportunity

I'd been wanting to try sailing, and this seemed like the ideal opportunity.

the perfect/ideal gift for sb

This book is the perfect gift for anybody who’s interested in birds.

unattainable ideal/dream/goal etc




This is an ideal base for those attracted to Torbole for its windsurfing, or for those wishing to visit nearby Riva.

Based as it is on the north western edge of Snowdonia the centre is an ideal base for all kinds of climbing.

It's an ideal base from which to enjoy your stay.

This medium should provide the ideal base for complete and balanced growth.

Just five hundred yards from the A82, it makes an ideal base from which to tour the Central Highlands.

Set right in the heart of bubbling Benitses, it's an ideal base for entertainment in the resort.

Illmitz is such a village and is in the heart of the Seewinkel area, providing an ideal base for our course.

It offers an ideal base for a relaxed and leisurely holiday in the heart of the Tuscan countryside.


Jenny was, Eloise hoped, the ideal candidate .

But with his conservative views on welfare and other issues affecting women, he was hardly our ideal candidate .

His stable star Jodami looks an ideal candidate for National Hunt's most important chasing prize.

Tremendous value, good performance and an ideal candidate for a Value award.

The ideal candidate will have experience of protein purification and gene cloning and should have an appreciation of plant defence mechanisms.

Her age makes her the ideal candidate for a pension mortgage.

Its elasticity would have made it the ideal candidate for a trampoline-cover.


Roses are often the ideal choice .

This makes it an ideal choice of food.

This made him the ideal choice to fly this naval fighter.

One would have thought that Ian Botham would be an ideal choice , but his one-day record argues otherwise.

As both these species are comparatively compact, with a light foliage they are an ideal choice for the smaller garden.

He says that the bright colours, as well as the subject matter, made it an ideal choice .

So if you intend to paint a cold, bleak, winter scene, the grey would be an ideal choice .

Stanley is the opposite to Mitch and an ideal choice for her needs.


An aquarium two or three years old is an ideal environment for the growth and development of all species of aquatic plants.

Next we have fisheries, such as the Cheshire meres, which are ideal environments for producing really big bream.

The University and the City of Edinburgh provide an ideal environment for the degree course, academically and physically.

Hydrcolloid dressings provide an ideal environment for wound healing.

Set in 30 acres of attractive parkland on the River Thames, it offers the ideal environment in which to study.

And he hailed it for providing an ideal environment in which individualism can flourish.

The Sardinians were great experts in both activities for which their remote dwellings surrounded by rich Tuscan pastures were the ideal environment .


The Report encouraged the idea that there is one ideal form of organisational structure which can be applied to all organisations.

It is doubtful that face-to-face meetings are the ideal form of group communication in all situations.

Small wonder that there was little time or taste for theorizing about ideal forms of secondary education.

Zeno and his followers rejected Plato's two-worlds theory of ideal forms and sense data.

Sleek, solidly built, gentle on the environment, they are often an ideal form of city transport.

Francis Lee's youngster has ideal form for a contest like this and seems to be improving with every run.

But this also describes, if only in ideal form , the character of the academic community.


Location Edinburgh provides an ideal location for the study of scientific and technical graphics.

Sanibel is the ideal location for a serious shell museum.

It is an ideal location for wedding receptions, having large attractive grounds.

The gallery has an ideal location on central London's Covent Garden.

It makes a perfect base and not just for enthusiastic golfers and golf societies looking for an ideal location .

They could also be ideal locations for bureau services, or just for companies to hire for courses or away-days.

Intermediates, too, find this the ideal location first to tangle with performance dinghies and catamarans.

Hotel Amenities All Citalia hotels have been specially selected for their ideal location , good service and value.


Unlike the eternal ideal model on which it is based, the universe is subject to change.

The first attempts to understand the quantised Hall effect were in terms of this ideal model .


Male speaker Our community has three artists working from these workshops and this seemed an ideal opportunity to show their work.

Problem-solving time is also an ideal opportunity to get some insight into how you are feeling and how your child is feeling.

Workshops are an ideal opportunity to meet tutors and exchange ideas with fellow students.

This was an ideal opportunity for a friend of mine who is a gifted seminar leader.

Many catering colleges consider the award to be an ideal opportunity to evaluate their students' progress against other catering colleges.

It is exclusive to Club 18-30, and offers an ideal opportunity to meet other couples on holiday.

However, it is an ideal opportunity to meet one's colleagues on a regular basis and to discuss matters of concern.


Nick was the ideal person for the role.

As a child, you probably imagined the ideal person you wanted to be.

Doctor, you would be the ideal person to assist me in a small experiment.


Southend was once the ideal place for a day out from the East End.

It is the ideal place to spend a leisurely holiday.

The ideal place to start is in an area that has been problematic all season-the defense.

Perhaps that was not the ideal place to lodge her.

Maurice had only to look around at Casterton to see the ideal place for his school.

One is a realistic, pitch-dark forest of oaks - an ideal place for hide-and-seek in almost treeless Venice.

Of course the ideal place for her is in a home but it's a question of money.


This was a popular option and, at 56, Fleischmann was in an ideal position for it.

The ideal position for the mouse is on the same plane as the keyboard and as close to the keyboard as possible.

We are a few yards away from the Palace Pier and in an ideal position for all attractions including the Marina.

Time spent building a complete picture of your ideal position will be well spent.

Peabody appears to be in the ideal position to meet this goal.

Using the principles of creative job hunting, she quickly found her ideal position through networking.

You will need to narrow down the possibilities to find the one ideal position for you.


Few of us are blessed with ideal situations , often having to endure steep slopes, narrow alley-ways or deep shade.

The ideal situation would be to recover the capital investment and the production costs and still make a reasonable profit.

Many fishkeepers feed their fish just once a day, but this is very different to the ideal situation .

The ideal situation for the artist is that all money should be paid to the artist.

In an ideal situation the staff to be trained will be taught externally on an identical system to the one being installed.

The ideal situation , of course, would be to be empathic and in rapport with the horse.

It was, in the circumstances, an ideal situation .

Even so it helps to understand what each requires in an ideal situation .


Delegates were generally agreed that the ideal solution was to remove migrants' reasons for wanting to leave.

The Generalísimo, however, was not convinced that this was the ideal solution .

In those days married women didn't work, so for her it was the ideal solution .

No ideal solution to this problem has been found.

While the ideal solution is a fast 486 computer there are a lot of 386 machines still performing sterling service.

This split barrier is an ideal solution for keeping out undesirables such as motorbikes while giving room for wheelchairs to pass through easily.

The ideal solution would be to use such people as software testers but the world isn't that well organised!

Though Hunt was grateful, this was hardly an ideal solution .


Late spring is the ideal time to divide waterlilies, the plants being lifted and the adult foliage removed at source.

It certainly came at an ideal time , given the uncertainty surrounding this team.

He had not been able to in Edinburgh, but now seemed the ideal time .

When is the ideal time for a gynecological exam? &038;.

The moon was full, the sky clear; it seemed an ideal time for the manifestation of ghosts.

Winter may seem like the ideal time to do interior painting, but it requires adequate ventilation.

The ideal time to pursue the sport which many considered to be the purest form of hunting.

The ideal time at which to make an arrest is in the early hours of the morning.


But as was stated above, it must always be borne in mind that these models are ideal types .

Since they are ideal types , this fact is not surprising.

Pahl and Winkler, however, construct an ideal type of corporatist system, and not a description of contemporary Britain.

As an ideal type , however, a command economy need not be committed to such egalitarianism.

As previously noted, the ideal type of short or long term residential care is another family home.

An ideal type is illustrative, but it does not necessarily correspond exactly to any real-world example.

The four examples below suggest some of the features of actual political economies relative to ideal types .


It is an ideal way to start the under 14's on the right road to savings.

I was starting to think of the caddie bus as the ideal way to travel.

She saw you coming up the drive, and hit on the ideal way to take her revenge.

Finesse Intensive Conditioner is an ideal way of treating holiday hair, repairing damage done by sun, sea and chlorine.

From each magazine, our Classical Music Editor will make a top recommendation as your ideal way to build your classical library.

Just as there is no ideal size for the top team, there is equally no ideal way of working.

There's very little except ... the ideal way , of course, is to bring your husband around for them to meet.

The ideal way is with a single, long exhalation, but most of us do not have the lung-power for that.


Charts, then, are only a rough guide to ideal weight .

The nonsmoking, sedentary men involved in the study were 20 percent to 60 percent over ideal weight , but otherwise healthy.

Finally, you can plan ahead and continue with some sort of contingency contract when you have attained your ideal weight .

Guides to ideal weight often seem arbitrary and inflexible.

This answer falls within the acceptable range and so indicates that this person is at or reasonably close to her ideal weight .

For health - as opposed to fashion - reasons, there is a 2-stone range of ideal weight for your height.

Having decided upon your frame category, check your height and ideal weight with the chart.

Persevere and keep going until you reach your ideal weight .


To go onstage in the flag is to be a 50p magnet, nomatterwhat it might mean in an ideal world .

Adolescent thought initially is idealistic-logical, and often it is manifest in criticism of society and an elaboration of ideal worlds .

In an ideal world , the purchaser will wish to receive formal consent from every customer and supplier before completing the acquisition.

In their ideal world , Gingrich would be sullied, but not sundered.

In an ideal world every fat, thin, tall or short woman should feel happy with her shape.

The ideal world is said to be closed to photography.

Then came the series of blows that shattered the oil boss's ideal world .

But ... this isn't an ideal world .


betray your beliefs/principles/ideals etc

conform to a pattern/model/ideal etc

match up to sb's hopes/expectations/ideals etc


A completely new kitchen would be ideal , but I don't think that we can afford it.

I'm afraid the accommodation here is far from ideal .

I realize this isn't an ideal situation.

If you could complete the report by Friday, that would be ideal .

In an ideal world, no one would ever get sick.

It's a very relaxed hotel, ideal for families with young children.

My ideal man would be someone like Mel Gibson.

My new office is in an ideal location.

Plato dreamed of an ideal society.

The ideal candidate will have a degree and at least two years' experience.

The conditions are ideal for a day's skiing.

The house was a little too small so it was not ideal .

The town makes an ideal base for exploring the surrounding countryside.

The trip is difficult, even under ideal conditions.

The weather was ideal for the whole vacation.

With its tough suspension and 4-wheel drive, the truck is ideal for driving in the desert.


Combined with virtual reality capabilities, the team can design its own ideal collaborative work space without the constraints of physical reality.

Emergency admissions Admissions do not always take place in ideal circumstances, especially where a crisis has arisen.

Hung on seemingly gossamer cables and curving seductively over a frothing gorge below the Falls, it would be esthetically ideal .

Is it not also an ideal metaphor for Dole: Route 66, the thread that runs through his life?

It certainly came at an ideal time, given the uncertainty surrounding this team.

The main auditorium Although you can shrink a hall by various techniques, it is not ideal .

The Report encouraged the idea that there is one ideal form of organisational structure which can be applied to all organisations.

When is the ideal time for a gynecological exam? &.

II. noun




He was an associate of Neuhaus, and like that legendary figure imparted the richest sense of cultural and human ideals .

There is also strong central support from Rome which places catholic education at the centre of its cultural catholicism ideal .


Two potential avenues for this enterprise have been suggested: the corporatist and the democratic ideal of the company.

The democratic ideal ... embeds at its heart the ideal of compromise.

A different vision of the company might draw upon the democratic ideal which inspires the relation of the citizen to the state.


Concerned that his overweight body can not live up to feminine ideals , Dave's depression nearly ends his marriage.

Through their various plights, the drama questions a world where feminine ideals regularly defy rational explanation.

But she, too, felt compelled to whip herself into the dominant feminine ideal .


Henry Lunn, one of the major figures of the early days of organized travel, was also inspired by high ideals .

Her virginity is one of the highest ideals in Catholicism.

Though it created problems in times of political crisis, it was the price one had to pay for pursuing high ideals .

He kept meditating on the highest ideals and professed weakness to do anything about those ideals.

A professor of small details, and high ideals .

Aung San was a real leader with high ideals .

Not the lofty creation of some Turin styling studio, but rather the realisation of men with rather higher ideals .


In both theories, however, the guiding vision and uniting theme remains a fidelity to the liberal ideal of individual autonomy.

In summary, our examination of interests theories demonstrates their fundamental inconsistency with liberal ideals .

Our refinement of these theories will reveal, however, certain defects in their interpretations of the liberal ideal of private autonomy.

Nevertheless, the modern law of contracts tenaciously clings to the liberal ideal of individual autonomy.


First, there are facts about what different people's moral ideals actually are.


And that requires embracing a new ideal: collective entrepreneurship.

But while the new physically fit ideal was liberating to women, it would lead to more self-consciousness about their bodies.

This task, the creation of new constructive ideals , has hardly ever been accomplished by youth alone.

Exercise companies use this new ideal to sell products the way diet companies always have, promising a fantasy body.

Savings banks and cooperatives spread new ideals about independence and thrift.

More than anyone, Hildebrand had been the visionary force behind the new ideal .


Here was a country striving for the noblest ideals , breaking new ground ... Straight up!

The health service has genuinely noble ideals: it provides excellent treatment irrespective of income.

Alger's stories gave the country a noble ideal - a society in which imagination and effort summoned their just reward.

Here were young people striving for the noblest ideals .


It is based on old men's ideas, old men's ideals and frustrations.

The Old Testament ideal of an eye for an eye speaks to that need.

This is the old Futurist ideal of living dangerously, of self-sacrifice.

New breath is being blown into this old ideal .


Britain stood for political ideals that must prevail if western civilization were not to break down.

The Conservative case is more than a political ideal: it can be backed up by rigorous economic arguments.

Even if we do find such conventions, the appeal of the conception still depends on the political ideal of protected expectations.

Any political pursuit of ideals of the good is likely to be botched and distorted.


It is a religious and social ideal which is achieved relatively infrequently in practice.

Thus collectivism has historical roots in religious or intellectual ideals , and in communal social practices.

Many of its earlier leaders were lay preachers who entered politics in order to apply their religious ideals in practical ways.


Men would be crazy about her at first, echoing her belief in the romantic ideal .

It is part of the romantic ideal that the promise of a beautiful woman is the promise of eternal perfection.

Things that last, not some instant romantic ideal .

For one thing, the Manwaring trade crushed the last remnants of his romantic ideal .

Again, more men than women endorsed the romantic ideal by answering yes.

Only Richard Burton, her first lover, seems like the chivalrous romantic ideal .


It is a religious and social ideal which is achieved relatively infrequently in practice.

Lily was humanity bound to duty, unable to choose, suffering, at the mercy of social ideals .


Is it realising the socialist ideals that we stood for?


This is not an unattainable ideal , but a goal which you must pursue in order to avoid stagnation.

That is, better an unattainable ideal than a limited attainable goal when it comes to the welfare of our fellow men.



He ridicules but secretly envies Saburov, who accepts professional obscurity and poverty rather than compromising his talent by betraying his artistic ideals .


Suppose that I am committed to an ideal of conserving areas of natural beauty or variegated wild life in my country.


Those women who do not conform to constructed aesthetic ideals are punished and excluded.

Banning books which don't conform to that ideal is another.

However, the shy beauty of Freud's young woman does not conform to the glamourous ideals of the age.


Conscience is a function of the ego ideal , and is critical of failure to live up to the ego ideal.

In their private lives , many of the repealers sought to live out the ideal of companionate marriage.

Concerned that his overweight body can not live up to feminine ideals , Dave's depression nearly ends his marriage.


What he says or does is not as important as the extent to which he matches up to an ideal .


Discrimination between individuals consists in making it easier for some than for others to realize their ideals of the good.

Lawrence Lefferts occurred to him as the husband who had most completely realized this enviable ideal .

The Fiction captures an iron determination to undertake the hard work necessary to realize his own ideals .


It's unrealistic to expect your colleagues to share your ideals and motives.


betray your beliefs/principles/ideals etc

conform to a pattern/model/ideal etc

high principles/ideals

He believed genuinely in high principles and aims even if he was not yet assured of a sense of perspective.

Henry Lunn, one of the major figures of the early days of organized travel, was also inspired by high ideals.

Her virginity is one of the highest ideals in Catholicism.

The war, the president insists, is about higher principles than control of a grubby liquid in the ground.

They put short-term expediency and selfish interest before the application of high principles.

Though it created problems in times of political crisis, it was the price one had to pay for pursuing high ideals.

What we worship these days is financial success, as though it automatically confers high principles and admirable character.

match up to sb's hopes/expectations/ideals etc


Many Southerners have deeply held ideals about honor.

the ideal of equality


And different from the maternal ideal .

He was also one of the men most dedicated to the ideals of the reborn university.

If this is the case, then the task of propagating the ideal of legality is not a specifically legal one.

In other words, one alternative to anti-perfectionism is restrictions on the choice of means through which perfectionist ideals are pursued.

These humanist goals could be fully covered by the ideals which are sometimes described as socialist.

This is particularly so in the case of course-integrated instruction and this ideal is more seldom reached in practice than course-related education.

What this meant in ordinary language was that only those who subscribed to Francoist ideals would be remembered and honoured.

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