Meaning of IDEAL in English


n. 1 model, paragon, standard, criterion, paradigm, exemplar, pattern, example, epitome She regarded Florence Nightingale as her ideal 2 acme, (standard of) perfection, nonpareil The ideal can rarely be achieved, so you had better settle for reality 3 ideals. principles, morals, standards Everyone's ideals are compromised sooner or later

adj. 4 perfect, excellent, supreme, consummate, complete, model, idyllic This is an ideal home for a young couple 5 conceptual, imagined, imaginary, unreal, visionary, idealistic, fictitious, Utopian, notional, mythical or mythic, fantasy, dream, romantic, chimeric(al), illusory, fanciful, fancied In his ideal world there is no crime, so there is no need for police

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