Meaning of INTENSITY in English






But as accumulation accelerated, capital intensity increased.


The physicality of sport, its speed and grace, along with the emotional intensity of victory and defeat are supremely visual.

In these novels of great emotional intensity , sensibility and sentimentality lead to virtue.

Her emotional intensity is experienced by the other characters as a tyranny from which they must escape if they are to survive.

Others are alarmed by too much emotional intensity .

An activated word might be defined as any word placed in a context such that it takes on emotional intensity .


At its heart is a slow movement of great intensity and spellbinding simplicity, magically performed.

In these novels of great emotional intensity , sensibility and sentimentality lead to virtue.

The mass media, particularly the national mass media, pursue stories with great intensity for short periods only.

The greater the fraction of atoms with that speed the greater the intensity of metal deposited at that place.

At 07.30, the Allied artillery, which for the previous 65 minutes had been firing at its greatest intensity , lifted.

Was it not too restrictive to preclude the possibility that forces of greater intensity had acted in the past?

People were crowding round the displays, reading the posters with great intensity and, by and large, in silence.

No sooner had she crossed a small bridge near the farm than the storm resumed with even greater intensity .


Moral involvement designates a high intensity of positive involvement - the loyal party member or church parishioner, for example.

The immediacy of these visionary experiences endows them with a high degree of intensity , but also renders them fleeting and transient.

For instance, blackbirds will mob owls, producing a high intensity pinking call.

That game had a high intensity from beginning to end and I was glad to be a part of it.

The power produced drops off as the harmonic number increases, so to generate the higher harmonics requires much higher input intensity .

A few cycles of high intensity exercise are needed to trigger the growth of bone.

Are they necessary or would you recommend a new high intensity tube in its place?

They include the high intensity services delivered to insured patients - especially, but not exclusively, patients aged over 65.


The lower curve shows the light intensity at the centre of the receptive field as a sinusoidal grating drifts across it.

The I-measure will of course increase with area and indeed linearly for uniform card subjects and for a given light intensity .

Other requirements: Light: Medium intensity light .

Our objective measures of light intensity would be discarded if they universally gave answers that contradicted our subjective experiences.

The most basic eye change is connected with variations in light intensity .

According to light intensity , regular brown to purple spots develop on the leaf tissue.

However to simplify the apparatus the radiometer will not be used and the light intensity will be assumed approximately constant.


Luminescence is rarely more than 1% efficient and thus of comparatively low intensity .

Second, the actual difficulties encountered overseas appeared to be of a considerably lower order of intensity than had been feared.

Minerals giving very low intensity emission, such as quartz grains, required many minutes or even hours of exposure with fast films.

But stamina and muscle tissue need the opposite, many repetitions of rather low intensity .

Due to its low intensity most investigators ignore it, but there are several important factors to consider.

Calculative involvement refers to a low intensity of either negative or positive orientation towards the organization.


He showed passionate intensity without any focus.

The worst, as always, are informed of passionate intensity .

Aye, I believe you have shown a peculiarly passionate intensity .

The best lack all conviction, while the worst Are full of passionate intensity .

The Tchaikovsky was decently played but it lacked the passionate intensity that the score asks for, if not demands.



The intensity level is different in the playoffs.



David is bringing the same intensity that drives her on the field to her recovery.


It was a mistake, and she gasped at the intensity of feeling the slight contact produced.


A tickling cough coming every few hours with increasing intensity .

Start as softly as possible and gradually increase in intensity until most students indicate they can hear it.

Begin increasing training intensity as soon as you can last the 20 minutes.

Also, to be effective, exercise programs need to increase in intensity .

The light was directly above him now, increasing in intensity and hurting his eyes.

Mergers, cutting down, restructuring, and technological advances have increased the intensity of the winds of change.

The step can be set at three different levels and each level increases the intensity of the work-out by percent.

It would not only delay the pleasure, but increase the intensity of it.


Possible models are a power of the intensity or its exponential, where the radiometer is used to measure the intensity.

However, what is actually measured is the intensity of the beam after it has passed through the flame.


This may reduce the intensity of future depressions.

They are still on the lookout, but they have definitely reduced the intensity and eagerness to recruit.

Neutral density filters should then be interposed to reduce light intensity .


In reality any organization will be involved in a web of relationships, which vary in character and intensity according to the issue.

These sympathy prosurvival engrams, which make up the ally computations, vary only in intensity from the standard prosurvival engram.

These problems can vary in intensity from parents concerned about how to wean, to parents' neglecting and underfeeding their children.

The therapy delivers hundreds of high-energy X-ray bursts of varying intensity , determined by a firing pattern calculated to disintegrate the tumor.

It may vary in intensity and in duration.

Both can to some degree be controlled and both vary in intensity or extent.


Light intensity is very important for plants.


Having ditched Belladonna, they produced an album burning with an intensity and fury rarely paralleled.

It lacks light and shade, the conviction and theatrical intensity that drives words straight into people's hearts.

Moreover, the intensity of a campaign may burn out those most involved in it.

One reason must be the inevitable distancing of oneself from the intensity and nearness of the experience.

She had set about it with a cool intensity that she applied to every job she undertook.

The epicentre was near Bishops Castle in Shropshire, but the shaking was felt as far afield as the intensity 2 area.

To experience fully the intensity of each moment must mean to experience its anguish as well as its bliss.

What happens if we double the intensity of light falling upon 183 the surface, keeping the color unchanged?

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