Meaning of INTENSITY in English


ə̇n.ˈten(t)səd.ē, -ətē, -i noun

( -es )

Etymology: intense + -ity

1. : the quality or state of being intense: as

a. : extreme or very high degree : extreme strength, force, or energy

the intensity of the sun's rays

the intensity and accuracy of this fire — S.L.A.Marshall

strikingly signalizes the intensity of the hope — Bernard De Voto

rains of unparalleled intensity — W.E.Swinton

b. : extreme depth of feeling : passionate quality : extreme sensibility

her intensity , which would leave no emotion on a normal plane — D.H.Lawrence

the most striking feature … is the intensity of his nature — R.A.Hall b.1911

instinctively kept to intensity , knowing that without passion no art can live — Louise Bogan

c. : the quality of aesthetic or intellectual emotion or excitement : compactness of artistic statement or expression : artistic tension

lacks the intensity and the profundity that the greatest poetry has — R.A.Hall b.1911

with intensity the poem may survive anything — even archaic language — J.P.Bishop

compressed into poetic intensity … instead of sprawling forth sloppy, formless, and diffuse — Peter Viereck

a painting of dramatic intensity

impress their poetry with density and intensity , cutting out irrelevancies and long-windedness — Mary M.Colum

d. : depth of conviction

his voice was hoarse with the intensity of his belief — Irwin Shaw

e. : strenuousness of effort or application : energy

the campaign was waged with great intensity by both parties

2. : the degree or amount of a quality or condition: as

a. : the relative loudness or softness of a tone or a tonal effect

b. : the energy with which air is propelled through the vocal tract in articulating : loudness

c. : a specified measure of the effect of certain physical agencies expressed as the magnitude of force or energy per unit (as of surface, charge, or mass) — see electric intensity , gravitational intensity , luminous intensity , magnetic intensity , radiant intensity , sound intensity ; compare luminous-flux density , radiant-flux density

d. : saturation 4a

e. : a measure of the magnitude of an earthquake

f. : intensive quality : intensiveness

carried on agriculture with varying degrees of intensity — A.C.Parker

g. : the vivacity or strength of a sensation

his shame reached a high degree of intensity

h. : cultural vigor especially of a primitive people as expressed in quantity of cultural content and complexity and interrelations of cultural patterns

a contrast in the … intensity of cultural systems — E.H.Spicer

3. : an instance of intense quality, condition, or experience

the intensities, the moments of feeling and depths of experience that constitute the fundamental part of living — Leon Edel

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