Meaning of INTERNATIONAL in English


I. adjective


a global/international perspective

A global perspective allows firms to spot opportunities and reduce supply costs.

a national/international/European etc competition

Her oldest daughter has taken part in national competitions.

a world/international conference

the world conference on human rights

a world/international expert (= one who is known in many different countries )

She is a world expert on tropical diseases.

a worldwide/global/international campaign

a worldwide campaign for peace

an international agreement

an international agreement on combating climate change

an international appeal

The organization has now launched an international appeal for volunteers.

an international call

an international centre for/of sth

Zurich is an international centre of finance.

an international championship

It was the final game of the international championship.

an international charity (= one that operates all over the world )

The Red Cross is a well-known international charity.

an international commission

an international commission on climate change

an international company (= with offices in different countries )

She works for a major international company.

an international dimension

The foreign players bring an international dimension to the English Premier League.

an international embargo (= one that a group of countries agree to impose together )

Under the terms of the international embargo, medical aid can still be flown into the capital.

an international festival

an international festival of drama and dance

an international flight (= a flight between one country and another )

The number of international flights increased by over 5% last year.

an international star (= a star who is famous in many countries )

His performance in 'The Titanic' made him an international star.

an international terrorist

The kidnap was carried out by a group of international terrorists.

an international treaty

The US refused to sign any international treaty on cutting carbon emissions.

an international/European/British etc context

We study the work of these artists in their European context.

an international/worldwide reputation

The department has a worldwide reputation for its research.

an international/worldwide/global ban

an international ban on trade in endangered species

an international/worldwide/global conspiracy

Hitler believed there was a worldwide conspiracy to enslave Germany.

be national/international/global in scope (= include a whole country, several countries, or the whole world )

Some markets are local while others are national or international in scope.

foreign/European/international etc competitors

America's electronics industry is keen to fight off foreign competitors.

foreign/international/overseas aid

The development of the continent is now dependent on foreign aid.

foreign/international/overseas travel

The job offers opportunities for foreign travel.

international boundaries (= boundaries between countries all over the world )

About 10% of hazardous waste is shipped across international boundaries.

International Date Line

international football (= played by teams representing their country )

He will retire from international football after the World Cup.

international law (= laws that all countries agree to obey )

Under international law, the countries must respect the treaty.

International Monetary Fund

international organizations

international organizations such as the UN

international politics

The two superpowers that dominated international politics.

international relations

international sanctions

International sanctions were imposed on Iraq after it invaded Kuwait in 1990.

international standards

Clearly there is a need for international standards to be laid down to govern food safety.

international/diplomatic/political isolation

the country’s continuing political isolation

international/European cooperation

What are the benefits of greater European cooperation?

international/foreign trade

International trade is essential for long-term economic growth.

international/global terrorism

Americans put international terrorism high on the list of their greatest concerns.

international/great/popular/public etc acclaim

Their recordings have won great acclaim .

international/home/UK etc market

The domestic market makes up about 75% of their sales.

international/public etc renown

He has won world renown for his films.

international/world cricket

He brought South Africa back into international cricket.

international/worldwide fame

Edinburgh achieved international fame as a centre of medical education.

local/national/international coverage (= provided by local, national etc media )

Bangladesh doesn't get much international coverage.

national/international consensus

There was no international consensus on how to deal with the situation.

national/international headlines

The story made national headlines.

national/international/worldwide recognition

Like many pianists, he first achieved international recognition by winning a competition.

of good/high/international etc repute

a man of high repute

of world/international/national stature

Armstrong was a musician of world stature.

on an international scale (= involving more than one country )

Preparations to deal with an outbreak of the disease are being made on an international scale.

on the domestic/international front

On the domestic front, de Gaulle’s priority was to secure his government’s authority.

the international climate

The international climate changed for the worse as conflict broke out in the region.

the international/world scene

He is still a major figure on the international political scene.

the international/world-wide/global trend

the global trend towards intensive farming

world/international affairs

China is now a major player in world affairs.




Until the era of revolutions which began in the 1780s these secondary states had sometimes carried real weight in international affairs .

Still, they consulted him from time to time on international affairs .

There is, though, no overt mention of current international affairs .

We must act with maximum efficiency, individually and collectively, in our neighborhoods as readily as in our international affairs .

This, together with closer economic ties with the West, added to the Empire's leverage in international affairs .

They were for use by statesmen and diplomats, working aids for the men engaged in the conduct of international affairs .

At the time, 1948, the Cold War was becoming the pervasive issue in international affairs and domestic politics.


National development organizations and regional or international agencies sometimes offer long-term loans for certain classes of projects at low rates of interest.

The two doctors' efforts were amplified by visiting medical groups and support from international agencies .

It also affected the borrowing requirements of corporations, countries and international agencies .

Through an international agency , she found a job caring for two children.

Unicef was just one of the international agencies in Durban promising to rectify the slowness of its response.

The proposed global consortium will be established in close collaboration with local ministries of health and international agencies .

As well as assignments commissioned by organisations, the Centre carries out research sponsored by national and international agencies .

The clause is relatively mild, requiring international agencies to commit themselves to support eradication efforts.


Most existing international agreements depend on governments to enforce rules on companies.

Instead, the report emphasizes international agreements with nonexistent trickle-down planning.

However, the numerous formal international agreements on the laws of war actually say nothing directly on nuclear weapons.

Wilmut said he would welcome any moves toward an international agreement to prohibit such attempts.

Fares were strictly controlled by international agreement .

So international agreement and co-operation is in this field not merely an ideal but a practical necessity for effective justice.

At press time, it was said to be still finalising international agreements .

It is not just an international agreement which needs redefining but a whole economic model.


Development and international aid are frequently misguided in inception, disastrous in execution and catastrophic for the local people.

One of the areas which the social psychology of envy illuminates best is the modem craze for policies of international aid .

Even more worrying, perhaps, is the possibility that international aid may be fuelling the conflict.

This sparked an unprecedented international aid effort.

These have frequently been made in response to pressure from major international aid donors.

The renewed fighting comes as international aid agencies gear up to deal with the worst famine to hit the region since 1985.


The outcome will be that he claims he can book you a flight only to the international airport on Sal Island.

During his campaign, La Madrid has called for construction of an international airport somewhere in East County.

Ringway, Manchester's international airport , is 10 miles away.

The existing international airport , at Subang outside Kuala Lumpur, could be converted to a domestic, cargo or military airport.

Not only did Bushika become lost, he flew completely off the official map to land at Budapest international airport .

But this can only be done at the international airport and with the original exchange receipts.


The essential concepts and processes of marketing apply as much to marketing in the international arena as the domestic one.

Third party treaty claims are not limited to States; other participants in the international arena may make similar claims.

Similarly in the international arena , an emasculated politics is incapable of sustaining an effective national defense.

The idea is to expand its network business for the international arena , especially the telecommunications market.

This obscures the fact that although States act as their representatives in international arenas , individuals remain as third parties.

For a number of reasons bilateralism is no longer appropriate as the paradigm model for the regulation of activities in the international arena .

Now a third player is beginning to call for an equal role in the international arena .


Wedgwood has been an international business for over 230 years.

However, operating under cover of a domestic licence does seem rather restrictive in today's international business environment.

Torinus had bought the company several years earlier and turned it into a competitive, international business .

The case histories and practical guidance demonstrates why international businesses dispute mediation does work.

The class Henry skipped last Monday when he decided to update his Web site was on international business .

A millionaires' row for the aristocracy, film stars and the kings of international business empires.

He will have responsibility for the group's international business .


A clear warning from the international community about Dubrovnik is long overdue.

Third, because the elections were internationally recognized as free and fair, Taylor will have the backing of the international community .

The international community , and journalists in particular, could be of great assistance in ensuring that elections are free and fair.

Krajisnik quickly alienated the international community when it emerged that Pale's policies had remained exactly the same, minus the guns.

But the war is now over and yet the international community is still deeply implicated in trafficking.

The international community response varied in these examples.

A range of international treaties makes governments, armed groups and the international community responsible for putting these rights into practice.

Prof Wilkinson points out that the international community might not decry unilateralist intervention provided that it approves of the outcome.


I am all for patriotism and international competition - the more feeling, the better.

The situation changed when the recession of the early 1990s led to much fiercer international competition and emphasis on cost-cutting.

These developments occurred against the background of a temporary relaxation of international competition .

They had to be educated on both domestic and international competition .

Moreover, the forces of international competition deal very harshly with failure, and failure c. can not be concealed.

But under the pressure of international competition , that system is rapidly eroding.

Such considerations also apply in international competition between large firms.

Increased international competition almost certainly contributed to holding down profit margins.


An international conference , which has been on the edge of collapse for days, finally goes belly-up.

The Government hosted an international conference on ozone depletion.

Active planning and discussion of an international conference occupied the early months of 1944.

He leads Khmer Rouge delegations at international conferences , and has been promoted as the moderate face of the Khmer Rouge.

The old guard, too fond of international conferences , has given way to a younger breed of activist.

The Centre organises weekly seminars and holds an annual international conference .


We will further liberalise transatlantic air services and encourage more international flights to and from regional airports.

Many internal and international flights can also be made into Manchester Airport, located 57 miles south-west of Bradford.

Passengers on international flights will no longer be able to use curb-side check-in procedures for luggage.

So let's not keep you in suspense and join Katie prior to her departure from a surprising location for international flight .

Mr. MacGregor I assure the hon. Gentleman that Customs continues to monitor international flights into the airport.


His love of international law he communicated to his students both at an undergraduate and a postgraduate level.

The United States sees intellectual property rights as sacred, said Thomas Klitgaard, an attorney specializing in international law .

This was to ensure by international law that children everywhere would be covered for all their needs.

Diplomats say that immunity should not be used to avoid culpability, but it has had a meaningful place in international law .

Yet international law , not some quirk of humanity, requires that under certain circumstances it must be done.

Novelists can hardly be expected to be aufait with international law and religion.

Crucially, it is argued, international law lacks the necessary sanctions and hence the definitionally necessary characteristic of enforceability.


Staff and researchers are encouraged to present research findings to conferences both at a national and international level .

At international levels football can also unite and divide.

Right back Gary Fleming's renaissance at international level is now complete, exemplified by another purposeful display.

He does it his way and that's how a manager, be it at club or international level , should act.

On the international level , such security as there is derives from some sort of balance of power between states.

It might work at international level but at club level you need a hardworking manager with a good business head.

International Division On the international level , major record companies operate a marketing and promotion division.


At long last, Antoni Tàpies, the important Catalan master, has been receiving proper attention in the international markets .

But now, Greenspan alone possesses the degree of influence that can send international markets lurching downward.

They now go to international markets , especially the Euro-currency markets, not just their national ones.

They have become competitive in international markets .

From the start, Copyrights placed the emphasis on the international market and, instead of using sub-agents, opened its own offices.

The international market also is fueling growth.

The Centre will develop scenarios on emerging international markets in services, establish a database and produce company cases recording best practice.


He was also an important shareholder in the international news agency turned information business, Reuters.

If we abandon international news coverage, no one is going to do it.

The international news and financial information agency said it was bringing forward to April 5 the 15.9p per share payout.

She was always sceptical about international news and found it difficult to trust the reports.

Another wants to be an international news correspondent.

Other international news holds more relevance now.

Events of this sort are reported locally, but seldom picked up by national and international news media.


Vice-president, international operations Terry Booth will head up the operation.

International research tends to involve analyzing international data, rather than acquiring first-hand knowledge about international operations in other countries.

Mr McCartney, 43 years old, previously was vice president, international operations .

Banks with international operations , securities trading desks and other non-lending businesses fared best.


The contributors, from some 16 countries, represent academic, industrial, governmental and international organisations .

New approaches are needed, with close partnerships between local communities, non-government agencies, governments and international organisations .

Little was to be expected from combining forces and votes in international organisations .

Its activities are further supported by 21 sponsors including governments, international organisations and corporations.

The new constitution will allow it to make its own foreign policy and join international organisations .

Professional involvement in church and non-church international organisations .

There are also bargains which interlock all these with foreign corporations, foreign governments and the international organisations .

This is equally the case with international organisations .


Both governments shall increase their co-operation within the framework of international organizations ... Article 21.

Subjects within international relations include war, interstate conflict resolution, international law, regional alliances, colonialism, and international organizations .

These were particularly important in the decades before denominations established their own international organizations .

It is fair to say that international organizations are much more sensitive to this accusation than formerly.

Jenks believed international organizations were not mere conference secretariats, but should be active participants in shaping the postwar world.

This commission would be composed of mutually acceptable and appropriate international personalities and representatives from governments and international organizations .


The overall government line was to stonewall international pressure for pollution curbs, pending more research.

There will be no more investigations, and no more international pressure on Gadhafi.

They need our help now more than ever before to exert massive international pressure on the governments, institutions and companies involved.

Thus the region again owed its destiny to international pressures , as it had for centuries.

It rested, inpart, on an ability to neutralize international pressures .

Until Tuesday, despite severe international pressure , Milosevic has refused anything more than minimal concessions.

The other two could face their accusers, however, if the political will is there and international pressure is applied.

When legislative elections were held in 1990 under domestic and international pressure , the opposition party won 392 of 485 contested seats.


William Golding has the same international recognition .

Degree qualifications, of course, already carry international recognition . 6.

And last season the club gained international recognition with Michael Wilson playing for Ireland boys.


During the same period, Monday Michim, her daughter by Mariano, earned an international reputation as a popular vocalist.

Eventually, she forged an international reputation as a printmaker and etcher.

He travelled widely in connection with the company's business and contributed many technical papers which earned him an international reputation .

Cantor, who was pushing sixty, had an international reputation as a cell biologist.

By this time his international reputation was well established.

Emma Kirkby's international reputation as a performer of Early Music is a unique achievement.


Trade, output, and employment suffered as a consequence on an international scale .

In their interplay, the two developments tended to reinforce each other on an international scale .

The point that capitalist planning is increasingly conducted on an international scale poses problems for the socialist project.

These often worked on an international scale , and the results showed in their products.

They can only be overcome by action on an international scale , rather than by castigating one or two countries.

On an international scale Louth sits right on the line dividing the Eastern hemisphere from the Western.

Some sites are so important that it may be necessary for a rescue operation on an international scale .

Also on an international scale , the price of grain rose in response to demand, and this in turn affected wages.


He could have been the world's greatest piper, a significant mathematician, an international stage performer.

They needed at least a two goal win to reach the international stages of the competition.

Britain now, on the international stage , is a busted flush.

He says the two companies will form a strong group which will play an important part on the international stage .

They like to wear the cloak of socialism because it's trendy on the international stage .

The deadlock also reflected the general feeling of uncertainty on the international stage engendered by events in the Soviet Union during August.

It is a simplification to banish all but the principal actors from the international stage .


It was also a comment on years of underfunding, by international standards , in the nation's schools.

Projects produced by trainees in the Siemens workshop must meet the same international standards for quality as those produced by veteran employees.

Such cells would be more in line with international standards , but less conducive to political mobilisation.

Our commitment to quality and to professionalism will ensure that this prototype database will stand comparison by international standards .

Woodward believes the quintuplet would benefit from playing alongside and against players of National League First Division and international standard .

As yet, there is no agreed international standard for analogue videotelephony.

Britain should conform to international standards .

The projects undertaken by the centres will be assessed by a formal refereeing systems of international standards .


The three countries are preparing to resume the slaughter of whales for profit and restart the international trade in whale meat.

In international trade , however, the bill of exchange still operates in this way.

The discussion of international trade effects has also been changed.

There was also a considerable improvement in international trade through Danzig.

Evidence of the growing importance of international trade and finance is all around us.

Objective: to promote international trade , particularly that of developing countries, with a view to accelerating economic development.


Newark International Airport

the political/international/public etc arena

Another possible problem could emerge from the political arena .

He would therefore argue that conventions are established by their acceptance by those who participate in the political arena .

Moreover, the law is only one method of control over what is placed in the public arena .

Similarly in the international arena , an emasculated politics is incapable of sustaining an effective national defense.

Television's response to the struggle around Clause 28 reflected the status the campaign achieved in the political arena .

The assessment of basic expenditure needs should urgently be removed from the political arena .

They do have a place in the political arena .


international trade

an international agreement on the disposal of toxic waste

someone with an international perspective

The goal of the program is to increase international understanding and good will.

The restaurant serves international cuisine.

This is CNN, bringing you all the latest international news.


For nearly forty-five years, the two Superpowers had dominated international politics, alliances, and trade arrangements.

If we are to profit from an international perspective on curriculum management, we have surely to deepen our questions.

On the international front, its diplomats are tight-lipped and difficult to approach.

The revenue side was heavily dependent on increased international credit and financing.

The scarcity of housing here is mostly the result of the intense interest and enormous purchasing power of international buyers.

These questions are vital for feminism as a whole if it is to be conceived as an international , cross-cultural movement.

II. noun


Former All Black internationals lambasted the error-prone display, and radio shows were filled with criticism.

It was the first time they had lost by 10 wickets in 325 limited-over internationals.

No one impressed more than the 21-year-old Hawick wing Tony Stanger whose hat-trick of tries boosted his tally to five in two internationals.

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