Meaning of INTERNATIONAL in English


I. R |intər|nashən ə l, -shnəl, -naash-, -naish-, - R |intə|na- sometimes |int ə n|a- adjective

Etymology: inter- + national

1. : existing between or among nations or their citizens : relating to the intercourse of nations : participated in by two or more nations : common to or affecting two or more nations

international trade

international labor union

international trade association

2. : belonging or relating to an organization or association having members in two or more countries

international congress

international movement


a. of a unit of measurement : fixed by the mutual agreement of authorized representatives of different countries

b. of an electrical unit : accepted by the International Conference in London in 1908 and used as a legal unit prior to 1950

international coulomb

4. : of or relating to the International Code

II. noun

1. : a person having relations with or obligations to more than one nation (as through citzenship in one and permanent residence in another)

2. : a participant in an international contest

3. : international stock


a. : a party, organization, or association that transcends national limits ; specifically : an international socialist organization

b. : a craft or industrial union with local affiliates in several countries

5. : a class of racing sailboats that are 33 feet long, sloop-rigged, and of one design ; also : a boat in this class

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