Meaning of LADDER in English


I. noun


climbed the...ladder

men who climbed the career ladder in the 1980s

moving up the ladder (= getting higher and higher positions )

He was moving up the ladder , getting experience of command.

rope ladder

the bottom of the ladder/pile/heap (= the lowest position in society, an organization etc )

Immigrants were at the bottom of the pile.

the career ladder (= the way to higher positions in a career )

Having children can disturb your progress up the career ladder.




It is no accident that people who are driven to climb corporate ladders have parents who believe ladder climbing is important.

The more that you let the former influence the corporate ladder , the less effective you and your company will be.

There are many who rise up the corporate ladder by avoiding such risks.


Rather than drawing some evolutionary ladder or tree, the best representation is a sort of multi-twigged bush.

As we descend the evolutionary ladder , our behaviour becomes, increasingly extreme.


The effect of the closures is being felt all the way down the social ladder .

It is a contradiction which thousands happily go along with because they are keen to advance up the social ladder .

Elliott and Nancy were next on thirtysomething's social ladder .

Those at the bottom of the social ladder have already been hit so hard that they have no money at all.

His ever-so-proper role as financial consultant to the Duchess of York marked the pinnacle of his climb up the social ladder .



Secondary schools offered more rungs on the career ladder , but the chance of becoming a head teacher was much lower.

Mentoring is a critical component of career success; neither men nor women can climb the career ladder without it.

The problem seems to be that many women are having a tough time making their mark higher up the career ladder .

Instead, they are looking for protection against anything that could disturb their quiet but steady progress up the career ladder .

By Devoyrah Hogan Women's chances to climb the career ladder have been hard fought for.

The career ladder is congested; prospects are generally poor and it's easy to get stuck.

Each career group is in turn divided into four ranks, which constitute a self-contained career ladder .

The permanent staff would lose the prospect of promotion to the highest rungs of their career ladder .



He climbs up a ladder and on to the roof.

Mentoring is a critical component of career success; neither men nor women can climb the career ladder without it.

When he was tired of swimming he climbed a ladder to the jetty.

We could climb up the ladder belatedly, but if only we shook off our mental chains like water.

And most cherish the ability to climb the ladder in their functional silo without taking on bullet-biting responsibility for a specific product.

Born in a small mining village near Glenrothes, he has climbed the ladder by learning his craft.

We often speak of climbing the ladder don't we when it comes to the world of work or material success.


The three headed along the catwalk, descended a rusty ladder on to the dunes of debris.

As we descend the evolutionary ladder , our behaviour becomes, increasingly extreme.

He hated leaving her there but he descended the ladder because there was nothing else he could do.


The whole 10' x 4' x 4' unit was dragged across the garden using ladders and chain blocks.

You made the precarious climb up the side of the bus using a ladder .

They had to breach the walls at close quarters and then scale them, using ladders and fighting-towers.

A similar system can be used for ladders .


I got a ladder in my tights.

Stevens worked his way to the top of the corporate ladder .


As companies view for ever-larger market shares, competition seeps down to the lowliest rung on the ladder .

Credit card donations: Back on the ladder Stella Bingham First-timers spot bargains as home market moves at last.

I washed up and climbed the ladder to the attic.

Ignore the ladder and go to the door just past the policeman.

It was a trim white house with a ladder leaning against it.

Right up the sides of them, without a ladder or rope or funny boots.

She climbed higher and at last managed the difficult transition from the top of the ladder to the edge of the hatch frame.

The mercer started to direct them as they propped the ladder against the side of the house.

II. verb


Damn! I've laddered my tights!

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