Meaning of LAYER in English


I. noun


a layer of clothing

In very cold weather it’s good to wear several layers of clothing.

a layer of cloud

The moon was shining through a thin layer of cloud.

a layer of dust

I brushed away the thin layer of dust which covered the picture.

a layer of paint

They removed the old layers of paint.

a layer of rock

You can see six layers of rock in the cliff.

alternate layers

Arrange the leeks and noodles in alternate layers .

ozone layer

the hole in the ozone layer




It has also been proposed that H pylori ammonia production will lead to mucosal damage by denaturing the protective mucus layer .

High up in the sky was a protective layer of gas that screened out dangerous ultraviolet rays from the sun.

They replace essential moisture whilst forming a protective layer to hold it in.

That was until Norman Tebbit spotted what he believed was the biggest chance of holing the impenetrable protective layer around the bill.

Lifting the lid she flung aside the protective layers of tissue-paper.


Cover a flat piece of hardboard with a single layer of flannelette of similar material.

Arrange meat in a single layer on a roasting rack and place in preheated oven.

Analysis was confined to those crypts whose entire lengths could be completely visualised and which contained a single layer of cells only.

Refrigerate decorated cookies in a single layer .

Pack in a single layer , overwrap and freeze.

Add the peanut oil, then add the dumplings, pleated edge up, in a single layer .

Place in a small, shallow baking dish in a single layer .


But the thick , hardened layers of dead skin sometimes press on the nerve, causing a burning sensation when you walk.

Stoked by heat, they said, the thick layer of rock known as the mantle could be supple enough to flow.

You weren't aware of the sky, just a thick layer of opaque cloud.

Would not these storms coat solar collectors and solar-cell panels with a thick layer of dust, shutting them down?

Normally, larger grains mean thicker layers of emulsion and coarser images.

Peel parsnips, removing a / s-inch thick layer .

The best way to do this is to wrap them in a thick layer of newspaper and hit them with a hammer.

There is just not enough separability in cream to keep taking the thickest layer .


Typical failures exhibit a thin layer of wood covering the glued surface.

Reduce heat to medium and simmer approximately 15 minutes, until wine evaporates to a thin layer .

A thin layer of dust covered everything, but Jessamy didn't care.

Such a thin heated layer will cool quickly.

In went the filter plate, followed by a thin layer of filter matting.

On top of that they poured a thin layer of silicone oil.

Apply only in thin layers , coat on coat.

But the anatomy provides only this thin layer of clues about where language is located.


During this time, the top layer of your skin is shed to reveal a fresh new one.

Each node's output in the middle layer is connected to just one node in the top layer.

The top layer has six nodes, each with four inputs.

The clay dries and cracks in the sun, and the top layers are blown off as dust.

Then you remove the top layer , which will contain all the worms.

As the top layers become dried out the animals move downward.

If the top layer contains several nodes, then the device computes a more elaborate function of its input.

Every month the top layer of your skin is replaced by a fresh new one.



The debate about the depletion of the ozone layer has been so far hampered by a scarcity of data.

Since 1989 I have measured the ozone layer , solar ultraviolet and the clarity of the air over South-Central Texas.

Most threatening of these for the marine ecosystem is the exposure to increased ultra-violet radiation through the depletion of the ozone layer .

They help deplete the ozone layer , allowing ultraviolet rays to cause deadly skin cancers.

There will be displays on acid rain, the ozone layer and global warming.

A clear example can be seen in the case of the destruction of the ozone layer , causing the greenhouse effect.

This ozone layer is important to society and the environment for two reasons.

Apparently it has been recognised for over a decade that chlorine from chlorofluorocarbons may deplete the stratospheric ozone layer .


layer upon layer/mile upon mile etc


A layer of dust covered everything in the room.

Sprinkle a layer of soil over the seeds.


Between the tank and the platform is a layer of tar paper to prevent the Tanalith from rusting the steel.

David Couper has eliminated the deputy chief layer between him and his captains.

Like the rust on a junkyard car, that boundary layer could get only so thick.

Most of the food we buy has at least one layer of plastic incorporated in its packaging.

Pack claw and body meat in alternate layers in small fire-proof pots.

This 600 watt machined removed three layers of old paint from a veneered cabinet in minutes.

Yet back in the primary visual cortex, the fourth layer is the most impressive of all.

II. verb


The cliffs are layered with fossil remains.


Then for another song we layered and layered an E-Bow.

Use half the cream to layer the sponges.

With a maximum depth of 50 m and little opportunity for wind-stirring, the lake waters are strongly layered.

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