Meaning of LAYER in English


/ ˈleɪə(r); ˈleə(r); NAmE ˈler/ noun , verb

■ noun


a quantity or thickness of sth that lies over a surface or between surfaces :

A thin layer of dust covered everything.

How many layers of clothing are you wearing?


a level or part within a system or set of ideas :

There were too many layers of management in the company.

the layers of meaning in the poem

■ verb

[ vn ] [ often passive ] to arrange sth in layers :

Layer the potatoes and onions in a dish.

Her hair had been layered (= cut to several different lengths) .



Middle English (denoting a mason): from lay (verb) + -er . The sense stratum of material covering a surface (early 17th cent.) may represent a respelling of an obsolete agricultural use of lair denoting quality of soil.

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