Meaning of LOCATION in English




filmed...on location

a thriller filmed entirely on location in Washington

geographical area/location/position

a large geographical area


Rescue teams have now pinpointed the location of the ship.

the exact position/location/spot etc

The satellite pictures showed the enemy’s exact location.




Certain important services must be provided in a central location .

Today: The community -- with its central location and established infrastructure -- is well along on the path to a resurgence.

Hotel Amenities All Citalia hotels in Rome have been specially selected for their central location , good service and value.

Rema Hotel Central A friendly hotel in a central location close to the Altstadt.

The rent paid by the retailer is much less than the cost of overheads in an equivalent central location .

The Centre is situated in a central location with good transport links to all parts of the city.

There are also practical considerations: central location , easy travel and visas, good libraries, accommodation for students, and so forth.


These arguments doubtless have different real weight in different locations , depending on whether there is pressure on the local housing stock.

One must think in terms of superpositions of all the different possible locations of all the particles separately!

The black population, thus, effectively constitutes an underclass, placed in a structurally different location from the white working class.

They usually took sabbaticals for this and returned to something quite different a different job, a different location .

This is quite different from the case with books where the activities are very often carried out in different locations .

Information technologies were primitive, communication between different locations was slow, and the public work force was relatively uneducated.

Eleven optometrists working in 15 different locations were visited and interviewed with a structured questionnaire.

Three times as many people as expected found their way to fewer polling places in different locations .


A couple of judicious phone calls, and they had a more or less exact location: Eaglesham.

This question helps us determine the exact location for the various types of work that will be done.

If the exact location of the incident is known the team members go directly to it.

Nor should application developers have to code into their applications the exact locations of resources over the network.

One of the problems Steve has encountered is finding the exact locations of where some of the equipment was installed.

Call your city council member office for exact dates and locations of these meetings.

Give a copy to your removal firm together with a description or map of your home's exact location .

The exact location is important, as are details of when the accident happened and how far some one has fallen.


The Armagnacs were in a particularly vulnerable position as a result of the geographical location of their lands.

Yet his geographical location worked in his favor.

Bearing in mind the geographical locations of the superpowers, this is easier to contemplate than achieve.

They have cut the nerve of traditional religion, which is often tied to specific geographical locations and cultural patterns.

Political stability. Geographical location and thus ease of access.

The geographical location of the installations and predominant meteorological conditions and sources of danger arising from the location of the site 2.

Options available may be severely limited by matters of health, geographical location , intelligence, family commitments and job availability.

Aside from its geographical location and the name of the other agent involved few other details were included.


Location Edinburgh provides an ideal location for the study of scientific and technical graphics.

Sanibel is the ideal location for a serious shell museum.

Because of the ideal lively location and facilities, we anticipate the Magamar apartments to be very popular this year with Club Clients.

It is an ideal location for wedding receptions, having large attractive grounds.

The gallery has an ideal location on central London's Covent Garden.

It makes a perfect base and not just for enthusiastic golfers and golf societies looking for an ideal location .

They could also be ideal locations for bureau services, or just for companies to hire for courses or away-days.

Intermediates, too, find this the ideal location first to tangle with performance dinghies and catamarans.


Employees may try working at the new location for a short time and then decide not to continue.

We flew alone in the valley between Pleime and the massif, moving small patrols to new locations .

Geography was important because it would help the evolutionist to explain how populations were able to migrate and adapt to new locations .

Affected troops are swept up upon a heaving bridge of ice and carried rapidly to their new location .

Now the Museum of Modern Mythology is trying to reopen in a new location .

The study found that 89 percent of all companies interviewed provide assistance for an employee buying a home in the new location .

Immigrants to the region also introduced new ceramic designs, site layouts and new site locations .


They can be run at Henley or other locations .

Lloyds Register is looking at two other locations aside from Lydiard Fields.

Five other locations throughout County Durham are also to be considered for extra nursery places.

Looking back over the last two years, portraits and townscapes, in Berlin or in other locations , predominate.

There are smaller plants at other locations , and offices in London.

Implied terms Contracts of employment may contain an implied term which gives the employer the right to transfer employees to other locations .

This should prevent certain other locations , like the chair in front of the television, becoming a cue to start eating. 3.

The project will be linked to other store location research at the Oxford Institute of Retail Management.


It was rather the reputation of the individual master that brought the students than the particular location or city.

People using a pay phone in a particular location do not ordinarily have a choice between sellers of the service.

Similarly, Branchplan can be used to generate a plot of customer distribution around a particular store location .

Any particular location may have collected sediment for part of the time, but suffered erosion the rest of the time.

This enables predictions of ozone formation at a particular location to be made and allows local authorities to take remedial action.

In many instances it is in fact the dominant building in a particular area or location .

Those points that fall outside this envelope can be further analysed directly by pointing to a particular location .

They don't refer to particular cases of primary school closure in any particular location .


For Christians its precise location was a question of supreme importance; but they had no criteria for answering it.

Still calling to Williams for a more precise location , Adams hurtled through Pine Ridge village at high speed.

Aquatic beetles of the family Hydrophilidae often bear a number of different species of Laboulbeniales, often in precise locations .

During my time as a gamekeeper it was essential that I knew the precise location of all these extended burrows.

San Ysidro, precise location unknown. 15.

A still-frame button - vital for the precise location of edit-points when you are recording.

Most recently, global positioning system units have given hikers their precise location by satellite.


The Wilton weaving department was moved and centralised into its present location .

Jacobs moved the gallery four blocks east to its present location on Laurel Street at Third Avenue in 1991.

All research groups will continue to be based in their present locations .

I passed the cup across my office desk, just to make my present location clear.

Originally this enclosed the medieval interior of the cathedral but it was transferred to its present location in 1924.

The terms of the deal values the two companies at £5m, and they will operate as subsidiaries from their present locations .

Besides her present location , Joan has been branch representative in Ballynahinch where she joined the Bank in 1978.


Personal computers are now commonly found in site huts, even in remote locations where they can be powered by car batteries.

As might be expected, phone companies are major advocates and practitioners of working from home or other remote locations .

A lot of the places where Ann and I fish are in remote locations .

These can give people who have to live in certain remote locations a slightly better chance of obtaining appropriate accommodation.

They are not particularly high, but very elegant and their remote location makes a visit a must.

Those responsible for running major contracts in more remote locations may be on a bachelor status with more frequent air tickets.

Because of the remote location , Stornoway Fire Brigade members were flown in by helicopter.

The computer systems at the Grid Control Centre are supported by standby facilities on site and at a remote location .


These programs will be stored by the computer in readiness for use by the specific location .

Brain functions become more diffuse in girls, whereas they take up specific locations in the heads of boys.

Familiar terms appear to offer children a specific location for the contrasts carried by an unfamiliar word.

They have cut the nerve of traditional religion, which is often tied to specific geographical locations and cultural patterns.

The tendency of second homes to be clustered in specific pleasant rural locations is probably the characteristic that exaggerates their significance.

Storing Knowledge Knowledge within a neural network is not stored in specific memory locations , as it is in conventional computing.

An electron no longer always had a specific location .

Different mental capabilities are found in specific locations in the brain.


They were to drop at various locations north of Château-Chinon.

Q: Increasingly as I search the Net, I am asked to accept cookies from various locations .

I will arrange for all our research information on various locations to be sent on to you as soon as possible.

So you travel to various planet locations to seek out people you learn may have key information.

Other service to the Association has included branch representative in various locations since 1967 and Arklow District Secretary 1971-78.

The readings will take place at various locations downtown.

Have you already decided on the various locations where this theme is to be explored?

In the years 1551, 1593, and 1642, the sarcophagus was again moved to various locations .



Store accumulator n in store location X are logically sufficient.

The project will be linked to other store location research at the Oxford Institute of Retail Management.

The groups of instructions to manipulate index registers need to specify an index register and a store location .

Pairs of jump instructions were provided to transfer control to the left- or right-hand instruction of a specified store location .



A director filming on location in a stadium was spending £20,000 per hour.

Movie star Tom Mix, filming on location in nearby Bishop, rode over with a mariachi band and joined the party.


All equipment, notes - anything useful that could be dismantled - were to be moved to another location .

It gave the older massage parlors a maximum of two years to move to conforming locations or cease operations.

FastPort allows you to move printers to convenient locations and connect them directly to the network.

The painting ritual began in 1931, when the campus moved to its current location .

All camera shots are external and the camera position and angles changes when you move to a different location .

A small chapel was started in 1730 and the parish library, including the books, was moved to the current location .

He has been protected by a team of Special Branch officers, moving him from location to location.

Founded in 1971 in Isabella, Minn., it moved to its current location in 1988.


The reference enables you to pinpoint the establishment's location on the Brighton and Hove Street Plan, pages ii and iii.

Although we could see it, an odd weightlessness rising from the fog, we could not pinpoint its location .

The shots register on a computer map, helping dispatchers quickly pinpoint the location and send help.


Location Edinburgh provides an ideal location for the study of scientific and technical graphics.

The system provides information on the location and size of detected quakes.

Certain important services must be provided in a central location .

Local authorities are urged to provide guidance about suitable locations for small firms, and generally not to interfere with market forces.

Hotels that wish to join the scheme provide details of their location , accommodation and facilities.

There are also difficulties associated with the incompatibility of information provided by the various locations .

The old mill provided an excellent location , as well as an important addition to the many tourist attractions that Bourton already possessed.


None had a simple map showing the location of the school and details of bus routes that passed nearby.

Figure 3.36 shows the location of the sites discussed in this section.

The bracket shows the location of the seven amino acid insertion which is unique to the visceral isoform.

Partial chromosome 9 and chromosome 1 linkage maps showing the location of Oct-11a and Oct-11b in relation to linked genes are shown.

Maps of the waterway show the locations of the many camps, the Rangers Stations and the springs for getting fresh water.

I also enclose a sketch map showing the exact location .

They used the data to produce a map showing the location of older and weaker rock zones.

The report is accompanied by a 1:100 000 scale geological map showing the location of the numerous abandoned mines.


The numerous examples vary in importance and location .

Just how deliveries will be handled will vary from location to location Bunn said.

The site of the wound is significant as skin micro-organisms, and thus the potential for infection, vary according to location .

Daylight varies with location , season and weather.

The way in which the advisory role is carried out can vary in different locations .

People are becoming aware of whom they sit beside at meals, and some deliberately vary their location and companions.

Some hotels programme their canned music in twenty-four hour cycles, varying by location and the hour.


a new hotel in an attractive location

Authorities say they have pinpointed the location of the sunken ship.

The time, date, and location of the conference have not yet been announced.


A framework for the analysis of the location of producer services is being produced.

A set of fifty numbers is held in the store of a Von Neumann computer, say in locations 100 to 149.

If the exact location of the incident is known the team members go directly to it.

It gave the older massage parlors a maximum of two years to move to conforming locations or cease operations.

The Weekly recommends calling event organizers to check for last-minute changes in location , time, price, etc.

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