Meaning of LOCK in English

I. verb


a lock of hair (= a fairly thick piece of hair )

She tossed a stray lock of hair back off her forehead.

air lock

be locked in a dispute (= be involved in one that is difficult to resolve )

Workers and management are locked in a bitter dispute.

be locked in combat (= to be using all your effort and attention to fight each other )

Their troops were locked in combat.

caps lock

central locking

combination lock

full lock

lock keeper

lock/padlock a gate (= close it with a key/a special lock )

She locked the gate behind her.

lock/unlock the door

I locked the door and turned out the lights.

mortise lock

put a key in a lock/the door

I put the key in the lock, but it wouldn’t turn.

securely locked/fastened/attached/held etc

All firearms should be kept securely locked in a cabinet.

the click of a latch/door/lock etc

The click of the latch told me Michele was back.




So always lock up properly, even when you're staying in.

He is preaching to the choir of religious-right Protestants and conservative Catholics whose votes should already be locked up .

Kept me locked up all bleedin' night.

The idea is to prevent what happened Tuesday: the nominations being locked up before California voters voiced their opinions.

He was safely back, then, and locked up .

I was just locking up when Henry came around the corner with Lila Sams.

Nick Frazer was locking up the shop when she came along at one.

With Dole having the nomination all but locked up , will voters in one or more states forsake him?



Even so, I locked myself in the bathroom where I could read the story slowly and without fear of interruption.

The young man who died mysteriously in a locked bathroom .

They put pins in their chairs, threw their clothes out of the window and locked them in the bathroom .

The ones on the outer door I can understand, but why lock up the bathroom ?

I lock myself in the bathroom .

Con: When you want privacy, you may be forced to lock yourself in the bathroom .


Last year, when his party was in opposition and locked in a leadership battle , 60% of its supporters voted No.

Budapest Week is now locked in a circulation battle with the new weekly broadsheet, the Budapest Post.

Lomb has been locked in a fierce battle with Johnson&038;.

For more than a year now Mr Kohl has been locked in a battle to rescue his battered reputation for posterity.


Daniele will be locked in his bedroom watching the latest batch of video nasties.

She has been coming straight home from work and locking herself in her bedroom .

In two cases, the user was locked in a bedroom for days at a time.

Shut my ears while they're going on at me, run upstairs, lock my bedroom door.

She locked her bedroom door behind her.

If not we may have to lock them in their bedrooms .


When the terrified actress locked herself in the car , he rammed it with his Ford Bronco.

Around 6 p. m., a woman knocked on the locked door, feigning car trouble and asking to use the phone.

Quickly she locked up the car .

Manion turned off the engine, picked up his stack of envelopes, and locked the car .

Chief Insp Peter Harrison urged motorists to ensure their boots were locked when parking their cars .

However, Inspector Morse's behaviour in not locking his car and in drinking heavily before driving is utterly disgraceful.

I locked my car , crossed, and headed up the circular driveway.


Both are still locked in commercial combat over the lucrative contract to refit Britain's Trident submarine fleet.

Doctors and hospitals, although locked in increasingly venomous combat with insurers, also are mostly opposed.

Since then, the rebels and the armed forces of Sierra Leone have been locked in combat .

In addition, employees are often locked into combat with each other for a shrinking supply of rewards, and even jobs.

He was reminded of Sir Arnold and Jonathan Ram locked in their mental combat .


Consultants are locked in a contract dispute with the Government that is likely to drag on until after the election.

But lawmakers remain locked in a partisan dispute over what information House members will have before voting on disciplining the speaker.


It was 10.30 ... I closed the door behind me and locked it.

The door was locked behind them as soon as they stepped in.

The street door was locked so I pressed the button numbered 11 on the squawk box built into the porch.

The van doors were shut and locked , and it took off.

He closed the door behind him and locked it, as was his habit.

Esther made sure all four doors were locked and insisted we roll up the windows.

He shut the door , locked it again.

I make sure that my car doors are locked .


They locked the front gates of their Seoul home, my residence, and would not let me out.

Instead, they just lock the gates .

I see Phoenix running toward us and lock the gate .

Only the locked gate and guardhouse bespeak anything more uncommon inside.


They had packed and Adam had locked up the house .

It's sunset when you leave, locking the quiet house securely behind you.

Much more was locked up in that house than the storeroom at its core.

We locked the house up but we thought we were going back.

Now we're going to lock the house and nobody must go in again.

Should he lock up the house ?

The first time it happens is after she has been locked out of the house .


Quickly, she picked up the key , locked the door, and ran upstairs to be alone in her room.

He was firm, took my keys , locked my door, and drove me to the hospital.


Kept me locked up all bleedin' night .

One entered through an elephant-sized, brass-studded gate, which was locked at night .

Once the door's been locked at night and the medicine's been round, you're not out until the morning.

We then checked the other cells to see that all the prisoners were locked up for the night .

However, he was not thrown out, he was taken back to the station and locked up for the night .

Somebody must have forgotten to lock a window one night , and designers had managed to get in.


Once he had forgotten to lock Mr Corcoran's office and had been harshly reprimanded.

He had seldom been happier to lock up the office .

He had been locked out of his office .

I set my mug aside, unplugged the coffeepot, locked the office , and trotted down the back stairs.

Holy-o kept Rowena and the candy money locked in his office until the fellas arrived.

For people like him, we had to lock the office doors.

I locked up the office and walked out of the student center into a thick fog.


The restraining bar is bolted across our laps and the cage door is locked firmly in place .

Replace lid, lock in place and bring to high pressure for 3 minutes.

But in September Ninety Ninety two of these the pins hadn't been locked back into place .

In some models, the wands are locked awkwardly in place .

Unemployment has played a crucial role both in bringing the underclass into existence and to locking it in place .

Problems Dear Problems: Put your stuff in a safe, locked place .

I rattled the plastic cover over the Amstrad but it was firmly locked in place .

The ramp would be lifted and locked in place , and the truck would pull away.


It also returns to neutral after the wheels have reached the fully up or locked down position .

Gary stops his chanting and looks at me, his eyes turned upwards from his locked position .


The desk in the drawing room had not been locked .

Lila had come out of her room , locking it after her.

I went to my room and locked the door and ... I jumped into bed and pulled the duvet right over me.

They put you in a room and lock the door.

One night, after a violent row, Marion ran up to her room and locked the door.

I remember they took me out of the shaving room and locked me in Seclusion.

But she went to her room and locked the door.

She had retired to her room , locked the door, and tried to sleep.


The boys were burnt in their beds, and as they crushed against a locked door and barred windows .

Julie was busily locking the doors and windows , sliding bolts and turning keys.

Somebody must have forgotten to lock a window one night, and designers had managed to get in.

Capitol police bolted and locked all the windows , in case a prowler was coming in after everyone had left: no luck.

As soon as nightfall arrived, she found herself locking doors, shutting windows , and finding strange solace in being barred and bolted.



Once more the trees began to close in, locking them into their own tiny world.

I closed the door, locked up, and went to work.

He then closed and locked the boxes.

You've closed your heart and locked her inside it.

I closed the door and locked it.

They closed and locked behind you automatically.

Dale's own bedroom door was closed and locked .


But when he tried to get into the maternity wing he found the doors were locked .

Once there, Andre finds the gate locked .

And when they both come to Dunbar, chapping on this door, they will find it locked and barred.

Customers stopping by to drink coffee and check on the markets screen found themselves locked out.

There they had to wait some time until the Constable could find the key and lock the door on them.

One of them was found locked and secure.

Close to Christmas 1983 I arrived at the pub to find it locked and shuttered.

Afterward, a number of people may well report that they found their knees were locked .


Once he had forgotten to lock Mr Corcoran's office and had been harshly reprimanded.

Apparently, the Altar Guild had been in to arrange the flowers and had forgotten to lock the side door.

I had forgotten to lock that.

The place was burglarized because she raised the window to admire a sunset and forgot to lock it.

Somebody must have forgotten to lock a window one night, and designers had managed to get in.

Often Leanna forgot to lock the back door.

I can only get in when he forgets to lock the door.

You've never forgotten to lock up in your life.


Did you think you could, we could, keep her locked up here for ever?

We mustn't keep it locked away in the closet lest it turn to dust.

I tried to keep them locked , as I had seen Hilda do before she subsided into compliance.

That one gram's credit will keep you locked in to your dealer.

We keep the door locked because we get unwelcome guests.

Any of the thoughts that hung around she kept locked up tight, even from herself.

Well well well, now why do you reckon they keep the toothpaste locked up?


It's sunset when you leave , locking the quiet house securely behind you.

In search of a bathroom, I leave Mike and Ann locked in their exchange and head toward the kitchen.

In the early hours of the morning, Henry left the gathering and locked himself alone, inside a friends room.

They left their Nissan Bluebird locked in a free car park after refusing to pay the 40p fee at one nearby.

He left the office and locked that door too.

With a deep sigh, I left the room and locked it behind me.

The khthons had untied them and left a torch before locking the dungeon door.

Ten minutes later he left the tower, locking the door after him.


Only a handful of nagging doubts remained , locked at the back of his mind and these soon seemed hazy and foolish.

For years its front door remained locked .

But lawmakers remain locked in a partisan dispute over what information House members will have before voting on disciplining the speaker.


be (caught/locked/stuck) in a time warp


Lock the brakes before you take him out of the stroller.

Lock the door when you leave.

As she left the house she locked the door.

Don't forget to lock the car.

He locked the safe and put the key in his pocket.

She was just chewing her dinner and her jaw locked.


As I said it, I jumped back in the bathroom and locked the door.

Once he had forgotten to lock Mr Corcoran's office and had been harshly reprimanded.

She went over and tried one of the handles, but the cabinet was locked.

That's what Lee had gone home to check, that Caspar was locked up.

The colored aide and the blond one took me downstairs and let me on to our ward and locked the door behind me.

Wu panicked and locked the door.

II. noun




If you have quick release wheels, take off the front wheel and lock it to the frame and back wheel.

A quick bath and bed, she promised herself, sighing, as she stuck her key into the front door lock .

For security a lock on the front locks both the system and the keyboard.

Do you have an enclosed unlit porch that would give a housebreaker some cover while working on the front door lock ?


The hollow sound of the key in the lock .

Anyway, I put the key in the lock as quietly as I could and walked in.

He then turned the key in the lock before starting his journey home.

I closed the lid and turned the key in the lock .

The turn of a key in the lock of the brown door stopped him in his tracks.

At about 7 - Mum's key in the lock .

He'd been so anxious to reach his father that he'd left the key in the lock .

She was on her way downstairs for tea when she heard the noise of Stephen's key in the lock .



Through the air lock she went, down the metal steps, and out on to the Moon's dusty surface.

Finally, they were let through an air lock guarded by massive metal doors into the reactor structure.

Gripping a hand rail, she waited for the door of the air lock to open.


He laid it on the bed, turned the combination locks and lifted the lid.

I took it down from the wall to reveal the circular door of a wall safe with a combination lock .

Next to it was a steel security cupboard fitted with a combination lock .

The case sported matching brass hardware, including a pair of clasps, each with its own three-number combination lock .

Remember the analogy of the combination lock .

The only thing holding me up would be fumbling at the combination lock or renting a towel.

And a briefcase with one of those combination locks .

I had twenty minutes to see what I could do about his combination locks .


A quick bath and bed, she promised herself, sighing, as she stuck her key into the front door lock .

Then I made great play of fiddling with the door lock before I emerged.

But yesterday he found the would-be thieves had smashed the door lock in an attempt to break in.

Do you have an enclosed unlit porch that would give a housebreaker some cover while working on the front door lock ?

The little Renault already looked sculpted out of snow, and the key would not turn in the frozen door lock .


The jarrah timbers from the tracks were gradually used in the repair of lock gates .

Leakage at the lock gates and sluices. 4.

I took the dinghy as far as we could go, right up near to the lock gates .

They are used mainly for inspection of foundations, assessing the condition of lock gates and checking the progress of repair work.


This would seem to cover the action of the lock keepers in this case.

John Cryer, the lock keeper , and Tom Mercer, the engine driver, are at the left of the picture.


Fit a five-lever mortise lock to the back door, or supplement the existing lock with a mortise deadlock.

It had a mortise lock , a simple keyhole and no key.


Rooms are double glazed and have double security locks .

No trace of any forcing of the two security locks .

It was too complicated coping with a system of security locks for three doors.


Security work will be carried out including footpath lighting, new fences and door and window locks .

Provision of a stair guard, and secure door and window locks , are sensible precautions with children.

Do you have either or both double-glazed windows and window locks ?

The least expensive yet most effective security products on the market are key operated window locks .



Its role in history is merely as the broken lock on Pandora's box.

It was only a broken lock , after all, nothing more.

I broke the lock and took it back to the shop in La Jolla.

Many of them wanted to see an administration whose make-up visibly broke the supposed lock on political power of white males.

But in their clumsy efforts to break the steering lock they had broken the steering itself.


Apart from your loss of property, you then have the added problem of changing every lock in the house.

Parasites invent new keys; hosts change the locks .

Only a few go through the final humiliation of meeting the bailiff at the door and watching him change the locks .

As my car and house keys were in the bag we had to change all the locks .

She said when she got back from court they were trying to change the locks .


All windows should be fitted with locks .

As soon as one type of white cell meets the antigen that fits its locks , it begins multiplying.

Make sure that yours are fitted with all possible locks and are constructed of unbreakable glass.

Keys found on the person of Janet Iverson included one fitting the lock on the door to the alley.

She rummaged in her handbag for the key on its wooden key ring and tried to fit it into the lock .

The same key fits several locks , in other words.

This endorsement should not be applied where the policyholder has fitted the locks without us insisting on them.

Before she could fit it in the lock the door opened.


I had to force the lock , Francis.


Pic 4 shows an example of a lever lock key in bronze with a simple bit to open the lock.

Fenn rummaged in his pocket for the keys that would open the three locks .


But you took time to pick the locks .

He had taught them how to pick a lock , steal a car, to shoplift ... The list was endless.

If I can pick a lock open, I ought to be able to pick it shut.

Chick had picked the lock on the back door before we'd even got Proteus out of the car.

Jay had picked the lock at 4907 Magazine Street in New Orleans.

Attached to the ring was the piece of wire he used to pick locks .


Voice over Since the raid police have put extra locks on Mr Goodyear's home.


I secured the locks on the wheelbarrow, crawled under canvas and wrote up the log and two letters.

It was secured by one simple lock which he snapped with the blade of his penknife.

Wooden framed windows are best secured with locks resembling small mortise security bolts.

I fingered it, and discovered that the top was secured by a brass lock .


I rolled the left-hand wheels back to seven-three-eight and with the latch closed again set the right-hand lock to one-three-seven.

They often helped by leading the horse, setting the locks or steering the boat.

Pre-take-off checks include the selection of fifteen degrees of flap and setting the tailwheel lock .


Well yes, but in those sorts of terms complementarity becomes a passkey which turns suspiciously many locks .

And then the key had turned in the lock .

The door slammed behind him, and Charlie heard a key turn in the lock .

Then the door closed and the key turned resoundingly in the lock .

She heard the key turn in the lock and a fear that was just short of primitive assailed her.

We heard the key turn in the lock .

Hopeful that the glass panes are unbroken, that the key will turn smoothly in the lock .


force a door/lock/window

He'd forced a window to get into the ground floor maisonette in the Belmont area of Hereford.

House raid: Intruders forced a window at the front of a house in Ripon.

The forced door especially terrified me.

The burglars are believed to have forced a window.

pick a lock

Attached to the ring was the piece of wire he used to pick locks.

He had taught them how to pick a lock, steal a car, to shoplift ... The list was endless.

If I can pick a lock open, I ought to be able to pick it shut.


She kept a lock of his baby hair in a book.

There's no lock on the door.


Equipment was stolen from a construction site entered by cutting a front-door lock .

Open up - watch the hard rasp as the key slides into the lock - and step inside.

That explains why there are no locks on the lockers in the hall.

The lock snapped and the detective levered up the bottom section.

The locks were closed again, the process ended, insipid Vadinamian refreshments were served in the visitors gallery.

Two types of locks had been developed by the Romans: the tumbler lock, and the lever lock.

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