Meaning of LOCK in English

1. n. & v.


1. a mechanism for fastening a door, lid, etc., with a bolt that requires a key of a particular shape, or a combination of movements (see combination lock), to work it.

2 a confined section of a canal or river where the level can be changed for raising and lowering boats between adjacent sections by the use of gates and sluices.

3 a the turning of the front wheels of a vehicle to change its direction of motion. b (in full full lock) the maximum extent of this.

4 an interlocked or jammed state.

5 Wrestling a hold that keeps an opponent's limb fixed.

6 (in full lock forward) Rugby Football a player in the second row of a scrum.

7 an appliance to keep a wheel from revolving or slewing.

8 a mechanism for exploding the charge of a gun.

9 airlock 2.


1. a tr. fasten with a lock. b tr. (foll. by up) shut and secure (esp. a building) by locking. c intr. (of a door, window, box, etc.) have the means of being locked.

2 tr. (foll. by up, in, into) enclose (a person or thing) by locking or as if by locking.

3 tr. (often foll. by up, away) store or allocate inaccessibly (capital locked up in land).

4 tr. (foll. by in) hold fast (in sleep or enchantment etc.).

5 tr. (usu. in passive) (of land, hills, etc.) enclose.

6 tr. & intr. make or become rigidly fixed or immovable.

7 intr. & tr. become or cause to become jammed or caught.

8 tr. (often in passive; foll. by in) entangle in an embrace or struggle.

9 tr. provide (a canal etc.) with locks.

10 tr. (foll. by up, down) convey (a boat) through a lock.

11 intr. go through a lock on a canal etc.

Phrases and idioms:

lock-keeper a keeper of a lock on a river or canal. lock-knit knitted with an interlocking stitch. lock-nut Mech. a nut screwed down on another to keep it tight. lock on to locate or cause to locate by radar etc. and then track. lock out

1. keep (a person) out by locking the door.

2 (of an employer) submit (employees) to a lockout. lock step marching with each person as close as possible to the one in front. lock stitch a stitch made by a sewing-machine by firmly locking together two threads or stitches. lock, stock, and barrel n. the whole of a thing.

--adv. completely. under lock and key securely locked up.


lockable adj. lockless adj.

Etymology: OE loc f. Gmc 2. n.1 a a portion of hair that coils or hangs together. b (in pl.) the hair of the head.

2 a tuft of wool or cotton.


-locked adj. (in comb.).

Etymology: OE locc f. Gmc

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