Meaning of LOCK in English



Function: noun

Etymology: Middle English lok, from Old English loc; akin to Old High German loh enclosure and perhaps to Old English locc lock of hair

Date: before 12th century

1 a : a fastening (as for a door) operated by a key or a combination b : the mechanism for exploding the charge or cartridge of a firearm

2 a : an enclosure (as in a canal) with gates at each end used in raising or lowering boats as they pass from level to level b : AIR LOCK

3 a : a locking or fastening together b : an intricate mass of objects impeding each other (as in a traffic jam) c : a hold in wrestling secured on one part of the body broadly : a controlling hold <his paper ⋯ had a lock on a large part of the state ― John Corry>

4 : one that is assured of success or favorable outcome

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