Meaning of METER in English


I. noun



Shelton fed the electricity meter .

gas meter

light meter

meter maid

parking meter

postage meter

water meter




If conservation measures were adopted, the report said, the forests could cope with 9.2 million cubic meters a year.

They put an upper limit of 4.6 million cubic meters on annual timber extraction.


The former building firm supervisor has been tending the 200 square meter allotment near his Newton home for the past eight years.

He added the group is now trying to select the site for the 660, 000 square meter plant.

Here are more varieties of living creatures crammed into a square meter than anywhere else on the planet.

That translates into about 2, 800 square meters of arabie land for each person on earth.



He admitted stealing £85 from the electricity meter and burglary involving £10.

Consumers complained about unaffordable debt repayment settings on both gas and electricity meters .

Hugh was busy telling the assembled how best to fiddle your electricity meter .

Their invention was an electricity meter controlled by signals from the power company.

Mr Pat Roberts for installation of a coin operated electricity meter .

Read in studio A faulty electricity meter is being blamed for starting a house fire which left six people in hospital.

The electricity meter caught my eye as I came up.

You need a special electricity meter for this.


The gas meter and pipes were only inches away.

He says that if the fire had melted the gas meter , there would have been an explosion.


Capital expenditure was switched to current accounts, and parking meters and town halls leased to private companies.

I took his parking meter space in part-payment for my woman.


In any event, they are adjusted one way or the other at the next meter reading .

It may prove useful for load management, but it does not solve the meter reading problem.

Take a meter reading off an area of grassland and lock in.

Or it may contain data such as an electricity meter reading .

The changes for domestic customers with quarterly accounts are effective from the first meter reading after April.


The watchdog sees more purpose in changing demand with domestic water meters .

As only about 1 percent of households have water meters , there's still little information on how metering works in practice.

Many customers will have to foot the bill for water meters , which most companies will eventually install.

The system allows gas, electricity and water meters to be read.

This period can be reduced if you are allowed to install the water meter yourself.

Friends of the Earth say water meters are the only answer.

Friends of the Earth agree; they're calling for the introduction of water meters .



While feeding the meter I had a sudden blank on whether my meter was in front or behind my car.

Only when the user has fed coins into the meter does the electricity flow.


Terrassa-based Telecom Valles, which provided 50% of the cash for the project, developed and installed the meter system.

The City has installed 300 of the meters in West Portal to test their reliability.

This period can be reduced if you are allowed to install the water meter yourself.

The customer would need to install a meter capable of recording usage by the hour.


The problem of destruction of, and theft from, parking meters is City wide and costs this authority a great deal.

The double white stripe is for show, as are the two parking meters .

BOutside, the valet parkers lean against the parking meters .


Is Big Brother reading your meter ?

Electricity, gas and water companies have sought many years for a way to read meters without visiting the customer's premises.

That way, when you had a fire mission, you would read this 400-meter change on your plastic cursor.

Understand and use simple rates; e.g. £ per hour, miles per gallon. Read meters and dials of various types.

The utilities also have announced they will read meters every other month and use an estimate between readings.

Electricity: read meter on arrival and departure - cost is ten pence per unit to cover standing charge as well as unit cost.

Manville glanced over the driver's shoulder, reading the meter .


Diesel smoke Vehicles with diesel engines will be checked for smoke emission, using smoke meters .

We never used the meter monitors as the eyes and ears of the police force.

The company also saw nearly a halving of complaints against it and is hoping to widen the number of people using meters .

A security officer from a nearby building appeared with a piece of metal which possibly had been used to attack the meter .


a gas meter

the taxi meter


Each time Joe Consumer retrieves a file from a commercial server, the payment meter is ticking.

Heating is normally charged separately, often by coin meter .

The City has installed 300 of the meters in West Portal to test their reliability.

The four Brent and two Ninian meters measure the incoming oil from offshore.

Their invention was an electricity meter controlled by signals from the power company.

Token meters are also available from most gas regions.

II. verb


The gas is metered and they send you a bill every three months.

They've introduced a system of metering the amount of water used in a household.

Water use is metered in most Sacramento homes.

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