Meaning of -METER in English

-meter (i) ˌmiːt ə AmE ˌmiːt̬ ə r , (ii) mɪt ə -mət ə AmE mət̬ ə r —Pronunciation (i) is used (a) in units of length (also spelt -metre ): ˈ centi ˌ meter/ ˈ centi ˌ metre , and sometimes (b) in the meaning 'measuring device': ˈ volt ˌ meter . The stress-imposing pronunciation (ii) is used (c) with reference to versification: pen ˈ tameter , and sometimes (d) for 'measuring device': ba ˈ rometer . (Hence the different pronunciations of the two senses of micrometer .) In the words altimeter and kilometer/kilometre the two types have been confused, giving rise to competing pronunciations with different stressings.

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