Meaning of MIGRATE in English



a bird migrates

The birds migrate from South America to North American breeding grounds.




These cells then migrate to many different parts of the embryo.

Hydrogen ions then migrate into cells in exchange for potassium ions, which enter the extracellular fluid.

They then migrate into the lymphoid tissue and eventually return to the blood circulation.



For capital, an alternative to migrating to cheap labour areas is to attract cheap, relatively disposable, migrant labour.

It migrates first to unexploited areas and chomps the abundant low quality stems before moving on.


Then it was starting to be winter and getting cold and it was getting time for the bird to migrate South.

Annual changes in the weather are also the stimulus for millions of birds to migrate .

Then finally the bird migrated South.

They are the vital staging post for millions of birds migrating between Siberia and Australasia.

Small mammals therefore do not live in cold countries, and birds migrate south in winter.


Accompanying the expanded domain of r4 expression, neural crest cells migrating from this region also express r4 markers.

These cells then migrate to many different parts of the embryo.

Some cells migrate beneath the future skin and will give rise to pigment cells.

Yet other neural crest cells migrate into the head region and form tissues of the head and face such as cartilage and bone.

If insufficient cells migrate into the front of the head the face will be abnormally small.

The cells seem to migrate along a track of extracellular material that covers cells which are oriented along the pathway they take.


The condition of insecurity which often prompts people to migrate to towns means that urban growth occurs under highly unfavourable circumstances.

I could do that and still keep looking for people who would be migrating .

Between 1900 and 1910, more people migrated to the United States than in the entire second half of the nineteenth century.


How do birds know when to migrate , and how do they find their way back home?

More than 2 million ducks migrate to the lake each fall.

The first Americans migrated across the Bering land bridge more than 10,000 years ago.

Where there are areas of high unemployment, workers tend to migrate to other, wealthier parts of the country.


But he eventually migrated to Chicago, where he acted in independent films and theater.

In the wild, they can often be sighted migrating in bevies of a hundred or more birds.

The answers to the second question, of how animals find their way when migrating, can be more various.

This means that now he has no need to migrate if he can work his own land.

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