Meaning of MIGRATE in English

ˈmīˌgrāt, usu -ād.+V verb

( -ed/-ing/-s )

Etymology: Latin migratus, past participle of migrare; akin to Greek ameibein to change, and perhaps to Sanskrit mayate he exchanges — more at mean

intransitive verb

: to move from one place to another: as


(1) : to leave one country, region, or place in order to settle in another

pretty lucky to have migrated to this country — Victor Boesen

(2) : to move from one area to another in search of work (as seasonal labor)

migrating with the alternation of crops through field after field of the West — Oscar Handlin

(3) : transfer ; specifically : to transfer from one college to another at a university in the British Isles

designing to migrate presently to a theological college — John Buchan

migrated to Emmanuel … probably to be at his elder brother's college — A.J.Shirren


(1) : to pass periodically from one region or climate to another for feeding or breeding

birds that migrate only at night — F.A.Geldard

(2) : to extend the habitat gradually from an old or into a new region

some plants failed to migrate into their old ranges as the glaciation diminished

(3) : to move from one site to another in a host organism especially as part of a life cycle

filiarial worms migrate within the human body

(4) : to alter position in the course of embryologic development or other organic process

one eye gradually migrates across the top the head, until both are on the same side — R.E.Coker


(1) : to move or undergo removal from one locality to another as a result of the operation of natural forces

the dunes usually migrate inland — W.W.Atwood b.1906

(2) of an atom or group : to shift position within a molecule

(3) of an ion : to move toward an electrode

(4) of a chemical substance : to move or diffuse into an environing medium

plasticizers that migrate into the adhesive film — Product Engineering

retard the development of rancidity when oxidable oils … migrate into it — J.J.Aid

d. : to change locale or center of gravity : shift

the coal-mining centers … have migrated eastward — L.D.Stamp

industry, having migrated from the manor to the craft guild of the town — Stringfellow Barr

transitive verb

: to cause to migrate

migrate a silicon atom — J.R.Goldsmith

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