Meaning of MOMENT in English




a brief moment

The old lady’s gaze rested on her for a brief moment.

a crucial moment/time

At the crucial moment, he withdrew the support of the army.

a minute/moment ago

The little girl you saw a moment ago was my niece.

at any given time/moment

There are thought to be around 10,000 young homeless Scots in London at any given time.

fleeting moment

For one fleeting moment , Paula allowed herself to forget her troubles.

had a senior moment

I had a senior moment and just couldn’t think of his name.

historic moment

‘It is a historic moment ,’ he told journalists.

inopportune moment

I’m afraid you’ve called at rather an inopportune moment .

Never a dull moment (= it’s always interesting or exciting )

Last week we had a hurricane. Never a dull moment running a hotel in the Caribbean .

never for one moment (= used to emphasize that you never thought something )

She had never for one moment imagined that it could happen to her.

pause (for) a moment

He paused for a moment, seemingly overcome by emotion.

poignant reminder/image/moment etc

a poignant reminder of our nation’s great sacrifices

sb's moment of glory

The team's only moment of glory came in the second half of the game.

scarcely a day/year/moment etc

Scarcely a day goes by when I don’t think of him.


We knew we only had a few more precious hours together.

senior moment

I had a senior moment and just couldn’t think of his name.

tense situation/atmosphere/moment etc

Marion spoke, eager to break the tense silence.

the exact time/moment

At that exact moment, the phone rang.

the mood of the time/moment (= the way people in general feel at a particular time )

The movie captured the mood of the moment.

the/that/this very moment

At that very moment, the doorbell rang.




His glance met hers for a brief , breathtaking moment , before he started forward, his stride slow, and rangy.

For a brief political moment , an unlikely voice trumpeted worker issues.

For a brief moment I was his and he was mine.

In that one brief moment he knew that he was in trouble.

In one brief moment of weakness he had allowed the mask to slip.

For one brief , shining moment , Edwin and his managers basked in the glow of beating back a competitive challenge.

For a brief moment in the late 1980s and early 1990s ecstasy broke this mould.

Has he traded notoriety and this brief moment for his lifelong dream?


For a long moment they lay and she gazed down at him, their eyes locked.

She stood still for a long moment that seemed to the others to grow into an age.

After a few long moments it found its legs and scampered to the far kerb.

For a long moment I just stood there in the darkness, feeling like a diver on a high platform.

And after a long moment he reached across and replaced the pepper pot.

She hugged him, for a long moment clinging to him silently.


It seemed a right time, a right moment to ask Shama another question which had been haunting me.

The pilot is under orders to wait for the right moment to land.

His only choice at present was to wait for the right moment to play his hand.

The next step is inevitable, and the only thing that matters now is to choose the right moment .

How did you produce a taxi at the right moment ?

He assumes that Black is lying low, biding his time until the right moment comes.

Mungo admired Emily's patience as she waited for the right moment to mention his proposition.

If you pull them out of the oven at the right moment , muffins should be springy and firm but moist.


At that very moment , a waiter turned abruptly from clearing the next table and crashed into Loretta.

They were wondering where she was at that very moment .

She knew the offers would disappear again the very moment she tried to take them up.

This was seen at the very moment of James V's death.

That lasted for a couple of weeks and it was a very scary moment - January or February of 1988.

But luck had come her way at the very last moment .

All she longed to do at this very moment was run back to the Gasthaus and hide in her room.



A component somewhere deep inside the motorspeeder chose that moment to explode from stress.

Why did he have to choose this moment to be nice to her?

The next step is inevitable, and the only thing that matters now is to choose the right moment .

She always chose that moment to talk about Durkin, and always in a disparaging way.

Angry and hurt at the continuing racism and sexism at Columbia, Joanne speaks out but tries to choose her moments .

These things happen to the most confident of video users and the gremlins always seem to choose their moment with great care.

Perhaps we could have chosen a different moment .


It's exactly at this moment that they feel panic and get into those messy situations with mistresses, divorces and remarriages.

But at the moment , he could feel belligerence rising.

Each moment you feel things more strongly than you ever have before.

The moment your opponent feels these taps he or she must let go immediately.

In this moment I felt a universal power-the source of all energy-passing through me.

For a moment - only a moment - he felt he could go home.

Even so, there were moments when I could feel my face heat up and my eyes blur with tears.


Mortimer paused to savour the moment - this was what soldiery was all about, he thought.

He paused a moment for a car to pass.

I paused for a moment , unsure of which path to take.

He paused for a moment in silent recollection.

Mr Yarrow paused a moment before placing a wage packet into it.

We do well to pause for a moment to watch their development and observe the positions their leaders took.

Stop and think Let's pause for a moment and think about this issue of arguments and the learning process.

I paused for a moment to slip my shoes off, and then I caught up with him.


Then for a moment , the war seemed to end.

And at that moment , the Bruins seemed headed for trouble.

At the moment he seemed to find all of them constricting.

But the momentum for the moment seems to be more with Bush than with Gore.

For a few moments he didn't seem to realise she was there.

At one moment she seemed to recognize him, the next, he was a stranger to her.

She did not turn her head when Melissa entered and for a moment it seemed that she was unaware of her presence.

For a moment she seems to be looking at something, but not something Primo can see.


Magee stood his ground a moment longer, then headed towards the stone steps.

He stood for a moment and then started to go out.

He stood still for a moment .

The blue stood off for a moment , and the judge called another handle.

He stood for a few moments thinking, and looking apprehensively from one stallion to the other.

The Colonel was flung back against the wall where he stood , for a moment , a puzzled expression on his face.

Adam closed the front door and stood there for a moment as if he could not wrench himself away.


Perhaps he had been toying with John Chapel, waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

Pat waited a moment , then sighed and hooked his arm.

I've been waiting for this moment all week.

He chose simply to wait her out a moment .

As an added deterrent, this species usually waits until the last moment for the final clamping-down movement.

Yolanda climbs into the car while the two men wait a moment on the shoulder to see if the tire will hold.


a bad time/moment etc

And it was still a bad time for the people in the middle.

And then uh, he was the homecoming king and oh, gosh, that was a bad time in my life.

Calls to assistant general manager Mike Port came at a bad time.

I thought it would be great down there, but I started having a bad time so I went back to Newcastle.

It was a bad time to have chosen for confrontation.

Strawberry had had a bad time.

The prolonged federal government shutdown could not have come at a worse time for businessman Herb Stein.

While I have no problem with this, the issue is that my friends are giving me a bad time about it.

a year/a week/a moment/an hour etc or two

an opportune moment/time

For those who are waiting for the most opportune time to invest in a home, this is an excellent time to do that.

This seemed like an opportune moment to ask the government to mount a tree-planting program.

His work - and his mission - comes at an opportune time.

I waited, hoping for an opportune moment to discuss the possibility of my earning a little money.

Meanwhile, he would take up the matter with Archbishop Perier at an opportune time.

Porter bought Goat Island and Preserved it at an opportune moment.

The announcement Tuesday may have come at an opportune time.

To her now he was just a young fellow who happened to be in the house at an opportune time.

Would this be an opportune time to suggest a move to help reduce the fragmentation of the industry?

an unguarded moment

In an unguarded moment, he admitted taking the file.

As he stepped to one side, Christina had a clear view of Stephen's face in an unguarded moment.

Had his anti-female attitude been weakened during an unguarded moment?

The only human explanation was that one of us had said something in an unguarded moment.

You caught him at an unguarded moment.

dying moment/minutes/seconds

And, in the dying seconds, Miklosko blocked Smillie's close-range effort.

Hereford usually crack or collapse in the dying minutes.

In the dying minutes, full-back, Paul Bodin burst through.

Jason Chandler made certain in the dying minutes of the game, Good Sports winning 2-1.

One moment of astonishing creativity in the dying seconds on Saturday transported him to the centre of Arsenal's universe.

Sean Farrell popped in the opener and Danny Allsopp made sure of the points in the dying seconds.

The World Champion launched a direct attack in the dying moments of the first session.

from that/this day/time/moment etc forward

It was resolved that from this day forward they shall be called by the name of the Veterinary College, London.

half a minute/moment/second etc

Add bean sprouts and cook another half minute.

After one and a half minutes the aircraft began to overshoot, correctly making an initial turn to the west.

I pulled to the curb for half a minute.

Poole and Bowman studied the screen in silence for half a minute.

Report repeated two and a half second ticking sounds from plane.

The fireball is visible for about half a minute before the object exits from the atmosphere with its original speed virtually undiminished.

The fireball that came with the flash lasted for half a second and enveloped the whole stumbling figure.

in the dying minutes/seconds/moments (of sth)

And, in the dying seconds, Miklosko blocked Smillie's close-range effort.

Hereford usually crack or collapse in the dying minutes.

Jason Chandler made certain in the dying minutes of the game, Good Sports winning 2-1.

One moment of astonishing creativity in the dying seconds on Saturday transported him to the centre of Arsenal's universe.

Sean Farrell popped in the opener and Danny Allsopp made sure of the points in the dying seconds.

The World Champion launched a direct attack in the dying moments of the first session.

just a minute/second/moment

Just a minute, that's not what she told us.

Just a minute. Let me see if he's here.

And he had deliberately caught his flight with just minutes to spare.

Aronoff, who asked to be arraigned today, appeared before the media for just minutes Thursday to read a brief statement.

For just a moment there, tournament golf had taken its toll: Saavedra had lost the head.

I wan na wait, wait, wait just a second.

It takes just a second: One car plows into another and the backup begins.

It went dead for just a second.

Let's continue the story for just a moment in a ridiculous way.

Neighbours pulled her to safety just minutes before flames took hold.

magic moment

And in that magic moment I heard a sound I had never heard before.

I was going to miss that magic moment of seeing air under the tyres for the first time.

It was a magic moment, the music describing what was in front of our eyes.

No magic moments at the Manor.

Seeing a bear like that is a magic moment no matter how many times you re-live it.

The four-year-old leukaemia victim had flown 4,700 miles for the magic moment.

The head of the Old Man and a magic moment.

When Tom Lehman filters his memory for magic moments of 1995, one in particular might be hard to visualize.

moment/fit of madness

A brief moment of madness , I admit.

Essex are likely to fine Neil Foster for his moments of madness yesterday.

Francis made his will in a moment of madness .

Grandcourt finds Gwendolen screaming in a fit of madness .

He wondered if the bad blood of the d'Urbervilles was to blame for this moment of madness .

In a moment of madness Rosenoir kicked Alan Kernaghan as he lay on the ground.

It was a moment of madness .

Just that one brief moment of madness ... Then the bitter tears of self-reproach.

not a moment too soon/none too soon

on the spur of the moment

I bought the car on the spur of the moment.

It was a spur-of-the-moment decision.

On the spur of the moment, she decided to enter the race that she had come to watch.

On the spur of the moment, we decided to head north that day instead of East.

But airlines allow them to fly on the spur of the moment on a standby basis.

He just took a calculated risk on the spur of the moment.

I just reacted on the spur of the moment.

I pledged to never again go home with some one on the spur of the moment.

Now I could call other parents on the spur of the moment, arrange overnights for Janir or invite his friends over.

They make quick changes and responses on the spur of the moment.

This list wasn't compiled on the spur of the moment.

When she got through he said he had taken a train on the spur of the moment and was in Bristol.

proudest moment/achievement/possession

I know that her proudest moment was when she won a prize in high school in 1929, for writing.

It's the proudest possession in my house.

To me, it was the funniest, proudest moment I had ever had in baseball.

To this day, this remains Morrissey's proudest moment.

spare time/moment/hour etc

Darby was a cheerfully relaxed young man who compiled cryptic crosswords for a monthly magazine in his spare time.

In her spare time she makes and decorates cakes of different shapes and sizes for all occasions.

In his spare time, Grigsby gave legal advice to the Black Panthers.

In many schools, teachers are spending their spare time fund-raising and making equipment to support the new Curriculum.

Q: What do you do in your spare time?

Q: When you have spare time, what do you do?

We had some spare time, so we started messing around with samples and sequencers and stuff.

the exact colour/moment/type etc

But prosecutors in the Anwar Ibrahim indecency trial knew the exact moment of the chauffeur's trauma.

He looked up at the screen at the exact moment Rocky gave himself the name he would henceforth carry.

I can tell you the exact moment he fell in love with her.

I was then sure that the brush was holding the exact colour the painting required.

It is difficult to trace the exact moment at which he decided that the military situation was hopeless.

The user has to judge the exact moment to stop.

the last minute/moment

At rest the cricket looks like a dead leaf, but it transforms itself at the last moment.

At the last minute a sense of something unsaid made her hurry after him.

At the last moment, it veered away and came to halt by a vent.

Fortunately, Chrysler dropped the idea for such a fin at the last minute.

I can not chuck them at the last minute.

In Madrid Casado triumphed and at the last moment Communist power was broken.

Perhaps he could arrange for Anthony to go sick at the last minute.

The bends in the road came at the last moment.

the man of the moment/hour/year

Back in 1831 the man of the moment was one Squire George Osbaldeston.

Except for one player, the man of the moment in the Kingdome.

Miltiades was the man of the hour, and his advice was to strike at once and win back the Cyclades.

Sean Bean's the man of the moment.

That's what makes Bush the man of the hour, for these are indisputably good times.

You ought to be the man of the hour.

the odd occasion/day/moment/drink etc

However, on the odd occasion that I purchase fish elsewhere, I do quarantine the fish for two weeks.

Not on the odd occasion, but each time they took this fit.

On the odd occasion the jollities would get out of hand and the fists would fly.

This doesn't matter on the odd occasion; it is only a problem if it occurs regularly.

We've been working on the Panch Chule expedition for a year, but it's just the odd day basically.

We just used to banter, have the odd drink together, fool around in the snow.

the psychological moment

wait a minute/second/moment etc

And wait a minute ... Sage Derby.

And hey, wait a minute.

Beth, can it wait a minute?

But wait a minute! - Wasn't that blood?

But wait a minute, what's this?

I rounded the corner, then stopped, waited a moment and peeked back into the lobby.

They come back, you know, if I wait a minute.

Ward waited a moment by the door.

weak moment

For a weak moment she almost relented.

Indeed there are no really weak moments vocally, although I am not convinced by the style of all the vocal cadenzas.


Can you spare a few moments to answer some questions?

He was here a moment ago.

I was just waiting for the right moment to tell her.


At the moment I show, the beam is emanating westward.

But these moments did not seem to lose the play's tension.

But when you do, it's a sweet, sweet moment .

He stood for a moment , rubbing his chin.

The speeder froze in mid-air for just a moment , while its computers coped with the sudden assault on the automatic systems.

There had been moments of significance but no possibility for overall meaning.

When it erupts at the wrong moment , it can signal severe illness.

When the moment came he took it and he took it well.

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