Meaning of NECESSARY in English



a necessary evil (= something that is bad but necessary )

Most businesses see government regulation as a necessary evil.

a necessary measure

The army will take all necessary measures to protect the public.

a necessary precaution

He justified his secrecy as a necessary precaution.

consider it necessary/important etc to do sth

I did not consider it necessary to report the incident.

deem sth necessary/appropriate etc

They were told to take whatever action they deemed necessary.

essential/necessary/vital equipment

A compass is essential equipment when hiking.

if necessary

Taste the soup and add salt and pepper if necessary .

necessary steps

We must be sure that we are taking the necessary steps to prevent the problem from getting a foothold here.

necessary/essential repairs

The Council has agreed to carry out essential repairs to the fencing.

the necessary information

This leaflet should provide you with all the necessary information.

the required/necessary minimum (= the least amount that you must have )

He received 35 votes, two more than the required minimum.




It is absolutely necessary to allow sponsors into the game.

This is not absolutely necessary but it would stretch your imagination and further clarify the entire research process from beginning to end.

But he is not an absolutely necessary member of your cast of characters.

On the other hand, honesty is an absolutely necessary policy as a matter of principle and also credibility.

He wouldn't keep her here any longer than was absolutely necessary , would he?

All the components of the Pythagorean model interlock, each absolutely necessary to the proper operation of the whole.

For one who has a strenuous life it is necessary , absolutely necessary in order to keep sane and well.

My handwriting is so bad now that a computer is absolutely necessary for me.


But it is also necessary to know music-making from the orchestra's point of view.

Free trade among manufacturers, suppliers, towns, and cities is also necessary .

It is also necessary for the plaintiff to prove causation.

A certain minimum material infrastructure Is also necessary .

When dealing with leasehold property, it is also necessary to deal with the apportionments of any service charge liability.

It is also necessary to make the vital decision how the structure should be manned.

Similarly large investments are also necessary in electricity generation.

It was also necessary to provide complementary training for the professional members of the social service teams.


Once the fire is lit, it has to be kept going and refuelled as necessary .

Fire would have been as necessary to the one as to the other.

A teacher who has visually handicapped pupils in the class will need to consider these recommendations and implement them as necessary .

Replenish coals and chips as necessary .

Legal representation was not viewed as necessary , but rules prohibiting legal representation were considered undesirable.

Make sure patties are just barely covered and add water as necessary to replace sauce that has cooked down.

With small arrangements, make sure you check the water level frequently and top up as necessary .

Therefore, a balance between assimilation and accommodation is as necessary as the processes themselves.


You may well ask if such precision is really necessary !

But no coaching is really necessary in such matters.

Photographs Are these really necessary and do all the sections of the list need to have them?

The first step is to determine whether buttering up is really necessary .

Are status and status symbols really necessary ?

Is it really necessary that we learn everything by trial by fire?

Is the placement outside the birth family really necessary ?

Is it really necessary for me to get under the bed and shine a light like this?


They must make physical, musical and, when necessary , dramatic sense.

Proponents argue that when necessary , Congress would waive the provision of this amendment with a three-fifths vote.

They had always had the potential to control their fertility and did so when necessary .

In this way the record can be found when necessary without movement of the access heads.

One has to match the two and use active and passive immunisation when necessary .

Peasants were also able to cushion the impact of indirect taxes by falling back on barter and home products when necessary .

It helps them to find their centre of balance when working close together and also to counter-balance their weight when necessary .

Then if we begin to make car payments to ourselves, we can replace that car when necessary .


To participate and where necessary assist in the training activities of the Department.

In others, the general hospital psychiatric service will be able to provide aftercare, including where necessary , family therapy.

For the deaf, welfare officers had to provide a communication and translation service where necessary .

We try to give constructive and detailed responses to the proposals and engage the assistance of specialists in the field where necessary .

The method of assessment will rest on observing the trainee's performance at work with questions supplementing underpinning knowledge where necessary .

Revise your roles in marriage where necessary or helpful.

The principal methods of investigation are the collection and analysis of secondary data, complemented by personal interviews, where necessary .



While this is an optimistic view the necessary conditions of teaching and length of time are not often available.

This is quite true, given the existence of some very important necessary conditions .

Massive investment in research and new technology is, therefore, a necessary condition of achieving sustainable development.

Consensus has to be a necessary condition of partnership.

Enlightened self-interest is, for those of us who are not saints, the necessary condition of social behaviour.

However, these are not attributes of an individual as such, which for fairness might be viewed as a necessary condition .

A strong local business base is a necessary condition for the economic future of Glasgow.

A large number of organisms and lowered resistance are two of the necessary conditions for infection to become established.


They viewed such methods as a necessary evil , unavoidable yet somehow beneath their dignity.

However, the authors, like most others then and now, saw those shortcomings as a necessary evil in maintaining control.

Mr Waldegrave's shambolic performance in the press conference was a necessary evil .

Lawyers are a necessary evil that I try to use as little as possible due to their cost.

They're a necessary evil , like the woman who sawed off all my lovely hair.

It may be a necessary evil , but it is surely an evil.

Most farmers accept the cull as heartbreaking, but a necessary evil .

We do not look at government as a necessary evil .


Computers are as necessary as textbooks in schools.

Fats in our diet are necessary for both heat and energy.

He produced the necessary documents and handed them to her.

If necessary , we will have to employ some outside people to finish the job.

It will be necessary to close the pool while the repairs take place.

The doctor says it may be necessary for me to have an operation.


Add a second layer if necessary .

But take another step back and it is no longer necessary to preserve the species.

Jennie told Katharine to be aware of this and to correct any fault as necessary .

Much doubling, therefore, is necessary in the tutti.

On his eighteenth birthday, his parents had believed it necessary to commit the act that would decisively save their only child.

She explained why change was necessary .

They also make any necessary criticisms and suggestions more easily acceptable when they are offered.

This was clearly necessary for their analysis since it allowed them to aggregate data over different drivers.

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