Meaning of NEGOTIATION in English



a matter for debate/negotiation/discussion (= something to be debated/negotiated etc )

How to solve the housing crisis is a matter for debate.

a round of talks/negotiations/meetings

A second round of talks got under way this week.

bilateral relations/trade/agreements/negotiations etc

bilateral negotiations between Israel and Syria

disarmament negotiations/talks

United Nations disarmament negotiations started today.

enter into discussions/negotiations (with sb)

The government refused to enter into discussions with the opposition.

enter negotiations (= start discussing something )

The rebels were prepared to enter negotiations .

high-level meetings/talks/negotiations etc

a high-level conference on arms control

intense negotiations

The hostages were freed after intense negotiations.

peace talks/negotiations

A fourth round of peace talks will begin on Monday.

protracted negotiations/discussions/debate etc

the expense of a protracted legal battle

trade talks/negotiations

A further round of trade talks begins this week in Geneva.




A trade that purports to have been executed in the exchange's competitive trading system is in fact pre-arranged by bilateral negotiation .

Bush suggested that the conference would dissolve into a series of bilateral negotiations , but would be periodically reconvened.

The document envisaged six months of bilateral negotiations over programmes and funding.


You need to be more direct in negotiations .

Formal documentation, legal contracts and direct , to-the-point negotiations are features of this kind of culture.

After the Security Council ultimatum was issued, Bush offered to enter into direct negotiations .


The flexibility idea was mostly opposed by developing countries, but during the final negotiations in Kyoto the opposition was not sustained.

Northwest Airlines' mechanics are in the final stage of negotiations that could lead to a strike there next month.

Lyle's reaction was to take the money, but he called in Neil Shaw to conduct final negotiations .

Of these, in 27 cases the investors have shown further interest and five are in the final stages of negotiation .

He also announced that a World Bank loan for the sugar industry was in the final stages of negotiation .


By 1170 further negotiations with Pope Alexander, still in opposition to Frederick, had broken down.

Ferris said no further negotiations are planned, and the offer is final.

Although further peace negotiations were scheduled for the latter half of 1991, the situation remained unresolved.

Such an agreement would be mostly procedural, leaving the tough land-for-peace issues for further negotiations , officials said.

The costs of due diligence, which can be considerable are a further area where negotiation may be possible.

Some favored acceptance, some wanted further negotiation , and some clamored for a continuance of the war.

A further negotiation session was planned for late September, but the August talks ended amid mutual accusations.

Daschle continued to object, and he and Dole left the Senate floor for further negotiations .


Trade sanctions have been threatened and copyright has been made a high-profile issue in international negotiations .

He said that the deportations could jeopardise international negotiations aimed at finding a long-term solution to the boat people problem.

The Kyoto protocol capped years of good-faith international negotiations aimed at implementing the 1992 U.N.

As with all international negotiations , there has been give and take between all 12 member states.


But Lucy's invitations were not open to negotiation , and none of her favourites had thought it wise to refuse.

Some have said they do not consider the matter open to negotiation .

But contrariwise it was an essential part of corporate liberty that it was open to negotiation .

However, Mr Smith said the union was always open to negotiation .

From the tone of his voice, it was perfectly clear that his decision was not open to negotiation .

I can do one thing in the light, and that's send and treat for him in open negotiation .

But it is open to negotiation and will depend on how you run your business finds out Tom Allen-Stevens.

While interactionists admit the existence of roles, they regard them as vague and imprecise and therefore as open to negotiation .


After protracted negotiations in July 1845 twenty cases of drawings were delivered to the Galleries.

Three years of long and protracted negotiations characterized the proposals for an indoor-events arena.

After protracted negotiations , it was agreed that a day a week would be devoted to the task.

This takes time and the heads are not the appropriate forum for protracted negotiations .

The bid follows protracted negotiations between the two groups about a possible merger.


Early in 1202 secret negotiations had already begun between Otto and Innocent.

Henry Kissinger was also confounded and frustrated by the Communists during his secret negotiations with them.

Every day of his liberty is a defiance. Secret negotiations are under way with jailed mobsters to bring him down.


Neither one has reached the stage of serious negotiations .

This is certainly a novel method of signaling fair-mindedness on the eve of serious federal policy negotiations .

But his critics say he is not serious about negotiation .



McCurry said he expects the issue to come up at budget negotiations with congressional Republicans.

And while the budget negotiations are causing grief right now for front-running Sen.

Clinton also alluded to the intractable ideological divide that led to the suspension of top-level budget negotiations .

Which brings us to the snow job piling up around the budget negotiations themselves.

If no progress is made in the budget negotiations by Jan. 26, the government offices could be shut down again.


It is likely that the lawyers will try to introduce their pension advisers early in the contract negotiations .

Teacher contract negotiations have been on hold for months because school officials were uncertain how much money they had.

I just had to write when, out here at the 1996 Summer Press Tour, I heard about your contract negotiations .

He just tells her not to talk to the press about the contract negotiations .

But historically, mediators have allowed other airlines' contract negotiations to go on for years before declaring an impasse.

Throughout the day, contract negotiations continued inside.

Brunell and the team will enter into contract negotiations next week.


It was announced on Feb. 25 that a ceasefire had been agreed in principle as a prelude to full peace negotiations .

Netanyahu apparently began to fear the economic cost of a breakdown in peace negotiations .

The subsequent peace negotiations were brokered by Jalaluddin Haqqani, commander of a mujaheddin mediation committee.


A full investigation of title is time consuming and should be started as early in the negotiation process as possible.

We can say that now, and we used it quite heavily during the negotiation process .

The President said that both Delport and Schoeman would be involved in the negotiations process .


Optimists say not. Trade negotiations always look as if they were about to break down just before they succeed.

It was a moment of levity amid tough trade negotiations .

Let us get down to tackling practical matters such as getting those trade negotiations tied up.

There will no hard-nosed trade negotiations on this trip.

Finally, it offers a rationale for a further round of world trade negotiations .


But some warned that the impact of higher mortgage rates on wage negotiations risked increased pressure on prices in the months ahead.

The obvious way is through wage negotiations and issues about security of employment.

Strike statistics by themselves may not reflect the often violent background to the annual Spring wage negotiations .

A government communiqué of June 19 declared the strike illegal on the grounds that wage negotiations were still in progress.

Naturally, employers are now facing yet another round of difficult wage negotiations .

The squeeze on consumption prior to 1969 now led to trade unions adopting a more militant posture in wage negotiations .

The most critical period will be this winter's round of wage negotiations .



That means publishing research, collecting data on morality in factories and constructing some forum where consensus can be agreed by negotiation .


After the election the Yukon Party began negotiations with a view to forming a minority government in the territory.

In 1968 they found a failing college in Delaware and began negotiations to make it the site.

Next day the government began negotiations with trade union leaders.

The two companies had begun negotiations last spring.

Thorn said it began negotiations to re-sign Jackson with its Virgin label in December.


The settlement, which concluded four months of negotiations , obviated the need for the separate cases to be heard in court.

Republicans are eager to conclude negotiations .

The health authority and the Defence Land Agent hope to conclude negotiations within a month.

The government and opposition recently concluded months of negotiations on the reform package.

Pricing is still currently in dollars while Berenzoid and InteSoft conclude negotiations and are as follows.


A working group of nonprofit agencies was set up to conduct the annual negotiations with the State Department.

Experience of conducting high level negotiations , contract and royalty management.

Lyle's reaction was to take the money, but he called in Neil Shaw to conduct final negotiations .

How you conduct negotiations from there is largely a question of individual judgment supported by sound professional advice.


Environmental protests against the hydroelectric scheme had continued throughout the negotiations .

The Justice Department ordered additional contingents of marshals to the campus and continued negotiation with Barnett.

Needless to say, virtually all debtor governments are counting on continued negotiations with their creditors to alleviate their debt burdens.


As a result local government policies have changed, and employment strategy has entered a phase of negotiation .

They may be more careful as they enter into negotiations with our competitors in the future.

I know the other party and I are going to work out a deal when we enter negotiations .

This involved a moped engine designed by the plaintiff who entered into informal negotiations with the defendant; no contract was executed.

After the Security Council ultimatum was issued, Bush offered to enter into direct negotiations .

To sort out the non-priority debts, possibly entering into negotiation with the lenders.

Rabin and his aides entered the Kissinger negotiations as hard bargainers with a clear sense of their bottom line.


There followed seven months of negotiation between the bill's supporters and the Administration.

The accord, which followed two years of negotiations , was scheduled to come into force in September 1994.

The bid follows protracted negotiations between the two groups about a possible merger.


He should legislate now for a referendum to be held once the negotiations at Maastricht are complete.


Inside the baker's, Maisie had got involved in a complicated negotiation with the shopkeeper.

She is deeply involved in litigation and negotiations in which the potential stakes for city residents are massive.

This connection has meant that Mr Smith has not been involved in the negotiations .

C., will be involved in the negotiations , which are scheduled to continue through Friday.

Where two agencies put forward conflicting options, the search is inevitably on for a third option, which may involve negotiation .

The multinationals that stand to benefit were deeply involved in the negotiations to establish Gats.

Any solution would have to involve explicit negotiation between sovereign states, culminating in an international treaty.

This will involve trade union negotiations in areas that may be far removed from their traditional expertise.


So when Branson contacted her to see whether they could resume negotiations , Wilson agreed.

Dole denied any rift in Republican ranks as congressional leaders and Clinton prepared to resume their negotiations last night.


That said, it is most important to get the parties to start the process of negotiation .

Mortensen said he stepped down as chairman last month as he started negotiations to buy the restaurant unit.

To start negotiations having to rely on the generosity of the other party is not to start in the strongest of positions!

They met for four hours at an airplane hangar in Phoenix on March 6 to start the negotiations .

They all had a bounden responsibility to start negotiations to end the nightmare.

He has already started negotiations , and hopes to announce alliances next month.

Simultaneously, the national government officials will start negotiation and the lobbyist should also brief them.

In 1991 I started negotiations to run a pilot project of community nursing contracts in my practice.


Negotiations involving 108 nations have been bogged down over the issue of refugees.

Any border changes will come about only by negotiation .


All those stipulations are up for negotiation .

For example, management might suspend all negotiations about pay and conditions until employees agree to work normally during the bargaining.

Hitler's assault in the summer of 1940 put paid to the agitation for peace negotiations.

Intense negotiation followed, then shortly afterwards legal threats from Harvard, culminating in a bizarre series of scurrilous allegations and counter-allegations.

That is abdication, not negotiation .

That may make negotiation of East-West arms limitation agreements much more complicated.

The outcome raised expectations of full-scale negotiations on a new power-sharing constitution.

There followed seven months of negotiation between the bill's supporters and the Administration.

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