Meaning of NETWORK in English

I. noun


a computer network (= a set of computers connected to each other )

A virus had infected the entire computer network.

a dense network of sth

The country is served by a dense network of roads.

a road network (= system of roads that cross or are connected to each other )

the road network in northern France

BBC Asian Network

high-speed computer/network/modem etc

high-speed Internet access

local area network

network adapter

neural network

By 1989, they were using neural networks to assess credit risks.

social networking site

social networking

the rail network/system (= the system of railway lines in a country )

The government has spent £2 billion on improving the country's rail network.

wireless networking




Now, however, no fewer than 23 countries have cellular networks up and running.

The state-run telephone company now says it wants to run its own cellular network .


Telex and facsimile could make way for latest high-tech global communications network .

People inevitably are changed by their contact with a global network of humanity, Whittle says.

On-line debate discussion groups also will take place on the Internet, the global computer network .

Using 20, 000 volunteers, it succeeded in linking 3, 500 schools in the state to the global computer network .

The Celestri global broadband communications network is expected to be operational by the year 2003.

Today the global network environment reaches over 140 countries, each with its own slant.

Countrywide, more than half of state governments provide the text of bills to users of the global network .


Strictly speaking, the Internet is an international network of computers linked up to exchange information.

The international network of politically experienced women is ineffective, exhausted, and has all but disappeared.

The word Internet is a contraction of international and network .

Historically, three barriers have slowed the development of international networks .

The localities described by Cooke and colleagues are essentially local market-places competing with others in the international network .

Until late 1991 such connectivity was available only to individual national and international research networks .

Export factoring has been held back by gaps in the companies' international networks .

B.. Develop more effective international surveillance networks for the anticipation, recognition, control, and prevention of emerging infectious diseases.


A curfew was imposed and news broadcasts by Radio Rumbos, the largest network , were suspended.

Their ability to map a statistical distribution, however, works well only with large networks .

Carers generally operate alone rather than in a large network and, as noted earlier, they are not a single group.

The next step involves dispersing the mothering throughout a larger parenting network .

When parents are part of a larger network , a kind of magic happens.

For large networks , multiple boards can be used to partition the computations even more.

Secure-key distribution becomes cumbersome in large networks .

SURAnet, the strategic networking initiative of the Southeastern Universities Research Association, is another large regional network created in 1986.


Graphics: Methods of transmitting broadcast quality vision through a digital local area network .

Private local-area networks on the Internet operate at data transmission speeds of 10 to 100 megabits per second.

It zoomed in to introduce the IntelliServer terminal server for local area networks .

Within a building, a local area network can transfer data at broadband speeds-10 megabytes per second or more.

It is currently working on a system for extending the security provided on Unix and local area network systems.

Tom is connected to a local network , which serves about 1000 users.

Really sophisticated users may like to invest in the ultimate communications link between the two systems, a local area network .

Each local network of cattle stealing provided an alternative system of power and wealth in that locality.


Nor will it keep Century 21 offerings off major Internet real-estate networks .

Arrests were also reported of members of a major network of financial corruption involving the falsification of official documents.

It is estimated that every thirty minutes a major network links into the Internet.

What are the major networks that are being used?

Every night an estimated forty million people watch the news on the major networks and millions more watch local news coverage.

The hub-and-spoke system made it harder for small airlines to mount an effective challenge to major networks .

But it does seem more enthusiastically dedicated to the genre than the other major networks .


This was followed by final production advice and then the national network broadcast at 6 o'clock.

One of the shortcomings of cellular infrastructure has been the lack of a seamless national network .

Both national networks and international pipelines for data focus heavily on intra-company, intra-organizational, or intra-industry, communications.

Verio supports its operations with highly reliable and scalable national infrastructure and systems including a Tier 1 national network .

And he was allowed to tape a 24-minute interview broadcast on a state-run national television network last Sunday.

In 1940, Lewis could give a speech and all three national networks would carry it live.

There are more than 65 local Protestant radio stations, many of which are linked through national networks .

A national network television audience can judge for itself when the Suns visit the Lakers and attempt to break a two-game skid.


Netbuilder will, according to the company, allow developers to build information analysis systems using multiple neural network and statistical analysis modules.

The neural network picture is still building.

Or, neural networks could be used to teach other neural networks.

Appropriate Tasks Sometimes, tasks appropriate for neural networks are ones humans know how to do.

Although digital computers have to simulate this parallelism, true neural network hardware will really perform the operations in parallel.

Image Processing Imaging applications for neural networks seem to be a natural fit.

However, this application will illustrate in detail other techniques you can adopt in developing an application-specific neural network .

The neural network collects its data incrementally, every five minutes.


At first things developed largely unnoticed with new heroin-user networks establishing in Woodchurch, Ford and Moreton.

Some new networks can heal themselves when a break occurs, without any involvement from a repairman.

Plans for a new intelligence network are now being worked out between nine police forces concerned with the problem of travellers.

Each of the digital players had to pick which technology to use in its new networks and phones.

Research and development of new distributed network techniques and software applications 2.

The new network management protocol will now become a Request for Comment.

Both could assume roles on the new cable network .


As for Asynchronous Transfer Mode switches, the company is going for customers that want private networks , rather than public telecommunications operators.

The company already offers on-line banking over a private network for its 22 partners.

They are all involved in the production of Protestant radio programmes for national, local and private radio networks .

Verio also offers selected enhanced services such as Web hosting, electronic commerce and virtual private networks .

Sales of virtual private networks increased 22 % from the prior quarter to over 170 units.

Home will create a private network packed in major metropolitan areas.

Supply Chain Management Until recently, these inventory management strategies were implemented through very expensive computer systems and private networks .

Coexisting with them was a whole series of private networks comprising computers hard-wired to one another, sometimes spanning the country.


It comprises a rectangular grid of routes some 400-600m apart, connecting on the city edge to the regional cycle network .

The financial health and viability of regional networks varies.

The local and regional networks were based on the railways with animal power feeding to and distributing from the stations.

State and Campus Networks State and campus networks link into regional networks.

The new fund is intended to establish a regional network of protected areas in seven countries.

Since March 1989 the regional network has grown to include over 300 research and education renters.

SURAnet, the strategic networking initiative of the Southeastern Universities Research Association, is another large regional network created in 1986.

At the regional network level, Verio continued to consolidate its POPs, closing 11 redundant POPs during the quarter.


The data presented here suggest that social network structure is implicated in processes of linguistic change in at least two ways.

The second power strategies category, using social networks , builds off the power bases of political access and staff support.

Studies are also investigating changes in the nature of social networks and in family relationships during continuing unemployment.

Set in 1960s Baghdad, its landscape and social networks seem very foreign.

These resources will include primarily the family and/or social network , with which this book is concerned.

Group-based therapies like anxiety management groups have the added ingredient of offering clients an additional social network of others with similar difficulties.

The aim of this research is to apply the methods developed for computer algorithms design and analysis to social networks .

Their lifestyles focused on the social networks around the pubs and clubs that had emerged in the wake of Gay Liberation.


Likewise the concepts of local and wide area networks .

URLs are universal in that they provide access to a wide range of network services which required separate applications in the past.

Henley can offer access to a wide network of specialist researchers and academics to supplement its own faculty if necessary.

We have a wide network of hack routes and we have four teachers.



It is currently working on a system for extending the security provided on Unix and local area network systems.

Within a building, a local area network can transfer data at broadband speeds-10 megabytes per second or more.

The four agreed to support Simple Network Management Protocol as a standard for managing peripherals on a local area network .

Local-\#area networks transmitting data at speeds of between 10 megabits per second and 100 megabits per second also exist.

Likewise the concepts of local and wide area networks .

Today's local area network systems are totally inadequate for such gigantic flows of information.

But whether yours is a local area network or a global one, your problem is the same.


The growth of cable networks is even more of a threat.

Hall plays Michael Atwood, a motivated but still far from star announcer working for an all-sports cable network in Atlanta.

When he ran a small cable network in San Francisco, Hindery refused to carry the sport.

U S West also has its own cable network in Atlanta.

A nationwide information technology cable network .

Two commercial radio broadcasters, two television stations and cable networks provide more news.

Both could assume roles on the new cable network .

The company has put on hold plans to install cable networks in Los Angeles and Orange County.


And despite the rickety infrastructure, computer networks are growing fast.

On-line debate discussion groups also will take place on the Internet, the global computer network .

It is also conceivable that some constraints might have to be placed upon communications within computer networks .

All of this takes place within computer networks at split-second speed.

Cisco Systems, the world's largest computer network equipment maker, reported better than expected fourth-quarter profits.

Smart said one focus of the remaining operations would be on products for the Internet and office computer networks .

Furthermore, both countries have a good track record in software and have extensive computer networks .

Nationally, the White House and many members of congress are accessible on-line through Internet and various commercial computer networks .


Our third-party logistics and distribution network covers the United States.

Petersburg, where Duracell is setting up distribution networks .

The Company enjoys a comprehensive distribution network and long-established relationships with the world's leading broadcasters.

Cable systems traditionally use coaxial cable and a series of amplifiers throughout the distribution network .

One is to create national - preferably international - marketing and distribution networks .

Global information distribution networks represent the infrastructure crisscrossing countries and continents.

Shvydkoy hopes that the privatisation of the studios will boost film production and result in a modern distribution network .


We will conclude with tactical considerations of network design, performance evaluation, and network management and security techniques.

This effectively creates a limited number of entry points into the backbone and simplifies network management .

This database could be networked using proprietary network management software or other systems.

As a result, enterprise networks , distributed network management , and unusual software applications were implemented in parallel worldwide.

A suite of network management applications is also available, with diagnostic and maintenance features.

The enhancements include faster network throughput, NetView support and Data General-added network management and monitoring utilities.

The new network management protocol will now become a Request for Comment.

Instead, they now intend to integrate the technologies only at the network management level.


Erlich remembered his face from the network news , bleak and uncompromising and shamed, when the announcement was made.

He is on a first-name basis with network news producers.

He watched the network news on television in the evening.

On any given weekday night, around thirty-eight million people are watching the network news , with millions more watching local news.

Later, he sat in a café, drinking cappuccino, and watched his own obituary on the network news .

The staid and once-serious network news has begun to look like glitzy local news operations.

It's not as if I worked for a large network news show.

Daniels could face appearances on network news and talk shows and at the White House in the coming months.


Immediate improvements in the rail network , allowing more movement of goods and passengers by rail and less environmental damage.

That accident led to speed restrictions and disruption throughout Britain's rail network during an emergency program of replacing cracked rails.

Incoming/outgoing trains linked with the national rail network at Haybridge Junction, Wellington.

Its loss-making state rail network was split into six geographically-based companies and one freight company in 1987.

I did not believe that there were large savings to be made simply from reducing the size of the rail network .


Does the Park actually gain anything from being part of the city's road network , one wonders?

Little attention has been paid to building a road network .

This may be achieved through better driving habits, improved traffic flow systems and road networks and car pooling.

We must therefore continue to provide an efficient road network .

Examples are river and road networks .

There were two overriding needs which had to be met by the Roman road network - military and economic.

In effect the Park has become part of the city's road network .

The paved road continues westwards past the main temple gate and connects with the road network of the upper town.


Increasingly, links between different network services are being made available by the service providers.

Worms commonly utilize network services to propagate to other host systems.

Agents are active processes on the network that monitor network service advertisements and manage connections between information producers and consumers.

The message contains an authentication token that allows users to log on to network services .

The network will provide video-on-demand, interactive games, full-motion video, distance learning, personal communications and data network services .

URLs are universal in that they provide access to a wide range of network services which required separate applications in the past.

NetWare will be played as the network services provider and Unix as the application server.

This testbed will explore alternative network technologies, investigate distributed system / network service paradigms, and experiment with gigabit network applications.


Upgrading the telephone networks to do the same might cost even more.

The maker of switching products used in telephone networks said its fourth-quarter earnings will fall below estimates.

The telephone network around Washington and Baltimore collapses.

When the data hits local and long-distance telephone networks , the speed drops quickly to 2 megabytes.

Although the industry is rapidly introducing advanced digital communication technologies, the telephone network continues to be dependent on analog transmission.

This model is unlike the telephone networks , where payment settlement is a critical part.

The construction company Bouygues won in late 1994 the license to operate a third mobile telephone network in the country.


And he was allowed to tape a 24-minute interview broadcast on a state-run national television network last Sunday.

But the television networks are doing less with foreign news, as everyone knows.

At the time, the television networks served up images of Gap-wearing middle-managers having a day out.

That sport television networks use to deliberately bore football, baseball, basketball and hockey fans.

The controversy deepened with obvious pressure corning from various quarters being put on the authors and the television network .

X is a well-known newsman who works for a radio and television network .

It would certainly distract the attention of the powerful commercial groups that are about to join battle over cable television networks .

The television networks were barely seven weeks old when they inaugurated their first convention coverage.



Perhaps the manufacturer lacks sufficient capital to build the network .

San Diego officials are encouraging the building of fiber-optic networks through the City of the Future program, announced earlier this month.

This process will build upon existing networks and create new ones. 3.

We can not build a network out of fragmentized defeat.

Diller reportedly is trying to build a national network of television stations that would offer sports and entertainment programming.

Over the years, they built a network of local dealerships and warehouses to sell equipment and provide service and repairs.

Also among the hardest hit were area makers of equipment used to build computer networks .

Little attention has been paid to building a road network .


He also reckons there are underlying growth trends in the market for connecting personal computers to networks .

But when they are connected to the network , they can access information from all over the world via the Internet.

It also connects into Ethernet networks , and Token Ring will be available by the end of the year.

Attracting business also depends on connecting to information networks .

The result is to connect up a network of contracts by a uniform set of rules and thus give them multilateral force.

Tom is connected to a local network , which serves about 1000 users.


I've always wanted to be involved in things that tried to somehow create a women's network .

In 1993, and 1994, I was constantly having to work the phones and create a network .

The life created by the television network is surreal.

Harder flours can absorb more liquid and usually require longer kneading to create the network .

This possibility of creating networks of individuals with skills and enthusiasm seems to us very much of our times.

Home will create a private network packed in major metropolitan areas.

These included dualling the road, creating a network of underpasses for horse riders, and safety provisions.

In fact, creating a parenting network requires planning and emotional effort.


One of the tasks of the project is to develop informal care networks , community, local neighbourhood networks for these people.

Figure 9. 18 illustrates our methodology for developing a neural network .

The University wishes to develop a network of contacts with all its graduates.

My first career information interview provided three further contacts, so that in one day I developed a network of valuable contacts.

Why don't we develop a resources network among our graduates?

Hitachi has developed a wafer-scale neural network .

Our goal is to develop a neural network that can recognize the numerals 0 through 9.


With little official funding or backing, the team went ahead to establish just such a network .

Yet I was able to establish a network of valuable career contacts.

This would ensure that they would be firmly established within heroin user networks and not peripheral to them.

In this way you may be able to establish another network that could pay off handsomely.

In the long-term, the centre aims to establish a network for the exchange and distribution of news programmes and documentaries.

Cable companies are cooperating to establish fiber networks involving different operators so that they can compete with the telephone companies.

Breeders have established their own intelligence network in a bid to combat the crime.

For many, establishing a network of informal support can help.


Each branch operates a postnatal support network of one-to-one friendship.

AlterNet operates its own network and maintains direct connections to most other component networks of the Internet.

Secondly the lowering of trans-ocean communications tariffs may make global data pipelines nearly as cheap to operate as national networks .

Railway work is governed by complex rules and regulations stemming from the safety and technical requirements of operating the railway network .

It currently receives the federal appropriations for public broadcasting and is prohibited by law from producing programs or operating a network itself.

V., a nonprofit limited liability company, was formed to develop and operate the network .

Orlando, Portland and GreenvilleAsheville fit our broadcasting goal of owning and operating stations with network and geographic diversity.


He provided a comprehensive network of farm buildings connected, it is said, by a telegraph system.

Neural networks can use all the hints you can provide .

These provide a network of public services complementing those provided by local authorities.

Student assemblies, cafeterias, and libraries provided a semi-institutional network within which radical ideas and literature could circulate.

The fiber-to-the-curb architecture provides high-capacity switched digital network services to optical network units serving multiple residences.

We must therefore continue to provide an efficient road network .


Traditionally, one powerful computer is used as a dedicated server using all its power and memory to run the network .

Docherty said the companies will continue to compete with each other on telecommunications services they run over the joint network .

These can either run off the public-telephone network , or off the smaller PABXs that control businesses' own in-house telephone systems.

Rabo owns an independent facilities management firm, Facet, which will run the network should it win the bid.

Each country runs a national network that links to a host computer in a research institution that acts as a national hub.

When he ran a small cable network in San Francisco, Hindery refused to carry the sport.

But it does encourage calls to its 24-hour hot line from people running networks based on more sophisticated operating system software.


We set up a national network of consumer advice centres: the Government closed them down.

Meanwhile, in California, Pike set up a network of four interlocking, for-profit companies to do the marketing.

They set up a network of agencies to coordinate aid.

Services, have already set up networks in most major metropolitan areas to offer Internet access via the cell phone technology.

Twenty green-minded companies set up the network with the aim of raising awareness of environmental issues.

Petersburg, where Duracell is setting up distribution networks .

The government proposes to set up a network of secondary schools under direct central control.

They talked about maintaining contacts in the exile community, setting up a network in the Castro government.


They're in the congregation so they naturally think of using the network .

The maker of switching products used in telephone networks said its fourth-quarter earnings will fall below estimates.

A newsletter is regularly produced including excerpts from the electronic messages received and sent by children using the network .

It took Adi Shamir a year to break a 120-digit key using a network of distributed Sun workstations working part-time.

But the service is only available to those using Orange and One2One networks .

You would not want to use an artificial neural network , for example, to keep your finances.

Material which starts out at regional may also go on to be used on the national networks .

For example, you could use this network to extract knowledge from databases.


peer-to-peer architecture/network/technology etc

the old-boy network


A network of veins and arteries carries the blood around the body.

A 24-hour strike brought the railway network to a standstill.

Cable News Network shows 24 hours of news.

Each user on the network will have his or her own private line to allow data to flow more smoothly.

Most workplaces have a local network as well as access to the Internet.

the network evening news

the four biggest TV networks

the freeway network

The rankings list the programs and the network they are shown on.

The series is sponsored by Ford and will be shown over the ABC network .

US companies have invested heavily in their telecommunications networks.


One way to achieve this is by means of a logic network as shown in Figure 7.9.

That sport television networks use to deliberately bore football, baseball, basketball and hockey fans.

The core of this international network consists of computers permanently joined through high speed connections.

The good news is that anyone who possesses information and learning skills is likely to find a job, old-boy networks not withstanding.

The shared conference board allows disparate users to simultaneously view and annotate documents and drawings over TCP/IP networks.

These branches cover a good cross section of the branch network in terms of location, size and type of business.

They were essentially square boxes with minimal features that let you catch the news and the network sitcoms.

II. verb




It provides every mod con for high-tech tenants: built-in computer networking and high-speed internet access.

It warned of unexpectedly low fourth-quarter earnings because of lagging sales of its computer networking software.

Technology issues showed some strength after a strong profit report from Cisco Systems, the bellwether of the computer networking sector.

Bay Networks said fiscal second-quarter earnings rose because of strong sales of its computer-networking equipment.

Welcome to a day in the life of a computer networking executive.

The company is close-mouthed about plans, but most observers believe wireless computer networking is a likely product to come from Pulse.

Tribe Computer gave key networking equipment.


The conference provided some excellent opportunities for networking and she made some useful business contacts.


Today its monthly meetings draw 1, 000 artists, designers and programmers to a frenzy of networking and business-card swapping.

When Sheila went into her own business, within weeks of opening her office the networking started.

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