Meaning of NETWORK in English

I. ˈ ̷ ̷ˌ ̷ ̷ noun

Usage: often attributive

Etymology: net (I) + work

1. : a fabric or structure of threads, cords, or wires that cross each other at regular intervals and are knotted or secured at the crossings

ribbons, lace and embroidery wrought together in a most curious piece of network — Joseph Addison

2. : a system of lines or channels that interlace or cross like the fabric of a net

a network of highways

a network of rivers

a network of veins

a network of roots

a network of nerves

3. : an interconnected or interrelated chain, group, or system

a network of secret agents

a network of alliances

a network of beliefs

4. : a system of electrical conductors in which conduction takes place between certain points by more than one path


a. : a group of local radio or television stations linked by wire or radio relay for the usually simultaneous broadcasting or televising of the same program

b. : a radio or television company that produces programs to be relayed to local stations for broadcast by radio or television

sold the show to a big network

Synonyms: see system

II. transitive verb

: to cover with or as if with a network

a continent … so networked with navigable rivers and canals — Lamp

III. noun

: a system of computers, terminals, and data bases connected by communications lines


transitive verb

1. Britain : to broadcast (a program) on a radio or television network

2. : to join (computers) in a network

intransitive verb

: to meet and exchange information with colleagues, potential business contacts, or like-minded individuals

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