Meaning of NIP in English


I. verb




With his usual presence of mind he nipped back and picked up Sheldukher's hard copy map of the planet.

Major airlines always act quickly to nip back .

He must have felt that Fate, having knocked him down, had nipped back to knee him in the nuts.


He was probably always nipping down to Underwoods for a few grams of thallium.


Quick, nip in where that taxi's johnny-head-in-airing along.

She wore a cream-colored silk blouse and a full linen skirt nipped in at the waist.

So are gilts, especially if you nip in to them before the next - perhaps imminent - interest rate cut.

Some one nipped in and stole his cheque book and wallet.

And then he took advantage of a mix-up between Bennett and defender Darren Bradshaw to nip in and side-foot home.

A cropped and fitted jacket nips in to show off a neat waist and looks trim with a long line skirt.


The pigeons have a taste for flowers, nipping off their heads, and damaging displays around Rhuddlan.

When they can catch them, the crabs will nip off bits of red plume from tubeworms.


He nipped out to the off-licence at lunchtime and bought her a huge box of chocolates.

Five seconds later, the weapon's fins nip out .

He'd nip out while they were watching television.

Of course, she had only nipped out to do a spot of shopping in London's Covent Garden.


Then we thought we should nip over the next craggy bit to get a better view.



If the economy is picking up steam, the recovery may be nipped in the bud by renewed Fed tightening.

It was the best way to nip this in the bud .

Guideline 18: Try to nip misbehaviour in the bud .

The objective is to prevent, or at least nip in the bud , unwanted feelings.

John's incipient school problems were nipped in the bud .

Any breach of confidentiality concerning their children is something they have to nip in the bud right now.

Thus, the possibility of social democracy is also neatly nipped in the bud .


It is projected to hit $ 1. 17 billion in 1996 sales, nipping at the heels of Sega and Nintendo.

She used those wolves for all they were worth, as though imaginary wolves still nipped her heels in the Clifton Mall.

A collie on a leash nipped me on the heel , going through the skin.


A school of fish swam around her feet, some nipping at her ankles.

Keep the plants covered to keep frost from nipping them.

When I took the hamster out of his cage, he nipped me.


Guideline 18: Try to nip misbehaviour in the bud.

I could nip round the corner and bring some back for us both.

I was surprised how weak and light-headed I felt on nipping out of my hospital bed to recover a dropped book.

In this case a budding urethral neurosis was nipped before it could really blossom.

It is a reflex born of predation by voracious crabs that nip at the tender tubeworm plumes with their claws.

Note the fare rate number printed on the part to be nipped.

She used those wolves for all they were worth, as though imaginary wolves still nipped her heels in the Clifton Mall.

The objective is to prevent, or at least nip in the bud, unwanted feelings.

II. noun


The dog gave me a playful nip .


A nip here, a tuck there, and it was seven years ago.

Already, the darkness was closing in, and there was a real winter nip in the air.

He called his technique nips for blips, blips being the little green numbers that represent bond prices on the screens.

He thought she might be on the point of offering him a nip of whisky but she did not go that far.

He took to having a daily early-morning nip from a half-bottle of whisky in his hip pocket.

He was shortly drinking hard, following bourbon two-fers with nip bottles of Lucky Lager.

It was nip and tuck up to 7-7 before Best opened up a 12-9 lead.

The nip on my cheeks of it confirms life.

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