Meaning of NOBLE in English

I. adjective


a noble cause (= an aim that is morally good )

He died for a noble cause.

a noble ideal

He was willing to sacrifice his life for this noble ideal.




In this magnificent room, he looked as if he belonged, his face and bearing as noble as any aristocrat's.

Among combatants, boxing is as noble a profession as there is.

Similarly, the good and great could be seen as noble types appearing before their time.

Yet it is an association for as noble a purpose as any involved in our prior decisions.

But I do not picture myself as noble and spiritual person, Harvey.


He is shorter than the tallest of men, yet taller and more noble than those of middle height.

The first reason sounds more noble than the second.


You are welcome, most noble Sorceress, to the land of the Munchkins.


Moon-music, so silvery, so far, so noble .

Gifts given without cause and beyond the ability to expend, self-sacrifices which seem so noble at the time compose propitiation.

Ironic that so noble an edifice should house so vile an organisation.


He was at the same time very simple and very noble .

Equality of opportunity is a very noble and moral goal, and any responsible democracy must do everything reasonable to provide it.



He had seen her sitting at the high table among the other ladies of noble birth who served the Empress.

This woman of noble birth chose to study philosophy rather than relish in her beauty.

His long fingernails attest that his was not a life of hard physical labour but that he was probably of noble birth .

Its ranks are open to all young men of noble birth regardless of where they live within the Empire.

According to legend, Eurosia was a maiden of noble birth , who was promised to a pagan.

There is nothing surprising in this continuing emphasis on noble birth and high social rank.


Above these were the heavily armed cavalry, who were free vassals of noble blood .

She could easily have noble blood , she looked the sort.


Marlon may have got involved in a noble cause , but it got a lot of people's backs up in the business.

Rarely in the annals of human history has any people committed so much of its treasure to such a noble cause .

The only souls who escaped her torments were those who were pure in thought or who had died for a noble cause .

This was a necessary but not a noble cause .


Thus Barbarossa came from a noble family , with a background that suited him to his eventual imperial career.

Within a region, several noble families competed for influence.

Biscop Baducing was born into a noble family , then was ordained into the priesthood at the age of twenty-five.

Intermarriage between the noble families means that all the counts are related at least distantly, and many are cousins or half-cousins.

It was a sad sight with the faded grandeur of a once noble family home.

It was not the Church's policy to execute the members of noble families retrieved from Jeopardy's clutches.

Its lands are dotted with vineyards, villas and summer estates to which the noble families of the city retire.


If the hon. Lady has any proposals, I am sure that my noble Friend would be interested to hear them.

The report of my hon. and noble Friend Lady Cumberlege has clearly impressed my hon. Friend.

My noble Friend the Under-Secretary of State addressed a meeting of farmers in my constituency.

My noble friend the Earl of Caithness has agreed to attend in my place.


It looked no doubt much like other fortified noble houses of the period in Rome, although it was perhaps more lavishly decorated.

The Reaver Knights are commonly made up of the wildest and most headstrong sons of the noble houses .


Here was a country striving for the noblest ideals , breaking new ground ... Straight up!

Alger's stories gave the country a noble ideal - a society in which imagination and effort summoned their just reward.

Here were young people striving for the noblest ideals .


The structure of agriculture makes it difficult to treat the peasant drive for noble land as the harbinger of rural capitalism.

The peasantry wanted noble land without paying compensation; they wanted to see taxation and conscription done away with.


These colonies are millstones around our necks, as a noble lord of my acquaintance once said.

King: How now, my noble lords , good morrow!

The noble Lord is not, you understand a personal friend of mine: just my current reading matter.


a noble purpose

a man of noble birth

In the end, none of the characters are good or noble .

The Siberian tiger is regarded as a noble creature.


Above these were the heavily armed cavalry, who were free vassals of noble blood.

He was rough as a bear in manner, but withal a noble , tender-hearted fellow and a splendid soldier.

I was not paid to preside over disasters - however noble the cause.

In its place she put her noble Negro, patient, saintly Tom.

Those intentions were noble , the realisation fraught.

II. noun




These were not the great nobles .

The great nobles or daimyos, the heads of clans and districts, numbered about 270.

But none of this could disguise the fact that the great nobles had substantial bodies of experienced soldiers at their disposal.

He represents a great noble of the Empire, perhaps even the Emperor himself.

The concentration of extensive territorial power in the hands of a small number of great nobles became more marked than ever.

Capetian successes in Poitou and Aquitaine were heavily dependent upon the volatile loyalty of the great magnates and nobles on Poitou.


Meanwhile, his relationship with Northumberland brought other nobles into his orbit, most notably John lord Scrope of Bolton.

He had done it by convening his kin and friends and other nobles in his support.


a gathering of kings and nobles


And at the very top, the ancient immunities of kings and nobles.

Fathers who wanted to become nobles sacrificed their own children at altars.

He attends the Imperial court in Altdorf and is one of Karl Franz's oldest and most trusted nobles.

In relation to the total number of nobles in Gascony, the proportion of knights was therefore relatively small.

Meanwhile, his relationship with Northumberland brought other nobles into his orbit, most notably John lord Scrope of Bolton.

Might this religion not encourage revolt on the part of the nobles and peasants, as it rather did in 1638?

Second, and more important, even nobles who were determined to be recalcitrant expressed their recalcitrance in many different ways.

The range of opinions expressed by nobles on the provincial committees made plain to St Petersburg that it had to act alone.

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