Meaning of NOBLE in English


/ ˈnəʊbl; NAmE ˈnoʊbl/ adjective , noun

■ adjective ( no·bler / ˈnəʊblə(r); NAmE ˈnoʊ-/ nob·lest / ˈnəʊblɪst; NAmE ˈnoʊ-/)


having fine personal qualities that people admire, such as courage, honesty and care for others :

a noble leader

noble ideals

He died for a noble cause.

—compare ignoble


very impressive in size or quality

SYN splendid :

a noble building


belonging to a family of high social rank (= belonging to the nobility )

SYN aristocratic :

a man of noble birth

►  nobly / ˈnəʊbli; NAmE ˈnoʊbli/ adverb :

She bore the disappointment nobly.

to be nobly born

■ noun

a person who comes from a family of high social rank; a member of the nobility



Middle English : from Old French , from Latin (g)nobilis noted, high-born, from an Indo-European root shared by know .

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