Meaning of NOISE in English



big noise

noise pollution

noise/pollution levels

Noise levels are unacceptably high.

traffic noise

You get a lot of traffic noise living here.

white noise




A big noise in the record industry, whatever that Cornelius stuffed things into his suitcase.

I know you must be so mad that you have this scary feeling from the big noise of the thunder.

Then he can be a big noise over there.

He's a big noise now; at least he imagines he is.


He waited until she had closed the door then went back up, making as little noise as possible.

The river made a little noise , a kind of quiet hum in the background.

There was a little cracking noise , and the man keeled over backwards. ` Hup!

The first billy goat makes just a little noise and has a tiny voice.

There was very little noise really.

There was little noise from outside the windows and we appeared cut off from the city and from civilian life in general.

Or was that just the after-effect of mysterious little noises in the night?

The most successful breeders raise their birds away from roads and urban areas, where there is little noise or air pollution.


The rain made a loud noise on the window.

Just how loud noise damages hearing is not exactly understood.

She dreamed of loud noises and flashing lights.

Before she could get in another word, a loud noise suddenly exploded from within the house.

You are suddenly awoken by a loud noise .

As the tree burned, it sighed at what happiness it had ignored, and each sigh made a loud popping noise .

Babies are weak and vulnerable in the face of huge shapes and loud noises that they can only dimly perceive.

One time he had his agent try to make loud noises in the background.


It was a curious, low quivering noise .

The area utilized to conduct this type of research and evaluation must have a low radio noise interference level.

The pickup features an exclusive transducer that Guild claim offers advanced sensitivity and dynamic range as well as low noise levels.

This movement does not affect parallel tracking of the wheels but results in lower noise levels and reduced vibration.

They heard a low , booming noise .

And, as a result, giving it better driving stability, reduced fuel consumption and lower noise levels.


There was a strange singing noise in his ears.

But is that worse than strange noises in the bedroom closet?

Then the baby began to make strange noises , and Alice looked into its face again.

There were a lot of strange noises like the sound of the refrigerator unit going on and off in the trailer.

Some strange noises came from one of the children and Asik thought he must have been in pain.

Nor had she lost her nerve, as evidenced by her conduct one night when Marian heard a strange noise .

The strange metallic noises continued at intervals, whenever he was in a position to hear them.

There was a strange rasping noise coming from over the next rise.


Yet the hostility of takeovers is a distraction, a sort of white noise .

The fans whir in the background, filling the locker room with white noise .

Safe noise . White noise is as safe as a lullaby.

I lifted the receiver with caution, listening for the white noise of a long-distance connection.

A soft whir of white noise issued from a receiver and speakers near the operating table.

When the waves are big, it can be deafening, a low-level white noise .



It sounded like Klaus Richter, although there was a lot of background noise .

Later it may possibly be used in ordinary conversation, but again quiet circumstances avoid interference from the background noise .

Repetitive stimuli are relegated to background noise and, like the ticking of that clock, are not heard until they stop.

If under-modulated, there will be a lot of background noise and weak results.

The physical effort required in speaking would also be less than against a background noise of heavy traffic.

For speech recognition the principal operational difficulty to be faced is the interference to the acoustic signal from background noise .


He noticed the change of pitch in the engine noise and the slight tilt of the aircraft as it began its descent.

I yelled over the engine noise of the old Dodge van.

Richmann tensed as the approaching engine noise reached a peak.

For perhaps half a minute we strained to identify the source of the engine noise .

This was done and almost immediately we noticed increased engine noise .

The engine noise rose, the chocks were pulled.

The dark of the tunnel hammered the engine noise back at us, water drumming on the roof above my head.

If possible, run the engine , checking for excessive exhaust smoke and engine noise .


Where it should have tried harder, however, is with taming mechanical noise levels .

Although children under 3 can enjoy many of the activities, they might be frightened by the noise level .

The pickup features an exclusive transducer that Guild claim offers advanced sensitivity and dynamic range as well as low noise levels .

I mean nada, zilch, noise level , off the screen, under the radar.

When most or all of the team were present, noise levels and constant interruptions effectively frustrated work which needed sustained thinking.

The noise level was high in both languages; all faces were deadly serious.

In general, the controls are well-positioned and maximum noise level is 79dBA.

The fact that the pot is wired in reverse should have no effect on noise levels .


Our survey revealed a noise pollution impact on the community that is not imagined.

Or the ear which shouts, about noise pollution .

All great fun for the flyer but not for those inclined to complain about noise pollution .


The light was much clearer in this room now. Traffic noise had swollen into the full cancer of morning rush-hour.

Win could hear traffic noises , excited air.

The youngsters learn that there is nothing to fear and, after a time, they also totally ignore the traffic noise .

Traffic starts to build about six, and so does the traffic noise .

It also reduces a certain amount of heat loss, as well as cutting down traffic noise .

It was incredibly quiet, with distant traffic noise making it seem even quieter.

It must be nearly dawn, for there are more traffic noises breaking into the darkness outside.



Mrs. Mott had complained of the noise they made going to and fro.

They have complained about the noise and mess caused by builders working on apartments for the elderly.

This will also go a long way towards preventing your neighbour complaining about the noise you make.

All great fun for the flyer but not for those inclined to complain about noise pollution.

Residents nearby have complained about noise and disturbance late at night.

These results led the authors to assume that patients were unwilling to complain about noise levels.


Large numbers of turbines create noise as well as electricity, so there's often resistance to wind farms from local residents.

He always had to make his appearance felt immediately by creating a lot of noise and clatter.

Because of its low thermal capacity, large amounts must be used, which creates a problem of noise .


The noises you heard - the explosive noises - were the acoustic effects of a second Darkfall strike.

On hearing a noise , he and Barnabas sat straight up, seeing only a silhouette in the doorway.

In the distance they heard the noise of the horn.

Turn out the lights, they hear rustling noises downstairs: a gang of cauliflower trying the back door.

As she heard the noise of the front door slamming she awoke with a feeling of relief.

McMurphy says, and I barely can hear him over the noise of the phone wires whistling in the walls.

Beyond the soft sounds of the garden he could just hear the noise of London.

Every time she heard the slightest noise , she found herself glancing towards the archway.


The old man seems just to be listening to the noise .

I lifted the receiver with caution, listening for the white noise of a long-distance connection.

Engage forward and reverse gears and shunt backwards and forwards, listening for unusual transmission noises .

And that we have an obligation to listen to noise because it shows us the grim truth of reality.

Look at everything around you; be aware of the weather; listen to any noises which you might hear.

I stand without breathing, listening to line noise .

Worrying about, concentrating on and listening to the head noises will make them seem even more prominent and dominating.

While he was toasting it and putting butter on it, Conradin listened to the noises beyond the dining-room door.


Her mouth makes noises and I interpret.

Show the students the balloons and ask them how you can make a noise using a balloon. 2.

There was some clicking, and then the muffled sound of a human voice making its usual incomprehensible noises .

Finally he made a noise , and Maritza turned around, uttered a little cry of thanks, and took the tissue.

The government sponsored Meadowell Initiative makes noises in the north of the estate - but does pitifully little, painfully slowly.

At this point I made reluctant noises of approval: there seemed nothing else to do.

Well, maybe they do, but making any old noises is clearly not sufficient to enter the rationality stakes.

The other tenants say the church makes too much noise .


To reduce outgoing noise from circuits, designers softened the sharp, nearly-square signals emitted by microprocessors used in Foxboro's equipment.

How can I reduce that noise ?

Clip them securely to the joists and to the cistern platform; this will also reduce noise from the system.

Auditory information in the form of one language enters the system and is filtered to reduce environmental noise .

Heavy materials like brick and stone do not vibrate easily, and therefore soon reduce noise .

Read in studio People living near the M40 are demanding action to reduce noise created by the motorway.

The meeting comes on a day when the roads minister announced improvements to reduce noise impact.

What methods can be used to eliminate or reduce noise ? 5.


Isabel Lavender opened her bedroom door and shouted above the noise of the vacuum cleaner.

Each stage proceeds simultaneously, accompanied by a continuous torrent of shouting above the noise of the pumps and other machinery.

He tries to shout but makes no noise .

He heard voices shouting and then scuffling noises .

They left, then, to be able to talk without having to shout over the noise .


Are you sure you locked the door? I thought I heard a noise downstairs.

Can you hear that funny scratching noise ?

Do you have to make so much noise ?

The noise of the machines made it hard to talk.

The noise of the traffic kept me awake all night.

the noise of the traffic

There was a loud cracking noise and then the chair collapsed.

Traffic noise is a problem in inner-city areas.

What was that clunking noise ?

Why are the children making so much noise out there?


A speeding motor boat sliced the waters with the grating noise of a buzz saw.

As we slowed down, his noise speeded up, as did his frantic hopping movements, signifying even greater disapproval.

The river made a little noise , a kind of quiet hum in the background.

The wood panelling obviously deadened any noise from outside.

Their noise would have undoubtedly caused enormous damage to the sensitive hearing of marine mammals.

These phenomena show up as excess noise , distortion and reduced tube life.

Tonight's contribution is awesome in the decibels of that noise .

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