Meaning of NOISE in English

/ nɔɪz; NAmE / noun


[ C , U ] a sound, especially when it is loud, unpleasant or disturbing :

a rattling noise

What's that noise?

Don't make a noise .

They were making too much noise.

I was woken by the noise of a car starting up.

We had to shout above the noise of the traffic.

to reduce noise levels


[ U ] ( technical ) extra electrical or electronic signals that are not part of the signal that is being broadcast or transmitted and which may damage it


[ U ] information that is not wanted and that can make it difficult for the important or useful information to be seen clearly :

There is some noise in the data which needs to be reduced.


- make a noise (about sth)

- make noises (about sth)

- make soothing, encouraging, reassuring, etc. noises

—more at big adjective



noise / sound

Noise is usually loud and unpleasant. It can be countable or uncountable:

Try not to make so much noise.

What a terrible noise!

Sound is a countable noun and means something that you hear:

All she could hear was the sound of the waves.

You do not use words like much or a lot of with sound .



Middle English (also in the sense quarrelling ): from Old French , from Latin nausea seasickness, from Greek nausia , from naus ship.

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