Meaning of NORM in English





But concord and harmony were the professed and accepted norm for the conduct of relations.

In other words, the initial credit inducement may become accepted as the norm , thus shunting all cash inflows forwards.

She sees this course as explicitly challenging some of the accepted norms of the rest of the course.


Research can not tell us how to work with people whose cultural norms and traditions are different from our own.

Meeting inside a model could logically connect communications protocols to the model itself rather than the cultural norms of a geographical area.

The analysts will have to adhere to the cultural norms of the organisation in order to be successful with their database project.

He did not feel comfortable challenging what he thought was a cultural norm .

Both are equally prisoners of the cultural norms of business.


The social norms can not merely exist as constraints existing outside individuals.

The study of social norms did not escape.

Another major advantage is the insight it is capable of yielding into the social and communicative norms of the community.

The sociology of social norms is a recurring theme.

Conversely an admiring glance, a word of praise or an encouraging smile provide rewards for conformity to social norms .

It is a social norm approach without the promise of security.

Not only have contraceptive methods allowed this kind of Planning but social norms of family size have changed and increased in tolerance.

In order to understand the force of this social norm , it is necessary to look beyond social presentation.



Sideways power proves unnecessary because consensus and collaboration are the accepted norms .

Individuals who can not accept these norms are cast out from the protection of the group.


Retail sales of the quintessential red meats are plummeting, whilst vegetarianism has become a fashionable norm .

Peer evaluation within the teams has become the norm .

Eventually the price of such devices will fall and PostScript recorders will become the norm - just as they have with typesetting.

A shifting constellation of part-time jobs is becoming the middle-class norm .

At the same time home ownership became easier and the norm .

Three-and four-flight days again became the norm for him, more hours above the earth than on it.

If these events became regarded as a norm for science then public confidence would be threatened.

During periods of punctuated equilibrium everything is in flux, disequilibrium becomes the norm , and uncertainty reigns!


We have refused to repress our desires, in spite of enormous pressure to conform to heterosexual norms .


New employees join an organization of interacting players, whose perceptions and expectations establish norms of required behaviour.

We fight to maintain the established Leninist norms of party building.


Witchcraft thus can not be easily applied to circumvent or violate customary norms of behaviour.


Traditional sexual norms have been called into question.


And the gospel for so long speaks the correct opposition to what has become the standard and the norm .

I am told this is the norm .

It is the norm that volunteering in sport does not stop out of season.

It is those norms, in turn, that create a trusting environment within which commerce and trade can take place.

Peer evaluation within the teams has become the norm .

They provide social contexts for shaping the day-to-day behaviour or adolescents, and encourage conformity to norms and values.

This is not uncommon in the South East and well within the building society norm of two and a half times income.

Yet, again there is the contrast between personal inclinations and social norms.

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