Meaning of OFFICER in English



a careers officer (= someone who gives careers advice )

If you’re not sure what to do, why don’t you talk to a careers officer?

a police officer

The police officer asked to see his driving licence.

a prison officer/official/warder/guard

Last month, a prisoner attacked two prison officers with a knife.

a senior officer (= in the police or military )

Inspector Wild is the senior officer in charge of the investigation.

an army officer

Both daughters married army officers.

careers officer

chief executive officer

commanding officer

a commanding officer

commissioned officer

community support officer

excise officer (= someone who collects excise )

field officer

first officer

flying officer

medical officer

non-commissioned officer

petty officer

pilot officer

police community support officer

police officer

probation officer

ranking officer (= the one with the highest rank )

He’s the ship’s ranking officer .

returning officer

safety officer

staff officer

warrant officer




This evidence was available to the chief veterinary officer last December but never given to the Select Committee.

Ivester will remain chief operating officer for the time being, a spokeswoman added.

Always give the chairman of the committee and its chief officer notice of any question to be put at the council meeting.

Daniel was chief financial officer at Freddie Mac since June 1994.

Barry Cox, 53 years old, chief executive officer and president, resigned to pursue other interests.


His recommendation was that a commanding officer be appointed with an administrative staff.

However, its commanding officer , Maj.-Gen.

Behind the familiar trestle table with its grey army blanket, sat the commanding officer flanked by two others of lesser rank.

In ships at sea chaplains or commanding officers have pre-recorded tapes containing organ accompaniments and a compilation of hymns.

A kind letter from the commanding officer , his kit bag.

The buddy patrol will not interfere with any police matter, unless instructed by a commanding officer .

And after another sleepless night, the green-eyed woman took her to the commanding officer .

We hear nothing from our commanding officer .


The nursery has closed down while environmental health officers try to find the source of the food poisoning.

Prisons are exempt from having regular visits from environmental health officers , but in April 1992 this Crown Immunity will be lifted.

Eventually, environmental health officers seized Mary Carruthers' stereo system and speakers after a petition from neighbours.

This survey differs from previous ones in that the department brought in private surveyors to work with environmental health officers .

The study is based on results collected by environmental health officers from five local authorities in the course of their inspections.

The work of the environmental health officer will be particularly affected.

Doug, 60, was chatting about food regulations to a town hall environmental officer when he chummily addressed him as Richard.

For environmental health officer John Waite, it's just another in a long list of complaints about noise.


To say he was both administrative and executive officer to the family - and legal adviser - would be nearer the mark.

He was executive officer aboard the Honolulu, a nuclear attack submarine.

Mr Fowler has conceded that about 100 higher executive officer posts are threatened, but staff fear more jobs could be lost.

He succeeds Robert L.. Gable, 65, who continues as chairman and chief executive officer .

In 1971 he was named president and chief executive officer .

They may even advance to peak corporate positions such as chief operating officer or chief executive officer.

Under the direction of chief executive officer Roberto Rodriguez, the medical center is in the process of reinventing itself.


Chief financial officer Andy Bryant said that will lower per-share earnings by 6 cents.

He succeeds the acting chief financial officer , Raymond R.. Monteleone.

Mr Bradley, 47 years old, will also continue to serve as chief financial officer .

Apple Computer reached outside the personal computer industry yesterday for a new chief financial officer .

David McNutt, the No. 2 financial officer .

Three years later, he was appointed chief financial officer .

Best Buy will cut back on orders for new computers this month, says Allen Lenzmeier, the chief financial officer .


At least 20 of the rebel junior officers who staged the uprising surrendered by late afternoon.

Beginning with the junior officer present, all voted to surrender but two...

Ron McGregor, a junior officer with me on Vincent was not a regular Commander of the new Vigilant.

He refused evacuation until he was certain his junior officer was in control of the situation.

In March 1988, a group of junior officers attempted a coup.

We were the two most junior warrant officers in the company.

A junior officer was suspended from duty following the May 12 incidents.

Some junior officers were further back, with the mail sacks.


He spent a career as a local government officer and was active in the affairs of the Methodist Church.

Du Pont used to allow local police officers to train on his estate, and equipped the department with expensive bulletproof vests.

Those living on estates further from the office will be served by surgeries staffed by the local officers .

Anti-crime efforts including federal aid for hiring 100, 000 new local police officers .

We also get a number of visits at the playgroup, including the local road safety officer who talks to the children.

It was in the Steelworkers, in the seventies, that I came to know about local officers .

In one other respect, too, local government officers offer a contrast with central government.

The members could still elect local officers , but it was like electing your classmates to student council.


As a nurse, I shall also be acting as medical officer for the group.

Professional engineers, communications officers , medical officers and stewards run the ship and all are volunteers with the same religious purpose.

Mr. Kenealy then asked the medical officer a number of specific questions about Miss Price's work.

London appointed the first school medical officer in 1890.

A medical officer of a large multinational company once described people as being like oil rigs.

The medical officer was subsequently questioned about some individual patients.

Politics, page 6 Chief medical officer disputes government statement Sugar report sparks clash on health risk.


After an hour at Customs, a military officer took us to a restaurant and then to the barracks to sleep.

Franklin Delano, the son-in-law of William Astor; and a group of high-ranking military officers .

Some of the burgh politicians were themselves military officers .

As in the photographs, his white shirt and khaki trousers are so well pressed that he looks like a military officer .

It was also reported that three dismissed military officers had been charged with rebellion and murder in connection with the December coup attempt.

Of the 270 members, 116 were civilians, the rest being military and police officers .


Tell that to Huseyin Ertan, a retired naval officer who is the Bosporus's chief traffic cop.

It is the hope and dream of every naval officer some day to fly his own flag.

Those reported to have been arrested included a naval officer and Daniel Narcisse.

Both mills were under the authority of naval officers on leave.

The ideal naval officer was a man.

Kistiakowsky worked well with Deke Parsons, the naval officer in charge of the Ordnance Division.

While a naval officer , he invented and designed the first-ever aircraft carrier, the Angus.

Eric Hodges, a Miramar spokesman and naval flight officer .


Three other officers were given suspended three-year sentences for destroying evidence.

Four other officers were slightly hurt.

The other officer climbed in and sat between me and the pilot.

Beneath his control were two other officers significant in royal government, the Treasurer of the Chamber and the King's Secretary.

Seven other County Durham officers and a special constable have also been commended by the chief constable.

Apart from Gary and Aggi, other officers observed the dealing by video-link.

Fourteen other officers were also imprisoned, receiving sentences ranging from two to 25 years.

There was only one other officer present.


You can earn advancement to leading cook and then to petty officer cook or caterer.

That other sailor was later identified as Jonathan Rushin, a 23-year-old petty officer third class.

He knew nothing about drill, but learned the necessary movements from books and soon gained promotion to chief petty officer .

A petty officer , his wife and three incredibly well-behaved children were first.

In all, four sailors were punished and three petty officers , including Wait, were removed from the Salt Lake City.

Mine hunting director petty officer Simmo Simmons calls up the image on to his table screen.


Both senior officers had felt it right to come straight to him.

The two, and a third senior officer , were arrested.

Adam followed them from the security of the trees, watched the senior officer talking as the others listened and followed him.

The senior officers would not confide in him; the men took direction from the NCOs and comfort from themselves.

There were indications that more senior officers had ordered the killings but had negotiated immunity.

The principal family, Coker, were well-known Parliamentarians and several members were senior officers in the Cromwellian forces.

Eight other senior air force officers , including Air Force Commander-in-Chief Brig. -Gen.

This is in addition to the many illicit senior house officer posts uncovered by the task force process and ratified retrospectively.


He was a man who had mastered himself, and although his manner was informal he was manifestly the superior officer .

So is lying to a superior officer , whatever the cause.

There was a third thing: he had caught sight of a superior officer: John Coffin.

He had been proved mistaken and had probably suffered a somewhat humiliating rebuff from his superior officer .

That is no way to address your superior officer .


A very young prison officer from Holloway was with me at the court.

One out of three is expected to quit this year and not enough young officers are signing up to replace them.

A police car slowed down, the two young officers looked carefully.

The young man writhing underneath her was another of Vashinov's unnamed young officers .

A lot of the younger officers tended to be very career orientated, and far heavier and aggressive.

She was waved on by a sharp-eyed young officer , who boasted he could smell a smuggler from fifty yards away.

He grinned tiredly at himself, and wondered where the young officer had gone.

Even the young officers ignored him; he was just that kind of invisible person.



A feminist might interpret a text very differently from an army officer , for example; or a teenager from his parent.

She was not one for planning or manoeuvring but confidential reports are kept on Salvation Army officers throughout their careers.

It was rumoured that an army officer was transferred because of the events.

However, a similar action by Army officers took place on the following day.

He's been a farmer, a pilot, a director of coffee plantations and an army officer .

Two Army officers were shot dead in central Madrid on July 19 and their driver was seriously wounded.

Sitiveni Rabuka, the Army officer who had led two military coups in 1987.

Examples of such types of labour are firemen, army officers and policemen.


In addition to preparing for recruitment the development officers began to prepare for the training and employment of support workers.

Supt Alan Saddler, currently sub-divisional commander for Darlington, moves to headquarters to become force careers development officer .

United's youth development officer was called in by Newcastle manager Kevin Keegan on Friday and told he was being fired.

But after some counselling from the development officer the situation improved and the worker was able to continue in post.

As development officers we were allowed, for simplicity, to accept expenditure up to £200 per week, per person.

The development officer felt she could not work with them, and they in turn did not welcome the Home Support Project.


To further the necessary changes within the workshop we appointed an education officer and an industrial liaison officer.

There should be liaison with the staff of the museum, and especially with the museum education officer if there is one.

It had been further modified to include in its membership all four university resident tutors and six education officers from participating LEAs.

This would include not only Owen but the education officer responsible for the administration of the units.

Throughout the year, the education officer will deal with any student problems which arise and help to find teachers for colleges.

Contact the curator or the education officer , County Museum Woodstock.

Mr Keith Banks, a principal education officer for Durham, said he had not yet seen the guarantee in writing.

In overseas centres, the education officer is often more directly involved in organising tuition.


I should be grateful if you would ask your enforcement officer to look into this matter.

It sent a message to law enforcement officers: Open season on immigrants.

Law enforcement officers have increased powers to deal with or seize food they suspect is dangerous.

Rotating law enforcement officers is a textbook concept straight out of police administration 101.

Yours is that you happen to be the chief law enforcement officer of this Commonwealth.

In response, President Fillmore issued a proclamation asking citizens to cease interfering with law enforcement officers .

But law enforcement officers are deliberate -- and frequent -- targets.

The prosecutors charged eighty-five defendants, including forty-four law enforcement officers .


Since the field officer is a loner, he controls his output to a substantial degree.

My field officers and adjutant were all dead.

Our detectives and field officers are to be debriefed Monday night by case supervisors.

Each district is policed by a field officer responsible to an area supervisor.

Henry Bergson, an experienced field officer , was assigned to be 3d Brigade night duty officer.

The field officer , after all, has the power to make a discharger spend a substantial sum of money.

These senior officers supervise the activities of the one or two assistant field officers also found in most areas.


Prisons are exempt from having regular visits from environmental health officers , but in April 1992 this Crown Immunity will be lifted.

As a health officer I am opposed to the use of illicit drugs.

Eventually, environmental health officers seized Mary Carruthers' stereo system and speakers after a petition from neighbours.

This survey differs from previous ones in that the department brought in private surveyors to work with environmental health officers .

Previously, health officers had done the entire survey.

Complained Environmental health officers have been called in and are now treating the problem.

And Northamptonshire's environmental health officers are backing up that message.


There is therefore a danger that no one consultant will take specific responsibility for the house officer throughout the whole six months.

Assessment is likely to have educational value, however, only if the outcome is fed back to the senior house officer .

In previous years her job has been filled by a preregistration house officer .

Nineteen said they would appreciate occasional seminars at which they could meet other house officer trainers.

Firstly, there was wide agreement that house officer training is unsatisfactory.

He was senior house officer in paediatrics at the District Hospital.

Who will provide the cover for house officers attending their education sessions?


It was necessary, he had told him, for an Intelligence officer to have private quarters.

In order to have an effective intelligence officer , he would have to have a little brown blood.

The adjutant, the doctor and the intelligence officer sat and watched from a safe distance.

The helicopter crashed in June 1994 with the loss of all four crew and 25 intelligence officers from Northern Ireland on board.

In recent years the lifestyle of the intelligence officer has acquired a glamorous image thanks to the literary world and the screen.

In 1642-3 he apparently served as an intelligence officer under the Long Parliament's committee of safety.

Instead an intelligence officer had ploughed through Mills' personal effects and leafed through a random selection of files.


Katherine Garrett-Cox became chief investment officer at Aberdeen Asset Management only last month.


Focussed semi-structured interviews of industrial and public sector research staff, liaison officers and management will be conducted.

Of course, the battalion commander with his artillery liaison officer was usually flying overhead.

The museum operates a schools liaison officer network for London.

The liaison officer and local police were on the nearby road, ready to stop the traffic.

A member of the primary health care team has now been designated liaison officer and all messages are passed to her.

Now a chief liaison officer is to go to the area to negotiate.

It is to spend more resources on social and community facilities and to employ community liaison officers .

At this point I may require you to visit the scene of the occurrence accompanied by my liaison officers .


He made it very clear he would like to kill police officers .

Anti-crime efforts including federal aid for hiring 100, 000 new local police officers .

They risk their lives to do so. Police officers are entitled to the protection of the community they serve.

They cite newspaper reports of police officers wearing gloves even during AIDS-related political demonstrations.

A police officer armed with a semi-automatic gun stood guard.

Their deaths brought to 10 the number of municipal police officers killed in Tijuana since August 1996, all of them shot.

That verdict did not implicate individual police officers .

Some of the arrested and at-large suspects are former police officers .


The Northern Ireland Office said ten prison officers and three inmates were injured in the all night clashes.

Both local and national industrial action by prison officers has been a recurrent event.

It is worth stressing that all of this teaching is done by the prisoners themselves rather than by prison officers .

Item 3 is a button, as the words tell us, from the uniform of a prison officer .

He was one of a handful of men trusted to work unsupervised - a mistake say prison officers .

Then the prison officers put a black cloth over the condemned man's head.

We need more staff. Prison officers hit back at critical report.

The brutalising environment that ferments prison disorder also stimulates industrial unrest among prison officers .


The system will also suffer severe difficulties if it lacks legitimacy with its own employees, including prison staff and probation officers .

Carolyn worked the North Branch as a probation officer .

He later confessed to his probation officer .

The following morning, Hicks was interviewed by probation officer Hilary Brown.

Chief dies: Alec Nuttall, former chief probation officer of Teesside and then Cleveland, has died aged 68.

One day after the riot, probation officers and state and county investigators interviewed children and the administrators.

Some were probation officers in training and some from County Hall, who had not yet specialised, but were hoping to.

The plan will pay for the hiring of 37 probation officers , over three years, to staff the programs.


Gloucestershire's road safety officer says the vast majority were due to driver error.

Martin's campaign war chest enjoys strong support from industry, including mine managers and safety officers .

We also get a number of visits at the playgroup, including the local road safety officer who talks to the children.

I attended this particular gathering at the invitation of a Department of Public Safety officer whom I met last month.

Health and safety officers have launched an investigation.

This weekend road safety officers will offer free checks at a car safety centre in Milton Keynes.

But safety officers say that's a small price to pay to save a childs life.

From a safety officer at a storage and haulage firm.


The training officer of one firm was temporarily made dealing manager.

The training officer lifted the phone, and the buzz in the room subsided in a split second.

The draft information items were planned for September 1987 to enable training packs to be despatched to training officers in January.

The evidence certainly suggests that full-time training officers , who can spend all their time on training, are rare.

This training officer assumed responsibility for the sackings.

Working closely with two medical co-ordinators and a training officer , she supervises Cornwall's child protection procedures.

The training officer of one licensed dealer issued photocopied versions of the text to all dealers.

The training committee continued to advise the training officer , but all real initiatives were overturned or dismissed by the management committee.


The more senior ranks, such as sergeants, warrant officers , captains and majors, were all in post.

A warrant officer is appointed, not commissioned, and specializes in a particular skill.

The incident follows the death less than two weeks ago of a marine warrant officer taking part in the same exercise.

They contain modest one-to three-room flats for lieutenants, majors and warrant officers and their families.

The chef warrant officer was every bit as odious as Ingrid had been told to expect.

The warrant officer was speechless, but not for long and he thundered at him as he had on me a few minutes before.

Ruben Marx, then a security branch warrant officer .



I commanded an officers training corps.

Upon orders from his commanding officer , Nickerson went to the rear.

Similar concerns exist about the respect that the armed forces chief, Admiral Widodo, commands among senior army officers .

Phyllis Blanton, commanding officer of the Monterey Coast Guard station.

Twenty other Phoenix officers who bought the weapons were cleared because they had proper authorization for the weapons from commanding officers.


Mr Bradshaw was chief operating officer and chief financial officer.

Ivester will remain chief operating officer for the time being, a spokeswoman added.

He currently holds the post of chief operating officer .

Also, Gergory S.. Daily, 37, previously vice president and chief operating officer , was named president.

They may even advance to peak corporate positions such as chief operating officer or chief executive officer.

In large organizations, senior managers often carry such titles as president, chief executive officer , or chief operating officer.

Count the chief operating officers of two marquee high-technology players as victims of a recent slump in the computer market.


hardened criminal/police officer etc

officer/executive etc material

After being promoted to Sergeant-Major, Cottle was summoned before a board to see if he were officer material .

Apart from the player's recent dip in form I don't believe he is officer material .


a Marine officer

Colonel Gary G. Mahle is the commanding officer here.

Crane has been an officer since 1966.

He's an officer in the US Marines.

the chief financial officer

the government contracting officer

The investigation will be led by Officer Murdoch.

What's the problem, officer ?


A police car slowed down, the two young officers looked carefully.

Apple Computer reached outside the personal computer industry yesterday for a new chief financial officer .

He was succeeded by Robert Greber, who had served as president and chief operating officer .

It took around fifty officers two hours to bring it under control.

One of the officers showed me into the aeroplane and himself sat down in the pilot's seat.

Ruben Marx, then a security branch warrant officer .

She was not one for planning or manoeuvring but confidential reports are kept on Salvation Army officers throughout their careers.

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