Meaning of OFFICER in English


/ ˈɒfɪsə(r); NAmE ˈɔːf-; ˈɑːf-/ noun


a person who is in a position of authority in the armed forces :

army / airforce / naval, etc. officers

a commissioned / non-commissioned officer

The matter was passed on to me, as your commanding officer .

—see also flying officer , petty officer , pilot officer , warrant officer


(often in compounds) a person who is in a position of authority in the government or a large organization :

an environmental health officer

a customs / prison / welfare officer

officers of state (= ministers in the government)

—see also chief executive officer , medical officer , press officer , probation officer , returning officer


(often used as a form of address) = police officer :

the officer in charge of the case

the investigating officer

Yes, officer, I saw what happened.


( NAmE ) a title for a police officer :

Officer Dibble



Middle English : via Anglo-Norman French from medieval Latin officiarius , from Latin officium performance of a task (in medieval Latin also office, divine service), based on opus work + facere do.

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