Meaning of PACKING in English




packing case

postage and packing BrE, postage and handling American English (= the charge for packing and sending something you have bought )

It’s yours for £13.99, including postage and packing.




It is supposed to be concealed in a secret bunker and contained in about 40 packing cases .

There's a shanty town built of flattened oil barrels and packing cases .

A couple of blokes from the engineering works were carrying a packing case into the building.

His team started with a plank resting on two wooden packing cases , for a desk.

Start collecting boxes and packing cases Make sure home contents insurance covers you for the move.

We were jammed unceremoniously among sinister-looking unmarked packing cases , obviously best left alone.


In general, consecutive spill should be considered for low packing densities and/or very large bucket sizes.

At this packing density the average search time for a given record is 0.732R, where R is the device rotation time.

Records can be added of course, but this will increase the packing density .

The results tabulated here show that, for low packing densities , the most effective technique is generally chained overflow.

In addition, this measure gives a potentially better packing density than conventional indexing techniques.



Altogether Jones has been sent packing on six occasions, the latest for swearing soon after rejoining Wimbledon from Chelsea.

Come on - let us beard this lot and send them packing .

How Preston had been sent packing .

The previous day the Saints had sent Copdock packing by eight wickets after Steve Leggett's spell of 12-5-17-5.

What would happen to him if he were sent packing ?

Officers sent Marika Mitsotakis packing after she offered to pay the £3.40 entry fee.

They could be of further use if Treasury chiefs are sent packing .


send sb packing

Dozens of workers were sent packing because of harsh new environmental rules.


Altogether Jones has been sent packing on six occasions, the latest for swearing soon after rejoining Wimbledon from Chelsea.

Eventually the limit is reached where no further packing would be possible and where the configurational entropy therefore vanishes.

For instance: Ban all polystyrene, such as packing chips, meat trays and some egg boxes.

He said, well, they come in big cases and big wooden boxes and packing and so forth.

So you'd better start packing - don't forget a cagoule.

The number of ways of packing is reduced since the empty volume available becomes more and more correlated with the molecules.

They thus show the number of synonyms created, assuming a perfect randomizing algorithm, for various packing factors.

We must assume that the density of information packing in spoken language is appropriate for the listener to process comfortably.

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