Meaning of PARACHUTE in English


I. noun


golden parachute




Mr deVries says it was never clear the exact terms of Mr Homburg's golden parachute or his priority shares.

He bailed out at just the right time and floated the short distance to earth in a golden parachute .



Students at the college have raised £6,000 for the appeal so far by parachute jumps and other fund-raising efforts.

When Amelia learned to fly in 1921, Lieutenant Harris's parachute jump was still almost two years in the future.

In the same year he made his first parachute jump from an airship.

There's archery on-site too as well as a simulated parachute jump .


During the usual paramilitary, parachute , and security training it emerged that she was an admirable shot.

Earth arrival is accomplished by aerocapture, followed by descent of the sample container under a parachute .

Ford, who weighed about 170 pounds, used a 135-square-foot parachute .

It shows this air crew just as he baled out of the aircraft less his parachute harness which he had abandoned on landing.

Jack fell for Polly like a man with no parachute .

Make a rough sketch of a parachute on the board.

Put the word parachute on the board, as well as other key words in the students' comments.

The children join gleefully in the Frisbee-throwing, football and parachute games, and demand piggy backs from the adults.

II. verb


And he has failed to develop a mature political persona since he parachuted with fanfare into the national arena last autumn.

But the ability of a Steve Forbes to parachute into that field shows a vacuum there.

He hoped that the rear gunner had been able to parachute to safety.

It is built into the structure of some sports, such as skiing, parachuting, and flying.

Long before the sport was given a name, people were parachuting from tall objects.

She stood and her skirt parachuted back into position.

The rockets fire for two minutes at launch before they are jettisoned from the shuttle to parachute into the sea.

Thus when the glider is launched it takes a second cable and parachute up with it.

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