Meaning of PARACHUTE in English


I. ˈparəˌshüt also ˈper-; usu -üd.+V noun

Usage: often attributive

Etymology: French, from para- (as in parasol ) + chute fall — more at parasol , chute

1. : a folding umbrella-shaped device usually made of light fabric for retarding the speed of a body attached to it by offering resistance to the air and used especially for making a safe descent from an airplane, dropping equipment or supplies from an airplane, or slowing down an airplane upon landing

2. : the patagium of a mammal or reptile


a. : a device or structure suggestive of a parachute in form, use, or operation (as to retard the descent of a cage in a mine or to protect the balance wheel of a watch from shock)

b. : the inverted cup acting as the holding part of a mushroom anchor

c. : the tuft of hairs enabling a dandelion seed to float in air

4. : parachute spinnaker

• parachutic adjective

II. verb

( -ed/-ing/-s )

transitive verb

: to convey by means of a parachute

intransitive verb

: to descend by or as if by means of a parachute

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