Meaning of PARACHUTE in English


I. ˈper-ə-ˌshüt, ˈpa-rə- noun

Etymology: French, from para- (as in parasol ) + chute fall — more at chute

Date: 1785

1. : a device for slowing the descent of a person or object through the air that consists of a fabric canopy beneath which the person or object is suspended

2. : patagium

3. : a device or structure suggestive of a parachute in form, use, or operation

• para·chut·ic ˌper-ə-ˈshü-tik, ˌpa-rə- adjective

II. verb

( -chut·ed ; -chut·ing )

Date: 1809

transitive verb

: to convey by means of a parachute

intransitive verb

: to descend by means of a parachute

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