Meaning of PART-TIME in English



a full-time/part-time course

There are also part-time courses for mature students.

a full-time/part-time employee

We now have 110 full-time employees.

a full-time/part-time post

a part-time post as a university lecturer

a part-time worker

A high percentage of the female staff were part-time workers.

full-time/part-time employment

Mike is in full-time employment, but his wife is not working.

full-time/part-time staff

The school has over 100 full-time staff.

part-time work

In recent years part-time work has become more popular.


He had a part-time job at the pet shop.

work part-time/full-time

I work part-time in a library.




Like others who had gone before him, Neville the part-time barman was a very worried man.

The effort was wasted of course, and the part-time barman slumped away into the darkness taking his scotch with him.

The part-time barman was doing all he could, but his good eye wandered for ever towards the Swan's door.


Many are occupied by women on a part-time basis .

They established a bakery that eventually employed several hundred village girls on a part-time basis while they finished school.

Upon reaching retirement age Len found that he missed the job so much he came back on a part-time basis .

Some courses are also offered on a part-time basis over 24-36 months.

After a period of full-time child-care, many women return to paid employment on a part-time basis .

The packaging department and the despatch department each employ one member of staff working on a part-time basis .

He succeeds Larry Brook, who continues working with the Foundation on a part-time basis in conjunction with establishing his own consulting firm.

They should operate on a part-time basis and attract their own television and sponsorship.


Full and part-time courses are continually running so call for up-to-date information.

Students on the part-time course will work from home, visiting Middlesbrough only for the final examination.

However, as secondments became more difficult to obtain, there appears to be a shift in the direction of part-time courses .

Colchester Institute 0206-761660: 250 full and part-time courses .

A variety of part-time courses are also offered for those who can't commit themselves full-time.

A creche is provided on site for part-time courses .

They include a wide range of full-time and part-time courses which vary considerably in length, level and objectives.


She helped a succession of youngsters to take part-time degrees by getting them jobs as kitchen porters or trainee cooks.

Continuing a correspondence course is easy; finding another part-time degree may be less so.

Can you keep up regular attendance at college if you pick the part-time degree ?

But a quick brainstorm with 50 further education lecturers on a part-time degree course revealed the same negative associations.

Decisions on part-time degree applicants are normally taken by senior tutors.


Labour law application for full-time employees generally applies to the full extent also for part-time employees.

Nelson has three full-time and two part-time employees .

There was no justifiable reason for differential treatment of the part-time employees concerning the increase in salary and reduction in work hours.

But the part-time employee whom Kelly sent was not your average temp.

In future, therefore, employers will have to pay much closer attention to the principle of non-discrimination against part-time employees .

But the Commission is also preparing Directives setting minimum conditions for part-time employees and young people.


They forget I took the job on the understanding that management of a national team can only be part-time employment .

One force has been the phenomenal growth in part-time employment .

Some 15,000 crofts, small family farm units that offer marginal incomes and mainly part-time employment , have survived.

Thirdly, the lack of adequate and affordable child care remains a significant barrier to employment , even part-time employment.

Almost all of this increase was in part-time employment .

Many find themselves in low-paid part-time employment , with few prospects for real security or advancement.

The reforms in national insurance contributions will abolish the in-built bias currently in existence to create part-time employment .

Eleven million women are now in full or part-time employment .


Tourism was of great importance and added to the earning capacity of many full-time and part-time farms .

In recent years cropping had taken over from livestock particularly on part-time farms .

More part-time farms had the paperwork done by the husband, who was often experienced in paperwork in his other employment.

On the part-time farms 18% of the wives had off-farm jobs, varying from 18 hours per week to full-time employment.


The willingness of part-time farmers to go on training courses demonstrates their determination to make the most of their farms.

Repeal of Act 70 will make smaller farms more affordable to part-time farmers , and mortgage finance much less elitist.

Proper training in this field could have significant benefits to the family farmer and part-time farmer.

Areas with predominantly family or part-time farmers would need close consultation in the provision of training.

Many of the full-time farmers and the more established part-time farmers were already at maximum output so room for increase was limited.

More full-time farmers than part-time farmers in the study would have liked extra land.

Very few part-time farmers went away for a holiday so this should not be difficult.

The time factor was a problem both to full-time and part-time farmers but for entirely different reasons.


Once the country's largest dry ski-slope is fully operational it is hoped to offer up to 70 part-time jobs to experienced skiers.

A shifting constellation of part-time jobs is becoming the middle-class norm.

When Stephen had met her, she had just begun her part-time job with a community youth project in Exeter.

In addition, she did all the housework, her graduate studies, and held down two part-time jobs .

Taking on part-time jobs could help pay their way without relying totally on parents and the state for financial support.

Then I took a one-day-a-week, part-time job that pays me $ 35 a week.

Women with dependent children are less likely to have full-time jobs but more likely to have part-time jobs, than women without.

They keep off the jobless roles by taking early retirement, holding part-time jobs or enrolling in government-run training programs.


Step-children may be full-time or part-time members of the household.

As the planning team was made up mainly of part-time members , we quickly realised that communication was an important issue.

The council received city support for a part-time member of staff.

When teenage children are involved, as full-time or part-time members of the new family, there is considerable added pressure.

Most companies have a balance between full-time executive directors and part-time members of the board.


A new initiative has been started to recruit part-time research students, initially from the graduates of the M.Ed degree programme.


Some Health Authorities pursue policies which limit or eradicate the use of part-time staff .

These are the times when part-time staff should be utilised.

Some enlightened and forward-thinking employers are already beginning to recognise this potential manpower re-source for both full and part-time staff .

They usually employ many part-time staff since this reduces the amount of National Insurance contributions the company has to pay.

In addition to the full-time staff there was also a part-time staff of ten women teachers.

The manager adjusts recruitment activity to create optimum balance between the number of full-time and part-time staff .

Is the employment of full-time and part-time staff matched against the workload across the 7-day period?

Moreover, the funding for part-time staff involvement and administrative and clerical back-up is also provided from these institutional sources.


Neither constraint applies to the Tertiary College where adults and part-time students make up a sizable proportion of the student population.

The lack of help has forced the part-time student and administrative assistant to move to her parents' South San Francisco home.

He is a part-time student at Teesside Polytechnic and has worked on Teesside all his life.

He praised the effort and resolve shown by part-time students in completing professional courses in addition to the daily challenges of full-time employment.

Over 13,500 full-time and part-time students are currently enrolled for courses at all levels, from doctoral studies to part-time certificate programmes.

However, during the past twelve years the balance between full-time and part-time students has shifted markedly in favour of the former.

The first part-time students will enrol next April.

This enables part-time students to be linked into the research community and undertake joint work with others based around the world.


Three tiers of certificate are offered: Part 1, usually taken after one or two years part-time study .

Can you switch to part-time study , if necessary?

However, candidates from overseas are not normally allowed to enrol for part-time study .

We will make financial assistance available for part-time study .

Applications for part-time study are also welcomed.

A more limited number of courses are available by part-time study only.

Those with non A-level entry qualifications obtained by part-time study obtained the highest degree results on average.

Non-degree applicants apply direct to the Polytechnic, as do students wishing to undertake degree programmes by part-time study .


The research will take the form of participant observation with all three of us acting as part-time teachers in the schools.

It seems that the centre flourished and that by the early 1980s it had over 300 pupils and 31 part-time teachers .

Several centres organise classes and recruit their own part-time teachers .

Miss Seti Losli had been a part-time teacher of the violin since January 1947.

The RACs should again be asked to draw up and submit plans to meet the needs of part-time teachers in their regions.

Finally, the national forum recommended by the first Haycocks Report should perform the same function for courses for part-time teachers .

Mr. Beggs Was the significant increase in the number of temporary and part-time teachers included in the calculation of pupil-teacher ratios?


The recruitment of part-time tutors was a matter of concern: The area is small in population and particularly academic population.

Joyce became a part-time tutor at a creamer's, while still participating in the social life of his peers.

Given the School's rapid rate of growth, more part-time tutors are needed across the full range of management activities.


Many women, especially those with children, like part-time work .

The students participate in paid internships during the summer and part-time work during the school year.

His existence had been particularly dull, holding down brief part-time work selling clothes in Manchester's underground fashion world.

Now our job may be less demanding, or we may need less money and cut back to part-time work .

However, a large proportion of married women do work outside the home, particularly in part-time work.

Over the last decade three quarters of the increase in part-time work has been involuntary.

He carried on doing some lorry driving alongside this part-time work , but was eventually offered a full-time contract in youth work.

I could easily go in and request part-time work , and no one would think badly of me.


Of these, four-fifths were women and over four-fifths were part-time workers .

The outfit grew to $ 1. 1 million in sales last year with 140 part-time workers .

Would not it be a disaster for part-time workers , women workers and, indeed, all workers in Britain?

In addition, two-thirds of all part-time workers are women, many holding more than one job.

I hope that part-time workers will take note of that.

One of the part-time workers is a former student in this program.

There is also a significant difference in membership between full- and part-time workers .

We pretty much accept without protest the idea that part-time workers will get paid less.


on a voluntary/part-time/temporary etc basis

After a period of full-time child-care, many women return to paid employment on a part-time basis .

Herrera ordered that this inhuman practice must cease and proposed to put recruiting on a voluntary basis .

However, to date this exciting new technology has only adopted on a voluntary basis .

Social responsibility is thus not merely a matter of the adoption of changed standards on a voluntary basis .

The numbers are growing and the club is doing well, but more help is needed on a voluntary basis .

There had developed since Khrushchev's time policies to involve the populace more in low-level administrative activities on a voluntary basis .

This reduction was largely achieved on a voluntary basis , and our employees showed remarkable resilience and loyalty, despite such difficulties.

This was often done on a temporary basis at first, but usually the fences became permanent hedges or walls.


She's a part-time bartender.


Early in the setup of the Northwest Respirator Center he hired Dunning to work as his part-time associate director.

He had taken a part-time job selling a line of cosmetics the manufacturer had labeled as all-natural products.

Of course, integrated programmes are less suitable for part-time attendees and those who want to do parts of a modular programme.

Similar one-day workshops for new part-time academic staff were piloted in June.

Students on the part-time course will work from home, visiting Middlesbrough only for the final examination.

The willingness of part-time farmers to go on training courses demonstrates their determination to make the most of their farms.

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