Meaning of PIGMENT in English






It fades hair's natural pigment and the process is accelerated in colour-treated hair.

Bleaching is merely cosmetic, designed to take out some of the natural yellow pigment in flour.

In daytime our skin synthesises vitamin D and a natural protective pigment whilst facial movements enhance tone and elasticity.



Types of colour change Colour in fish is controlled by special skin cells called Chromatophores, which contain pigments .

In humans, malignant melanoma - a cancer of the cells containing skin pigment - is a particular hazard of excess sunbathing.

Cells containing this pigment take some time to reach the skin's surface, depending on how recently the skin was last exposed.

Plant cells carry chloroplasts: organelles containing the pigment chlorophyll, which they employ to entrap sunlight.

It contains pigments which give the hair its individual colour.


The metals are used in pigments that color vinyl.


He likens creation to a painter mixing just four pigments to form the likenesses of all things.

So a long hot summer with bright, sunny days well into September will result in a high concentration of both pigments.

The robe, too, is painted in Prussian blue, a pigment not introduced until the eighteenth century.

The two measurements are necessary, since visual pigments are light sensitive and have characteristic absorption spectra under these different light conditions.

These are clear varnishes to which either dyestuffs or transparent pigments, or both, have been added.

This can require a week to die down, and is followed by severe peeling that leaves no brown pigment remaining.

Those cells which can form pigment migrate beneath the skin and enter all the feather germs.

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