Meaning of POSITIVE in English


I. adjective


a constructive/positive suggestion (= involving helpful ideas, not criticism )

Any evaluation should be fair and linked to positive suggestions for improvement.

a favourable/positive reception

The movie got a favourable reception from audiences and critics alike.

a good/positive example

The older boys should set a positive example for the rest of the school.

a good/positive image

We want to give people a positive image of the town.

a good/positive impression

He was keen to make a good impression on his boss.

a good/positive influence

Television can have a positive influence on young people.

a good/positive/encouraging/hopeful sign

If she can move her legs, that’s a good sign.

a positive approach (= showing that you believe something can be done )

A positive approach is essential in beating pain.

a positive aspect

Describe some of the positive aspects of technological development.

a positive contribution

We want kids to grow up to make a positive contribution to society.

a positive correlation (= showing that two things are likely to exist together )

They found a positive correlation between good diet and life expectancy.

a positive diagnosis (= saying that a disease is present )

Following a positive diagnosis, you will be admitted for hospital treatment.

a positive emotion (= love, happiness, hope etc )

Try to focus on your positive emotions.

a positive number (= a number that is more than zero )

Maths is easier if you are dealing with positive numbers.

a positive outcome (= a good result )

Everyone is hoping for a positive outcome to the talks.

a positive point

Underfloor heating has a lot of positive points.

a positive step (= an action that will have a good effect )

This is a positive step which gives cause for some optimism.

a positive/favourable reaction (= showing that someone agrees or likes something )

There has been a positive reaction to the campaign.

a positive/favourable response

The product met with a highly positive response from the public.

a positive/negative comment

There were some very positive comments in the report.

a positive/optimistic outlook

Despite her health problems, she has a positive outlook.

false positive

50% of the 170 compounds were judged to be carcinogenic, but some of these might be false positives.

get a positive etc response

She got an enthusiastic response to her suggestion.

give...positive reinforcement

We need to give students plenty of positive reinforcement .

HIV positive/negative (= having or not having HIV in your body )

in a good/positive/relaxed etc frame of mind

She returned from lunch in a happier frame of mind.

meet with a positive etc response (= get it )

The change met with a mixed response from employees.

positive approach

organizations which take a positive approach to creative thinking

positive discrimination

positive encouragement (= encouraging someone by saying positive things )

It's important to balance punishment with positive encouragement.

positive results

The charity has seen positive results from health care and farming projects.

positive role model

I want to be a positive role model for my sister.

positive (= having a good effect )

Cuts in federal spending should have a positive impact on America’s economic future.

positive (= showing that someone has a condition )

My first pregnancy test was positive.

positive/beneficial (= good, or helping someone or something in some way )

The incident had a very positive effect on his career.

positive/good/poor/negative self-image

Depression affects people with a poor self-image.

positive/negative terminal


The entire experience has been very positive.

Many people reported having negative experiences when dealing with their local council.


A positive attitude is essential if you want to be successful.

Many teenagers have a very negative attitude towards cooking.

proof positive (= definite proof that cannot be doubted )

Here is proof positive that she's wrong.

receive a positive etc response (= get it )

The proposal has received a positive response from most left-wing voters.

test positive/negative (for sth)

Athletes who test positive for steroids are immediately banned.

the positive/negative side

On the positive side, the authors have assembled a wealth of useful material.




Economic and social inequalities are viewed as positive and constructive forces.

Some view unconstrained election spending as positive , exposing voters to more debate about substantive issues.

She saw the 1975 Act's emphasis on adoption as positive .

Invariably, these family definitions, whatever their content, are construed as positive by those that subscribe to them.

The woman whose smear is classified as positive will not get to choose what happens afterwards.

First, there are the cases of action in some direction viewed as positive or negative.

Crosland's response to Plowden was as positive as that of Boyle to Robbins.

In dozens of written comments about Brezzo and Rice, not one could be construed as positive or supportive.


The latter's research suggests that patients receiving clozapine may well cost services less over time by producing more positive clinical outcomes.

We hope that they will help you to form a more positive business relationship.

Want to build a more positive outlook.

However, for Aquarians born in 1934, 1946, 1957 and 1969, the picture is infinitely more positive .

Focusing on revenue is a thousand times more positive and productive than focusing on costs, which can prove debilitating and negative.

That's why the response at these unseated shows is so much more positive .

One more positive criticism of the Economic theory of regulation is that it lacks sufficient structure to make it testable.

There is, however, a more positive dimension.


One of the most positive things the Catholic Church had done for screwing was trying to stamp it out.

I believe helping others is one of the most positive , salubrious forms of social calisthenics.

In this day and age almost all of the most positive and far-reaching developments in pollution prevention originate in industry.

The most positive sign was that the rattan lashings of the main hull seemed to be holding firm.

Love Love is the most positive emotion of all.

It is, indeed, our most positive war aim.

The third and most positive option is to work together towards a firmer commitment to the marriage.

We found a way in which we could help the black community directly and in the most positive way with considerable sums.


He has a very positive attitude about death.

During the second semester of her junior year, Maggie had what was to prove to be a very positive experience.

You're the sort of person who values good relationships and basically, feels very positive about life.

Examined in microcosm, that has had a very positive effect.

Gavin Hastings's side were very positive in their approach to the Five Nations Championship.

The outcome of our strategizing and her researching and networking was actually very positive .

As you approach Day 2, I hope you will be feeling very positive about your chances of success.

This tells your prospective employer that you are very positive and that you know where you are going.



A number of examples of positive action in different countries are noted.

None the less, no positive action to improve race relations in Washington was taken.

If we can take positive action to improve communication, then the whole community will benefit.

In other states, the school board may have to take some positive action for the teacher to achieve tenure.

Unless there's a positive answer, the Profitboss will take positive action to eliminate the non-contributing resource.

She loved electricity -- ghost spirits in positive action .

A fall in morale tends to be insidious but can be rapidly reversed with definite and positive action .

Creative leadership, positive action with the special learner program is a ready made role.


Ways of building on these strengths to achieve a more positive approach to assessing elders will be returned to later.

Colangelo and his staff are taking the positive approach as far as season tickets are concerned.

It's just the positive approach that the pupils and school need.

And to find some positive approach to future developments in my country.

It is a positive approach and unlikely to result in the speaker talking in an unnatural way.

The new President signals the advent of a new generation with a new and more positive approach .

Stressing the positive approach to social interaction is an important part of teaching children to be sociable.

It is high time for this neglect to yield to a more open discussion of these issues and a more positive approach .


However, Mr Putin was also keen to point out the positive aspects of the meeting.

One need only be very ill, or have an ill child, to experience the positive aspects as well.

Instead try to emphasize the positive aspects of your age.

Remember, there are positive aspects to an interview even if you are not finally offered the position.

But it had its positive aspects .

He preferred talking about the positive aspects of his career in Escondido.

The positive aspects of this procedure include the full and detailed consideration of the individual needs of each child.

Jack uses selective information, highlighting the positive aspects of a program.


He has a very positive attitude about death.

Share your positive attitude with others Doing something special for another person is the best way to shake off negative feelings.

But we want her to grow up with a positive attitude .

If we can help keep a girl in school, the effect will be a positive attitude toward education.

It is important, however, to ensure that a positive attitude is maintained towards the sources.

If positive attitudes about religion seem to encourage health, negative attitudes might jeopardize it, he reasons.

Amazing what a positive attitude can do for you!

The power to inspire a positive attitude in others is a priceless professional asset.


And hope persists that the group's larger political efforts will bring about positive change in their own lives.

They offer a way to plan positive change .

It must be designed to constitute an essential component of those forces making for positive change in our country.

In Toxic Work, I will help you explore ways to create positive change from difficult and challenging situations.

Nevertheless, the moves towards positive change are being frustrated both by threats from right-wing activists, and by sectarian conflicts.

Some positive changes , however, seem to be in the wind at Amphi.

The therapist should also reward any positive changes by expressing satisfaction and by indicating their potential long-term benefits.

We offer it here as a possibility for positive change .


Rather than being balanced throughout, they have spots of excess negative or positive charge .

This charge meshes nicely with the slight positive charge on one side of water molecules.

The positive charge of the protons generates an electrostatic field, which binds the negative electrons of the atom to the nucleus.

As in electricity, a positive charge glances away from a positive charge: like charges repel each other.

This momentarily reverses the positive charge on the outside.

As in electricity, a positive charge glances away from a positive charge: like charges repel each other.

In such an environment the electrons would oscillate in ways which would depend upon the details of the positive charge distribution.

Likewise, regular protons have a positive charge , but antiprotons are negative.


In this manner, you will be making a real and positive contribution to the development of the advertising.

Nor has the potential and positive contribution of musicians been widely acknowledged in the process of reform.

They make a positive contribution to nature.

As such, a career in local government offers a challenge and opportunity to make a positive contribution to society.

The decision whether or not to sell a product will depend on which ones make a positive contribution .

To enable the researcher to contribute new and significant ideas, and to make a positive contribution to knowledge, and 2.

Does he recognise that dialogue is not criticism by Ministers of everyone else's proposals without making any positive contribution themselves?

Yet in both its anti-art and anti-dada stages it makes a positive contribution to modern art.


By producing trend and level analyses they suggest a positive correlation between publication rates of research groups and their output.

For instance, there is a positive correlation between marital dissatisfaction and the reported intensity of premenstrual symptoms.

This increase in gastric secretion showed a positive correlation to the total number of cigarettes smoked.

A positive correlation of smoking with incidence of Alzheimer's has recently been observed.

A positive correlation was observed between the gastric juice ammonium and severity of gastritis.

There might even be some positive correlations between these two sets of variables.

There was a positive correlation between the number of months elapsed since a patient's most recent attack and amylase secretion.

A positive correlation was found between glycosylated haemoglobin concentration and the prostacyclin concentration necessary to inhibit ADP-induced platelet aggregation by 50 percent.


There may have been reasons for this lack of positive discrimination towards the older conurbations.

The report did not call for positive discrimination but suggested that male, old-school attitudes still prevailed in hospitals.

This suggests positive discrimination in favour of older people.

Inevitably it will include strong elements of positive discrimination .

This was a form of positive discrimination in favour of locals.

The caste system, he says, will never be abolished by social reform or positive discrimination in favour of Untouchables.

There were, however, a number of variables other than positive discrimination policies, which accounted for this relationship.

Even with a more aggressive policy of positive discrimination , it is doubtful whether geographical inequalities can be overcome.


Look at the likely positive effects of it.

The governor also expects increases in funding for K-12 education to have a long-term positive effect on gang problems, Tremblay said.

In other words, general levels of income inequality have a positive effect on the incidence of political violence.

But there are positive effects for individual workers as well.

In this way the audit regime has the positive effect of improving professional standards.

However, including blacks in real estate ads does produce positive effects for black readers.

This has a definite positive effect on our state of mind.

Examined in microcosm, that has had a very positive effect .


Just when these walls were later added remains a vexing question as so little positive evidence has even now been recovered.

They look for positive evidence that the business is soundly based and a good lending risk.

However, the issue is settled by positive evidence not by ingenious explanation of the failure to confirm the idea.

Indeed, not for many years yet do we come upon any positive evidence of revival.

Is there any positive evidence that might prompt us to adopt the more complex position that differentiation occurs as well?

There is no positive evidence as to how the regnal year was reckoned in periods before that time.


Is that too powerful a word for the positive experiences of old age?

So would a series of short-term customer service improvement projects aimed at providing positive experiences with change.

It provides a positive experience for prisoners who're serving their time.

During the second semester of her junior year, Maggie had what was to prove to be a very positive experience .

However, activity is likely to increase elsewhere as developers with positive experiences in London seek to replicate them in other cities.

The opportunity to work with First Interstate over these past few months has been a very positive experience .

Externalities can be positive experiences , as well.


Another possible origin of positive feedback is the finite internal impedance of the bias supply.

However, allosteric positive feedback is not sufficient to produce sustained oscillations.

The curve shown suggests a positive feedback that works towards disaster.

It can be shown that simple positive feedback systems fail to display oscillations { 91 }.

He found that positive feedback was predictably given most often for accuracy and quantity of reading.

But in swarm systems, positive feedback can lead to increasing order.

Lack of appreciation and positive feedback from those around you.

Nor is positive feedback necessary for oscillatory behavior.


Can a positive image of lesbianism promote it?

None the less, there are always people waiting in the wings to discredit a positive image .

A positive image in conflicting times.

All these movies had those so-called positive images black folks claim we are dying to see.

Reagan's aptitude in front of the television camera, his ability to project a positive image , has been a priceless political asset.

I have to do what I can to project a positive image .

In fact, it's a positive image that should be encouraged.

These favors helped to play up my positive image .


A United Nations report showed that foreign investment can have a positive impact on the poor only if it is regulated.

Most managers work in government, after all, not to enrich themselves but to have some positive impact on their community.

Order, cleanliness, and fresh, well mounted pictures and pieces of writing have a positive impact .

Finally, the research on feedback suggested that it had a positive impact on performance because it was instructional.

My college nutrition textbook devoted an entire chapter to the positive impact of starches on early development, potatoes main among them.

I like having a positive impact on people, an impact on their salaries and career opportunities.


The bureau is hard pressed for staff but may nevertheless decide that such work has wider positive influence .


Yet the presentational imperative to project the policies of government in a positive light masked the existence of inner doubts.

You can always interpret things in a more positive light or a more negative light.

It was as if a door had opened before him into a dim but positive light .

Books portraying black men in a positive light are simply not part of the growth industry.

This may help one to see the beauty and wisdom of the natural world in a much more positive light .

By contrast, 57 percent viewed Dole in a positive light , while only 27 percent saw him in a negative light.

Present everything in a positive light .


On a more positive note , the electrics are very good for a guitar in this price range.

On a positive note , Maj.

On a more positive note , he might help the Republican challenger to pose as a mould-breaker in New York politics.

One positive note at the session was Elfin Forest residents' expression of respect for Ron Brown, their resident deputy.

Make sure that the appraisal interview ends on a positive note with the other person feeling up, not down.

Although the book ended on a positive note in that the enemy's group leader tried to let bygones be bygones.


But there was one positive outcome .

Unfortunately, these efforts did not yield positive outcomes for Sean, his parents, or his teachers.

The clergy will view a positive outcome as a signal of good will, encouraging them to keep their buildings open.

We practiced running those same situations through and looking for a different and more positive outcome .

But a positive outcome is less certain than it was three months ago.

We are looking forward to positive outcomes in the next few months, and will keep everybody informed of the progress.

There is another very positive outcome of this exercise.

But there were positive outcomes of the Great Strike and the Depression too.


Decreased concentrations of activated pepsinogen were found in H pylori positive patients only.

Toxoplasma-specific antibody production was confirmed in the positive patients by study of second samples taken 2-4 weeks later.

Martin etal found that among Helicobacter pylori positive patients ingestion of NSAIDs significantly increased the risk of gastric ulceration.

Activated pepsinogen was significantly reduced in the stomach of H pylori positive patients only.


A positive reaction was seen in the bowel wall, both in patients with Crohn's disease and in controls.

From every event we received enthusiastic, positive reaction , and requests you come back for a repeat engagement.

I also find it incredible that the demise of Aldershot has not led to a positive reaction to assist the smaller clubs.

They got an immediate, positive reaction to their new gallery.

Naipaul learns that the only positive reaction is acceptance; but in a whole year he doesn't achieve it.

He said he got a positive reaction from council members to his remarks about Western aid but declined to elaborate.

Many substances, particularly food extracts, often give false positive reactions in allergy skin testing.


So positive reinforcement is anything that happens soon after the behaviour in question that is welcomed by the recipient.

What are the sources of negative and positive reinforcement people might expect from organizational arrangements? 4.

This positive reinforcement of feelings in association with specific substances or behaviour becomes the basis for subsequent addiction.

Teachers are not the only ones who may give positive reinforcement .

The following case shows how a penalty such as time-out can be combined with positive reinforcement of pro-social behaviour.

This is known as positive reinforcement .

Another useful way to use punishment is in combination with positive reinforcement .

Sometimes positive reinforcement does not require words.


These theories predict a positive relationship between daily volume and volatility, as illustrated in Fig. 8.4.

She simply let her skills at building positive relationships with others speak for her.

A number of factors combined to produce a very positive relationship between the research, the researchers, and the team.

This is an exercise teaching parents how to build up a more positive relationship with their child by attending to good behaviour.

Dan and his teacher already had a positive relationship .

The positive relationship between volatility and time is illustrated in Fig. 8.2.

However, in the workplace, where productivity thrives on positive relationships , it can be a different matter.


Response sheets were sent out to these 200 with a covering letter from the agency concerned and 85 positive responses were received.

Nevertheless, teachers may improve their effectiveness by increasing the frequency of positive responses while reducing the negative.

I hope you get a positive response from listeners.

Interviews conducted by the consultant with a sample of twenty-four employees elicit a positive response to team meetings.

The Hon. Member said that he welcomed the Minister's positive response .

I never expected such a positive response from Lynne.

O is an average background reading,-a negative response , and + a positive response.

Behavior that elicited a positive response from the environment increased in frequency.


As the onset of leprosy is slow, it will take at least 10 years to produce positive results .

As they began to see the bad effects of their own waywardness, they also could see positive results of change.

Few approaches would produce more positive results on the actual curriculum in schools than review and retraining in this field.

He was startled at the positive result of his action now.

Get advice from your clinic about early intervention treatment options and support for people who have positive results .

All people with positive results will talk to counselors, Noble said.

It may not produce a positive result .

But it did have one positive result .


In 1963 Kennedy moved to take a more positive role in the struggle for civil rights.

Maybe you'd know how to act if you had some more positive role models and some real heroes in your life.

It has a positive role to play in an organisation, and that role is particularly emphasised in this chapter.

There was no positive role model to follow, and plenty of negative ones not to follow.

The post-war period until the late 1970s witnessed governments playing a positive role in stimulating demand through reflation of the economy.

But how are they to play a more positive role ?

Pressures are being exerted to give the Community a more positive role in industrial policy.

Say a big hello to the positive role model.


We need to ask whether the interest in Machiavellian behaviour is detracting from the positive side of political activity.

Your editor should remind you of the positive sides of your writing.

There is, none the less, a positive side to his teaching.

The positive side of all this is that the game provides hours of entertainment for children who are up to the challenge.

However, up to now we have only considered the positive side of the relationship between sports participation and health.

On the positive side , in most other respects work-inhibited students compared favorably with their peers.

When are we going to get an article on the positive side of skins?

On the positive side , sailing lets my husband and I air our creative differences out there with the gulls.


Muddy colours in the aura indicate negative emotions or ill health; clear colours are generally a positive sign .

However, the curiosity factor was a positive sign as far as Phoenix Hockey is concerned.

The positive signs on both indicate that these variables were probably indicating availability of leisure time.

For investors, the Ketchum acquisition is a positive sign that Omnicom intends to stick to its strategy of growth through acquisitions.

It's a very complex area but I do think there are positive signs in favour of nuclear.

The most positive sign was that the rattan lashings of the main hull seemed to be holding firm.

Not everyone saw braces as a positive sign , however.


She says that it's a positive step .

This of course was all a positive step .

Only a missionary would see this as a positive step in and of itself.

It was a positive step but it was very weak in the way it sought to cover the children.

This is a positive step which promises to improve standards and taste, and gives cause for some optimism.

Everywhere, however, positive steps have been taken to deal with it.

And in doing that they have taken the first positive step towards solving it.

And it will allow them to take positive steps to help prevent getting the disease or limit the impact of its complications.


Three independent sources confirmed he gave the positive test , it added.

Two positive tests could result in a suspension.

The disclosure about their son's positive test result was made at 2 to 3 weeks.

Patients with a normal exercise test often do well while those who have a dramatically positive test do not.

All patients with sclerosing cholangitis and positive tests for anti-lactoferrin had ulcerative colitis.

In an attempt to reduce administration costs, in future we will only notify your drug control officials of positive test results.

But the proportion of positive tests was up ... to five point four percent from four percent.

I could knock up some lightweight special frames and do a positive test on their value.


The one positive thing over Crimble has been our defending.

When I talk about another team, the only thing I talk about are positive things.

One of the most positive things the Catholic Church had done for screwing was trying to stamp it out.

I said that positive things should be emphasized.

The positive things were the training opportunities provided for them, and the lads we met.

Making that flight was such a positive thing for him.

Companionship and friendship are positive things we can offer.

People have gone back to their communities and tried to do positive things .


At first it sounds the same as our earlier description of the positive value of doubt.

The loss may be an object or person, or perhaps an aspiration which held some considerable positive value to the person.

We will encourage changes to the education system which place a positive value on a pluralist, diverse and multicultural society.

Hence the positive value attached to mobility and sharing in their societies.

Choose a positive value for K and a value for c in between 0 and 1.

Yet there is undoubtedly a very positive value placed on formal education by black families.

There is a more humble and positive value attached to Morrissey's lyricism.

Moreover, to imagine these does seem to be to imagine something with quite strong positive value .


Engineers thus need to explain their role to encourage a more positive view of the profession.

Counselling should seek to present a positive view of retirement, but one which stresses the need for individual commitment and effort.

The co-existence of negative and positive views of women in mainstream psychology is connected to the discipline's general uneasiness about subjectivity.

Clearly for this majority, this suggests a positive view of the various issues raised in the questionnaire.

However, these positive views should be treated with some caution.

Implicit within this strategy is the promotion of a positive view of health.


When you talk to a large audience in a positive way , some critics don't dig that.

But, hey, the pattern played out in other, more positive ways too.

Whatever a non-teaching staff member's job, she or he may contribute in a positive way to its success.

However, few make any attempt to define it or shape it in positive ways .

Thus the research impacted on the team in several important and positive ways .

They lack the readiness to respond in a positive way to the complex social and emotional demands of school.

Such feedback should be offered in a positive way leading to further commitment.

Stress, I think, enters into it but mainly in a positive way .


an independent/a positive/a free etc thinker

positive/negative reinforcement

However, because reinforcement is derived from the termination of noxious events, it is referred to as negative reinforcement.

So positive reinforcement is anything that happens soon after the behaviour in question that is welcomed by the recipient.

Sometimes positive reinforcement does not require words.

Teachers are not the only ones who may give positive reinforcement .

The general principle on which response-cost is based, is referred to by psychologists as negative reinforcement .

This is known as positive reinforcement .

This, however, would not be positive so much as negative reinforcement , ie it was nice when the pressure stopped.

What are the sources of negative and positive reinforcement people might expect from organizational arrangements? 4.

think positive/positively

Eva was jubilant, thinking , see how you limited yourself when you did not think positively.

Failure to think positively means that negative thoughts have come into his mind.

Forget about your feelings, think positively.

However, rather than feeling gloomy about your lack of horseflesh try thinking positively about your situation.

Learning to think positively and to look towards healthy outcomes can help considerably in any diet programme.

One should always think positive, as the good doctor said.

Take a deep breath and think positive thoughts.

When things were going so bad for us in December, the one guy who made people think positive was Barry.


"Are you sure you locked the door?" "Yes, I'm positive ."

positive role models

a positive message for the youth of today

a very positive experience

I'm absolutely positive I haven't made a mistake.

Public response to the ads has been overwhelmingly positive .

She said she was positive the exam was next Tuesday.

The fact that he's breathing on his own again is a positive sign.

type AB positive

We're glad that something positive has come out of the situation.


A positive correlation was observed between the gastric juice ammonium and severity of gastritis.

He's a convert to the power of positive thinking.

He has a very positive attitude about death.

It means putting weakness on one side, and openly acknowledging the positive worth of the person.

The clinic reported back that some samples tested positive for pregnancy.

The increase was a positive response to a strategic initiative.

This new weak current had also to be electrically charged because in beta decay the neutral neutron turns into a positive proton.

II. noun




These subjects had comparatively low positive titres in 1978 and may have been false positives.

Thus for every 80 correctly predicted we will have 20 false negatives and 200 false positives .

By definition they are all high risk and there is thus no significance to the issue of false positives .

But Salsburg wondered how many of these might be false positives .


Statistics show that 25 % of the adult population is HIV positive , and the rate of infection is still rising.

One of my friends is HIV positive and I let him kiss my year-old son.

It was not until some months into my job that I realised one in 10 people in Rundu was HIV-positive .

In 1987, Mead took a blood test and learned he was HIV positive .

Many were HIV-positive , and greeted the court victory as a new lease of life.

If she fails the compulsory medical test and is found to be hiv-positive , she will be thrown out.

As well as having to deal with Darren, Adrian is also worried about the possibility he himself could be HIV positive .



In 1994 she was banned from competition for four years after testing positive for testosterone.

Hunter, nearly ruined it all with the announcement that he'd tested positive four times for steroids.

The sixth, whose name is reported to be Eduardo Castro, tested positive in Nevada but fought later in California.

Back then, it was believed that ten percent of the men testing positive 10? the antibody would become ill.

Farmers whose fields test positive for the disease have the option of planting a different crop next year, he said.


But Salsburg wondered how many of these might be false positives.

Deciding to choose the positive is to celebrate the birdsong, regardless of the weather.

It may even be that what at first appeared to be a problem could turn into a positive .

Study their words carefully, though, and you find many more possible negatives than positives.

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