Meaning of PRELIMINARY in English

I. adjective


a preliminary draft (= coming before others )

A preliminary draft of the charter has been issued.

a preliminary/initial examination

The inland revenue began a preliminary examination of his tax returns in August.




The main concrete result of the discussions was a preliminary agreement on chemical weapons.

Land has been cleared and some work started under a preliminary agreement with the construction manager in December.


Two results of general interest emerge from this preliminary analysis .

The preliminary analysis of the 70% complete survey has been discussed.

The preliminary analysis should be complete by autumn 1993.


They received preliminary approval in the outgoing Legislative Assembly on April 29 and 30.

Last month, the agency gave Lilly a preliminary approval to market it for bulimia.


Average daily share volume set a record at 346 million shares a day, according to preliminary data from the exchange.

Baxter saw only preliminary data , which were later revised and verified.


The personal approach is best: telephone or arrange a preliminary discussion .

About a year ago, according to the people familiar with the situation, Volvo held preliminary discussions with Chrysler Corp.

The argument about whether the monster existed could not be settled without preliminary discussion about what in general a monster was.

Hardin was quite sure that his own absence during the preliminary discussions would quite suit Pirenne.

On arrival, the ward sister and learner should have a preliminary discussion .

Here we give a very preliminary discussion .


If it wanted to reject the preliminary drafts , so be it.

The preliminary draft of the Emancipation Proclamation was only part of the trouble.


The purchaser's solicitors will raise preliminary enquiries with the vendor's solicitors to obtain general information about the property.

The questions on both forms are broadly identical to those contained on the more traditional preliminary enquiry forms.

The preliminary enquiry of a seller as to what other persons occupy the property is one precaution.

This problem can usually be resolved by the standard preliminary enquiries .

Preliminary enquiries and additional enquiries Under the traditional system of conveyancing, the preliminary enquiry form remains in use.

It is therefore important to keep stocks of the old stationery for dealing with preliminary enquiries in your office.


A preliminary estimate suggests a likely ceiling of between 120 and 130 machines.

The government will release a preliminary estimate of full-year gross domestic product tomorrow.

Gans' preliminary estimate about the Tuesday turnout means the spurt four years ago was an exception to the trend.


Franks made his preliminary examination of the body, dictating brief comments to his secretary.

She was privately educated, then went to Edinburgh University and passed part of the preliminary examination in medicine.

Here at the scene of the crime he only made a preliminary examination .

Prior to 1884, the various veterinary schools imposed their own preliminary examination in general education.


Another group has published preliminary findings on alkaline secretion in a balloon occluded segment of human oesophagus.

Larger numbers of subjects need to be studied to determine the significance of these preliminary findings .

Invariably, the discussions that follow the analysis confirm the preliminary findings .

His preliminary findings and those of the hospital differed.

The preliminary findings about staff ratio and staff contact are of interest.

This is the key preliminary finding of a study conducted by scientists from the University of Newcastle.

This result accords with earlier preliminary findings in man and in laboratory animals.


The documents used during the preliminary hearing may not, subject to limited exceptions, be used at the trial.

Most felonies are first addressed in Municipal Court for arraignments, continuance matters and preliminary hearings .

After a preliminary hearing at a Lewes court the detained men were released on bail.

A short preliminary hearing of the case was held last Monday.

Yesterday all eight members of the feuding families were at Sleaford county court, Lincs for a preliminary hearing .


They obtained a preliminary injunction against the company and court-ordered restitution.

Judge Walker set Nov. 14 as the date for hearing arguments on a preliminary injunction covering the same subject matter.

The civil liberties group is seeking a preliminary injunction barring Republican Gov.

A judge this week granted Nogales-Talley a preliminary injunction , prohibiting the district from demoting her to classroom teacher.

Yesterday he issued a preliminary injunction , confirming that figure.

The resulting restraining order is in effect until May 10, when a hearing on a preliminary injunction is scheduled.


Recently East Hampshire District Council have been making some preliminary interviews of local applicants.

Applicants may take a written exam, undergo a preliminary interview , or submit records of their education and experience for evaluation.

Dalgliesh was briefing his team before he started on the preliminary interviews .


It is perfectly satisfied with the outcome of the preliminary investigation .

Police have said a preliminary investigation indicated that speed and alcohol were factors in the accident.

The hon. Member for Newry and Armagh will be aware from his constituency that there have been problems with the preliminary investigations .

The preliminary investigation showed that Jeremy was more highly qualified and that management had made a sound decision.

For the preliminary investigation no attempt was made to ensure that the correct code was assigned.

But preliminary investigation by infrared spectroscopy of the lipids in the sorghum grains suggest the possibility of some cultivation.

This work presents a preliminary investigation into the possibility of cross infection within a family.


The judgment given after the trial of a preliminary issue is not interlocutory even though quantum is still to be tried.

The assistant recorder determined the preliminary issue in favour of the plaintiff, and the council now appeal to this court against his decision.

The parties to the first application agreed that the same preliminary issue should be determined in that case at the same time.

Phillips J. held on a preliminary issue that the plaintiff had a cause of action.

On 27 April 1990 Wylie J. directed that the compromise issue be tried as a preliminary issue.

The compromise issue was tried as a preliminary issue, but there was also evidence and argument directed to the cancellation issue.

In the event, the question of the existence of a duty of care was considered as a preliminary issue .


A report and proposals will be submitted to preliminary meetings of the 1992 Conference on Environmental Development.

They wanted to discuss an international authority at the preliminary meetings , and detailed twelve possible roles for it.


Springer said the foundation hopes to return to both commissions later this year for approval of preliminary plans .


The nature of assumptions Two preliminary points need to be made before setting out the argument against secularism.

For teacher-researchers two preliminary points should always be kept in mind.

The preliminary point to be decided by the judge was: when did the local authority's cause of action accrue?

An important preliminary point is that the dividing line between an exclusion clause and a disclosure clause may be thin.

Before discussing prison conditions in more depth, an important preliminary point must be considered.

Before we examine these arguments, however, it is necessary to make one final preliminary point .

On 6 February 1991 the judge held as a preliminary point that the cause of action was statute-barred.

The judge had to consider a preliminary point concerning the application of the Limitation Act 1980 to the local authority's claim.


There is, however, a preliminary question to be discussed.

But the preliminary questions put to Vinelott J., and the issues argued on this appeal, relate to issues of principle.


It was, however, a preliminary report , made before clinical trials had taken place.

The December surplus was the first monthly trade gain in 1995, the ministry said in a preliminary report .

We've got preliminary reports on the dishes of the uneaten food too.

He ordered a preliminary report within 75 days.

Their preliminary report on this matter has been received and is under consideration by the Crown prosecution service.

That preliminary report on a matter by no means without complexities and evidential difficulties is being carefully considered.


Harris did all the preliminary research and visited the secular buildings, Pevsner confined himself to churches and medieval domestic buildings.

Y., had already conducted important preliminary research on contra supporters suspected of drug activities.

The problem with this poisoning business was that the preliminary research was horribly incriminating.

This can be disastrous, given that even preliminary research shows some surprising results.

We represent the preliminary research team.


Our preliminary results suggest that endosonography is better than computed tomography in the evaluation of tumour infiltration in these patients.

Vineyards like Napa Ridge like the idea of using low impact, natural pest control and are pleased with the preliminary results .

Further work is under way to map the human gene in detail but preliminary results support the localisation to human chromosome 11.

In this respect, the preliminary results from an ongoing study at Coventry University are very revealing.

The preliminary results reinforced what many people had suspected about the state of private and public sector housing.

These preliminary results suggest the desirability of looking beyond the female labour market for an adequate characterization of economic influences on fertility.

Inquiry into Boudiaf's assassination On July 25 the commission of inquiry into Boudiaf's assassination published preliminary results .


Inevitably the preliminary review presented in this chapter raises more questions than it answers.

To do this risk assessment will require a preliminary review - and costing accidents can only help.


Two preliminary rounds were staged on a league basis to sort out the semi finalists.


Its accounts, however accurate at this level, remain stuck at this preliminary stage of scientific enquiry.

Discussions are in preliminary stages and it could be weeks before an announcement is made, the person said.

This passed through preliminary stages and was debated during the period prior to the date of the election.

In the preliminary stages of the summit the biggest story by far was the Reagan-Gorbachev matchup.

Talks are at a preliminary stage .

All are in the preliminary stages , until architectural historians survey each house to determine which have historic value.

In the preliminary stages of analysis, dramatic methods can therefore play a central part in hypothesis-generation.


Although dating and attributing coins to mints require different methods, the preliminary step is the same in both cases.

The preliminary step in both reactions involves the hydrolysis of triglyceride to glycerol and fatty acids.

Study - the preliminary steps Be clear in your own mind what is involved in the course which you are studying.

He said the proposed marketing arrangement represents only a preliminary step to a possible weapons technology deal, not the deal itself.

The check is carried out as a preliminary step within option 1.5.2, Prepare Package for Approval.


But do you agree that we ought at least to carry out some preliminary studies ?

In this preliminary study a small number of units were examined.

Anyway, in the course of these preliminary studies I succeeded in identifying certain exceedingly small but specific bodies in genes.

The sites were chosen from preliminary studies of 28 locations.

Mutations in codons 13 and 61 that occur much less often in large bowel tumours were not analysed in this preliminary study .


We had intended to wait to sign until preliminary tests and marketing trials were over.

Two other canisters bearing labels for radioactive material were also found, but preliminary tests failed to detect any radioactivity.

It is a good idea to do some preliminary tests , particularly with regard to the field of view.

All except one have failed to get past the preliminary test stage.

I was sitting in front of my easel at about quarter to nine, doing preliminary tests on a little panel-picture of a City church.


It is also often used to pay for the preliminary work involved in making applications for civil and criminal legal aid.

With much of the preliminary work already done, Ministers were more amenable to finding the time to legislate.

The images of 20 towns and cities were measured on 12 dimensions that had emerged as relevant during preliminary work .


Preliminary market research has shown that most Americans prefer environmentally-friendly products.

Preliminary tests showed that pollution was very high in the river.

The architect's plans are still in the preliminary stages.


A preliminary hearing on the charges is scheduled for March 20.

Field hockey: Two of the favorites are in action in preliminary competition.

None the less, the preliminary design was there, and we had forty years to solve the other problems.

On Dec. 13 Landsbergis had announced that a further round of preliminary consultations had been postponed indefinitely by the Soviet side.

The preliminary point to be decided by the judge was: when did the local authority's cause of action accrue?

The sites were chosen from preliminary studies of 28 locations.

Vineyards like Napa Ridge like the idea of using low impact, natural pest control and are pleased with the preliminary results.

II. noun


The official opening is in September, but preliminaries include a showing of sculptures in August.


Equally, this important preliminary is vital to the success of choosing a suitable computer system.

He was in Lane 4, center stage, because he had gone faster than anyone else in the morning preliminaries.

Of course such a stage is an essential preliminary to the formulation of a theory of the performance of action.

This is a move that immediately suggests a preliminary to political blackmail.

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